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The one thing you never want to forget when registering for your wedding is the groom. The bride-to-be may be planning all of the wedding details, but it’s important that the groom gets a say in her registry too. The best way to make sure he has input and doesn’t feel left out is to sit down and come up with a list of items together. With this blog post, we’re going to share some great gifts he’ll love that will also help him become more involved in planning his own special day!

wedding registry ideas for guys

Wedding Registry Ideas for Guys

1. Pocket Knife

A classic gift for groomsmen, a rustic pocket knife is always a great choice. If the groom hunts or fishes, there are certain knives that would be perfect additions to his collection. Or choose a simple sharp black folding knife with silver etching for a timeless appeal. There are so many options out there, so make sure to choose a knife that he’s going to love.

2. Leather Wallet

If the groom is always using his pockets for his wallet, it’s important that he has a handsome one on him at all times. Look for wallets with beautiful leather that can be engraved with initials or monogrammed in classic gold lettering. There are plenty of options out there, so choose one that’s going to suit his personality.

3. Monogrammed Shaving Kit

Shaving is a daily must for all men, and finding the right kit can be tough. Make sure he has a handsome set with this monogram shaving kit he’ll use every day. There are many options available that include different scents and soaps. Find one with his monogram on the front and everything he needs to get started.

4. Cologne

If you’re looking for something more personal, cologne is always a great choice. Search for designer colognes with distinct scents that he’ll love for his daily routine. There are great masculine scents out there that are perfect for men of all ages. From woodsy musk scents to marine fragrances, check out popular choices at the department store and choose one that he’ll love for his morning routine!

5. Headphones

Wireless headphones are the latest trend in technology, and finding a pair with the groom’s favorite color is a great way to add his personality. From Beats by Dre headphones to Jaybird wireless sports earbuds, there are many options available that will suit his tastes. This goes for more than just headphones too; try adding USB flash drives and portable chargers from brands like Mophie as well!

6. Money Clip

A money clip is a great gift idea for groomsmen and the groom himself. There are plenty of options out there with gorgeous metals that will suit his style. You can’t go wrong with timeless pieces like stainless steel and gold; choose one to match his personality!

7. Engraved Flask

If he enjoys traveling or outdoor adventures, a classic flask is always a great choice. There are so many options out there with his initials monogrammed or engraved in cursive lettering. If you’re looking for something more rustic, we definitely recommend going with leather flasks that have matching belts to carry around on the go!

8. Wallet Chain

For guys who like to keep things simple, a wallet chain is always a great choice. Find one that’s going to suit his personality and add it to his everyday carry essentials. If he likes keeping his money close but prefers not to carry a wallet, this option can be carried around effortlessly in his back pocket!

9. Watch Box

The groom is sure to have watches from all around the world, and keeping them organized will make it easy to find one wherever he goes. With so many options out there, choose a box that’s going to suit his personality best! From sleek wood boxes to tanned leather cases, we recommend checking out popular choices at the department store and choosing one that’s going to go with the decor in his bedroom.

10. Retro Speakers

If he’s a music lover, choose a pair of speakers that will suit his personality and go with the sound system he has now or will have in the future. There are many options out there with Bluetooth compatibility that can be personalized as well! Personalize them with an engraved monogram or choose a design and font that’s going to match his taste!

11. Flask Set

Who doesn’t need another flask?! This is an awesome gift idea for groomsmen, dads, grandpas, or pretty much anyone in your life who loves drinking their favorite beverage from a hefty flask. There are so many options out there including stainless steel, and personalized options that feature the groom’s initials.

12. Custom Suit Pajamas

Does he have everything he needs for his wedding night? Find a pair of custom suit pajamas with his favorite sports team or monogrammed with his initials on the front and you’ll be sure to make him feel special! From retro teams to unique designs, there are so many great choices out there for one-of-a-kind pajamas.

13. Bathrobe

After all of the festivities and celebrating have come to an end on wedding night, this gift is sure to be a cozy treat! From plush robes to thin cotton options, choose one that’s going to suit the groom at his bachelor party or honeymoon destination!

14. Whiskey Decanter

Does he have a favorite bottle of bourbon, whiskey, or scotch? Find a beautiful decanter to display it in and make it something that can be passed down for years to come! Choose one with a monogrammed initial to personalize it for the groom.

15. Tie Bar

Does he wear a tie on a daily basis? Is he in need of a new one? Find an elegant tie bar to keep his ties in place and display his personality! There are many options out there with different patterns and materials to choose from. Add initials or a monogram to match his tastes for a personalized touch!

16. Grill Tools Set

Even if he doesn’t own a grill, this gift is sure to come in handy for all of the cookouts and backyard barbecues that happen during wedding season! From grilling tools sets with spatulas to tongs, we recommend going with a classic stainless steel option that will last for years to come!

17. Leather Keychain

Does he have a keychain that’s seen better days? Upgrade it to one that matches his style and is something he can always keep on hand! There are endless options out there with different styles, materials, and initials or monograms so you’re sure to find the perfect one!

18. Grooming Essentials Set

If he’s not the one to splurge on these types of things, this is a great gift idea that his grooming routine isn’t complete without! Make it something personalized and choose a set with items like shaving cream, brushes, cologne, and soap. Personalize them with initials or monograms to make these gifts feel special!

19. Tool Set

Does he like to fix things around the house? Upgrade his tools and get him something that’s going to stand the test of time, like stainless steel options! According to real men, this is a gift idea that every guy has needed at some point in their life but never bothered to give themselves.

Items You Should Never Put On Your Wedding Registry

There are a few things we recommend avoiding on your wedding registry, like flimsy kitchen gadgets that you can only use for specific tasks or items that have limited storage capabilities. Some of the items to look out for include:

1. Anything in sets

While it’s tempting to register for matching items, all three of us agree this is one mistake you should avoid! If something breaks or gets lost, you won’t be able to replace it because you don’t have another one of the item anymore. Instead, choose unique items that can be used for lots of different reasons and aren’t easily matched like a classic blue tooth speaker, stainless steel food storage containers, or a cast iron pan!

2. Anything with limited storage space

Remember that your new home will have lots of different nooks and crannies to fill up, so consider items like a bread maker or panini press that take extra time to store away for not-so-practical options!

3. Single purpose gadgets

Does he need another gadget? While it’s fun to find new items for the kitchen, make sure that you choose ones that are versatile and can be used for more than one task. We recommend choosing options with multiple attachments like a blender or an accessory set of knives!

4. Cheap appliances

When it comes to appliances, we suggest sticking with known brands that will stand the test of time like Cuisinart or Kitchenaid. These brand name appliances can be a bit pricier, but they’re well known for being durable and high quality!

5. Anything with fancy packaging

For the most part, you should avoid china patterns that come in decorative boxes because they clutter up your house!Opt for classic pieces that will match your existing dishes or choose plain white china that can be used for everyday activities since the boxes will take up space.

things for guys to put on wedding registry-

How to Stay Organized During Your Wedding Registry Process

Here are a few tips and tricks we recommend when it comes to staying organized during your wedding registry process:

1. Save Everything!

Remember that you’ll receive coupons, rebates, and discounts when you register for items at certain stores. Make sure to save every piece of paper that comes with your registry gifts so that you can use them later!

2. Use a spreadsheet to keep track of everything

Prepare ahead of time by making a spreadsheet on Google Docs or Excel and list all the items that you’re registering for with the store, link, and quantity. Then, add in any discounts or coupons that come with your registry to keep it all straight!

3. Don’t forget about home decor items

You might not think that a bed frame fits under traditional wedding gifts, but when it comes to your new home, you’ll want items that make it feel a bit more like home. Decorating your new space is important, so don’t forget to add furniture and lighting options to your list!

4. Give yourself enough time

Wedding are always hectic, but we recommend giving yourself about six months in advance for the majority of wedding registry tasks including setting up your home, throwing a bridal shower, and registering for gifts. This will give you enough time to stay stress-free!

5. Ensure that he doesn’t get greedy

While it’s important to have fun when creating your registry, it’s also important to make sure that your partner doesn’t go overboard with their gift selections. We recommend coming up with a strategy that allows you to separately add items and split the bill otherwise it can get pretty expensive!

FAQs about Wedding Registry Ideas for Guys

Q: How much should I spend on a gift?

A: It’s tough to calculate an average cost for wedding gifts, but we recommend the 50/50 split where you spend about half of what they do! This ensures that you won’t go overboard and matches your spending habits since it will be your home too!

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: You can always return, swap, or sell any of your registry items. We recommend checking out Craigslist for selling options if you decide that you want to get rid of something before the wedding date!

Q: How long do I have to register for gifts?

A: We recommend registering anywhere from three to six months before the wedding date! This gives your guests enough time to find the perfect gift, and it will save you stress and money by avoiding last minute items.


With this information, you should be able to find the perfect gift for your loved one. When they open their wedding registry and see all of these gifts that are made specifically with them in mind, it will make a wonderful memory.

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