Can You Wear a Suit Jacket as a Blazer?




Can you wear a suit jacket as a blazer

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Blazers have always been there, but they have just been upgraded from the traditional types to the modern ones; knowing the best type is awesome because you can definitely rock them with any kind of trousers. They can be worn to both formal and casual events so long as you wear them well.

Can I wear a blazer with jeans

Can You Wear A Suit Jacket As A Blazer?

You can wear a suit jacket as a blazer so long as it’s not patterned, but if the fabric is, it can work as a blazer. Some people cannot differentiate between a blazer and a suit jacket, yet actually, they are two different things.

However, their differences can not affect anything concerning your outfit. But you need to know the rules and things to look for when rocking blazers and suit jackets.

If a suit jacket doesn’t match your trousers, just forget about putting it on as a blazer; keep in mind that people should be able to look at you as a guy wearing a blazer and not just that belongs to some dress.

If you want to rock a suit jacket as a blazer, you need to look at the following things.


If you are buying blazers, make sure it is a bit looser than a suit jacket. Another rule is, if you want your suit jacket to look at its best, and then consider wearing a sweater underneath it.


Make sure the fabric is thicker for you to be able to pull out the desired; it should at least be a fabric-like classic or tweed type.


Always opt for navy or light gray colors; they will work better. You should as well try charcoal and black colors.


This is not very important, but what differentiates suit jackets and blazers are there, such as stitching and buttons, but currently, you should be keen on the notch and peak lapels.


If a suit jacket is patterned, that will not definitely work as a blazer; make sure you avoid purchasing patterned suit jackets if in case you want to wear them as blazers.

Is A Blazer Formal?

Yes, a blazer is known to be a formal outfit; it’s a durable and classy garment preferably worn outdoors. It is great for formal occasions; they are a bit similar to suit jackets but blazers are not great when worn with pants.

A blazer is a more formal outfit. That is why most people prefer; you just need to have an idea of how to rock a blazer formally. You can as well wear it casually, but you need to choose a relaxed style.

To do it, ensure you choose materials that are light in weight, and when you have the casual blazer, you can rock them with shorts, jeans, and even chinos.

There are different types of blazers, those meant for men and those meant for women. Make sure your purchase the right outfit so as to achieve the desired look.

Some of the men’s blazers include tweed, cotton, and linen, structured, linen, and unstructured types. These are awesome blazers that are specifically designed for men and are formal outfits.

Keep in mind a blazer is not part of a suit, but it can always be worn as a formal outfit; blazers are awesome because they come in several colors and fabrics and can be interchanged at any time.

When it comes to nailing things, you should consider the color and fit of your blazer; you can as well look at the details because this is what puts your style on another level.

Pros of formal blazers

  • They are soft, comfortable, and stretchy
  • It’s classic and long-lasting
  • It’s in a position to provide insulation, especially in air-conditioned or cold areas.
  • It’s more professional, thus making the wearer feel powerful
  • It’s versatile and can be worn with various things such as joggers, jeans, and even casual bottoms.

Cons of formal blazers

  • It’s too classy
  • It consists of a hard layer under a coat
  • It’s too straight and stiff
  • It’s not comfortable
  • It can only be worn a few times a year
  • It’s too formal for casual events

Can I Wear A Blazer To A Wedding?

Yes, as for men, you can rock dark jeans with a blazer while women can wear them with a pencil dress or a tea-length dress. When attending a wedding, you should know how to rock a blazer if you are planning to put on one.

Keep in mind that a blazer will be a different fabric from pants and would work really well if you are attending a casual wedding, but you can still wear a tie. You still need to look good by wearing a well-fitting blazer.

If you are not sure about the kind of blazer you need, make sure you visit a tailor. He or she will be able to give you a better option. As for women, you can find a certain type of jacket or blazer; you can opt for a white silk tuxedo or anything else.

It’s a good idea if you are out on a drop-waisted dress with a well-fitting blazer; if your dress’s waist sits at your natural waist that means you will go for a cropped blazer. The point here is no one should be a slave to what bridal industries want; you can wear anything or do whatever thing you want because it is your wedding.

Can you wear a suit jacket as a blazer

How to Choose Wedding Blazers

Know what you want

There are a lot of styles you have to choose from, and that depends on the kind of wedding you are planning to have. Whether formal or casual weddings, if the wedding is formal, you should go to morning suits and tuxedos.

The type of blazer you choose must match the ceremony you are attending. For an engagement, you can match the blazer with the bride’s attire, while for a wedding; go for black or blue colors.

Make sure it fits well

The most important of all is the fit of the blazer; always make sure you pick one that fits you well; a good fit makes you look perfect. If it’s too big, make sure your tailor does something to make it fit you.

Don’t wait till the last minute

Looking for a perfect suit might not take long, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait till the last week so that you get one. To get a good blazer, it might take about three months before you settle on one, so make sure you don’t laze around.

Can You Wear A Tie With A Blazer?

Yes, in fact, a blazer looks classic with a button-up shirt and a tie. But if you have to always wear a tie with a blazer, then the answer is no, but once in a while is okay.

Wearing a blazer with a tie is not new; in most cases, if you want to pull out that look, you’ve always desired, wear a tie with your blazer. You need to always wear a tie if the blazer is double-breasted and you are attending a formal event.

A tie with a blazer is common. Just make sure you out the best look, ensure you wear both of them but first wear a shirt and, just make sure the tie you wear matches your outfit.

Consider wearing a blazer when you are not going for formal events nor too casual events, and don’t fail to add a tie. There are various ways of styling your toe and a blazer, for instance; A printed blazer goes with a pointed toe, a plain blazer with a plain tie, and a plain blazer with a printed tie.

Which Is Better, Suit or Blazer?

A suit is way much better than a blazer; blazers are more formal and do not come with a matching pair of trousers, they are loose-fitting compared to suits, and their shoulder areas are not well structured. So it’s up to you to decide which one you will go for depending on the kind of look you want to pull.

Both of these two are good, but it depends on the occasion you are yet to attend; suits are mostly worn on formal occasions while blazers are on casual occasions, but sometimes they can also be worn to formal events.

You can get good blazers, and one advantage of them is they come in various colors, and you can interchangeably wear them whenever you want, but as for suits, you might not wear them regularly not unless you are the type of person that works in formal offices.

Should You Button A Blazer?

Yes, but it depends on the type of blazer you are wearing; blazers should always be buttoned whenever you are standing and unbuttoned when sited. You can fasten the top button and leave the rest. There are several things to look at concerning buttoning your blazers; some of them are listed below.

Buttoning makes your blazer look better and gives you a cleaner look.

It also shows that you pay attention to the details

It prevents buttons from falling off; the reason why you unbutton when sitting is to ensure that you sit and also prevents the buttons from popping as well as preventing wrinkles.

Can I Wear A Blazer With Jeans?

You can wear a blazer with blue jeans and can easily pull out the look that you want. Suppose you are going for a casual style, faded, light, or mid-blue jeans. Most likely, all blazers work with blue jeans, but always bit try to avoid navy.

The choice is yours; match your outfit the way you feel is comfortable with you, but don’t wear too much blue because it can create a clashing effect; for a good look, go for a blazer that consists of a bold check print.

If you love grey jeans, then chances are your style is unique; grey jeans look faded and are great for casual outfits. To pull out this look, consider choosing a skinny style, then a stylish shirt, and complete the look with a blazer. Just make sure you avoid a shade of grey that looks a lot like your pants.

A skinny jean, on the other hand, works well with a blazer; in this case, ensure that your blazers are not slim and not bulky in any way nor wide because that might make you look a bit awkward. Your shoes should as well be slim so as to be able to look stylish; black color jeans are always best and very easy to wear.

Which Color Of A Blazer Is The Best?

There are several colors of blazers that can be worn for any occasion, but navy and grey colors are the best colors, while for a more casual occasion, go for tan and brown. Keep in mind that a good blazer can upgrade your entire outfit.

You have to consider so many other things when purchasing a blazer apart from its color. You need to know some of these things before heading out to buy one.

Things to look for when buying a blazer


The length of the sleeves matter; they should not be long enough to cover your shirt cuff from showing; try a short length if you are a bit short and if you are tall, try a regular jacket fit. Try helping your tailor adjust the sleeves by wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt.


There are various blazer styles starting from the traditional styles to the current ones. Pick a style that suits you the best.


A blazer should fit well and not be too tight; you don’t want to look like a fool on your new blazer. It should not be neither too long nor too short, be keen when it comes to this.

Blazers are awesome, but you need to at least have an idea of how to rock them, know what to wear with blazers and what not to. Know whether a blazer is formal if it can be worn with jeans or a tie, the best blazer colors, and so many other things.

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