Types of Belt Buckle Names




Types of Belt Buckle Names

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Belts with buckles are undoubtedly the most secure clothing attire we have around. They are tighter and better placed to fasten the trousers and shorts firmly around your waist.  It is hence a good idea to spend some time to get to know more about them.

We have dedicated the entire length and breadth of these discussions to just that. We have sampled and surveyed a number of questions that surround this whole issue of belts with buckles. Take a bit of your time to read through to be able to know what may be necessary.

Types of Belt Buckles Names

There are numerous kinds of belt buckles. Some estimates place them at 23. It is impossible really to exhaust all of them considering their huge numbers. Nonetheless, we have narrowed down to some five outstanding belt buckles that exist on the market as of now. Find them reviewed here below:

Screw Closure

This is a buckle that contains screw bar closure. Thanks to this arrangement, it more effective to make use of it. Moreover, it also delivers the required ends within the shortest time possible. To add to this, the belt also gives off some style that emanates from its elegant design.

Its screw nature also allows it to fasten the trousers firmly to minimize the likelihood of fidgeting or falling off. It is hence the kind of belt you have to place your bet on for those activities that are strenuous and involve a great deal of physical exercise.

Different Belt Buckle Names

Clamp Closure

As its name implies, this is a buckle that comprises some two parts that are attached to the belt. One of its parts is bigger than the other one. In many instances, it does come about in a cut-to-fit design. This means it gives you the leeway to customize its dimensions accordingly.

In case your search for the right buckle is dictated by the need for use by many people, this is the belt you want to place your bet on. Its ability to stretch and retract accordingly definitely comes in handy when intending to meet the needs of many people.

Stitch Closure

Unlike your typical buckle, this one contains some stitches. These stitches may be thought of as textured depressions or grooves in which the buckles may be inserted and fastened. Thus, it is reliable yet a compact way of fastening your trousers and shorts firmly.

Most of the time, it is the female wearers that find the stitch closure relevant to their needs. This is mainly due to the adjustable designs that also allow for fitting the waists of many wearers. Pick it up if you are a woman and add some charm to your stature.

Tongue Buckle

As its name suggests, the tongue buckle is shaped in the form of a tongue. It comprises a pin and metal loop. There are two main kinds of tongue buckles. These are the classic and the conventional buckles respectively.

The classic buckle contains a prong that attaches to the bar. Its conventional buckle counterpart, on the other hand, comprises a frame, a bar, and some prongs. It does give off a more reliable fit and easier closure than the former. The tongue buckle is the one to go for if you have a weightier waist.

Double Side

Rounding up the list of the belt buckles is the double side buckle. You may already have guessed that this one is the exact opposite of the single side belts. In all, this kind of belt exhibits some distinguished looks and excellent aesthetics.

This buckle is mainly used in the casual belts as it is devoid of any formal or professional features. Thus, those who put on jeans and other casual attire will find it truly handy and awesome for their ends. Make use of it in your upcoming social functions.

Types of Belt Buckle Names

What is a Belt without a Buckle Called?

Such kinds of belts go by different names. Common examples of these are the utility belts or military belts. They are so-called largely because they designed for quick and often strenuous military maneuvers. You will also find them appropriately suited for quick and convenient movements.

These belts that have no buckles are the ones to go for if you are short on time or have no luxury of laborious and prolonged operations. Owing to its easy accessibility, these belts also cut down the time you would take to have your way at all.

How Big is a Belt Buckle?

There is no straight answer to this question. That is because the size of the belt varies greatly with the size of the waist. Other factors like the weight of the trouser and the gears you want it to haul also come in handy.  Weightier loads definitely require similarly bigger buckles to manage.

These notwithstanding though, there are some standard measures and dimensions of belt buckles. The magic number is 1 1/2 inches wide. This is the size that has been noted to be popular among the male wearers. In the absence of that comes the 1 1/4 inch variant that is also gaining currency.

What are Belt Buckles Made From?

A variety of materials and pieces are used to make these belt buckles up. Examples of these include the Nickel-free plating, Magnesium, Aluminum, Copper, and Nickel-free zinc alloy. These materials are harder and more tolerant of the various sources and forms of damages that potentially arise with use.

Outside their core roles of providing the strength and vitality needed for the job, these buckles also play the secondary role of enhancing your own beauty and aesthetics. You must, however, match the right buckle with the respective attire you want to put on.

What is the Point of a Belt Buckle?

Fasten the Waist 

The number one role that these buckles play is to fasten the waists of the trousers. They do this primarily by closing up or securing the waists firmly. In doing so, they eliminate fidgeting which in many cases may usually lead to the trousers falling off your waists.

Add to your Aesthetics

As we have already stated, these buckles may also add to your aesthetics and beauty. They are shiny by virtue of the use of equally shiny metals and precious minerals. You may hence consider using them for your weddings and other occasions that require elegance.

Stabilize the Trousers/Pants

If a trouser is loose, it may usually fidget excessively to the point of even threatening to fall off. These buckles yet again contribute to the stabilizing of the trousers and pants. They do this primarily by providing the support and fastening necessary to stay put.

Haul Heavy Load

If you want to haul a piece of heavy luggage, you have no choice but to use the buckles. They have the mechanical strength required to maintain the trousers in a stable shape and form. That way, the trousers bear the weights without the possibility of tearing apart.

Expedite Rigorous Sporting Activities

Do you wish to engage in some rigorous sporting activities? These buckles are yet again yours for the taking. Being strong and truly efficient, these buckles will once more fortify the trousers to make them appropriately prepared to handle the heavy luggage.

How Does a Belt Buckle Work?

Buckles generally have multiple sizing positions. These correspond to the various sizes of waists. There is no universal number of holes that these buckles have. The precise number varies significantly from one belt to another one. As a general rule, the number corresponds to the size of the waist.

To engage the buckle, you choose the sizing position that is relevant to you. Then, you thread the belt through the loops. After this, slide the belt in between the buckle’s top and the frame’s bottom. Tighten to leave behind no space or window through which the trousers may slip off.

Deploy the keeper loop to stop the free end of the belt from flapping around. Then, tuck the loose end of the belt into the nearest belt loop. That should keep you secure in such a way as to minimize the possibilities of fall-offs or entanglements.

Can You Fix a Belt Buckle?

A pin can sometimes get to the wrong side of the buckle. This requires the same to be restored to its original location. YES, it is possible for you to fix it! For this to happen, you have to follow these procedures:

  • Push the pin gently on one side
  • Slip the same back through the correct side
  • Take the buckle off the strap by use of a bar tool
  • Reinstall the buckle on the right side using the pin

Why is it Called a Buckle?

A buckle by its definition is a clasp or device that is used to fasten two loose ends together. The term buckle originates from the old French term “bocler” that translates literally to “bulge.” When used in the literal sense, it means “to bend under strong pressure.”

What are the Parts of a Belt Buckle?

A typical belt buckle comprises some four parts. There are identified and explained as follows:


This by far is the most visible part of this item. It is the frame that holds and provides support to the other parts of the buckle. These frames come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. They also bear varying degrees of decorations.

Two of these frames do stand out particularly. These are the reverse curve and the plain square respectively. The former secures thicker materials like leather while the latter handles the lighter materials that have almost no significant drag.


The chape is the part of a buckle that shields it from the direct contact with the hands and skin of the user. It basically works to secure the bars tightly before fastening. Many of these are removable to allow for easier applications and cleanliness after use.


Also called the pin, the prong is the part that fits through the buckle. In doing so, it secures the trousers or pants firmly to prevent the same from slipping or falling off. It does secure the materials at lengths that are already pre-determined.

This part of the buckle goes by various names. It may be referred to as the tongue in many areas of North America. It is by far the most critical part and the component of the buckle as it is the one that provides the strength necessary for a good job to be done.


Lastly is the bar. This is the one that holds the chape and the prong firmly in place. When these are eliminated from the buckle design, the end result is a movable bar that relies on the tension of the adjusted belt to maintain its stature.

Owing to its significance, the strength of the bar has a bearing on the overall stature of the buckle. A weaker bar is largely responsible for the premature breakdowns of the buckles altogether. That is why utmost care and attention have to be taken to maintain it in a proper state.

Belt buckles are significant components of a typical belt. They are the ones that fasten the belts to prevent your trousers from fidgeting or falling off unnecessarily. That is why you do not want to gamble with their acquisition and subsequent use. A careful reading of our findings above is hence highly recommended.

Having known all you might want to with regards to the buckles, what more are you waiting for? We advise that you take the shortest time possible to leverage the benefits that they bring along. This can only mean purchasing a suitable buckle for yourself soonest possible.

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