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when to put on deodorant after shower

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You are a grown adult and you probably think you already know all the basics. You can wash yourself, feed yourself, and get dressed. However, there is an integral part of this routine that you are probably doing wrong. So many adults are putting on their deodorant incorrectly. It is not as simple as just rubbing it on each day under your armpits. There are ways to put it on and times of day that are best, such as after you take a shower.

How to put on deodorant after shower?

Before we discuss putting deodorant on after the shower, it is important to distinguish between antiperspirants and deodorant. Deodorant protects you from body odor, where antiperspirant protects against sweat and odor. Antiperspirants contain ingredients such as aluminum that reduce sweating and odor. Deodorants simply mask the odor from when you sweat.

It makes perfect sense to apply deodorant after you get out of the shower. This is the perfect time as your skin is fresh and clean. Showering each day removes dirt, sweat, and deodorant from the previous day away. This is important because too much build up under your armpits can cause blocked pores. If your pores cannot release sweat, bacteria can build up and the risk of infection and skin irritations can increase.

It may be a surprise but the armpits are very sensitive. One of the most sensitive parts of the body. They require a lot of care and attention and should not be ignored as the “stinky” part of the body. Your armpits are packed with lymph nodes and a larger number of nerves. They absorb directly from the skin’s surface and transport any substances to your capillaries. The skin under your armpits is also very thin which enhances the sensitivity of the area.

When it comes to showering and your armpits, you need to take extra care here. It is not just a case of washing down with a soapy rag. The skin here needs to be regularly exfoliated, especially if you sweat excessively or use a lot of deodorant. Use facial cleansing products rather than regular body soap because they are gentle and formulated for sensitive skin.

can you use deodorant without showering

When exfoliating and washing, gently rub your armpits and massage to stimulate your lymph nodes. This keeps the pores open and clear. This makes deodorant more effective when applied after showering. The important thing to remember when putting deodorant after a shower is to make sure that your armpits are completely dry.

A hot shower will automatically make you start sweating. In addition to this, water easily gets trapped under your armpits. Deodorant will be ineffective if applied to wet or damp skin. You need to make sure your armpits are completely dry after a shower before applying deodorant.

The most effective results for deodorant will come from showering at night. Once the skin is dry, application of deodorant in the evening before bed is highly effective. Your body temperature cools naturally overnight, so there will be no sweat. This allows the deodorant to set into your pores to effectively block the sweat ducts. By the time you become active in the morning, any sweat released will be prevented from escaping.

The reason deodorant needs to be applied to dry skin has to do with chemical reactions. The key ingredients cannot penetrate the pores when the skin is wet. The aluminum in the deodorant reacts with your natural skin chemicals on the outer layers of skin. The reaction that prevents sweat does not occur in the pores. A clean and dry surface is essential for deodorant to react and effectively protect you from sweat and odor.

The stains you may have noticed on your clothing from sweat actually comes from the chemical reactions. The active ingredients in deodorant react with your sweat. This reaction forms a salt-based compound that results in a stain on your clothing. You can avoid this by not wearing tight fitting clothing. You also need to make sure the deodorant has dried before getting dressed.

Also if you apply deodorant correctly, it will have time to soak into the pores which reduces the risk of this reaction occurring at the skin’s surface. Having dry skin after a shower is critical to preventing stains as well. Wet skin can speed up the reaction between the sweat and deodorant. Having dry armpits prevents this and reduces the risk of pit stains.

After you shower and have thoroughly dried your skin, it is also advised to moisturize the area. It is a highly sensitive area and can get dry quickly. The active ingredients in deodorant and the presence of bacteria on the skin can dry out the skin. Dry skin increases irritation and inflammation. This will cause further discomfort when you start sweating.

Apply moisturizer to your underarm area after it has been dried. Allow time for the moisturizer to dry complete too. If you shave your armpits, make sure you use a shaving cream and a fresh, clean razor each time. Not doing this, increases dryness and irritation, which will worsen once deodorant is applied.

If you exercise or workout during the day, you may want to apply deodorant again. It helps you to feel fresher. If you shower after you workout, the same routine needs to be applied as before. If there is no shower, you can wipe the armpits with warm water to remove sweat from the surface. Once dried, you can apply deodorant. Just make sure you thoroughly clean and exfoliate under your arms the next time you shower.

Are you supposed to put on deodorant after you shower?

Applying deodorant after you shower is the best time. The surface of your armpits and skin have been cleaned. Any deodorant residue, sweat, or any other dirt is gone. The steam from a shower will also have opened all the pores on your skin. Applying deodorant after a shower allows it to settle into the pores so it will be more effective. You just have to make sure the skin is completely dry before applying it, otherwise it will not work at all.

when to put on deodorant after shower

Should you put deodorant on before bed?

You can apply deodorant at night but it is not necessary. Your perspiration levels are not as high during the evening, so deodorant is not needed. Wearing deodorant is more important during the day. You also want to make sure you are not over applying deodorant. Wearing it in the morning and night can end up causing skin irritation. So, just remember that if you apply it at night, you will not need it again in the morning.

Is it bad to sleep with deodorant on?

It is not bad to sleep with deodorant on unless you do this too often. Deoderant can contain compounds that block your pores. If this is done too often, you can end up with very irritated skin. It is perfectly safe to sleep with deodorant on, especially after you have showered in the evening. Just remember not to apply deodorant again until the next evening. Because you sweat less at night, deodorant has time to settle into your pores. This makes it more effective during the next day.

Does putting on deodorant at night cause cancer?

There is much misinformation out there about deodorant and cancer. There are several claims that wearing deodorant can increase your risk for cancers such as breast cancer. This is a myth. The claims insist that the aluminum in antiperspirants cause cancer, but this is also not true. There is no scientific evidence that wearing deodorant at night will cause cancer, so you are safe to do so if you want.

How many times should you use deodorant a day?

Most deodorants will work for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours. This means you do not need to apply deodorant all through the day. For the average day, application just once will be enough. You can do this in the morning or before bed. After a shower is always best. The only time you may want to apply deodorant outside of this will be after you have worked out. Make sure you wipe the surface of your armpits first, and let them dry before applying another layer of deodorant.

Why do I still smell after using deodorant?

Deodorants do not contain the active ingredients to stop you from sweating. This means even after application, you can still sweat. This means there can still be odor. Deodorants target the bacteria that react with your sweat which causes odor. By working against the bacteria, odor is temporarily reduced. Some people perspire more than others and deodorant may not be enough to cover odor. The more you sweat, the more chance there is for bacteria to react with it and cause a smell.

Why do my armpits sweat so much even with deodorant?

Your armpits will still sweat even when you use deodorant. This is because they are only designed to stop odor and not sweating. Antiperspirants contain aluminum which blocks your sweat ducts. This reduces the amount of sweat your body produces.

If you are still sweating after applying deodorant, you may need to use antiperspirant instead. This will combat both odor and sweat for those individuals that tend to sweat more than others.

Some people also suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This condition of excessive sweating has no known cause but can cause sweating even in the presence of deodorant. You need to talk with your doctor if you feel this is the case.

How old should you be to use deodorant?

Children generally start wearing deodorant as they enter puberty. Because puberty starts at different ages for everyone, this will vary. Boys generally start between 9 and 14, and girls between 8 and 14. You can start wearing deodorant anytime during these ages. There are not any deodorants designed for adolescents and teenagers, but it is safe for them to use regular deodorants. If you experience irritation when using deodorant, you can try more natural-based brands and those for sensitive skin. These may be the better options to start with when you first start using deodorant during puberty.

How long does deodorant last in a day?

A good deodorant will last between 24 and 48 hours. If you are more active during the day, then you may need to re-apply it more often. You do not want to use deodorant too much as it can cause skin irritation. In general, you only need to apply deodorant once a day, either in the morning or before you go to bed. If you notice that you need to apply it more often, consider a different deodorant.


Sweat is a natural body function. It is designed to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool. Unfortunately, bacteria that gets on the surface of your skin can interact with sweat and cause odor. The odor or the appearance of sweat on your clothing is embarrassing and uncomfortable.

This is where deodorant comes in. Deodorant is an effective way to reduce the unpleasant side of sweating. Wearing deodorant every day reduces sweat and odor and saves you embarrassment. Wear deodorant every day, either in the morning or evening after a shower. Just make sure that your skin is completely dry before you do so. This will guarantee the most effective results.

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