Should I Block My Ex or Ignore An Ex?




Why you should not block your ex

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The end of a relationship can be a difficult time for both parties. Saying goodbye and moving on is rarely easy, especially when feelings are still strong. In this situation, one must decide if it’s better to block an ex or ignore them to coexist professionally while beginning the healing process. It’s essential to consider your well-being before deciding which option will work best for you—blocking an ex may seem the correct answer. Still, complete avoidance might be more beneficial in the long run.

should i block my ex

Reasons for Blocking or Ignoring an Ex-Partner 

Many people have had an experience of needing to block or ignore their ex-partner. Whether it was a breakup ending on bad terms or because their ex-partner required the space to heal, blocking and ignoring can be difficult but necessary. It’s important to remember that this action is taken not out of spite or malice but out of kindness and self-preservation.

People may also want to distance themselves from their former partner to find closure after ending a relationship; blocking or ignoring can help make that necessary emotional break easier. While it can be difficult at first, blocking or ignoring an ex ultimately lets both parties move forward for the better.

The Pros and Cons of Each Option 

Should I Block My Ex? 

Reasons to Block Your Ex 

To Avoid Rekindling the Relationship

Blocking your ex from all forms of contact is a smart and essential step to avoid rekindling the relationship. By closing yourself off from communication via text, social media, phone calls, emails, etc., you are protecting yourself from falling back into an unhealthy relationship.

It is an often difficult but necessary choice for any healthy romantic progression in the future since distractions that may arise due to contact with an ex can strain any new relationships, even if unintentional. However remorseful or regretful it may feel to make such a bold move, learning to let go of the past will open doors for the bright future ahead. 

To Move On and Grow 

Blocking an ex after a breakup may seem extreme, but it is a way to protect yourself and foster healthy growth emotionally. By creating physical or virtual distance between you and your ex, you can focus on healing instead of wallowing in the past. This lack of contact prevents distractions that may prevent you from forming meaningful connections in the future.

Moving on requires time, effort, and courage, and blocking somebody whose presence can make even the most confident individual feel vulnerable is a step toward independence. Overall, blocking your ex is not about punishing them; it’s about giving yourself space to move forward and learn valuable lessons for your development.

To Take Away the Opportunity to Contact You 

There are moments when our relationships end, and although we must prepare ourselves for those moments, it can still be overwhelming. Terminating contact with your ex may be the best and healthiest decision in some cases, as continued contact may hinder progress or even open old wounds.

Blocking someone on subtle messages and social media is a way of expressing that you’re done and don’t want to interact anymore; it’s a necessary form of protection to establish boundaries and limit exposure to unwanted messages. A sort of “out of sight, out of mind” scenario. Taking away the opportunity (and mostly temptation) to contact each other proves that you value yourself and are ready to do what’s best for both of you.

Reasons Not to Block Your Ex 

Seeing Them May Help Closure

Although it can be challenging, sometimes allowing yourself to stay in contact with or even see an ex can help you achieve closure. Doing so will enable people to express their feelings, work through any issues during conversations, and ultimately come to terms with what has happened.

Additionally, by talking in person instead of relying exclusively on digital communication, those involved can better understand why the relationship ended and how they can move forward. Seeing your ex may be intimidating and distressing, but it can provide invaluable emotional growth in understanding and healing if done in a safe space with appropriate boundaries. 

Blocking Keeps Conflict Alive 

Blocking your ex from social media or communication can make some people feel better, but it is not the solution to ending the conflict. Blocking keeps the conflict alive and prevents any resolution. Moving on is hard if you are constantly reminded of past issues. Blocking someone does not help you heal and can stir up old feelings that have been laid to rest—moving on for real means using different strategies for making peace with the situation and finding closure.

This means allowing yourself to still work towards resolving any ongoing issues without having to keep your distance from your ex indefinitely. It takes courage, but being honest with emotions and understanding past wrongs can be the best way to resolve issues and move forward in life successfully.

Loss of Access to Closure Resources 

Relationships can be complicated, but blocking an ex may not always be the best option. People who block their exes after a breakup may miss out on valuable closure resources in processing an experience. A breakup can be distressing, and it’s vital to have the space to come to terms with the loss. No matter why, being blocked by an ex can prevent people from accessing those resources, such as support groups or counseling, which can help them through their emotional journey of healing and understanding.

By maintaining access to these resources even after a breakup is finalized, individuals stand a better chance at coming out of their experience feeling secure and content with closure.

Should I Ignore My Ex? 

Reasons to Ignore Your Ex 

To Show Disrespect 

At times, it seems easier to ignore an ex completely once a relationship has ended. Respecting your former flame yet still maintaining distance is often more challenging. However, when respect isn’t shown during the relationship, ignoring that person after the fact can be incredibly validating and empowering.

Showing disrespect in any form during a romance sets a strong foundation of resentment and contempt, which leaves little room for anything other than avoidance. Consequently, disrespect becomes a compelling reason to cut ties with your ex and lead separate lives.

To Move On and Grow

Moving on after the end of a relationship can be intimidating and frustrating, but it’s often necessary for someone to grow. Letting go of old relationships allows us to focus on our future without distractions or regret. In some cases, cutting off contact with an ex entirely is the best way to remove them from our present, so they can no longer continue to haunt us.

It is important to remember that each individual has a unique growth process and closure techniques; if ignoring our ex helps us back in the right direction, then that should be respected. A necessary step in any health journey is a recognition and acceptance of change—sometimes, moving on means we have to ignore those we used to turn towards. 

To Break Away from Temptations or Unhealthy Habits 

We can easily be distracted by temptations, distractions, and unhealthy habits that draw us away from what is best for us. Breaking away from these distractions and temptations is necessary if you want to move forward with your life; this includes ignoring your ex.

Remaining in contact with an ex brings back memories that keep you stuck in the past, preventing you from progressing and developing internally. Ignoring any negative influences on your life is a choice not only for yourself but to keep healthy personal relationships with everyone else’s life. It’s ultimately up to each individual to decide whether they prioritize self-growth or hold onto something that can only inhibit it.

Reasons Not to Ignore Your Ex 

Ignoring Them May Lead to Future Conflicts 

Most people have likely been in some relationship with a significant other that didn’t end smoothly. While it may be tempting to push away all the memories and not be friends with the other person, this can lead to more difficulties. If someone from your past is trying to keep in touch, ignoring them may only result in unresolved feelings or possibly even an argument.

Stay on good terms if possible; you will only know when you need each other’s help or advice later. Keeping up at least civil contact with an ex-partner can prevent any hard feelings from building up that could lead to future conflicts.

Ignoring May Lead to Unresolved Feelings

Ignoring an ex when a relationship ends can often result in unresolved feelings. It’s easy to feel like you’re sparing yourself and your ex the pain of reminiscing or reconciling, but if you don’t talk about the situation, it’s difficult for either of you to move on for real. Even though talking about it could open up some old wounds, it’s even more important, to be honest with each other rather than allow a deeper hurt to fester from the lack of resolution.

Ignoring may seem the easier option initially, but if you want a chance at healthy closure and both people being able to move forward successfully, then having some conversation is necessary. 

Ignoring Is Not Always Effective 

Ignoring your ex is the best option if you want to move on, but unfortunately, it is only sometimes effective. Rarely do relationships end neatly, and when a person ignores their ex, those feelings can easily linger or be replaced by resentment. There may even be situations where talking to an ex could help reach closure.

By engaging with them, the likelihood of the two people moving on from the pain and creating a positive outcome is much higher than bringing additional negativity into their lives if the situation is poorly handled. It is often better for both parties to face the situation head-on rather than bury emotions and future progress.

Why you should not block your ex


To wrap up, if you’re wondering whether to block or ignore your ex, it’s essential to ask yourself why. Think about what each option would mean for your emotional state and well-being. Are you trying to get over them? If so, it might be better to focus on self-care; blocking them can help you with that endeavor.

On the other hand, if you need clarification about how you feel and want an opportunity to talk things through, then ignoring them is the way to go.

Ultimately, it is up to you – do what feels right and remember that it is okay to reach out for help if needed. Being emotionally vulnerable takes strength, so don’t be afraid of opening yourself up – it could be a liberating experience that helps lead toward healthier relationships in the future.

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