How Bad Does A Forearm Tattoo Hurt?




Which Part Of Tattooing Hurts The Most

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A tattoo is a word, mark, design or figure placed in your skin. It could be permanent or not, depending on what you want. Before getting a tattoo keep in mind that the following side effects accompany it.

Tattoo risks and side effects

  • Causes skin infection
  • Keloid scarring
  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Hides possible signs of skin cancer
  • Failing to use sterilized needles can lead to a risk of infection such as HIV, hepatitis C and other diseases.

Tattoos are very nice and look good when not done in excess, some people do not understand whether to draw tattoos or not. Go for what you love, tattoos are painful in some cases and less painful in others, it all depends on the location.

Which Part Of Tattooing Hurts The Most

How Bad Does A Forearm Tattoo Hurt?

Forearms are the most painless location to get tattooed as compared to other parts of the body. If you are planning on getting a tattoo on your forearm, go for it as it is the least painful spot for a tattoo.

The reason why you experience less pain in your forearm is because there are little nerves under the forearms surface, tattoos only get painful as you get to the wrist and inner elbow because there are more nerves here and the skin is thinner.

At some point, you can feel a little pain on your forearm during the process, especially when size and detail is added. If an artist goes over the same location a couple of times, the skin definitely becomes sensitive.

In general, tattoos that include heavy shading and thicker line can be painful. So if you want to avoid painful tattoos, make sure you chose your design correctly.

If you have never had tattoos before, be prepared because pain perception varies from place to place on the body.

It is advisable that if you are getting a tattoo for the first time, do it on your forearm because there is less pain and you will not experience too much discomfort.

How Bad Does An Inner Forearm Tattoo Hurt?

Pain varies from person to person, you might experience a different level of pain when tattooing your inner forearm and someone else might not. Inner forearm is a place where a person should experience little pain.

Everybody prefers to get a tattoo on the forearm because there is less pain experienced here during the tattoo process. The main reason why there is less pain is because there are few nerves under the forearms surface.

If you want to get a tattoo, do it on your inner forearm as it will give you the courage to try doing other tattoos. But remember that not all parts are painless, some are painful than you could ever imagine.

Tattoo pain factors

Ensure that you look at tattoo pain charts before getting one, it helps you have an idea of what you are expecting. The charts have a few details on how painful specific areas of the skin are compared to others.

Once you look at these charts, you will be ready for the outcome, don’t panic though tattoos don’t take much time so long as you have a good designer.

Which Part Of Tattooing Hurts The Most?

Whether a tattoo hurts or not is a complex question to answer, so in general, getting a tattoo is always painful. It all depends on where the tattoo is placed, people may experience different levels of pain.

Most painful parts


This is one of the most painful places to get tattooed. Keep in mind that you will go through very severe pain when getting a tattoo here. Most tattoo artists advise that no one should ever get tattoos on their armpits.

Rib cage

Rib cage is another painful spot to get tattooed, pain can be too much. The skin around the ribs is thin and that’s why you will experience a lot of pain since there is less fat here than other parts of the body.

Nipples and breasts

These are the most sensitive areas and you should avoid tattooing such places, keep in mind that you will experience severe pain.


Groin can get irritated by tattoo needles because it’s filled with nerve endings, pain here can be too severe.


Your hip bones lie below the skin and you will definitely experience pain during the entire process of tattooing. This affects thin people a lot since you have less fat around their hips.

How Bad Does A Forearm Tattoo Hurt

What Is The Most Painful Place To Get A Tattoo?

There are several places where you will feel too much pain when tattooed and below are some of those sensitive parts.


Stomach tattoos may cause a lot of pain, the pain you will experience will be very severe. But the level of pain depends on your shape, someone with high body weight has loose skin in the stomach and he or she will experience a lot of pain compared to someone with tighter skin over their stomach.

Inner bicep

The skin in the inner bicep is soft and loose and that is why getting a tattoo here is accompanied by a lot of pain, but the pain is not too severe. Keep in mind that tattoos here take more time than any other place.


The lips have loose skin with a lot of nerve endings and you will certainly feel a lot of pain, which can even lead to bruising, bleeding and swelling.

Neck and spine

These places are very sensitive and are known to be the most painful tattoos.

What Is The Least Painful Spot To Get A Tattoo?

There are areas where you won’t feel pain when tattooed or if you happen to feel the pain will be slight, the reason why these areas are less painful is that these areas have tight skin, they are not close to bones and have a few nerve endings.


It is one of the places known to be less painful when tattooed, there’s a lot of thick skin and muscle in your forearm.

Upper outer thigh

It’s another spot that you experience less pain when getting a tattoo as it has a lot of fat and fewer nerve endings as well.

Upper and lower back

Getting a tattoo in one of these places is not painful for the same reason as to the above parts. You will feel less pain when you tattoo places far away from bones and nerve endings.

Outer bicep

This is a very good place to tattoo, there is less pain going to happen here. The outer bicep has a lot of muscle with little nerve endings.

Is A Forearm Tattoo Unprofessional?

It depends on the kind of boss you have, when on an interview, cover the tattoo up because someone else might view it as unprofessional.

Hide your tattoo for a while before letting it known so that you won’t be judged based on your tattoo but instead be judged based on yourself and your work ethics.

Once you and your boss get used to each other, you can now let the tattoo be seen, but if it’s your own business, you can do whatever you want with your tattoo.

Some professions might not allow you to get or have tattoos, so before having one do a great research on how it is going to affect you in future but time is changing and tattoos are becoming acceptable.

Does A Color Tattoo Hurt More?

Color has nothing to do with the amount of pain you are experiencing during the process. What hurts is the coverage and not the color, also the location and the needle pounding on your skin could be another cause of pain.

If you were to tattoo a certain area, no matter the color, you would still feel pain. Green, black, red and white doesn’t matter. Black is always used for shadows and lines, while colors are used to fill.

You might feel like color is what hurts but it is the coverage. A sharp little also hurts less and as time goes by the needle gets blunt and it makes a lot of differences that is why you will feel pain at some point.

What Hurts Most Shading or Outline Tattoo?

Tattoos have two phases: shading and outlining. Outlining is the first step of the tattoo process, it is at this point that your tattoo artist draws the tattoo design onto the skin using a needle.

Tattoo shading is not done for every tattoo, shading hurts less compared to outlining. If you have had a successful outline, you should worry no more, you have completed the most painful part.

People expect shading to be more painful because that is where the artist takes a lot of time, packing ink repeatedly over the same area.

Both parts of tattoo processes have their own negatives and positives, it is a good idea to avoid the most painful tattoo locations. The first time people should stick to manageable and medium-sized design.

How Do I Prepare For Tattoo Pain?

Tattoos are painful, depending on the location and the type of artist you have. Let no one lie to you that tattoos aren’t painful. Yes, they are because they vary depending on where you are drawing it.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, be prepared for anything, it could be painful or less painful. Just ensure that you do it in a location that is less painful for a start.

You should be prepared for tattoo pain earlier so that by the time you get one, you understand how to manage pain. Below are some tips to help you manage pain.


  • Get enough sleep
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat well
  • Choose a licensed tattoo artist
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Avoid using pain relievers
  • Pick a less sensitive body part
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Communicate with your artist
  • Take a deep breath
  • Distract yourself
  • Ensure your artist uses skin-numbing cream

What Should You Not Do Before Getting A Tattoo?

There are some things you should avoid if you are going to get a tattoo, it will help you feel much more comfortable if you do not do them and some of them are listed below.

Don’t use aspirin

Don’t take aspirin or any other tablet-like it for 24 to 48 hours before getting a tattoo. If you happen to take these tablets, chances of you bleeding are high.

Drink a lot of water

Make sure you drink a lot of water a week before getting your tattoo. A hydrated body is in a position to take the pressure of the needle.

Don’t soak

A tattooed area needs cleaning but that doesn’t mean that you immerse it in water. It means that you are going to avoid swimming for a while, Jacuzzis and even bathtubs.

Do Single Needle Tattoos Hurt More?

It is less painful when compared to a regular electric tattoo, it will, however, take a lot of time than expected. Single needle tattoo uses only one needle while other tattoo machines use up to 8 needles, that is where the main difference is.

If you can handle pain, then you can go for electric tattoos, you feel pain but it takes less time. Before deciding which one to go for, you have to look for an expert artist who can guide you on what to do.

What to look for in a tattoo artist

  • Ensure that the tattoo shop is licensed
  • The artist should at least have tattoos
  • Ask for consultation
  • An artist should be experienced

A tattoo is becoming familiar nowadays, you don’t need to worry a lot when going to get a tattoo so long as you know some of the following things.

What to do before getting a tattoo, the most painful place to get a tattoo, least painful spot to tattoo, what to do and what not to do before getting a tattoo, ways of preparing for tattoo pain and finally is whether to go for single needle tattoos or electric ones.

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