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How do u get a girl to like u

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Do you struggle to make your girlfriend laugh? Do you want to know the secrets of how to put a smile on her face and bring joy into your relationship? Look no further – we’ve got all the tips, tricks, and advice you need! Here at Groenerekenkamer, we believe laughter is the best medicine for relationships. So buckle up – in this blog post, create fantastic memories with your partner by learning how to make her laugh.

how to make girlfriend laugh

How to Make Girlfriend Laugh

Be goofy

If your goal is to make your girlfriend laugh, one of the best strategies is to be goofy! Show her that you can be carefree as well as serious. Don’t be afraid to bring lighthearted topics up in conversations or act silly around her.

Allowing yourself to be a little foolish will brighten the day and make her smile! With a little effort from both parties, your relationship can become even more enjoyable through laughter.

Make fun of yourself in a gentle way

Making fun of yourself gently is an effective way to make your girlfriend laugh. Making jokes at your own expense can show you can laugh at yourself and make light of difficult situations. It can also showcase your wit, be a great conversation starter, and help create a bond between you.

Plus, it takes the pressure off her to come up with jokes or stories, making it a win-win for both parties. To pull this off successfully, your self-deprecating humor must be balanced; otherwise, she might start worrying about how bad things are for you.

Tell funny stories or jokes

Making a girlfriend laugh is one of the best strategies to strengthen your relationship with her. Pulling off the perfect joke, or even just entertainingly delivering a funny story, can be a great way of making fond memories and bringing some joy without having to shell out any money.

Learning how to create good jokes or when it’s appropriate to use particular ones in specific situations can require some finesse. Still, with practice and patience, it’s sure to bring out plenty of laughter from your beloved. Besides, who doesn’t love a partner who can create a good chuckle?

Play a game together

Playing a game together is an excellent way to make your girlfriend laugh! Not only will laughing together foster a positive connection, but it will also provide a fun distraction from day-to-day stresses. There are countless games available to play together, depending on what the two of you enjoy and how much time you have.

Whether it’s a fun role-playing or interactive board game, finding something that interests you can be an exciting adventure for both. It’s easy to forget about the serious stuff when everyone is having such a good time playing!

Break out the old photo albums and share embarrassing memories (with her permission, of course!) 

Reuniting with old photo albums is a great way to make your girlfriend laugh. Digging around in the dusty corners of the past, you’ll find plenty of photos that will remind her of funny times. Show some of these off with her permission as you recount embarrassing moments that a camera can’t capture.

The best part is getting to laugh together and appreciating your memories. Even if things seem mundane during the present, revisiting these moments in time provides a way to crack up at something that didn’t go exactly as planned.

Do something silly like dancing around or making funny faces

If you want to make your girlfriend laugh and lighten the mood, try doing something silly! Put on some of her favorite music and start dancing with unabashed enthusiasm. Making jokes or funny faces is also sure to put a smile on her face. The escapism of it all can be incredibly refreshing; she’ll appreciate that you could forget everything else for a moment and have fun together. A little silliness never hurts when it comes to improving relationships!

Take her on an unexpected date night adventure

If you want to make your girlfriend laugh, take her on an unexpected date night adventure. After all, laughter is said to be the best medicine. Rock climbing or a day at the beach will undoubtedly leave her in stitches as she enjoys new experiences you have come up with. Catching a show at an open-air theatre or just taking a short road trip could be just what it takes to put a smile on her face.

Be creative and think outside the box when planning date night ideas for the two of you – the surprise factor will only add to your partner’s enjoyment.

Show off your silliness by doing a goofy dance

Nothing’s more sure to make your girlfriend laugh than showing off your silliness! Whether it’s by randomly breaking out into a goofy dance or singing an old favorite song, she’s sure to be in stitches. Showing her that you can laugh at yourself is endearing and refreshing – the best part is that it’s all in good fun.

Share funny videos or memes with her

Sometimes, the best way to make your girlfriend laugh is by sharing something funny. Whether it’s a silly video or an article with a humorous take on current events, you can share countless options that will make her chuckle. You could even search for old memes or GIFs that remind you both of a past event.

Sharing content you find online is a great way to make her laugh and helps you bond over something that interests both of you. Just update each other regularly on what’s new, so there’s always something fun and unexpected waiting in the wings!

Compliment her in an unexpected way

One of the surefire ways to make your girlfriend laugh is by unexpectedly complimenting her. Instead of telling her she’s beautiful, try saying something more unique, like “You have the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard!” or “Your hair looks so amazing when it catches the light like that.” These compliments show her that you appreciate the little things about her and make her feel special.

Find something to laugh about in everyday situations—like the crazy neighbor or a strange passerby

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make us laugh. Finding something to joke about in everyday situations is an easy way to make your girlfriend laugh. For instance, if you notice a strange passerby or your neighbor acting out of the ordinary, making light of it can help put everyone in good spirits.

The best part is you don’t even have to try that hard – as long as you have a sense of humor, finding something to laugh about should come naturally! All it takes is for one person to start the laughter, and everyone else will soon follow suit.

Attend a comedy show together

For a fun and unique way to show your girlfriend your sense of humor, why suggest attending a comedy show together? Taking her to experience some good belly laughs is the perfect way to make her smile, and being in on the joke with her can bring you closer together.

With an abundance of stand-up comics and sketch troupes nowadays, finding a show that fits your sense of humor will be pretty straightforward. From classic pratfalls to zany improvisation, routine jokes to offbeat one-liners, there’s always something new worth chuckling over–don’t forget to bring some tissues so the two of you can wipe away the tears of laughter! 

Sing silly songs and make up your lyrics 

Making your girlfriend laugh is a great way to show her you care. One of the best ways to do that is by singing silly songs and making up your lyrics. Not only will it be funny, but it’s also a great way to bond and create memories because having fun is essential in any relationship.

Pick a song she knows and make up your corny lyrics – don’t be afraid to get creative; go all in! You’ll find that singing silly songs creates an atmosphere of joy and connection, plus when she sees that you’re someone who isn’t afraid to embarrass yourself for her amusement, she’ll know how special she is to you!

Exchange funny puns and riddles

Sharing funny puns and riddles is easy to make your girlfriend laugh. This method does not require a lot of preparation yet can result in heartfelt laughter for both parties involved. Why not throw in a few dad jokes for good measure? It might sound cheesy, but old-fashioned humor usually brings out the best responses from everyone. The more creative your puns, the funnier they will be, and the bigger smiles will appear on your girlfriend’s face!

Play pranks on each other, but be mindful of setting boundaries beforehand

When it comes to making your girlfriend laugh, there is nothing quite like carrying out a few mischievous pranks on each other. Prank wars can provide hours of lighthearted entertainment and bonding time.

However, it is vital that you communicate beforehand and set boundaries with each other so that both of you can have fun without any worries. Show your significant other that you care enough to ensure their comfort throughout the prank process to maximize the chances of making them smile and cheer them up.

Watch a classic silly movie like Airplane! or Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

Watching a classic silly movie is one of the best ways to make your girlfriend laugh. From Airplane! to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, these laugh-out-loud comedies are guaranteed to entertain your lady and bring out some serious giggles while taking her mind off the various worries of day-to-day life.

So break out the snacks, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy a good dose of mindless humor and much-needed silliness together – it’s sure to be an enjoyable evening for both of you!

Do an impersonation of someone you both know (or maybe even someone famous!) 

If you want to make your girlfriend laugh, why not try impersonating someone you both know (or maybe even a celebrity!) Doing an impersonation of someone can be a fun and playful way to show off your sense of humor and make her chuckle simultaneously.

Whether it’s a friend, family member or movie star, take a few minutes to get into character and give it your all – she’s sure to appreciate the effort you put into making her laugh! Who knows, offer to teach her how to do an impersonation herself. After all, laughter is infectious!

Share funny experiences from your past

As relationships evolve, it’s important to share experiences from your past with each other – especially the funny ones! Talking about times when you both were embarrassed, or something silly happened is sure to bring out some good laughs.

It could be a story from childhood or an experience from college, either way, sharing these stories will help to strengthen your bond, make for a good conversation, and provide some hearty laughs!

Play a sport together—especially something that’s challenging like mini golf 

Playing a sport together is an excellent way to make your girlfriend laugh – especially if you choose something challenging, like mini golf. Not only will you both get some good exercise, but the laughter and fun that comes with trying (and maybe even failing) at a challenging game can be delightful!

You may even find yourselves competing to see who can get the best score, adding an extra layer of hilarity to your date night.

Take an impromptu road trip and make funny stops along the way 

Sometimes the best way to make your girlfriend laugh is to take a spontaneous road trip and make funny stops along the way.

Switching up your usual routine with a spur of the moment adventure can be exhilarating for both of you, and it will give you plenty of opportunities to create memories that will bring smiles and laughter to both of your faces.

So fill up the tank and hit the open road – who knows what epic fun you’ll have along the way!

How do u get a girl to like u

Share inside jokes that make her laugh each time you say them 

Sharing inside jokes is one of the most powerful tools for creating a girlfriend laugh. It’s like having a secret language between you; often, it takes a straightforward joke to evoke lots of laughter. Inside jokes also help build trust and an intimate connection between partners.

Whether it’s something silly that happened on your first date or an embarrassing moment, as long as it resonates with both of you, it can often become an inside joke—and ensure lots and plenty of giggles every time you remember.


If you want to make your girlfriend laugh, the best thing you can do is be yourself. Be goofy, be spontaneous, and above all else, have fun. Making her laugh will come naturally if you relax and let yourself go. So next time you feel stressed about making her laugh, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

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