Can You Take Shaving Cream on a Plane?




can you take shaving cream on a plane

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Can You Take Shaving Cream on a Plane?

If you happen to have some shaving cream in your bag when going through security, there’s no need to fret. Airlines are pretty strict when it comes to liquids over 3.4 ounces, but shaving creams are exempt from this rule for some reason. A lot of TSA agents will let you pass through with them without any problems. However, if the agent decides to take a second look or your bag is randomly selected for inspection, you’ll likely have to throw out your shaving cream since it violates the liquids rule.

can you take shaving cream on a plane

Shaving creams are also allowed on planes as long as they’re the pressurized type that comes in a can. Non-pressurized types of shaving cream and foams aren’t allowed on planes.

It’s always best to double-check your vacation destination’s travel guide before traveling. Different countries have different rules, so it doesn’t hurt to know beforehand restrictions on something like shaving cream.

What’s the TSA Rule on Shaving Cream?

The TSA rule on the transportation of shaving cream is that it’s allowed in a pressurized container. This means aerosol cans of shaving cream are okay to bring on a plane, but non-aerosol shaving creams and foams will not fly.

TSA Guidelines on Shaving Cream Sizes

The size of shaving cream that you’re allowed to take on a plane depends on the rules of your airline. Sometimes, airlines have different rules from the TSA when it comes to shaving cream sizes.

Please make sure you double-check with your specific airline about what their rules are regarding aerosol cans. In general, all types of gels and non-aerosol spray shaving creams aren’t allowed on a plane.

What's the TSA Rule on Shaving Cream

Is Shaving Cream Allowed in Checked Bags?

Shaving cream isn’t allowed in checked bags, so you’ll have to remember to pack it in your carry-on with all your other liquids and gels. Airlines usually allow one bag of shaving cream as long as it’s within the TSA guidelines.

Where Can I Buy Shaving Cream While Traveling?

If you happen to leave your shaving cream at home, you can find small bottles of shaving cream for sale in most airports and travel shops. The prices tend to be a bit higher than what you’d pay at the grocery store but stocking up on shaving cream while traveling is better than not having any at all.

How to Pack Your Toiletries and Shaving Supplies

Bringing shaving cream on a plane with you doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as the TSA hasn’t limited your can size, your best bet is to purchase an extra-large-sized aerosol can of shaving cream before leaving for your trip.

Once you’re at your destination, you can buy smaller bottles or containers of shaving cream. If you can’t find any, make sure you bring enough with you from home before your trip is over.

Can You Take a Razor on a Plane?

Razors are another one of the banned items when it comes to air travel. However, if you happen to take a disposable razor with you in your carry-on bag, TSA agents will usually allow it through security as long as it’s not too big. Open razors aren’t allowed, but you should be able to get it through security if the blade is removed.

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