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What should you not wear to a funeral

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A general rule is that you should dress professionally and look your best when attending funerals, memorial services, or any other event involving the grieving family. However, like most rules, there are exceptions to this one as well. After all, we don’t wear business suits to weddings because we look too formal; we wear nice casual clothes such as khakis and a dress shirt instead.

can you wear a tuxedo to a funeral

Can You Wear a Tuxedo to a Funeral?

Yes, you can wear a tuxedo to a funeral. However, it depends on the type of funeral and whether or not the family sets out a specific dress code. In this situation, it is best not to take any chances, and you should call the funeral home ahead of time to ask if special attire has been requested.

What Should You Not Wear to a Funeral?

Although we could add several items such as jeans and sneakers, this list will include things that should always be avoided:

· Casual Clothes  – Not only does casual wear

not look good at a funeral, but it is also something that the deceased would probably not have wanted you to wear. Aside from informal funerals for children or affairs in which the deceased was known for their casual dress, funeral attendees should always wear professional clothes.

· Plunging Necklines – We’re not sure when plunging necklines went out of style, but they certainly don’t belong at funerals. These revealing styles are part of the reason that so many people look their best in turtlenecks, especially when attending funerals.

· Short Skirts  – Just like plunging necklines, you should always avoid wearing short skirts to a funeral. These ultra-revealing styles are not only inappropriate but will also make people look away from your face out of embarrassment.

What Type of Suit is Appropriate for a Funeral?

Like we mentioned earlier, you should always dress in professional attire when attending a funeral. Any suit appropriate for your workplace would be fine; however, more conservative colors such as black or charcoal gray are usually best. If the family has requested a certain color (such as red), then, of course, you should go with what they’ve asked for.

What should you not wear to a funeral

Is it OK to Wear Jeans to a Funeral?

Jeans are never appropriate for a funeral. Even if the family has requested something informal, you should not wear jeans to this type of event.

What Do You Wear to a Funeral that’s not Black?

Although black is the most common color for funeral attire, other colors are acceptable too. Dark navy or charcoal gray suits can be worn to funerals that are not black-only affairs. If the family requests something specific that doesn’t include black, you should go with what they have requested.

Can I Wear Brown Shoes to a Funeral?

Just because someone passes away, it doesn’t mean that the rules of fashion have changed. If you would not wear brown shoes to an office setting or church, then you shouldn’t wear them at a funeral either. There is no need to be stylish at funerals because people are not there to judge your outfit. Instead, they are comforting grieving family members who have seen enough tragedy for one day. Keep this in mind when deciding what shoes to wear with your funeral attire.

FAQs About Wearing a Tuxedo to a Funeral

Q: Can you wear a tuxedo to a funeral if the deceased has requested something formal?

A: Yes. Some funerals take place after someone passes, and then memorial services take place before the body is laid to rest. The latter can be just as formal as a wedding, so you should dress appropriately if the family requests formal attire.

Q: Is it OK to wear a black tie at a funeral?

A: A black bowtie and cummerbund are usually acceptable for children’s funerals (if done in conjunction with a suit and not shorts) or informal affairs. For more formal funerals, we recommend wearing a matching black tuxedo with black accessories.

Q: Is it acceptable to wear gray to a funeral?

A: Yes! It is very much appropriate to wear gray suits and other formal attire when attending funerals. Gray can be stylish, so feel free to choose this color for all of your funeral needs instead of the old standby black suits.

Q: If the funeral is casual, can I wear jeans?

A: Even if the family has said that it is alright to wear casual attire, you should never wear jeans to a funeral. This type of formal event calls for professional attire, so make sure you wear slacks and a dress shirt instead of your favorite pair of jeans.

Q: I’m attending a funeral that is both black-tie and after-hours. What should I wear?

A: We recommend wearing black-tie attire for the first half of the event and then changing into more casual clothes after it’s over. You can never go wrong with a black tuxedo, so if you’re not renting one for this special occasion, we recommend purchasing one to keep on hand for future events.

Q: What color shoes should I wear to a funeral?

A: You want to stick with traditional black dress shoes instead of anything colorful or patterned for funerals. You can never go wrong with patent leather shoes, so make sure that yours are shiny and in good condition before you attend any funerals!


As you can see, there are many different ways to wear a tuxedo for funerals. Although black is an appropriate color for this event, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear all black from head to toe. By following the guidelines above and choosing colors such as gray and navy blue instead of black, you will be able to wear your tuxedo to any funeral.

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