How to Tell What a Guy Wants from You




how to tell what a guy wants from you

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It can be challenging to tell what a guy wants from you, and misunderstanding his signals can lead to awkward conversations and hurt feelings. That’s why it’s so important to understand the signs he gives off—the body language, verbal cues, and subtle behavioral shifts that all combine to give you a good idea of his true feelings for you. In this blog post, we’ll be helping you identify exactly what your new man is looking for from the relationship, so keep reading if you want insights into understanding him better!

how to tell what a guy wants from you

How to Tell What a Guy Wants from You

Read His Body Language

Learning to interpret a guy’s body language is critical to understanding what he wants from you. This can make for an awkward situation if you need more certainty about his intentions. Still, with enough practice, you’ll be able to gauge a guy’s true desires by observing the clues he communicates through his expressions, posture, and even glances.

Pay attention to his movements, as subtle shifts in his stance or posture can provide valuable insight into verbal and non-verbal messages that may help you decipher how he feels about you. Understanding body language is an invaluable skill that can help unlock the mysteries of human communication and save you from potentially uncomfortable misunderstandings.

Pay Attention to Eye Contact

Knowing what a guy wants from you doesn’t have to be hard; paying close attention to his eye contact can tell you much more than words ever could. Eye contact speaks volumes about emotion and intent; by keeping an eye on what his eyes are doing as he talks to you, you can get a better idea of how he feels and a glimpse into what he’s hoping for.

Make sure to be open and confident when making eye contact so that your thoughts remain clear and you don’t get all the essential information. It may seem simple, but learning to read the signs in someone else’s eyes is one of the best tools for understanding how they feel–and it starts with simply paying attention.

Pay Attention to His Tone and Volume

Understanding how to interpret a man’s tone of voice is essential when determining what he wants from you. With subtle changes in a man’s vocal inflection and volume, it is possible to read into a potential message he may be trying to convey. Paying attention to these clues can help you be more aware of his emotions and desires, allowing you to act accordingly.

Listening closely and carefully deciphering his tone, it is possible to figure out precisely what his words imply. The next time the two of you speak, pay close attention and listen carefully – the answer you seek may lay just beneath the surface.

Notice How He Treats You Around Others

It can be hard to tell the true intentions of a romantic partner, but one good tip is to pay attention to how they treat you when others are around. If they hold your hand, give you compliments, and show other signs of affection in a public setting, they may want to take their relationship with you beyond just friendship.

On the flip side, if they avoid showing affection or connection in front of others, they are likely not looking for a serious relationship. If things feel off or not quite right, feel free to ask questions and look into how they feel about where your relationship stands.

Listen To What He Says

Knowing what a guy wants from you can be a tricky game. Fortunately, one trick can help you tell – listen to what he says. Pay attention to how often he talks about his plans and incorporates you into them. Does he joke about getting married or reference far-off trips with you? Does he want your opinion on serious matters like life decisions? Do you find yourself melding into his already existing group of friends, or does he go out of his way for introductions?

These are subtle signs of your relationship progressing and where it might lead. Listening carefully to what the guy in question is saying could give you valuable insights into how he sees things going with the two of you.

Make Sure the Conversation Is Flowing

Making sure the conversation is flowing with a guy can be tricky. It can be challenging to tell what they want from you, but there are a few ways to go about it without being too nosy. First and foremost, pay attention to his body language – he might be uncomfortable or just waiting for an opportunity to start the conversation. If that doesn’t work, find common ground by asking him questions about his interests and seeing if your values align.

Finally, be patient and avoid badgering him with too many questions – this will likely make it harder for him to feel comfortable enough to open up about what he wants from you. Paying attention to cues and building trust can be vital in determining what a guy wants from you.

Look for Signs of Affection

When it comes to an understanding what a guy wants, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, looking for signs of affection can be a great starting point for deciphering his feelings. Pay attention to the little things he does, from subtle hints such as a lingering gaze when you look into his eyes to more overt signs like gifts and compliments.

The key is looking out for all communication forms and observing how his behavior changes over time. Sometimes this requires careful observation and asking others who know him well for insights into his behavior – but with some effort and patience, you could soon unlock the mystery of what this guy truly wants from you.

Ask Him Directly

Figuring out what a guy wants from you can be tricky, but asking him directly is the best way to get an answer. Being honest with yourself and him about your expectations can lead to greater understanding – so try inquiring into the intentions of the relationship and seeing how he responds.

Not only will the conversation provide much-needed clarification, but it’ll also set a clear foundation that both of you can build on in the future. As daunting as it may seem, asking him directly how he feels can pay off in the long run.

Watch Out For Mixed Signals

Determining what a guy wants from you can be a real challenge. Men often give off mixed signals that make it difficult to discern real intentions. To effectively read the signs, you must pay close attention and be aware of body language and words. If a man is flirty one day and distant the next, it may feel confusing – however, only believe some things you hear or take actions based on assumptions.

Instead, try to convey your feelings honestly and directly so that the other person knows exactly where you stand. Understanding someone’s underlying motives can be tricky, but with caution and attentiveness, you should eventually get a better idea of what they want.

Don’t Be Too Quick to Judge

The age-old saying, “Don’t be too quick to judge,” provides sage advice when trying to tell what a guy wants from you. Everyone knows it’s easy to miss important cues and read the wrong signals when trying to decipher someone’s intentions. Before jumping to conclusions, take the time to pay attention and watch his behavior. Does he frequently contact you or ask how you’re doing? Does he make an effort to spend time with you consistently?

These subtle indicators can help determine whether a guy wants friendship or something more from you. Above all, take your time considering all of your options first. Keep in mind that trust and communication are critical components of any healthy relationship.

Let Him Make the First Move

Sometimes it can be challenging to understand what a guy wants from you, but one important thing to remember is that it’s perfectly OK for him to make the first move. If a man likes you, he may attempt to show this differently – like offering compliments or wanting to spend time with you.

While it can be tempting to try and interpret all of his actions, there’s no need to decode his behavior. Just let him take the reins and approach things in his way. Allowing him to be the one who shows he’s interested in more than just friendship usually makes it easier for both parties involved.

Watch Out for Warning Signs

When understanding what a guy wants from you, you must be aware of the warning signs. Look out for behavior like too much attention and extreme compliments that might come on too strong. Be wary if he does not respond to signals that you are not interested in going further. Pay attention if he tries to control your choices and opinions about others. Being proactive can help avoid improper advances or worse situations, so keep an eye open for red flags.

Give Him Space

It can be frustrating when you’re looking to understand what a guy wants from you. But the best way to determine that is to give him space. Having a little distance and “space” helps a man figure out his feelings and needs and allows him to see if he still craves what he had with you.

Giving him space also gives you time to think and reflect on how things were in the relationship, so if either of you has missteps or regrets, it can be reconciled before things go too far. Ultimately, you will get your answer, and no one will walk away feeling hurt or confused.

Try To Understand His Point Of View

Understanding someone’s point of view is essential for seeing what they want from you. People often struggle to express what they need and feel, so coming from a place of understanding is vital when deciphering their needs. It doesn’t hurt to take a step back and look at the situation through the other person’s eyes. Try asking yourself questions such as “How would I feel in that situation?” or “What do they need right now?”.

Tuning in to body language and paying attention to their words can also provide insight into what a guy wants if he can’t express it openly. Ultimately, trying your best to understand another individual’s feelings is essential to uncover any hidden desires they may have.

Keep Up With Current Interests 

It can be challenging to interpret what a guy is looking for when you’re in a relationship. Ensuring you’re fulfilling your partner’s needs may help you pay attention to his interests.

Keeping up with his current interests can provide clues on what he wants from you and the relationship – serious commitment; physical intimacy; or friendship, support, and companionship. Researching the latest trends, hobbies, and favorite topics of interest may give you insights into what makes him tick and how best to satisfy his needs.

How do you know what a guy wants with you

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if a guy is interested in intimacy?

It can be difficult to assess someone’s motivations and intentions, especially if they may not fully understand them. If a guy seems focused solely on physical intimacy, it is important to pay attention to their behavior and attitude toward you. Do they take an interest in learning more about you and your life, or do they seem impatient? Are they respectful of your boundaries, or do they push them out of convenience?

While chemistry and attraction play a large part in any relationship, true intimacy involves knowing the other person on a deeper level than just physical contact. If that doesn’t appear to be something other than the focus of the relationship, then it may be time to reevaluate the situation and focus on what is best for yourself.

2. What are some signs that a guy is interested in me?

If a guy is interested in you, some telltale signs can act as an indicator. The most obvious sign is if he makes a point to reach out and talk to you; whether it’s sending you funny memes on Whatsapp or checking in with you over text throughout the day, he is likely making an effort to connect with you.

Additionally, if he goes out of his way to compliment you and be genuinely kind, this implies that he is interested in getting closer to you. Finally, if he often wants to do the same activities together, such as going for coffee or taking a hike, this is indicative that he enjoys your company and wants to spend more time with you.

3. What are some signs that a guy is not interested in me?

If you’re wondering whether the man you’re interested in is feeling the same way, there are a few signs to look out for that might indicate he’s not interested. These include avoiding physical contact such as hand holding or cuddling, canceling dates on short notice and consistently showing up late, providing short answers to questions, withdrawing from conversations or rarely initiating them himself, and most surprisingly, giving compliments about other people when around you. If your guy exhibits any of these behaviors, it could be a sign he isn’t into you the way you are into him.

4. What should I do if a guy is interested in me?

If you think a guy is interested in you, the best thing to do is trust your instincts. You can tell if someone is interested in getting to know you better, and it’s important to pick up on those cues. To get a better idea of whether or not the guy is into you, try engaging him in conversation, asking questions about his favorite hobbies and what he’s passionate about.

If he responds positively and seems eager to learn more about you, it might be worth considering whether you have a mutual attraction. Keep an open mind and use your intuition – these are often telltale signs that things could develop beyond friendship!

5. What should I do if I think a guy is not interested in me?

It can be difficult to know what to do if you think a guy you’re interested in isn’t reciprocating the same feelings. The best thing for you to do is decide how important this guy is to your life and whether or not it’s worth it to pursue him or move on. Try gauging his interest with subtle questions or your flirting.

If he still doesn’t give off any apparent signals, it may be beneficial to talk with him directly and discuss developing a friendship before trying romance. Honesty is critical when communicating these topics, and both parties should be respectful and sensitive when discussing them.


In short, to figure out what a guy wants from you, look for verbal and nonverbal clues that indicate interest, pay attention to how he talks about other women, consider whether he’s making an effort to see you, and take note of his level of physicality. If all else fails, ask him directly!

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