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Engagement rings can be worn by both men and women; the idea of only women wearing them is old-fashioned. Currently, women do propose to men and give out rings or any other ring alternatives.

There is nothing wrong with women proposing to men; after all, it is a sign of love and commitment; if a man doesn’t like wearing rings, you can get the bands or necklaces so long as it makes your bond strong.

If you have had problems choosing a ring for your engagement or have any other questions concerning it, this article will help you understand everything you have always wanted to know. All the best, and remember to be keen during the entire process.

Do guys get engagement rings

Do Guys Get Engagement Rings?

A few guys get engagement rings, and the reasons vary from person to person. It’s common for women to wear engagement rings because they are given by men. But an engagement ring can be worn by both men and women; it’s a tradition for women to receive the ring when a man proposes to them.

Nowadays, norms have really changed, and some men have chosen to wear engagement rings for their own reasons. It’s a personal decision, and in that case, you need to know that there are many reasons why some men get engagement rings.

However, traditional etiquette says that a man buys the engagement ring, but some decide to share the cost, and before a man suggests their partners to cheap in, they should at least know their personalities because some modernized women expect men to buy a ring.

Traditionally men do not get engagement rings because rings were not known; the reason why only women wore engagement rings is now old-fashioned. Men can now get engagement rings because it is a sign of love and commitment as well as a good sign of making things official.

So if you are planning to get a guy an engagement ring, for it because men love them and want to proudly display them, an engagement ring worn by a man displays mutual respect and can be a symbol of equity.

Traditionally, men used to propose to women, but that is now in the past, even though a survey shows that about 5% of women only propose to men. There has been a great rise in men’s engagement rings, especially now with the legality of same-sex marriage.

Which Finger Does a Man Wear an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring should be worn on the same hand and finger as the wedding ring; the ring is a promise of marriage. Men wear an engagement ring on their left hand or on the 4th finger. Both men and women wear engagement rings on the same hand and finger, do not get confused about it.

If you are thinking of proposing to your man, you should at least know the importance of a ring. It’s not just a ring, but it symbolizes a lot of things. Here are a few reasons why engagement rings are very important.

Symbol of love

A symbol of love is important, love is a great and beautiful thing, and engagement rings is one way of showing your love and feelings to your other half; the love of two people must last forever, and proposing to someone simply shows that you love that person and want to keep him forever.

A reminder of a special moment

Once you propose to someone, he or she will always be reminded by the ring of a lot of lovely things you have done together; even if things get difficult at some point, the ring will always remind him of the good moments you shared together.

Sign of commitment

When your partner gives you a ring, it makes you feel special; the rings take things to another level. It is a sign that your partner is proud of you and wants the whole world to know that you belong to him or her.

What Do Guys Get for Engagement?

Men get rings for engagement, and apart from that, they can be given something else in replacement of the ring. In fact, engagement ring alternatives are now popular; it’s important to think outside the box and come up with something unique. Below are some popular alternatives to get a man for an engagement.

A tattoo of a ring

If he is not into the idea of wearing rings, you might decide to get him a permanent tattoo, and it could be that of your wedding date, name, or just an initial. It’s one of the greatest ways that couples express their love.

A ring on a necklace

This is nowadays very popular especially when proposing to someone who doesn’t like wearing rings, they can wear the ring as a, after all, necklaces are easy to wear, and that makes it easy for someone to wear despite their profession.

Metal bands

You can as well opt to get matching bands; make sure the metal band is beautiful or at least has metal cravings or diamonds. One thing about metal bands is its versatility; it’s easy and has a meaning to couples.

A new piece of art for your home

It’s not a must to use a ring when proposing to someone you can try art. It expresses your love as a couple and encourages them to always be creative in life.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Wears a Ring on his Middle Finger?

Middle finger

A few men wear a ring on the middle finger j because of its well-known gesture. However, it makes one feel weird and uncomfortable. Wearing a ring on this finger is not bad; it simply catches attention, thus making you feel uneasy.

The decision is yours; wearing a ring on a finger is your personal choice. But it’s good if you understand their symbols; this helps you make a bold decision when wearing rings.

A ring located in the middle finger is not really a bad thing at all; just understand that you are likely going to be noticed and might lead to someone starting a conversation with you.

If you want a ring to get easily, wear it on your index finger, you can wear a ring on any finger you want; there are no rules that regulate you from wearing a ring on certain fingers.

The middle finger doesn’t have any historical myths. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about what people think about you. Try to avoid a bulky ring because the finger is larger than the rest, and the ring might affect your ring and index finger.

What does it mean if a man wears a ring on his middle finger

What Does It Mean When a Man Wears a Ring on his Right Hand?

Before putting on a ring, you should know that the finger you wear a ring on symbolizes something; people might observe how you wear rings and might sometimes guess your personality. So make sure you know what each finger indicates; men always wear rings as a sign of commitment, status, and even wealth.

Apart from that, know the appropriate hand to wear rings on, rings send a message, there are actually no rules on which hand to wear your ring on. Normally, wedding and engagement rings are worn on the left hand.

So a man can wear a ring on any hand; it does not symbolize anything. People prefer wearing rings on the left hand because it’s not active while the right hand is seen as active.

But if it’s about the kind of finger he puts the ring on be cautious, because each finger symbolizes something. Do not be afraid to do what pleases you, don’t mind people judging you.

Let’s have a look at ring and finger symbolism. This will help you wear your rings in the right manner.

Ring finger

For men, the left ring finger simply symbolizes engagement and marriage. In some other countries, men put on engagement rings on the right ring finger while the left ring finger for marriage.


It feels odd to wear a ring on the thumb, but if you happen to put it on, just know that it symbolizes influence and wealth and sometimes a symbol of friendship.

What Does a Pinky Ring Mean to a Man?

The ring is also known as a statement ring; it’s advantageous in various ways, that’s why it’s always men’s first choice. Unlike the ring finger, this one has no association with culture and religion.

Another advantage of this ring is that it doesn’t interfere with other fingers in any way; the ring finger is known to be one of the flashiest types; some men wear signet rings on this finger.

The symbol of this ring has been passed from one generation bro the other; wear the ring on this finger if you want to attract so much attention, and you can avoid the attention by wearing a slim ring.

Single guts are advised to wear pinky rings, but that doesn’t mean other rings are unacceptable. If you love many rings, put them on even if it means on both hands.

Remember that wearing rings on particular fingers might make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore you can try testing them on your fingers before purchasing them. Just ensure that metals don’t crush on each other while wearing them, keep in mind that comfort is always key and should come first.

Do Couples Pick Engagement Rings Together?

Yes, a certain study shows that most couples prefer choosing engagement rings together instead of letting the man do it by himself.

It’s good for both couples to pick an engagement ring together so as to pick the perfect fit and the right choice of a ring. You don’t want to pick something that will not be appreciated by your other half or partner.

Pros of Picking a Ring Together

Spending time with your partner

You can spend time with your partner as you shop for a ring; you can use the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to handle things when they get tough.

Perfect fit

Your ring should fit perfectly, and with your presence, everything will run smoothly, and you will not have to resize or damage the ring in any way.

We were discussing the budget freely

Buying a ring together means that you and your fiancé are in a position to discuss the budget freely, and this prevents you from spending too much. Once the budget is set, you can now settle at specific ring types within your budget.

No subtle hints

When you shop for your own ring, then there is no need to drop hints to your fiance about the kind of ring he should buy you, but now that you are picking it, you are free to talk about the ring you’ve always dreamt of.

After purchasing a ring, make sure it is insured and must have a warranty so that in case of damages, you can easily get help. Know the trusted jewelry shops and visit them to buy your rings.

If you have no idea about engagement rings, make sure you visit a consultant to help you through the entire process. Also, ensure that you set your budget; just make sure you do great research to ensure you get a high-quality ring.

Rings can be purchased anywhere, but you need to visit a trusted shop so as to buy a quality item. Picking an engagement ring requires a lot of research, it seems simple, but it is really hard, especially for a new couple.

This article helps you understand a lot of things concerning engagement rings, for instance, what it means when a man wears a ring on his middle finger, if guys get engagement rings, the finger that a man wears an engagement ring, what it means when a man wears a ring on his right hand, whether couples pick engagement rings together and what pinky ring mean on a man.

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