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In this century everyone wants to appear classy and elegant. People want to embrace trendy fashion over time. When you maintain smartness for some time, people will begin showing you respect and to a great extent value your presence at work, school, seminars, and meetings among other places. One of the trendy fashion items that make bridegrooms and their best men excellent look during weddings or photoshoot are suspenders. They make individuals have an extraordinary touch when they are with their colleagues.

Suspenders are often worn with both formal and official clothes like tuxedos. Most people rarely wear suspenders with belts because wearing both will make them not to be presentable. They generate an outstanding appearance to owners especially when they are worn with appropriate trousers. When you wear suspenders, you comfortably enable your trouser to hang appropriately especially from an individual’s waistline.

how to wear suspenders fashionable

What Are Suspenders?

Suspenders are also referred to as braces. They are long cloth straps that usually go through your shoulders and to a great extent down towards the trousers. Most of them are normally associated with buttons or clips on the end and the clips usually attach to the waistband and they overall join at your back to form an X or Y-shape. Suspenders come in different shape, size and materials. Some are designed from silk, rayon and even wool blends.

Suspenders add more value to the look of an individual than the use of belts on trousers. They are often simple to wear and generally improve the personality of a person. Once you put on your suspenders, you won’t find challenges of either cloth band or leather pressing up against your natural waist when you intend to have a seat.

These accessories can improve the appearance of your clothing and wardrobe. They normally help owners to keep excellent posture which consequently maintains the skeletal structure and organs in the appropriate form. Additionally, they ensure that the trousers of men are in appropriate waistline and thus preventing pants and shirts from being bunched up unattractively.

How To Wear Suspenders Stylishly

For you to achieve stylish wear of your suspenders there are factors you need to put into account. These things you need to pay attention to are not limited to the following.

  • You need to prioritize fastening your suspenders with buttons and not clip buttons will make you feel comfortable and they are also easy to unbutton where necessary.
  • It is inappropriate to wear your suspenders together with a belt on your trouser. IT makes you appear awkward because belt usually bunched up your pants and shirts,
  • You can try to wear suspenders with pants that contain belt loops; there is no wrong in doing so.
  • You need to ensure that you do appropriate adjustments to your suspenders because it will allow you to feel comfortable between our buttocks and pants. Adjust to the point where you will feel comfortable.
  • Suspenders usually suit pants that contain little space to your waistline. They don’t work well with pants that are very tight to your waist.
  • You need to know that your belt which has a formal cloth is not recommended when you wear suspenders. They will destroy your classy appearance when you have suspenders.

are suspenders in style

Choosing the Right Type of Suspenders

Suspenders are associated with the following types:

  1. Suspenders that you attach to the shorts or trousers with clips
  2. Those that you button to the trousers or shorts

Clip-On Suspenders

Clip-on can comfortably be placed to any pant or trouser. They are normally versatile as compared to button-on. These suspenders are usually considered casual and generally appear snazzy with attires such as fashion-forward clothes, funky jeans and city-shorts. You can easily attach it to your attire by beginning to clip them at the back as you move towards the middle of your waistband. You can then pull it over the shoulders towards the front to ensure that you attach the clips that have remained to your waistband front.

Button-On Suspenders

They are normally considered more formal as compared to the clip-ons suspenders. They are unique because they require jeans or trousers to contain six buttons that are hidden inside your waistband to ensure that your loops of suspenders are button onto. Your tailor or yourself can add suspender buttons if your pants don’t have them to ensure that you look pretty. The good thing is that when you have suspender buttons, your suspenders will comfortably fall in a relatively straight line from your waist to the shoulder. When you intend to place button-on suspenders to the trousers, you begin at the back. You then put on your short or trouser, thereafter you pull your suspenders over the shoulders and finally you button them in the front place.

Suspender Width

The right width of your suspender will always ensure that you achieve a better look. You have to make sure that the scale you choose suits your suspender. This is because when you select a particular scale, it can significantly impact on your whole appearance. The skinny suspender usually generates casual appearance while the wider suspender brings a formal and classy look to the user.

X-Back versus Y-Back

X-Back is always generated when your suspender cross in your back forming the letter ‘X’. On the other hand, Y-Back is often formed when your suspenders join absolutely around your mid-back and forms one strap such as the letter ‘Y’. The Y-Back is usually regarded as the trendiest and the most updated suspender; it is the choice of many people nowadays as it gives them an outstanding appearance.


The interesting part about suspenders is that you can easily customize it to suit your preferred proportions. You can loosen them when they are tight or just adjust them to fit your size. Most of them contain metal clips on their front straps that can allow you to adjust your suspender until you get the proper length that can suit your waistband or frame.

Different Ways to Wear Suspenders

The basic rule that overrules other rules as far as wearing suspenders is concerned is that you should never wear suspenders together with a belt. Wearing them at the same time is an overload and it makes you feel awkward and unbearable. Always consider this so that you can embrace a better look when you are in a group of fellow men. It is your role to maintain smartness at all cost.

The following are the diverse ways or reasons for wearing suspenders. They include

  • For Formal Business or Work

You need to set your objectives right when you focus to wear suspenders for work or business purposes. You are required to embrace suspenders that will give you a formal look. You have to be cautious enough and wear suspenders that will prove to your colleagues that you understand your attire very well. You need to begin with pair(s) of classic hue especially taupe, black, a navy which coordinates well with the color type of your shoes. This will make you accomplish a classy and elegant appearance. You will appear like an individual who wants to execute his functions or authority at work.

Weddings are always a special moment for the bride and the groom. The attire they wear always says a lot about how well or bad they prepare for their big day. For the groom and his men, the best attire they can put on is suspenders on their clothes. They appear smart, neat, clean and amazing when they evenly wear suspenders. Groom and groomsmen need to select suspenders that fit them well and the one that will make them stand out. Most of them should go for button-on suspenders so that they can comfortably adjust them where necessary. It will be important when their suspenders correspond with their shoes. They should also embrace suspenders with a wide spectrum for them not to struggle when they want to sit down on seats.

For formal and important events, you need to be sure with the suspenders you intend to wear, make sure you go for quality and standard shirt plus trouser. French cuffs are said to be the choice as they are very stylish and classy. You need to also look for eye-catching and outstanding cufflinks to better your appearance. Go for suspenders with the best tools and accessories inclusive of bowties and natty pockets. These things will make you stand out well.

  • On the Town

Going in the town for a walk or business can appear less casual. Some people can decide to go to town with their sports shoes plus shots while others prefer funky jeans with casual shirts. The secret of going to town neatly is by embracing wider suspenders with quality shirts and trouser or shots. They will make you look stylish and classy. Always go for the suspender that best suits your frame. This will make you look and feel very comfortable.

  • Hanging Out

Suspenders are globally known for suiting people who love going to hang out. This is because hanging out is seen as trendy and fashionable. Most people embrace this idea and so far it has gain momentum worldwide. This is attributed to the fact that suspenders are a simple and clear way to create and generate a personalized statement of your style. Always ensure you pick the right suspenders for hanging out, this will consequently make your day great.

  • On Women

Women usually like borrowing stylish look from their counterparts, men. They like embracing menswear to add better look. One of the stylish looks that women have borrowed from menswear is wearing suspenders. It gives them an improved edge on their appearance and they look sexier. Rocky suspenders usually suit women well and this gives them more joy.

Suspenders vs. Belts: Which One to Choose

Your taste and preference will often have a say on what you think fits your style or interest. You decide to choose the one that you love.

There is no way suspenders can serve as a perfect substitute for belts, the truth of the matter is everyone has their own goals when it comes to attire. For some, some love certain belts for their clothes for different occasions, situations and reasons. Telling them to switch from using their accessories to embrace something different can be challenging. Therefore, they need to understand how a certain attire or style works so that they can make their own choices.

For instance, when you wear suspenders, you will barely feel uncomfortable, your pants will always be in the right place, and they won’t be bunched up, unlike the time when you are using a belt.

Suspenders look classier and dressier. They are also great for people who are short as they elongate their legs. You can also put suspender buttons on your own if your trouser lacks them. Not to mention, you can also accomplish a better look when you wear shoes that correspond to your suspenders. Belts are also good as they can comfortably be dressed down or up. They also come in different styles and can be worn in different situations. Belts are also easy to select the one that suits you.

Therefore, you need to put into account what is good for you in terms of comfortability, occasion, style and possibly fitness of your pants when you want to choose either of the two.

Suspenders are crucial tools that can add value to your appearance. You need to select the one that fits your needs well so that you can be proud of yourself. Your occasion, comfortability, your style and preference will have a great influence on the type of suspenders you will embrace. It is inadvisable to wear suspenders with belts at the same time.

As you look for effective suspenders pay attention to their length, material, leather and width. It is critical to select the one with a wider spectrum because it gives you a better look. You are advised to follow the above tips when looking for the best suspenders globally.

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