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What body part do guys notice first

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First dates can often be nerve-wracking experiences, and it can be hard to know what guys are looking for. You want to make a good impression but may need to learn how – so what do guys notice on those all-important first dates? Here we explore the top things men look for to determine if there is chemistry between them and their potential new partner. From the physical appearance, mannerisms, conversation style, and more – this blog post will give you an insight into the male perspective on first dates. So don’t worry if your heart flutters with nerves before meeting that special someone – let’s find out how you can ensure your date goes as smoothly as possible!

what do guys notice on a first date

What Do Guys Notice on a First Date


It can be intimidating on a first date to make the best possible impression. Men often notice your smile during the initial meeting as it projects an aura of openness and happiness that helps ease any tension. Smiling effectively shows interest and enjoyment in the conversation while showing off those pearly whites!

A genuine, warm smile can even help draw a potential partner in closer, increasing the chances of a second date. While there are other physical features that most men will notice on a first date, there is no denying the power of your smile – it truly sets the tone for the entire evening.


On a first date, guys don’t only look for an attractive girl but also signs of confidence. Feeling secure in your skin and being willing to showcase who you are is extremely attractive to men. A confident woman knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Men naturally adore the idea of taking the lead without fearing rejection, so having confidence can make them think more highly of you even before they start getting to know you further.

If you have faith in who you are and aren’t embarrassed by it on your first date, then the guy will appreciate your courage and honesty and like you even more.

Facial Expression

It’s always a nerve-wracking experience for would-be couples on their first date. So many elements could either make or break it, and one of the most important is your facial expression. Guys are very observant regarding body language and visual cues, so keep your face smiling yet non-threatening.

A too-enthusiastic grin might give off the wrong vibe while appearing too serious or worried could be misinterpreted as disinterest. Finding a happy balance in your expressions will help show him you’re paying attention, engaged in the conversation, and enjoying yourself!

Clothing Style

On a first date, men are often keenly attuned to a woman’s clothing style. While not all guys place great importance on the details of clothing choice, many do. Studies show that attractive or unique clothing can make a guy pay more attention and leave an impression.

Of course, personality is much more important than clothes, but dressing well sends the message that you take pride in your appearance, which can make all the difference on a first date.

Body Language

On a first date, guys notice more than your looks. Those subtle movements can make or break the phase of impressing someone. Your body language speaks volumes to the opposite sex. On a first date, keep smiling, make eye contact, and be genuine when speaking with him. Pay attention to how open your body is when talking face-to-face; it may give off signals you don’t even know about!

Avoid crossed arms and avoid playing on your phone too much. Men want to sense your presence to capture an image of who you are from the inside out. Show respect and good manners, and stay calm throughout the date while including your charming personality – these will set the stage for any guy wanting to get to know you better.

Eye Contact

On a first date, attentive eye contact is significant. Not only can it give you away as an attentive listener, but it also speaks volumes about your character and confidence. Guys notice how someone looks at them, and if they recognize the genuine interest in the conversation, they’re more likely to remember you afterward. Demonstrating strong, unashamed eye contact during your conversation will make a good impression on your date, so use it to your advantage!

Conversation Skills

On a first date, guys tend to be keenly attuned to the conversation skills of their date. They pay attention to how quickly they pick up on topics and how they handle disagreements or awkward silences. They also notice physical cues such as body posture and eye contact that indicate whether the conversation is interesting and engaging or if it’s becoming strained.

Paying careful attention to these clues can help ensure the conversation flows naturally and make a good impression on your date.

Listening Ability

Listening ability is one of the most important qualities any potential suitor should possess on a first date. It can be easy, especially in the moments of a first encounter, to focus primarily on yourself and what you have to say or offer. But it can be an immediate turnoff if your date notices that you’re not present in the conversation.

To show that you’re genuinely interested in the other person, practice active listening – pay full attention to what your date is saying and respond thoughtfully by asking follow-up questions or offering thoughtful comments. Demonstrating this trait will show that you’ve taken the time to get to know them and are genuinely curious about their life and experiences.

Humor & Laughter 

A first date can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but it’s important to remember that being yourself is the key to a successful session. Guys will likely notice your sense of humor and how much you laugh throughout the date. Laughter can do wonders when making a good impression, allowing guys to connect with someone new over shared ideas and jokes.

A surefire way to put a smile on his face and make a great impression is to use humor naturally and spontaneously as if you were talking with an old friend. Going on a first date should feel fun, light-hearted, and free of pressure, so enjoy yourself by keeping things upbeat and lively!

Posture & Mannerisms 

A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, but when you exude good posture and mannerisms, guys will take notice. Your body language gives off cues about how comfortable you are and how interested you are in getting to know the person. It speaks volumes about your personality even before you say a word.

Making deliberate eye contact, sitting up straight, and being aware of how you handle things like utensils or your drink can make an impression on a guy – so show him that you have it together! Plus, good posture can help keep anxiety at bay, which won’t go unnoticed.

Attentiveness & Engagement

On a first date, men often notice how attentive and engaged a woman is in their conversation. A woman with an enthusiastic attitude toward the discussion can make for a much more enjoyable and successful evening. The little questions and smiles she offers up throughout the evening show her enthusiasm, create comfort, and leave a lasting impression on the guy.

It’s essential not just to feel like you’re giving nothing to the conversation; your intelligence and wit can shine through when attentiveness is given to discussions. It shows that you are both invested in making it work out! Men find this quality very attractive, and it’s a great way to ensure your first impression sets the tone for potential relationships. 

Interest in Him & His Life

It is natural to be nervous on a first date, and while there are certainly physical things guys will notice, it’s important not to overlook the value of showing genuine interest in the person you’re with. When a woman takes time to get to know their date, their attention shows that she is interested in more than just a physical connection. Guys appreciate someone who listens, responds thoughtfully, and asks meaningful questions about his life.

Doing so communicates that she cares about him enough to learn more about him; this makes for an incredibly attractive quality. Being curious and open-minded is attractive no matter what gender you are, but it may make or break any romance if there isn’t enough interest from the beginning.

Attitude & Demeanor 

A first date can be a nerve-wracking experience for everyone involved, so it’s not a surprise that guys take notice of the attitude and demeanor of their date. A positive attitude will get you farther than an icy one; a calm, friendly demeanor is more attractive than any expensive outfit or perfect makeup job.

Even if you don’t feel confident or comfortable, taking a deep breath and looking your date in the eye with a pleasant smile will go much farther than remaining glued to your phone or avoiding eye contact. As long as you remember to stay true to yourself, show respect, and put forth some effort, you’re sure to leave a good impression.

Voice Tone & Pitch 

On a first date, guys often notice how his date speaks as one of the most critical factors. From the pitch and tone of your voice to its cadence, these factors can significantly impact whether he falls for you. A high-pitched and squeaky voice may not make for an ideal conversation partner on a date, but having a deep and confident voice can do wonders.

It’s important to remember that the sound of one’s voice must also match their attitude; more than simply having bass in your voice is necessary if it isn’t congruent with what you’re saying. This combination of both words and how they are delivered is paramount when making an impression in the early stages of dating.

Grooming Habits & Hygiene 

Men are visual creatures, and what they see on a first date will likely make a lasting impression. That’s why paying attention to your grooming habits, and hygiene is essential. It’s all about looking your best:

  • Wash your hair.
  • Find some stylish clothes that flatter your figure.
  • Put together an ensemble in which you feel confident.

For the guys, taking care of your skin, investing in nice cologne, and combing or styling the hair may be worth it too! A neat appearance demonstrates self-respect and attention to detail, which is attractive. Ultimately, looking sharp on the outside will help set the tone for a smooth and successful date!

Hobbies & Interests 

On a first date, guys tend to pay close attention to the hobbies and interests of the person they are out with. It is natural for someone to want to learn about their date’s passions and activities, as this gives guys an insight into the kind of person their date is.

Conversations about these topics can lead to a connection between two people, allowing them to gain knowledge about each other and find something new in common that they can bond over. It’s no surprise that a man would be interested in hearing what somebody else likes doing during their free time; this may be the critical factor in determining if there will be any future dates!

Openness to New Experiences 

On a first date, guys notice how you interact with your unfamiliar environment. If you approach new experiences with an open mind and willingness to try something new, it will be good in the eyes of any guy. He will admire your enthusiasm and intrepidity for exploring the unknown and your strength to be comfortable trying something that isn’t necessarily within the boundaries of your comfort zone.

It’s almost refreshing for them to watch someone willingly take on unknown challenges that come their way; it shows that you’re independent and not afraid to shake things up a bit. Your openness to new experiences can help determine how a guy views you and respect how you handle yourself on that first date.

Emotional Availability

On a first date, guys notice more than just your stunning looks. While your physical appearance and fashion choices are certainly not without merit, the fact is that guys are generally looking for an emotional connection too. A guy will take note of your emotional availability, whether you seem closed off or more open and inviting. He wants to feel you’re willing to be vulnerable and eager to see what kind of chemistry exists between the two of you, so being emotionally available from the start can completely change the course of the night!

What body part do guys notice first


There’s no doubt that men pay attention to many things on a first date. From physical appearance and fashion choices to emotional availability and openness to new experiences, many factors will influence how he views you and the connection between you.

So if you’re looking to make a good impression, feel free to take the initiative and show him that you have what it takes to make their night memorable. A little preparation can go a long way, so keep these points in mind and prepare for your next first date!

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