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UGGs are very popular boots that are loved and praised by so many people; the boots are original, long-lasting and accompanied by so many other features. Purchasing these boots saves you a lot in terms of cost and so many other things.

The only thing you should do is know how to take care of them, because no matter how long-lasting something is, it will definitely come to an end someday, so to lengthen its duration, you should follow the correct things required of you.

Do your feet sweat in UGG boots

Are You Supposed to Wear Socks with UGGs?

A lot of people ask this question every other time, should UGGs be worn with or without socks? The good answer is UGGs should not be worn with socks, especially if they are real, it’s a personal decision, but the truth is, UGGs are designed to be worn without socks.

There is no need of wearing socks, especially if the brand is sheepskin, it will naturally keep your feet warm in cold weather, and you can still feel comfortable in a warm environment; it helps also keep your feet dry, and that is why you don’t need to put on socks.

If you are worried about odors that might build, UGGs prevents it, and you can feel soft and comfortable even when barefooted. So wearing socks with UGGs is a no; consider wearing them with no socks because they are comfortable enough.

Wearing socks can affect the effectiveness of the wool, and you might feel uncomfortable; by wearing socks, you will not enjoy the natural products offered by the fibers.

However, wearing songs is a personal choice but if you can’t stay without socks, consider wearing socks made of natural fibers, for instance, cotton or wool. This is just to make sure the synthetic fibers do not in any way interfere with the natural fibers of the wool.

If you haven’t tried wearing UGGs before, then it’s time you try them out, especially if you are dealing with smelly feet; those people with sweaty feet can enjoy these boots because their innersoles are replaceable.

How Long Do UGG Boots Last?

They are long-lasting and can even last for up to 20 years when taken good care of, the boots are a bit pricey because of their quality, but when not treated correctly by the owner, they might pass for a few years. The durability of something depends on how the owner cares about it.

Original UGG boots last from 5 to 20 years, there are fake types, and you can easily notice them because they are way much cheaper than original boots, and they do not last long. Not all of these boots are original so make sure when purchasing them, visit a trusted source.

Any time you are thinking of buying these boots, always opt for the pricey ones. Most of the time, those are the real ones. Don’t save money to purchase a fake product which will cost you as days goes by. If you have UGG boots, you should take good care of them by doing the following things.

Tips on How to Care for UGG Boots

Use only suede cleaner

Avoid using other cleaning detergents instead, use only suede cleaners, apply shampoo beginning from the upper part, then slowly apply downwards and do it in circular motions. To dry the boots, use a dryer and not under direct sunlight.

Store them properly

Once you remove your boots, allow them to breathe by storing them in an open place. Allow your boots to air dry for a day at least; don’t return your boots to the shoe box or cupboard after wearing them. If the boots are regularly worn, then it’s a good idea to store them in an open place.

Remove water stains

In case there are water stains on your boots, wipe them with a soft wet cloth and make sure the water used is cold. Don’t soak the boots; remember that your purpose is to remove water stains.

Brush your shoes after every use

After wearing your shoes, make sure you brush them with a suede brush to remove any dirt or dust. Remember to make it a daily routine, and don’t ever use a hard brush because it will destroy its outer surface.

Clean the inner areas too

Do not wash the outer parts of the boots forgetting the inside; especially it’s wet from sweat or moisture. When stored, dirty bacteria build-up, thus causing odour. To prevent this, use a disinfecting cleaner to clean the inner parts of the boots.

Are you supposed to wear socks with uggs

Do Your Feet Sweat in UGG Boots?

UGGs are great, but not if your feet sweat a lot; it will worsen the situation because UGGs are fuzzy and very warm. So if your UGGs smell, then you probably has sweaty feet, hot feet tend to sweat a lot, and they are sweaty; they cause a very bad smell.

Your feet might not be sweaty, but your UGGs smell, and that means you wear them wet, thus causing fungi and bacteria to grow on them, and that is why your boots start smelling.

Mostly the water is from sweat, but if the UGGs are wet, that causes things to grow on your favorite pair of boots.

Another reason why your feet sweat in UGG boots could be because the boots are fake, it’s made of synthetic fibers and not lamb wool that is why it can’t pull moisture away from your feet like the real UGGS.

So if you have sweaty feet, you can wear socks with your boots; socks will at least absorb some of the sweat; keeping away water from your UGGs prevents them from smelling.

To prevent your feet from smelling, use foot powder as it consists of antiperspirant that stops your foot from smelling and sweating a lot; if you have no foot powder, don’t hesitate to use antiperspirant. In fact, it smells much better than foot powder.

You should at least have two pairs of UGGs, so that one dries as you wear another one, don’t wear one boot in a row; it takes a day for UGG boots to dry, so having two makes your work easier.

Do UGGs Smell Without Socks?

No, they don’t smell unless they are worn when still wet; in fact, it’s advisable that you wear UGGs without socks because they are warm and adding a pair of socks might make the situation worse.

The only way to prevent your UGGs from smelling is to keep them clean and dry; avoid wearing socks not unless it’s very necessary. It’s understandable for those people whose feet sweat a lot. Wearing socks can help absorb excess sweat from reaching your boots.

How to Stop UGGs from Smelling Bad?

  • Let them dry completely before wearing them
  • Use antibacterial soap to wash your legs every day
  • Spray an antiperspirant on your feet
  • At least have two pairs of UGGs so that you do not wear one every day
  • Use an odor grabber on your feet, for instance, wiping it with a sock containing baking powder

Can UGG Be Worn on Snow?

Ugg boots should not be worn in snow even if the product is water-resistant; wearing them on snow or submerging them in water can damage the outer surface of your beautiful boot. The best boots for snow are the waterproof Australian Vivily boots; they have a sheepskin insole, and their exterior is PVC that makes them perfect for walking around snow.

However, we are not allowed to wear UGGs boots out in the snow; you can just carry them with you and wear them thereafter to keep you warm. All UGG boots are warm, but some types are not meant for outdoor use; you might end up sliding and falling because the boots lack the solid traction that other boots have.

What Season Do You Wear UGG Slides?

They are best for the winter seasons; UGG footwear was actually made for summer. Summer is the humid hot season in which you sweat all the time. The reason why UGG slides are meant for summer is that they allow your toes to breathe and your entire feet comfortable.

They are simply perfect because you can easily slide them on and off; slides kind of look like sandals, but the difference is that slides are upgraded and very comfortable. And if you are afraid of them having too much heat, then worry no more because slides are very comfortable.

Slides are made of sheepskin and are a thermostatic material that means it’s in a position to regulate body temperature, and apart from that, it can breathe naturally, reducing heat and moisture.

So when you have slides, there is nothing to worry about heart and moisture; look for the various types of Igg slides that you love most.

Should Your Size Be Up or Down in UGGs?

UGGs are usually fitting. However, some might be big or small, and you might want them to fit you, so the best option is to size them up so that in case they don’t work for you, you still have an option. To avoid sizing up and down, it’s good to purchase and try them out before leaving the store.

Sizing up could damage your UGGs as well as waste your time and money altogether, so just do the right thing by always purchasing the right size product.

Pros of UGGs

  • They keep your feet warm
  • They are cozy and warm
  • UGGs are very comfortable

Cons of UGGs

  • UGGs are not waterproof therefore not suitable for snow or rain

Why is UGG So Popular?

UGGs boots are so popular because of their material; the brand is well known and loved by many. Who would not love to wear boots that are warm and comfortable yet do not smell no matter what.

UGGs boots are popular because they provide incredible services to the owner, they are long-lasting, and that means you don’t have to spend a lot of money repairing them so long as you know how to take good care of them.

Benefits of Purchasing UGG Boots


These boots are fitting, and you have to wear them with no socks; remember that when purchasing boots, always keep UGG boots as your first option. The boot is designed to keep you warm, and enough air circulates inside the boot to ensure that your foot breathes well.


UGGs boots are pricey but worth it since they are long-lasting and will serve you for so many years. Original UGGs are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last longer. And in case you need to replace insoles, then you don’t have to worry because they are sold. Differently, there are a variety of things you need to use to protect your boots.

All seasons boot

The boot can be worn in winter or any other time of the year. They are made from real sheepskin that is why they can last longer. They can also be worn in fall and even spring but are not advisable in snow. The natural wool on the inside of this boot prevents moisture that comes in contact with it.

UGGs boots are wonderful, and if you have no pair then you must be missing out a lot, but before you purchase them, there are some of the things you need to know, for instance how long they last, whether you are supposed to wear socks with UGGs, if they smell without socks and whether your feet sweat in UGG boots.

Once you have answers, you can now decide the type of UGG boots you are going for, but one thing you should know for sure is that these boots will serve you for a very long time, and you will never regret purchasing them.

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