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Have you ever been in a situation where you aren’t sure if that person is flirting with you? The signs can be hard to spot – the subtle looks, body language, and conversation all contribute to whether or not someone is trying to flirt their way into your good graces. A lot of people are unsure of how to notice these telltale signs. But don’t worry! We’re here today to teach you the marks of successful flirting so that when it happens, there will be no doubt about which side they’re on.

signs of flirting

Signs of Flirting

Prolonged Eye Contact

Prolonged eye contact is an unconscious activity that can often indicate flirting. Eye contact is a powerful way to show interest in someone and can be one of the first steps to developing a meaningful, platonic or romantic relationship.

It creates a connection between two people and can subtly showcase that someone has taken an interest in the other person, something not always easily discernible from words alone. For those who don’t consider themselves skilled at subtle flirtation techniques, just staring steadily into the eyes of another for periods at a time can communicate more than any pick-up line ever could.

Playful touching

Playful touching can be challenging to interpret when it comes to flirting. Many still determine where the line should be drawn for appropriate physical contact, particularly between strangers. But in general, playful touching is a way of letting someone know that you’re interested and open to getting to know them better.

A gentle brush on the arm while talking or a light tap of the hand during conversation can communicate attraction and openness. These subtler forms of physical contact can be great icebreakers or powerful flirts and are often the most successful when done with ease and confidence.


Mimicry is one of nature’s oldest forms of communication and generally indicates that the person involved is interested in forming a connection. When it comes to flirting, couples often find themselves mirroring each other’s movements without even realizing it. Mirroring can range from subtle gestures like adjusting clothing or mimicking hand placement to more obvious signs like imitating facial expressions or copying a funny story.

Research has shown that mimicry increases feelings of comfort and trust between two people, so when someone takes the initiative to mirror their special someone, they express their desire to move beyond ‘just friends status. Whether a knowing glance or lighthearted exaggeration, mimicry reveals mutual interest and opens the door for romance.


Smiling is a sign of flirting that can be seen in many social interactions. It’s a subtle way to make someone aware you find them attractive and is one of the oldest tricks in the book! Smiles can encourage even the shyest people to open up and show off their personalities. Knowing how to read someone when they smile gives you a good indication of the other person’s attitude and intentions. If they are smiling while looking away, it may mean they are shy or embarrassed.

However, if they look directly into your eyes while smiling, this could indicate they have feelings for you! Recognizing the power of smiles regarding flirtatious behavior is vital to establishing meaningful connections with others.

Open Body Language 

Open body language is a subtle sign of flirting, and it can be difficult to decipher when someone’s crossing the line from friendly to flirty. A telltale sign of romantic interest may include angling their head towards the speaker, smiling, or maintaining warm eye contact.

Other signs, such as nodding, slightly leaning in closer to make conversation easier, or gesturing with arms and legs in an ‘open’ manner—show keenness for further interaction. That being said, not all body language is a clear indicator of interest; other circumstances should be considered before making any assumptions.

Laughing and Teasing 

People often use laughter and teasing to interact with a person they are attracted to. It’s a way of flirting without using words, which can create exciting tension between two people. This interaction puts both sides at ease, ensuring that no one will take what is said too seriously.

A lighthearted approach can also test the waters, seeing how far the other person will allow themselves to take the teasing before becoming uncomfortable. Laughing and teasing are pleasant and playful ways for two people to test their chemistry before taking it any further.

Asking Questions 

Asking questions is another great way to flirt with someone. People interested in getting to know someone better will naturally ask more questions than those who aren’t. Asking questions allows you to learn about the other person and understand their interests, values, and beliefs.

Questions like these can be a subtle way of finding out what kind of person the other is and whether you two might have a connection. Plus, getting to know someone through conversation can be an incredibly intimate experience!

Questions are also a great way to gauge interest: if one person asks more questions than the other, they’re likely interested in learning more about the other. Asking questions is a sign of flirting and a great way to get to know someone better.


Compliments are a great way to show someone you’re interested in them. A well-placed compliment can help break the ice and get two people talking. It shows confidence and creates a sense of trust between two people, which is essential for any relationship.

When giving compliments, be genuine and sincere; too much flattery can come off as insincere. Giving someone a genuine compliment shows that you appreciate and value their qualities, sure to make them feel special.

Compliments are an important part of flirting, as they demonstrate interest and help create the foundation for a connection. They can also give insight into how the other person views you, which is invaluable information.

Flirtatious Gaze

When we are attracted to someone, our eyes naturally linger on them longer than usual. A flirtatious gaze is a powerful way of conveying interest without having to say anything. When someone looks at you with lingering eye contact, it could signify that they are interested in getting to know you better.

Eye contact can be tricky to interpret, as we only sometimes know what the other person is thinking. However, if someone looks at you for longer than usual and is smiling or maintains eye contact despite some distance between you two, it could be a sign that they are open to further interaction.

Moving Closer to You 

People who are interested in you may unconsciously move closer to you. This could be as subtle as leaning in when talking or as apparent as standing within arm’s reach of you. It’s a sign that the other person wants to get physically closer and is open to further interaction.

Moving closer is also an indication of trust and comfort. When someone feels safe and comfortable with another person, they will be more likely to move in close proximity to them.

Flirting doesn’t have to be complicated; often, the simplest gestures can send the strongest messages. Paying attention to body language and actively participating in conversation are critical elements of flirting that can help you build a connection and show interest in someone.

Playing with Hair or Clothing 

Playing with hair or clothes is a subtle way of flirting. It could be something as simple as running your fingers through your hair, tucking a strand behind your ear, or twirling the end of your shirt around your finger. These small gestures show that you are comfortable and confident enough to touch yourself in front of someone else.

It also conveys a sense of playfulness, as it demonstrates that you’re open to exploring further interaction. This can be an incredibly effective way of flirting if combined with a smile or eye contact.

Exchanging Flirtatious Messages

Exchanging flirtatious messages is a great way to show someone you are interested in them. It is like a verbal invitation to become closer, offering a willingness to engage in a back-and-forth conversation. Flirtatious messages may include compliments and playful teasing or jokes, which create an atmosphere of fun while expressing attraction.

One doesn’t have to be an experienced flirt to understand the nuances of flirtatious messaging; all you need is confidence and willingness to take the risk. Once both parties agree on the flirting game, it can produce exciting conversations filled with anticipation and excitement! 

Spontaneous Physical Contact 

Spontaneous physical contact is a classic sign of flirting. It’s something that people have been doing and studying for centuries so it can be seen as an almost universal behavior. From a lingering brush of the hand to playful jostling or hair tousling, these acts of physical contact reveal the attraction between two people.

Allowing such contact puts both parties at ease because it lets them express passiveness, which often leads to more intimate behavior. So the next time you feel an unexplainable desire to reach out and touch someone, you might be on the verge of beginning a flirtatious relationship!

Breaking the Touch Barrier 

Physical contact between two people can often be seen as a way to flirt. Breaking the ‘touch barrier’ usually happens through subtle physical gestures such as placing a hand on the lower back or lightly touching an arm. These small touches can convey real romantic interest, though they may also be used in platonic ways.

Regardless of this intent, these actions suggest that someone feels comfortable enough around you to make slight physical contact. Such contact is usually interpreted as flirty and might indicate further advances in the relationship if both parties are equally interested in pursuing it.

What is flirty behavior

Being Playful and Joking Around

Being playful and joking is a common sign that two people are flirting. Flirting often includes some lighthearted back-and-forth playfulness, which can be both verbal and physical. This could include making silly faces, teasing, and adding more enthusiasm to the voice while lightly touching the other person’s arms or shoulder.

Joking around is also a great way to make the other person feel at ease and is a surefire sign of someone trying to get closer to their object of affection. It should be noted, however, that it is vital to be aware of your boundaries when engaging in flirtatious behavior, as not everyone may have the same idea about what is appropriate.


Knowing the signs of flirting will make you more confident in finding a partner and make you more attractive. When you can read signals and know when someone is interested in you, it shows that you are mature and have high emotional intelligence. If you want to step up your dating game, start by learning how to flirt. After all, it’s the first step in showing someone you’re interested in them.

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