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Can you put too much lotion on a tattoo

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If you’ve just gotten a new tattoo, the last thing you want to do is neglect it and let it dry out. But how often should you be applying lotion? Tips vary, but we’ve got some general guidelines to help keep your ink looking fresh.

How Often Should I Lotion My Tattoo

How Often Should I Lotion My Tattoo

Tattoos are meant to decorate and beautify the body, but they can easily become tarnished if they aren’t properly taken care of. Like your hair or skin, tattoos need a moisturizer to stay healthy and vibrant. How often should you lotion it, and what kind of product should you use if you get a tattoo?

How often Should I Moisturize My New Tattoo?

If you get a new tattoo, make sure to keep it moisturized. After all, it’s a desecrated area on your body and needs proper safety measures to remain intact. If you’re going to apply lotion, how often should you do so?

The truth is that this varies depending on the person who has been tattooed. If you have dry skin to begin with, then it’s advisable that you lotion your tattoo three times a day at a minimum. This will ensure moisturization for the first few days of healing until it becomes less sensitive and can stand independently without any assistance.

If your new tattoo is still quite tender and swollen, absolutely keep it lubricated. Tattoos are like newborn babies in that they can’t go without their diapers for too long without becoming incredibly uncomfortable and prone to infection. However, depending on how thick your skin is, you might need to apply even more frequently – at least twice a day for the best effect.

Can You Over Moisturize a Tattoo?

You may be tempted to apply lotion to your new tattoo throughout the day, but you might want to hold off. While it is important to keep the area moisturized immediately after getting it inked, don’t overdo it. After 24 hours, only reapply lotion if the tattoos feel dry or tight before putting on clothes.

If you notice any signs of dryness after the initial healing period, reapply lotion as often as you like. But make sure not to apply too much lotion because it can seep into your new tattoo and cause problems.

What Lotion Should I Use for My Tattoo?

When getting the perfect tattoo lotion, you can’t just go to any store and pick up a cheap bottle. Instead, visit your local beauty supply dealer (if you don’t have one in your area, many reputable beauty shops will carry them) and ask for help finding the best moisturizer that won’t mess with or ruin your new ink.

There are several skin lotions and creams on the market that have been specially made for new tattoos. These products are tattoo balms, after-care moisturizers, or even just ointments. Any lotion that has been created specifically to be safe on a fresh tattoo is likely to be effective and absorbed easily into your skin.

What Happens If You Don’t Moisturize Your Tattoo?

If you’re going to get a tattoo, you need to know that it will take some effort and upkeep if you want it to remain to look as good as new. If you choose not to use lotion or balm, then your tattoo will more than likely heal up rather scabby and thin-looking.

The thinness from lack of moisturization is called a dry tattoo, and the drying causes it out of ink in your skin. While this might not be immediately noticeable when you first get the tattoo, any fading or thin areas will become painfully obvious when you least expect them to.

Is Drying Healing A Tatto Bad?

While it might seem tempting to let your new tattoo air dry, this is not recommended. Instead, it would help if you always used an after-care lotion or balm on your fresh tattoo to ensure that it heals properly and remains vibrant and strong throughout the years.

Do I Need to Keep Moisturizing My Tattoo After It Has Healed?

Even after you’ve stopped moisturizing your tattoo, the skin surrounding it may still be somewhat sensitive. Moisturizing is always a good idea because it keeps the skin around your body art hydrated and healthy.

If you notice that your new tattoo starts to feel dry or tight, put on some lotion to alleviate any discomfort or itchiness. This is especially true on any areas of skin that may still be a bit tender or puffy from your most recent session in the tattoo chair.

Can you put too much lotion on a tattoo

What is After Care Moisturizing?

While it’s unnecessary to use lotion right away, most artists recommend waiting at least 5-10 minutes after you get inked before putting on lotion. This gives the tattoo time to form a scab, which is an important part of the healing process and will help protect your fresh tattoo from infection.

If you don’t want to wait around for half an hour after getting some new ink, you can use a wet washcloth or paper towel to pat your new tattoo dry. This will soak up any excess ink and blood almost immediately, but don’t forget to wash it off before putting on some lotion.

How to Choose The Best Moisturizer for Tattoo Healing?

Before you even head to the store, make sure that you know exactly what ingredients have been used in your lotion so far. If it contains fragrances or other potentially irritating substances, then you might want to switch brands and look for something a little less harsh going forward. Once you’ve got that information together, all that’s left to do is find the best lotion for tattoos.

Since you’ve already been using a balm to cleanse your skin before getting tattooed, it would only make sense to find out which brand works best at moisturizing after your new work has been completed. Try looking through reviews or reading forums online to see what others recommend for making your skin happy after tattooing. Once you’ve got that information, buying the best lotion for tattoos will be easy as pie!

Benefits of Using A Tattoo Ointment or Moisturizer

After you’ve got some new ink, be sure to keep your skin hydrated by applying lotion. This will help keep the ink inside of your tattoo intact and vibrant for years to come. It will also lessen any scabbing or peeling during the healing process. Moisturizing is important for your tattoo’s health!


After getting a tattoo, it’s important to moisturize your skin to continue protecting and preserving the life of your new ink. While it might seem like an unnecessary step in the tattoo process, the lotion helps keep your fresh tattoo vibrant and alive for years!

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