Zodiac Signs That Hold Grudges




zodiac signs that hold grudges

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The intensity of their grudges roughly sorts the following. To understand, it isn’t about who’s wrong or right, but how much effort they put into reconciliation.

Most of us can hold a grudge for years, all through our lives. However, some people find it hard to let go. These people are the most likely to hold grudges, and it can be worse than they imagine.

People who carry grudges may find themselves in very hostile places. They will try hard to deny these feelings, but it’s best if they could just let go of their bitterness to live a better life.

What sign holds grudges

Zodiac Signs that Hold Grudges


People who are born under the sign of “Aries” are known to hold long grudges. These people tend to take even minor offenses very seriously and often argue just for fun. Their negative emotions can be triggered by the most insignificant things that others may not notice. They will find it hard to forget about these incidents, and they will constantly feel agitated by them.

These people are impulsive, and they may even come off as violent to others. They want to move quickly towards their goals without wasting time, but they can also be impulsive in other aspects of their lives (relationships, career). They need to learn how to control themselves when it comes to these things, and they should also learn how to forgive people so that they can be happier.

The Aries people are full of energy and enthusiasm, but if their emotions run high, they can do something drastic without thinking about the consequences. They need someone else’s understanding and care to keep them grounded.


Taurus people are known to be stubborn and independent. They rarely depend on others during times of need and will always try to handle things independently. However, they can also be very possessive about the things that belong to them.

These people will hold grudges against anyone who tries to take away what is theirs. They may even go after their enemies to get back what was taken from them.

These people aren’t aggressive and won’t resort to physical violence, but they will defend their property and possessions at all costs. They are also very patient when it comes to getting what they want. The Taurus people can wait for years before finally getting even with their enemies.


The Gemini people are good at talking with others and will only hold grudges when they feel hurt by their words. They can also hold grudges for a long time if they are constantly mocked or criticized by the same person.

These people are friendly, which is why it’s hard to hold grudges against them. However, these people can be very cunning and manipulative when they decide to retaliate. They have a quick mind, so they will find the perfect way to get back at someone who has wronged them.


People born under the sign of “Cancer” are known for their mood swings and emotional personality. They are often the victims of bullying and will hold grudges against those who have made them feel weak.

These people are very emotional, so they will become moody when they hold a grudge. It’s usually triggered by something that has reminded them of their past experiences. Cancer people can be complicated to deal with when angry, and they can also be very stubborn.


People born under the sign of “Leo” like to make others feel weak, so it’s no surprise that they have a hard time shaking off negative past experiences. They may hold long grudges against anyone who has made them feel inadequate or insecure during the past.

These people are very proud and confident, but it can sometimes be a front to hide their insecurities. They may blame others for making them feel weak or inadequate. The Leo people can also be very judgmental, making it hard for them to forget about the past.


People born under this sign are very judgmental, especially when it comes to their own emotions. They can sometimes make themselves feel worse due to this habit.

These people will only hold grudges against those who have truly hurt them, but they can also be critical of others when they are in a bad mood. They may even insult the other person to get back at them for making them feel bad about themselves. The Virgo people never forget when someone has made them feel bad, and they can hold a grudge against that person for their entire lives.


These people are amiable, so they may even forgive someone who has wronged them early on in the relationship. They usually refrain from holding grudges against those they love and will even go as far as to defend them when necessary.

These people are peacemakers who hate conflict, so they consider it a waste of time to hold grudges against their loved ones. They may also ignore the person who hurt them on purpose to keep their family or relationship intact.


People born under the “Scorpion” sign are very passionate, and they consider it a personal insult if someone betrays them by breaking their trust. These people will never forget when someone has done this to them, and they will always try to get even with that person when the time is right.

These people are very emotional and sensitive, so they can keep holding a grudge even when their loved ones try to reassure them otherwise. They tend to be protective about important things and will never forgive someone who has taken these things away from them.


People born under the “Sagittarius” sign are known for their cheerful nature, so it’s hard to hold grudges against them. They don’t get angry often, and they will usually forget about the past when someone apologizes to them.

These people are very optimistic, which makes it challenging to upset them or get them to hold a grudge against someone. They are very generous and forgiving, so they always try to see the good in people who have done wrong to them.


People born under this sign are known for their leadership qualities, but these people can be very unforgiving when being betrayed. These people will never forget when someone has wronged them, but they may never get the chance to get even with that person.

They are very loyal in their relationships, which means it’s hard for these people to let go of past grievances where someone they love is concerned. They will try to make themselves feel better by “forgiving” the other person, but they will never forget what that person did to them.

zodiac signs that hold grudges


People born under the “Aquarius” sign are known for their independent personalities, so they likely won’t hold grudges against those who have wronged them in the past. These people might be cold towards someone who has betrayed them, but they never take their grievances to the next level.

These people are usually very spiritual, which means they believe in “forgiving and forgetting” regarding past wrongdoings. They hate conflict, so they will try their best to make peace with others even if that person has hurt them before.


People under this sign are very attuned to other people’s feelings, so they will usually forgive someone who has said or done something hurtful. They appreciate a person’s apology even if they haven’t taken responsibility for what they did. These people will try to make the other feel better by reassuring them that it’s okay.

These people are always considerate of what others are going through, so they will always try to forgive someone who has hurt them even if they don’t apologize. They usually underestimate their feelings, which means they tend to overestimate the importance of other people’s feelings as well.


If you want to know what signs will hold a grudge against you, consider the sign of the person who has wronged you and use your knowledge about their personality. If you are unsure about this person’s zodiac sign, look at the other people in their lives for more clues on how they might react towards someone who has hurt them in the past.

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