How Much Do Male Strippers Make




how much do male strippers earn

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How much do male strippers make? Have you ever wondered how much the average male stripper makes per night? In this article, we will explore what it takes to be a successful male exotic dancer and how much they can potentially earn.

how much do male strippers earn

How Much Do Male Strippers Make

Base Pay At Bars And Clubs

Male strippers are required to pay house fees, the cost of purchasing costumes, and transportation costs for traveling to venues. The hourly pay is also an important factor because male dancers need to make a living from their job as well. Although base salary varies between different clubs, the average rate is $20 per hour. For example if you work six nights a week at six hours per night, then your hourly pay would be $12/hour. The duration of private performances is usually three to five minutes long and the male stripper must have enough energy to dance continuously throughout the show.

Bonuses For Private Performances

Some customers may want a private show with the male stripper, which can potentially add more to your total earnings. For instance in some clubs, one dollar per minute can be paid for each additional woman brought into the VIP room.

In addition to this amount, performing private shows will also require you to pay tips to the stripper. This is a combination of customer tips, hourly pay for performing on stage, and bonuses for private performances.

Base Pay At Private Parties

It is possible for exotic dancers to receive payment based on a day’s performance at a private party or nightclub. Their pay can be negotiated by the customer and, typically, they will work in one-hour increments. The rates are typically $150-$350 an hour depending on geographical location and experience level of the dancer. A typical schedule will consist of two or three one-hour sets.

Base Pay On Stage at a Strip Club

The primary source of income for an exotic dancer is the “house fee” he receives from the club for working. The house fee is a set rate paid to the stripper each night, regardless of how many private dances he performs. A dancer who is just starting out can earn $50-$100 a night in a local club while more seasoned dancers can make up to $1,000+ per night at the upper end clubs and during special events.

How Much in Tips Can a Male Stripper Expect?

How much in tips can a male stripper expect? This is one of the biggest questions asked by aspiring and newly employed male exotic dancers. Typically, a customer tips a dancer at the end of every stage performance or private dance session he performs for her. The standard average amount that an average customer gives a male stripper is 10 to 20 dollars per hour. However, there are certain factors that will affect how much in tips can a male stripper expect . These factors include the time of day, size and atmosphere of the club where he works as well as his charisma and performance skills.

Different Male Stripper Types Are Tipped Differently

Different male stripper types are tipped differently. The standard rate for tipping a male exotic dancer is 10% of the money he receives from private dances and stage performances. However, there are certain groups that tend to tip differently such as:

  • Women who prefer a type of dance like go-go dancers.
  • Women who prefer a type of male stripper such as firemen, military men and police officers. * Women who are less generous with their tips will typically give the same amount of money to all dancers regardless of their type.
  • On the other hand, women who are very generous will typically tip male exotic dancers depending on their performance skills and charisma during stage performances or private dance sessions.

The Lap Dance

A lap dance is a private dance where a customer joins a male stripper on stage for an intimate experience.

In most cases, a female customer who wants to do a lap dance pays double the hourly rate of the dancer and in some strip clubs she will also pay as much as $20 per hour.

In some strip clubs, a male stripper performing The Lap Dance is paid double the hourly rate and he is only allowed to do one lap dance per hour.

how much do male strippers make

Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Male Stripper

  1. A male exotic dancer can typically earn $50 – $90 per hour depending on clientele, location and experience. The only other way a pole dancer can make more money is by offering private dances, which typically range from $20 to $1,000 per hour.
  2. Types of male stripper jobs are abundant in this industry, with the top three most lucrative positions being feature dancers, go-go boys and Chippendale dancers. For feature dancers, compensation is typically a combination of salary and tips. They are also paid for the number of shows they do each week, as well as any special engagements like bachelor parties or private performances outside of their normal work schedule. The most reputable companies that hire feature entertainers usually offer 401k benefits and health insurance to full-time employees.
  3. Go-go dancers typically work at gay clubs and earn less than feature entertainers, since they are paid only for the time they spend dancing on stage. Like feature dancers, go-go boys receive a combination of salary and tips for private dances. They usually get a free meal and bar tab while working as well as an hourly wage.
  4. Chippendales dancers are professional male strippers for women in a group that performs exclusively at upscale clubs. The job involves touring and shooting videos and DVDs. They must be energetic, entertaining and able to perform choreographed routines of song-and-dance numbers that are sexy while protecting the value of their masculinity. Chippendale dancers also work bachelor parties and special engagements and make a six-figure income when they are at the height of their careers.

FAQs About How Much Male Strippers Make

How much do male strippers get paid?

Male exotic dancers usually earn anywhere from $ 50 to a couple hundred dollars or more per show at a strip club. Male entertainers are also paid in tips by giving lap dances at private tables. The working environment of a male stripper is usually described as fast-paced, stressful, and competitive. They are under pressure to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. Some dancers pay house fees which can be very expensive when working at large venues like casinos. At smaller strip clubs, these fees are not required but it is completely up to the individual.

How much do male strippers make an hour?

Male exotic dancers earn money by performing on stage and selling drinks to customers. The hourly pay for adult entertainment is not fixed, which means that what you get paid depends entirely on how many lap dances you sell and how well you do with tips. If a stripper does not earn enough to cover their expenses, then the amount of money earned per hour becomes irrelevant because he or she can no longer afford to be working in that job.

How much can male strippers make a night?

Male dancers are paid by the clubs for performing on stage and receive tips from customers for private shows. A typical salary for a male exotic dancer is $ 40 to $ 80 per hour when working at strip clubs.


If you’ve never thought about becoming a male stripper, it’s worth considering the many benefits that come with stripping. However, before you make any decisions on your future career path, please keep in mind that this is not an easy job and will require hard work to get by. Male strippers need to put their feelings aside for hours at a time while entertaining women who are sometimes less than pleasant or drunk. It can be difficult putting yourself out there as well as being rejected constantly when trying to find clients outside of strip clubs where competition is high. There may also be some security risks involved with working alone and late-night shifts so if these things concern you then I would strongly recommend against pursuing this career opportunity.

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