How Long To Wait Between Tattoos




How Long To Wait Between Tattoos

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Tattoos should not make you panic, if it’s your first time, try having a tattoo in a less sensitive place. It’s okay to do what pleases you, go for it, after all, a lot of people have had successful tattoos.

How Long To Wait Between Tattoos

How Long To Wait Between Tattoos?

Tattoos can be addictive but you should wait for some time before getting another tattoo, you need to wait until your body is ready for the next session. Your mind can be prepared, but your body might not.

Waiting time depends on who you are and it could take a week or even months before you get the next tattoo. This waiting time helps you make a design and arty commitment as you prepare for the next session.

Some people are impatient and want to get tattoos now and then. Remember that you should not get tattoos too quickly, the more tattoos the body has, the longer it takes for the body to heal.

However long you wait, ensure that you follow your artist’s instructions, you do not want to get infections on the way, so do what is required if you.

If you want to have great tattoos, then give them enough time to heal. Use this healing time to get enough cash to pay for your next tattoo and ensure that your body is strong and healthy, select body art drawn in the next session. Keep away from people who are prone to spreading germs and viruses.

How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoo Sessions?

You should wait for at least two to three weeks for your body to heal, getting tattoos now and then slows the healing process. Recovering after getting a tattoo can be uncomfortable and it includes itchiness, pain, tightness and redness.

If this happens after getting a tattoo, you shouldn’t panic because that is supposed to happen, expect it.

Why wait between tattoo sessions

Pain threshold

Getting a tattoo is painful and you cannot just get one and get another one immediately. Healing comes with a lot of discomfort and you need to wait until your body is back to normal.

Tattoo size

This matters a lot, a smaller tattoo heals faster than a bigger one. That is why you should get tattoos little by little. If your tattoo is large, your body will take a lot of time before healing.

If you happen to get another tattoo soon, you might be at risk of catching an infection because your immune system is overworking or rather overstretched.

Saving up for the next tattoo

You might have saved up for the first tattoo and have no cash for the next one, the healing period is the perfect time for you to save enough money for your next session.

Your immunity

This is the most important factor that you should not ignore. If you want to heal first, then consider building up your immunity between these tattoo sessions.

You can easily catch infections when you have a weak immune system

Is It Okay To Get Multiple Tattoos At Once?

No, it’s not okay at all getting multiple tattoos at once can lower your immune system and the tattoos will take much time healing. It is advisable that you need to take a break of 2 weeks up to even a month before getting the next tattoo.

Apart from that, tattoos are painful and your body will not be able to sustain too much pain. However, if you happen to have more than one tattoo at once, you should consider the following factors.

Factors to consider when getting more than two tattoos at once

  • How much time you got
  • If your threshold for pain is low, schedule two sittings
  • Hire the perfect artist
  • Placement of two tatty dictates viability

Is It Okay To Get Multiple Tattoos At Once

Can You Get Two Tattoos A Week Apart?

Yes, so long as your body has healed and you have enough cash for your next tattoo. A week can be okay for some people, but others will have to wait for months, maybe because they need to get ready for the next session, or it could be because their immune system is low and healing takes time.

You should always follow the instructions given by your artist, don’t deep your newly drawn tattoos in water or go swimming because you will get infections. Avoid what you can if you want to heal and get more tattoos.

One week is a good time to have another tattoo, the problem is that some people take a lot of time before their body can heal. Don’t rush into getting them earlier because the more the tattoos, the harder it will be to heal.

However, you should not panic when you see swelling or redness on your newly drawn tattoos, it’s normal and you should expect it any time you get a tattoo. The most important thing is taking time between sessions before getting newer tattoos.

How Often Can You Get Tattoos?

You can get as many tattoos as possible but you can’t do them in one sitting. Tattoos are painful and if you think you can get a lot of them at once, you are wrong because you can’t sustain the pain.

Small tattoos take less time to heal than bigger tattoos, so if you want to get tattoos, get smaller tattoos, and you won’t experience many healing time problems.

You should take a little break after each tattoo, but if your body is resistant to pain, you can do more than two in one sitting. A tattoo that is well taken care of should heal within a period of two to three weeks.

The perfect time to get a tattoo, therefore, is between two to three weeks, it’s not long and that is why you need to be patient. Some people cannot wait to get tattoos and even fail to take care of the recently drawn tattoo.

Can I Swim Two Weeks After Getting A Tattoo?

Tattoos have become popular and you can tend to have one because your friend has them all over. Tattoos need commitment, you need to take foot care of them, or else they won’t heal.

You can go swimming two weeks after getting a tattoo, by that the ink has dried and the wound is no longer that bad. But again, you need to wrap the tattoo before swimming or when taking a long bath.

It is still an open wound that needs care and if you are careless, you are at risk of getting in infections and diluting the ink, which in turn ruins your tattoo.

It’s best to wait for two weeks because if you swim earlier than that, water will deep in and the bandage will fall off, damaging everything.

You need to sacrifice a lot after getting a tattoo, is not as easy as you think you should get prepared before finally getting one.

How Long After A Tattoo Can You Shower Normally?

A tattoo is a wound that should be taken good care of. However, you need to shower but don’t deep the tattooed spot in water. You can also cover the spot with something waterproof so that water cannot leak and damage the tattoo.

When it comes to showering naturally after a tattoo, it is good to ask your artist because he or she knows the type of bandage they used to seal their piece of work before sending you off.

The type of bandage used to seal the tattoo is what determines when you can shower. If they used Tegiderm or Saniderm, you can even shower the same day because it is waterproof.

And if they used cling wrap or bandage, you will have to wait for 12 hours before taking a shower and that also depends on what your artist says. After taking it off, you can now shower normally.

Factors to consider after getting a tattoo

  • Be patient while your skin heals
  • Do not use a loofah or washcloth
  • Use mild soap while taking a shower
  • Avoid picking your flakes off
  • Consider using a mild lotion
  • Avoid swimming, sweating and sunbathing

Can You Get A Full Sleeve Tattoo In One Session?

No, you will have to go for several sessions. Keep in mind that big tattoos cannot be done in one session or a single sitting. Tattoo pain is too much and no one will tolerate doing the whole sleeve at once.

The tattoo artist will also need to rest for a while as it is not a very easy task. Doing an entire sleeve on one session is impossible because, at around 5 hours of work, your dopamine and endorphins will start to fail.

If you are working on the original art with colors, it will take a lot of time, but you won’t complete a sleeve again. A full sleeve required 8 to 10 sessions and 3 to 4 weeks break between appointments.

There is no way a sleeve can be done in a single session, be patient and take enough breaks. Ensure that your body heals well before the next session, don’t rush, do the procedure slowly by slowly until it’s done.

Can You Touch Up A Tattoo The Next Day?

Some tattoos might need touching up due to various reasons, for instance, you can touch up a tattoo if the colors appear dull, the colors look washed out and when the shading seems uneven.

Even if your artist is the best, you will need to touch your tattoo within a few months of completion. Always take care of your tattoo during the healing process, your artist gives you instructions that you need to follow strictly.

The time that a tattoo needs to be touched varies between clients, a tattoo that has imperfections healing the touch-up time should be between 1 to 12 months and that is after completion of the original artwork.

How Do I Know If My Tattoo Is Healing Properly?

The time of healing depends on your tattoo locations, large tattoos also last longer to heal. Your tattoo goes through the following stages when healing.

Healing stages

Oozing and redness

Your tattoo will be bandaged and you will be told when to take it off. You will notice a fluid coming from your tattoo but don’t worry, it’s normal. You will also realize that the surrounding skin is red. Ink might also be seen coming out of the wound, this is a sign that your tattoo is healing, so relax.


Wounds tend to itch a lot as they heal and a tattoo is a wound as well. Your tattoo will start itching during the 1st and 2nd week, do not scratch it instead, apply gentle lotion.


Your tattoo will begin to peel in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks, the tattoo won’t go away during the peeling process. The peeling process is a good indication that your tattoo is healing well.

How Do You Hide A Tattoo When Swimming?

You should only swim after two weeks of getting a tattoo because that’s at least when the ink is dry and the wound is not that bad. You should protect your new tattoo when swimming by:

  • Sealing plastic around the area
  • Avoid swimming until the skin is healed
  • After swimming, use arm antibacterial wash

But you should try to avoid going swimming for at least four weeks, reschedule your swimming plans until the tattoo has properly healed.

Swimming pools contain chlorine, which can irritate your skin because it is a chemical. Apart from irritation, it can cause rashes on your skin and affect the wound.

If you want to be in a position to handle tattoos, you should know the following things; how long you should wait between tattoo sessions, how long after a tattoo can you shower normally, how to tell if your tattoo is healing properly, of you can get tattoos a week apart, how often you can get tattoos and so many other things.

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