How Do You Carry Your Phone While Running?




How Do You Carry Your Phone While Running

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Running is very important for your health and everyone should try it once in a while and if possible, do it always. Ensure that you jog and workout a lot if you want to have good health.

If you are not able to run due to old age or health problems, eat healthy food and take a walk, it will help you a lot. Several people who do not run or workouts are likely to experience health issues compared to those who run and exercise.

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Running

How Do You Carry Your Phone While Running?

You need to keep your phone safe while running because you can lose it or break it if you don’t. Holding a phone in your hand while running is not a good idea. Your phone will also get sweaty during the process but don’t worry, there are various ways you can carry your phone while running.

In your shorts pocket

Ensure that your running short has a pocket, this will be a safer way of keeping your phone. The pocket should be bigger enough to suit your phone well and avoid buying shorts with a single stash pocket.

When you are running, a lot of movement occurs and of course, you don’t want your phone to fall and break therefore, look for running shorts with zip pockets.

Disadvantages of keeping your phone in running shorts

  • You can’t see the screen when running
  • Some shorts may not have a pocket
  • Your phone can still get wet.
  • Strap it on your arm

This is another way to ensure that your phone is safe when running. The option is great and sweat resistant and it stays firm on your arm. Do not go for this option during rainy seasons, try another option like storing your phone in a plastic bag.

In the sports bra

This is only suitable for women since men do not wear bras. North Stow-N-GO bras are useful for carrying your phone as well as your keys. The only problem is finding the perfect running bra, take your time to get the best running bra for your shape.

In your race vest

This vest is pricey but it is the best way to carry your phone and even keys when running. Lightweight race vests are the best for carrying water when running as well.

Is It Bad To Hold Your Phone While Running?

You should avoid holding your phone while running because anything can happen to it. Learn the various ways to carry your phone correctly. Below are the reasons why you shouldn’t carry your phone when running.

  • You are exposing your phone to damage in case you fall.
  • It might lead to problems on the side of your body, especially where you hold your phone.
  • Repetitive strain injuries may occur
  • You might experience problems with your left leg and hip because when running, your opposite leg and arm go forward and backward hence leading to serious issues.

Is It Bad To Hold Your Phone While Running

Where Do Runners Keep Their Keys?

You could be wondering where to keep your keys safe when running. It’s not that difficult though you need to do the following things.

  • Get a water bottle that has a small pocket and store your keys in it.
  • Tie the keys to your shorts if it has a drawstring waist
  • Wear an armband phone if you have one, tuck your keys there.
  • Pin them in your pants with race bib pins
  • You can put them in your socks, that is, if you wear compression socks.
  • Women can tuck them in their sports
  • Tie them in your shoelaces
  • A wristband pocket can also work well
  • Use flipbelt or spibelt
  • Clip the keys into your dog’s collar
  • Buy running outfits with pockets they are popular nowadays.
  • Tie them on a hairband and wear it around your waist
  • Leave them somewhere safe behind a fence post or a bush
  • You can keep a single key in your glove if you happen to wear them when running
  • If you have giant keys, consider leaving them in your friend’s locked car.

These are some of the safest ways to store your keys when running without losing them.

How Do You Carry Water While Running?

Water is important and helps you stay hydrated, that is why when running or working out, you should have water with you. However, how to carry water while running has become a challenge to a lot of people but worry no more, below are some ways that you can carry your water comfortably while running.

Lumbar packs and belts

The packs and belts can help you stay hydrated, placing water at the center of your back is the best as it distributes the weight well. Packs have enough room to store your fluids and any other thing you may need, like snacks, gels and sunscreens.

Handheld bottles

You can purchase two small handheld bottles, one in each hand it even helps distribute weight evenly. If you only want one bottle to ensure that you switch it back and forth between your arms. It is essential because it helps prevent you from developing imbalances.


If belts and bottles aren’t your things, a running vest can suit you. In this case, buy a light vest, one that looks like a backpack, as it can distribute weight all over your body.

How Do You Listen To Music While Running Without An Armband?

Running without music doesn’t sound right but some people prefer it. Some people also love music and wouldn’t run without listening to music, but the big question is, how can one listen to music without an armband?

Use a smart watch with GPS and musical playback

The best method of listening to music when you run is by using a smart watch with GPS, even though it’s a bit pricey. It has enough space for songs, you should pair it with your headphones and you are good to go.

You can access your playlist directly from your watch if you have Spotify premium, the smart watch is not heavy and you will barely feel it on your wrist. The best part about it is you do not have to carry your phone along with you.

Put your device in your sports bra

Some sports bras come with pockets, when buying, ensure that you check and see if it has one. It is not a perfect idea because you will sweat and some ladies will not agree with keeping their phones in those bras because of the increased risk of breast cancer.

How Do You Carry Water While Running?

When jogging or running, you should carry water because your body needs to be hydrated after such tough workouts. However, you do not know how you can easily carry water without feeling uncomfortable.

There are many ways you can carry water while running, below are some of the ways you can comfortably carry water.

Handheld flasks

It is a good way of carrying water, the flask is not too expensive.


  • The flask can be tucked in your short pocket once empty
  • There is no need of gripping the bottle continuously because the strap does the work.
  • As you drink from the flask, it shrinks hence eliminating sloshing.


  • It’s a bit hard to fill flexible bottles
  • It can affect one hand
  • Small size flask may not be enough for long runs

Waist Packs

This works well and you should consider getting one.


  • Can be used to carry other items like gels, phones and keys.
  • Arms are in a pot to swing freely
  • Can carry more volume of water


  • It’s hard to retrieve and refill the water bottles when running
  • Moves around during the run hence causing distraction
  • Pockets are too small and have little space for other items.

Is It Okay To Take Breaks While Running?

Yes, it is okay, in fact there is a study showing that you can lose a lot of fat by doing interval training. Interval training has a rest and exercise phase.

Both phases play a role in weight loss, during the first phase, which is exercise phase, you exercise with a lot of effort for a short time.

The second phase, also known as rest phase, is when you do light exercises and rest for a short time. The right way to take a break is by resting for 15 seconds after a thorough 30-second run.

During the resting phase, oxygen is consumed by tissues, cells generate adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate to help you gain enough energy to hit another phase again.

Ensure that you take a break when running and even when working out but one thing to remember is ensure that you keep interval training intense with short rest phases.

Where Do Runners Keep their Keys?

A lot of runners have lost the keys when running because they don’t know where to keep them safe. You might have shorts with pockets buy still lose the keys and its high time you think of other better ways. The following are the best tricks you should try.

  • Women can store the keys in their sports bra
  • Tie them to your shoelaces
  • Stash them behind your iPod in your armband
  • Make a key scrunchie
  • Carry a water bottle with a pocket and store your keys there
  • Tie them to your wrist with a rubber band
  • Make a Gokey bracelet
  • If you have one key, store it in a pair of tight-fitting socks
  • Pin them to your shorts using a safety pin

It would be best if you kept your keys as safe as possible and apart from the above-given ideas, you can as well leave them behind in a place that you know is safe.

Losing your key will give you a hard time trying to break your padlocks and so many other things. Keeping them on the short’s rear pocket will be uncomfortable because it will be jangling and jingling every time you run.

The best way to keep your keys is tying them on your shoelaces. You put the shoe on the untied string, tie under the other lace and tie it again. It works perfectly but ensure that you check every now and then.

Running and working out is very important to your health, you should always run at least morning or evening. There are several benefits of running and some are mentioned below.

Benefits of Running

  • Burns a lot of Kilojoules
  • Builds strong bones
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthens muscles

Health and Safety Tips with Running

  • Avoid dangerous, isolated areas
  • Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet
  • Take your mobile phone with you
  • Drink a lot of water before, during and after the run
  • Do not eat directly before going for a run
  • Don’t continue running in case you hurt yourself
  • Avoid running during the hottest part of the day

Now that you understand that running is beneficial, you should consider trying to practice if you do not always run. Lack of exercise is not good for your health.

Suppose you are thinking of beginning to run. In that case, you need to know the following things where to keep your keys when running, how to carry water while running, whether it’s okay to take breaks while running, how to listen to music without an armband, how to carry your phone while running and whether it’s wrong to carry your phone while running.

These will help you know what is required of you and what to do and what not to. All the best as you join the running team, you will find it amazing and fun and don’t fear to try because everyone else started in the same place as you.

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