How to Fade Tattoos with Hydrogen Peroxide




How to fade a tattoo with hydrogen peroxide

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Tattoos are mostly created by tattoo artists. They belong to the category of body modification and can be drawn on any part of the body by placing colored ink on the outermost layer of the skin.

People get tattoos for various reasons, some get them for attention, memory of something, and so many other things. Tattoos are beautiful, and you can get them at professional tattoo shops.

How can I make my tattoo fade faster

How to Fade Tattoos with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide consists of bleaching agents, and when they come together with exfoliation, they can do magic since exfoliation helps remove dead skin.

If you regret ever having a tattoo, never worry because a tattoo can be removed, and before that, they will have to fade it. A tattoo cover-up works best when a tattoo is already faded, this takes time but remember you need to do it safely.

First of all, you need to wait until your tattoo, you don’t lighten up a tattoo immediately, in some cases, it might not work as you would wish because of how the agents react with different types of skin.

If you are planning to lighten a tattoo, visit an expert to check the type of tattoo you have and your skin type, he or she will be able to tell you your expectations.

It is important to fade tattoos before covering them, and it doesn’t matter how talented your tattoo is, if your skin consists of dark fresh ink, covering it up without fading means that you will have to use twice the amount of ink for the cover-up to work.

This will not look good at all the ink can lead to various colors and overlapping lines that will make the old tattoo even more noticeable, and this time around, you might not like it.

You can also fade a tattoo, naturally but remember that it’s not easy, it takes time and effort for it to work, you need to be consistent. Make sure you apply whatever you are using daily, but this method might not work in certain skin types.

How Can I Make My Tattoo Fade Faster?

Use a remover Cream

There are several creams, gels and lotions that are known to fade ink, if you do not like DIY solutions, then it’s time you opt for these but remember that there is no good evidence that it makes much difference.

If it fails, ask your tattoo artists for recommendations for other products. Most of the tattoo removers consist of harsh chemicals that can cause permanent scarring if not applied well and regularly.

Use common household items

You can use glycolic acid, lime juice and hydrogen because they cause bleaching when applied to the skin directly. So if you have one of these things at home, you can try using them and see if it can make your tattoo fade but make sure you do it carefully.

Apply a skin lightener

To apply the lightener, use a piece of clothing or a clean sponge. Pour the liquid on the cloth and apply it to your skin, you can cover the entire tattoo area with the blotted cloth or sponge, and that is if the tattoo is just tiny.

Make sure the liquid touches every part of the ink. Give the skin lightener time to sit on your skin for about ten, if the tattoo is located somewhere you can’t reach, you can tell someone to help.

Does Tattoo Fading Cream Work?

There is no clear evidence that the creams work, they can irritate the skin, but the tattoo can remain visible. They can work on some people and not on others because of the type of skin, if you happen to use these creams and they don’t work, try another method that suits your skin.

You can look for some of the best tattoo fading creams that work, some are fake while others are original. To help make your work easier, consider purchasing the following types.

Balm Tattoo Fade System

This cream works well and is pain-free, it can be used on any skin and perfect for the entire fading process. This cream should be used for only 3 minutes every day, use this cream if you need immediate results.

This fading cream is used to fade tattoos at any part of your body, even places that seem harsh, for instance, ankles. If you have a tattoo you want to fade on your stomach, arm, leg, and hands, consider using balm cream.

Pros of Fading Cream

  • It’s a waterproof removal cream
  • Has no side effect
  • It can be used even on sensitive parts of the body

Cons of Fading Cream

  • It takes time for the results to come out

How Do You Fade A Tattoo Naturally?

Removal of tattoos at home has become common though it’s not. The most important thing is to make sure you don’t buy miracle creams that do not work or those that aren’t approved. But if you want to remove tattoos at home, here are some methods to help you through.

Homemade Tattoo Removal Cream

To make this cream, make a combination of Aloe Vera gel(1tbsp), 1tbspb of Tomentosa leaves, and two capsules of vitamin E. mix all these ingredients and apply on the area with the tattoo, let it soak for ten minutes.

Aloe Vera, yoghurt, honey and salt

Mix two tables spoon of each of these products, apply it to your tattoo for 30 minutes, and rinse it with warm water.

Salt and lemon juice

Mix a little lemon juice with some salt (100g). It should form a thick paste which should be applied on the tattoo for 30 minutes or so. Once done, rinse with warm water.

Table salt

Apply moist table salt on your skin for 40 minutes until the area started to turn dark red. You should also apply an antibiotic ointment for three days and peel the top layer of the skin off after a week.

Does Lemon Juice Fade Tattoos?

Yes, lemon juice is known to lighten and remove tattoos a times, it’s a great idea because it’s a natural bleaching agent, and its acids are natural, thus doing no harm to the body. Its natural products are what causes the ink to fade.

It fades ink and encourages recreation of cells this making sure that the skin is healthy and smooth. For greater results, use lemon with salt as it fades the color of ink faster than you can imagine.


Ensure that you have 100% pure lemon, it is important to use organic lemon juice because it affects the results. It is a must that you use a high-quality lemon juice.

Now that you have the juice, pour it into a bowl and mix it with salt for better results, make sure you mix them and ensure it has dissolved well.

Have a cotton ball that you will use to dab your tattoo with lemon juice, dab the tattoo carefully and make sure the solution touches everywhere.

Give it time to sit for about 30 minutes but make sure you rinse with warm water as soon as the process is done, but be very careful. This process gives you the best results ever.

The process can be done any day, it has no limit because it is a safe and a natural process. The use of lemon juice is also effective on larger tattoos, but it takes a lot of time.

How to fade a tattoo with hydrogen peroxide

Does Aloe Fade Tattoos?

Aloe is used for various things like treating minor wounds, cracked skin-soothing skin and lustrous hair, it also does fade tattoos but not on any kind of skin. It has not been proven that aloe Vera removes tattoos nor fades them, so don’t be 100% about the results.

Aloe Vera is, however, a great product to use because it’s natural and consists of no harmful chemicals, if it works for you in terms of tattoos, then you are lucky because it is safe, unlike using other creams and going for surgeries.

Some people have used Aloe, and it worked for them. Using it is good because it’s naturally painless. Aloe also helps soothe the skin when fading the tattoo. It vanishes quickly, leaving your skin refreshed and smooth.

Can You Lighten Up A Dark Tattoo?

Yes, tattoo lighting is very simple, but it depends on color intensity and the tattoo color. You can lighten up a tattoo at home or get it done by a professional, but the best thing is let an expert do it, you don’t want to mess with your tattoo.

A dark tattoo can be lightened, if you like your tattoo but feel like you want to lighten it a bit, then the best option is going for laser removal because it does it best when it comes to this process.

During tattoo lightening, the use Pico Way laser, which is meant for tattoo removal, this laser targets highly concentrated. With this technique, tattoo experts can lighten your tattoos to create that look you’ve always desired for.

Tattoo lightening sessions does not take long because you are not removing the tattoo completely. However, the sessions you’ll take depends on your case, your tattoo artist will be able to determine the amount of time to spend on the lightening process.

It might take half the number of sessions that full removal, moderate lightening is the best if you want great results. Your artists know the best visit and wait for him or her to do their job.

If your tattoo is still new and you notice it being dull, don’t panic it will lighten with time, tattoos dull when healing, and that is very normal. If your tattoo looks bolder than you wanted at early stages, give the tattoo time to fade or let your artist make it fade faster.

Do Tattoos Get Lighter After They Peel?

Yes, tattoos tend to look thick after healing, but it is normal, they tend to fade after a while, and you may notice them starting to shine.

After peeling, your tatty becomes lighter because the top layer of the skin has been removed, and a soft new one has developed.

A tattoo needs proper care for it to heal in time, moisturize your tattoo with the right type of moisturizer, especially at the peeling stage because of you don’t do it, your tattoo cracks, and you might not like it.

Peeling does not cause your tattoo to fade it’s just a healing process, and when that is over, your tattoo should look brighter.

Will Tattoos Lighten As They Heal?

Of course, yes, tattoos tend to look so dull before they heal, but remember that healing is a process that goes through so many, and one of its ways to heal is by peeling. When your tattoo peels, it lightens in no time.

Tattoos will lighten after healing, and if they do not lighten, visit your artist, he or she can help make the process fast, but the best way is to relax and wait for the tattoo to complete its whole process.

Getting a tattoo is a simple process that takes time, if your tattoo is going to cover a large area of your body, you will be required to attend various sessions. If you are planning to get one, the best thing you should know is how you can make tattoos fade faster, ways of fading, whether fading creams work and natural ways of fading tattoos.

This thing helps you decide you are ready for a tattoo or not, having a tattoo is not something complicated, so you don’t have to worry a lot, if interested, visit a tattoo shop with professional Artists, and you will get one of those tattoos you’ve always desired.

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