Best Diver Watches Under 200




Best Diver Watches Under 200

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A dive watch is a great choice of timepiece for any diver, whether a scuba diver or a desk diver. This watch is water-resistant, and that is why it’s known as a diver watch. The good news about it is that you don’t have to spend a lot to get or purchase a diver watch.

You can get a good diver watch for under $200. The best types of diver watches under 200 have automatic movements, high water-resistant ratings, high-quality quartz, stylish looks, minerals, sapphire crystals, and rugged builds. Below are some top-rated men’s dive watches under 200 that look, feel, and perform just like other expensive models.

Best Diver Watches Under 200

Best Diver Watches Under 200

Orient Ray 2 Automatic Dive Watch

It is among the best men’s dive watches under 200. It has many features, for instance, accurate movement with hacking and hand winding, water-resistance up to 200m, amongst other features.

Orient Ray can be manually wounded and can also move automatically; when the crown is pulled, the second-hand stops. It has all the features that a dive watch should have; an easy-to-read high contrast face, a robust 120 click unidirectional bezel, 200m water resistance, and a fantastic line for longevity and brightness.

The fit and finish are great; the watch is finely polished and brushed, giving it a luxurious subtle look. The bezel and indices are well aligned; the markers and logo are well applied, not forgetting its classy and rugged design.


  • It is moderately proportioned and not too busy
  • Date and day display is very convenient
  • The case is rated to 200m water resistance


  • It uses mineral crystal thus not resistant to scratches C

Citizen BM8180-03E Men’s Dive Watch

This watch is inspired by the military and is perfect for everyday wear; it has a simple utilitarian classy but rugged design. It is also perfect for water sports and an active lifestyle. This model tells time precisely and doesn’t require adjustments, and the best part is you do not have to replace the battery.

The water resistance level of this watch is up to 100m; you can swim, paddle, surf, snorkel, and even fish with it on. If your lifestyle is very active and oven goes climbing, work in the field, and hike, this watch is rugged enough for all those activities.

It’s lightweight and is 37mm, very comfortable on the wrist. It has White Arabic numerals, which are very readable and stands out so well. The hands are luminous and tend to glow in the dark. It’s rugged, accurate, versatile, attractive, and convenient and is one of the best dive watches that fall under $ 200.


  • The band is comfortable.
  • Easy to read, dial, attractive, and no need to worry about changing the battery
  • Simple to operate
  • Holds time we’ll
  • It has a perfect fit


  • The second hand is slightly off from markings

Seiko SKZ211K1 Automatic Men’s Dive Watch

It’s also known as Atlas or Landshark; the product is good-looking and tough. It’s perfect for water sports, desk divers, and every day wear.

The inside of the timeline contains 23 jewels self-winding movement, which powers itself when you swing your arm. It keeps accurate time, especially if the watch is mechanical.

You might not need artificial light or glasses to view time because the yellow arms, large black dial, and Arabic numeral features make it easy for you to view time.

Seiko is an inexpensive, rugged watch with a brushed solid steel case, shielded crown, solid kinks bracelet, and scratch-resistant hardlex crystal.

The rating of its water resistance is 200m which is 660 feet. It is suitable for swimming, shallow diving, snorkeling, and all kinds of water sports or any water-related activity.

The various features give it a very cool and distinctive look, and it has a second control knob that is used to control the rotating compass hazel. As for the size, it is a hefty, masculine gadget but not oversized nor too heavy.


  • Easy to use
  • The lume is quite good
  • It keeps accurate time
  • It’s appropriate for any wrist size


  • The ring for determining direction is very loose

Phoibos PX002C Swiss Quartz Watch

It’s a uniquely beautiful watch, with high-end features, an amazing look, great details, and build quality. Its time-telling is very accurate because it’s driven by the Quartz Ronda movement. The lume of this watch is improved, and without a doubt, this is the best diving watch under 200.

The quality of the material used is high-quality stainless steel, 300m water resistance rating, sapphire crystal, and a solid link bracelet. Phoibos is in a position to handle anything exposed to it, whether having fun on a wakeboard, scuba diving, or snorkeling.

The finishing has been done correctly, with polished and brushed surfaces. It is one of the best diving watches that have a screw-down crown and a 120 unidirectional bezel.

This is a watch that sounds good and, at the same time, feels skeptical. However, it does its job as promised and is one of the top-rated men’s dive watches.


  • High-quality scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • It has a 42mm case size
  • It is well built
  • Affordable price
  • The bezel clicks are very precise, with little to no play
  • Stainless Steel strap is high quality


  • The 42mm may be too big for some people

Victorinox Master Dive Watch

Victorinox is among the most affordable dive watches; it has a 599m water resistance rating and is Swiss-made. The dive watch is designed for small to medium wrists; its craftsmanship is amazing and eye-catching.

It keeps accurate time as it’s powered by Swiss Quartz movement; some features that make this watch easy to read at a glance are the orange hand on a white dial and the anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

The watch is fashionable and sporty, perfect for summer, and works well with casual wear. It is able to withstand water pressure even at a depth of 500m, you know, go to scuba diving or any other water sports activity with this watch on.


  • Good looking
  • The color combination is awesome
  • The rubber strap is comfortable, and the contour matches the lugs perfectly
  • Very accurate timekeeping
  • It has a solid build
  • Easy to read even in total darkness
  • It has a very substantial and solid feel


  • The rubber strap is difficult to put on

How to Select a Dive Watch Under 200

Just because you have enough money to purchase a watch does not mean it’s work purchasing. All watches are not made. Equally, there are various differences between each watch. So before selecting a watch, you must consider a few things; the above-discussed types of diver watches were selected according to the criteria below.


When it comes to size, you need to consider a few factors, for instance, bezel size, case diameter, and lug to lug distance. The case diameter is the readily available measurement when shopping for a new watch.

Watch sizing can be very challenging, especially with the wide variety of sizes and shapes; in that case, there is no particular rule about the exact size of the watch, so long as it looks and feels good on your wrist, then that is it.

Maximum depth and water resistance

The first thing to consider when shopping for a dive watch is its maximum depth or water resistance rating. Make sure you check that as it’s always printed near the bottom of the dial, just above the 6 o’clock marker.

A good or basic dive watch should have a depth rating of 330ft or 100m. This is great for activities near the water surface, such as shallow free diving, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. If you are into scuba diving, then a depth rating of 200m/ 660ft is suitable.

Case diameter

You should not confuse this with the lug to lug distance because case diameter is simply the measurement of the distance of one edge of the bezel past the dial. In that case, keep in mind that men’s watches are much bigger than women’s.

The case diameter of a woman’s dive watch is 24mm while 36 to 46mm for men. A smaller watch is suitable for a small wrist so long as you are in a position to tell time. The extra-large case diameter for men goes up to 50mm, so if your wrist is small, get a dive watch under 40mm.

Lug to lug distance

This is even more important than the case diameter, and it helps determine how big a dive watch looks. Lug to lug distance is the measurement of length from the top to the bottom lugs, and it’s always bigger than the case diameter.


Style is simply fashioned; you can just get a watch that simply looks good to you without minding what others think. In general, dive watches are designed to look sturdy because they are tool watches.

Some people buy dive watches with an intentional big wearing it like a dress watch, and to be sincere, some of these watches are bulky or heavier than you can imagine, it might not look good with other outfits or occasions.


Everybody wants long-lasting products, and when it comes to diving watches, you will often get what you pay for. The material used is important, and since your budget is under 200, you won’t have various choices, but you should go for a watch that is made of stainless steel.


If you are planning on diving with your dive watch, then look for one with a water resistance rating of at least 200m. Make sure that the watch has a screw-down crown with crown guards, a unidirectional bezel and a bright enough like to see in the dark.

FAQs About Diver Watches Under 200

Q. How deep can I dive with a diver watch?

A. A good diver watch should at least have a depth rating of 100m, not unless it’s ISO certified. A 100m watch can only be used for swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities just near the surface. So if you have plans of freediving, then the appropriate watch for you is the freediving watch.

If you are planning on diving, it is recommended that you use a diver watch rated 200m at least and should be ISO certified as well. The reason why it should be ISO certified is that this type of watch can resist water pressure at 25% over its normal capacity.

Q. How big is the difference between a budget and a high-end dive watch?

A. There is a major difference between the two, many dive watches were worn as a luxury product, and up to now, some people still wear them to express high social status. What you can expect from the high-end watch is that it’s more accurate, better materials, higher depth rating, superior craftsmanship, and more accurate movement.

On the other hand, budget watches compromise on keeping costs low, which are the bracelet, crystal, and lume. It’s a watch that can act as a stepping stone before you decide to buy one that is more expensive.

Q. How do I take care of my dive watch?

A. An ISO-certified watch can handle water pressure even at depths of 200m, and even though it’s waterproof, that doesn’t mean you can shower with it. It can be damaged by soap, humidity, and high heat.

You should always wipe your dive watch after diving, and you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a microfiber cloth to get rid of dirt. Do not use any form of chemicals because they might corrode your watch.

Read the manual that comes with the watch and make sure you follow the maintenance instructions; if it recommends sending the watch for servicing for one to 3 years, and then does so if you want your watch to last long.

Watches are available in various types, and knowing one that works best helps you decide whether you are going to purchase them or not. Understand the various types of diver watches so that you buy the appropriate type.

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