Do You Wear Socks with Sperrys?




do you wear socks with sperrys

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The debate on whether or not to wear socks with sperrys is one that’s gone on for years. Some will say that wearing socks with your sperrys will ruin the look and that it’s not “sperry” style. Others will say that wearing socks with your Sperrys is proper and traditional. No matter which side you’re on, it’s a debate that will likely continue for centuries to come.

do you wear socks with sperry boat shoes

Do You Wear Socks with Sperrys?

The answer to the question Do You Wear with Sperrys is yes. And it’s not just for looks. Sperrys (and boat shoes) are best worn with no socks or without socks over the shoe, but some people wear socks under them and that is acceptable too.

The sockless look gives you a cleaner, more polished look and is easy to maintain if your feet sweat a lot and you hate it when the sweat stains your shoes.

There are a few things to consider in wearing socks with sperrys. First, dress vs casual style dictates the kind of sock you wear. If you are wearing chinos and oxfords then it is ok to wear regular white crew socks that peek out from under your pants or shorts. If you are wearing shorts and cargos it is ok to wear no-show socks.

You should not wear athletic socks because they will be visible and that is unacceptable. You can get away with white or black crew length, quarter length (slightly shorter than the ankle) but you cannot get away with ankle high socks; they will look dumb if you are not wearing boots.

Wearing socks also lets you get away with more crowded outfits like wearing shorts on top, because your ankles will be covered.

The type of shoe dictates the style of sock to wear too. You cannot wear ankle high tube socks with boat shoes but you can wear crew socks. Try not to wear ankle high athletic socks with boat shoes because it is frowned upon by the fashion police.

There are also differences between socks that you wear with sperrys and tube or athletic socks. You should wear no show white, black, brown or the color of your sock if you’re wearing dark colored chinos. That way there is continuity in your outfit. If you wear a brown sock with tan colored chinos, it is ok as long as the socks are not bobby sox or tube socks.

There are also some rules that you should know about wearing socks with sperrys. Always wear white crew length socks with boat shoes and never wear ankle high athletic socks. Never wear loud color socks with boat shoes unless they are hidden. You should wear no show sock with shorts, but never wear long tube socks because it is too casual for boat shoes. However ankle high athletic socks are ok if you’re wearing hiking boots or sneakers.

Do not wear any kind of socks to work out except for ankle high tube socks that all the pros use. And even then, there are rules for that too. Never wear ankle socks with sperrys to the gym because it just looks stupid. The best look is no socks with cross trainers, white crew length socks with running shoes and tube or ankle high athletic socks if you’re wearing sneakers or hiking boots.

Reasons to Wear Socks with Sperry

Wearing Sperry Shoes with Socks is a Good Idea to Keep Your Feet Healthy.

The reason to wear socks is so that your shoes do not get dirty with sweat and bacteria from your feet. The longer you wear your sperrys without socks the dirtier they’ll become.

Wearing Socks Makes Putting on Sperrys a Little Easier

If you’re starting a new trend of wearing socks with sperrys, you’ll want to wear them without socks first and then put your sperrys on over the socks.

That way the dirt from your feet doesn’t get into or onto your shoe and infect it with all kinds of bacteria that will make you sick as a dog. It’s best to ease into wearing no-show socks so that you won’t feel weird or different and so that you won’t be tempted to wear socks with sperrys all the time.

do you wear socks with sperrys

Socks Make Your Legs Appear Longer

When you wear socks with sperrys you’re actually making your legs look longer. You can break up the solid fabric of your pant leg with a thin sock that is barely visible. This makes your legs appear much longer, leaner and more aesthetically appealing when wearing shorts or pants.

It’s best to wear white crew length socks when wearing shorts or pants because they are visible just enough to break up the solid bottom part of your outfit without calling attention to your socks.

Wearing Socks Makes You Seem More Polished

Wearing socks with sperrys is a great way to look more polished and professional. This applies to wearing them for all seasons and occasions and helps you get away with things that you cannot wear without socks.

Wearing Socks Will Make Your Sperrys Last Longer

Wearing socks with sperrys is good for the life of your shoes because it helps protect them. It also adds longevity to your no show socks. You can wear your low cut socks many more times before throwing them away when wearing them with sperrys because they’re protected from dirt and bacteria that comes from your feet.

Wearing Socks with Sperry Boat Shoes Helps Eliminate Smell

There’s nothing worse than the smell of somebody else’s feet. And if you have sperry boat shoes, there is a high probability that your feet will start to smell within a few hours of wearing them without socks. There are no shoes in existence that help prevent sweaty feet from

Wearing Socks with Sperrys Improves Your Comfort Level

Wearing socks with sperrys results in a much more comfortable experience. Without socks you feet will start to sweat and feel sticky and uncomfortable almost immediately and your sperry boat shoes will become dirty very quickly which only adds to the discomfort. Wearing socks with sperrys solves this problem, making both activities more comfortable.

Socks with Sperrys: How to Wear Them

Wear No-Show Socks

You are not wearing socks at all when you wear no-show socks. They are designed to look like you are wearing them but in reality they are hidden underneath your sperry boat shoes. No heels, heels, low cut or ankle high white crew length socks qualify as no-shows.

Do Not Wear Athletic Socks with Sperrys

You’re not wearing athletic socks when you wear low cut or no-show socks with sperry boat shoes. These are designed for casual, sports and everyday use only. They are not designed to be worn with dressy footwears like your sperrys e.g., loafers, oxfords etc.

Wear Dress Socks with Sperrys

You’re wearing dress socks with sperry boat shoes when you wear white no-show socks that hit mid calf or higher and dark your pant legs. This means that the majority of your socks need to be hidden under your sperrys. It’s not necessary for them to go all the way up to your knees as long as they cover a good part of your leg.


What you wear with your sperrys depends on what you’re doing and where you’re going. Casual, everyday occasions call for low cut or no-show socks that are white crew length socks that hit mid calf or higher. Dressy occasions such as job interviews, weddings and other formal events call for dark dress socks that cover most of the leg.

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