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What hurts more wrist or ankle tattoo

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A tattoo is an amazing piece of art, and most people get them for their own reasons; some get them as memories while others just get them for fun. Whenever you want to get a tattoo, doesn’t hesitate; get what makes you feel happy.

But remember to be cautious and maintain a high level of hygiene. If you want your wound to heal quickly, remember that a tattoo is a wound, and failing to clean it every day might lead to serious infections.

Also, make sure you visit a professional artist because some of them might be learning to do the job, and they might end up harming you—all the best as you get your new tattoo.

Do tattoos hurt on your wrist

Do Tattoos Hurt On Your Wrist?

All tattoos hurt to a certain extent, but wrist tattoos are very painful; the pain is not as bad as having your lips and nipples tattooed, but most people who have gotten the tattoo rank it as the most painful part. The pain ranges between five out of ten; the pain varies from person to person since people are different.

Some people find it extra painful while others may not; the pain depends on the side of the wrist where it’s being tattooed; remember that some parts are very delicate, and that could be the reason why you feel so much pain.

A wrist consists of nerves that can be very painful band uncomfortable during the entire tattooing process. Another reason why you might be feeling too much pain could be because of emotions and biological sex.

Women feel much pain compared to men; however, to avoid this, you need to be ready before getting a tattoo. You should be relaxed and without any form of stress. Stress causes pain before and even after getting a tattoo.

Do not fear or have negative thoughts because they are another major cause of pain; the situation can be different for everyone but keep in mind that whenever you tattoo an area with less flesh, more bones, and nerves, you are more likely to undergo pain.

Do Wrist Tattoos Hurt Your Veins?

When a tattoo is drawn, the ink and needle penetrate into the skin layers that are the dermis and epidermis. Hypodermis protects arteries and veins. That is why it is advisable to get tattoos over the wrist veins.

Wrist tattoos hurting veins is something that worries a lot of people, but to be on the safe side, consider visiting a professional artist; when it’s done correctly, then your veins can never be hurt because needles do not penetrate deep into the skin and thus there is no need of getting worried about your veins.

If you don’t want your wrist tattoos to hurt a lot, just get simple or smaller designs because it will not take too much time, and you can barely feel the pain. Also, make sure you work with an experienced artist who knows how to handle every part of the body without hurting you.

In order to identify a good artist, make sure he or she shows you pictures of the recently done wrist tattoos, and if you happen to get a tattoo that doesn’t heal quickly, make sure you go back to the artist or get a new one.

Is It Dangerous To Get A Tattoo On Your Wrist?

No, it’s not dangerous so long as you get a professional artist to do the job, do not worry about getting a tattoo on your wrist. It’s a bit painful, but once the process is complete, you will no longer feel pain.

It’s not dangerous at all to get a tattoo on your wrist, but one thing you should know it comes with certain risks. One being, how your body reacts to the ink, especially if you are allergic; the second is it can introduce HIV to your blood, Hepatitis A amongst other diseases.

To avoid exposing yourself to these risks is to make sure that your artist uses equipment that is sterilized and always clean. Also, confirm that the needles used are new and well-sealed; the artist should also wear protective latex gloves when doing his work.

Wrists do not have a lot of fatty tissues, and that means the tattoo artist must be very careful when giving you your tattoo; the needle should not mess with the inner and outer wrist veins; they should not at all penetrate into the skin because they can cause bigger damage.

Can You Get A Tattoo On A Veiny Wrist?

Yeah, it’s safe to tattoo over the wrist veins because the needle doesn’t penetrate deeper, make sure you chose a tattoo artist who is experienced with wrist tattoos; they are skilled and will do their work perfectly well.

The tattoo will be successful, but the pain that comes with it is severe because this area has fewer fatty tissues. The nerve ends are very close to the skin surface and might get interfered with during the process.

The pain is not the same with everyone; if you are getting it for the first time or maybe you are sensitive to the needles, then think twice if you want it or not.

So, if you have a veiny wrist, worry no more because professional artists will ensure that all risks are minimized; the healing process of the wrist might take long because the wrist area is in use every other day.

The biggest danger of this tattoo is getting an infection; a tattoo is a wound that should be well-taken care of; make sure after getting a tattoo you take good care of it, or else it will take ages to heal.

What hurts more wrist or ankle tattoo

Is The Wrist a Good Place For a First Tattoo?

A wrist is not a bad spot for a first tattoo compared to other parts of the body; the process will be quick because the area is smaller even though it might hurt a bit. It becomes more painful the closer it is to your hand; therefore, try asking your artist to move it slightly higher.

If you can’t tattoo your wrist because of too much pain or because the area is too exposed, you can try tattooing the folly parts.


The shoulder is one of the best places to get the first tattoo; the pain is not too much because of the cushioning provided by the muscles; it’s a good place to get the first tattoo since you can get a big tattoo without it being visible.


Getting the first tattoo on thighs is not a big deal, and it is the easiest place one can ever get tattoed. It’s easy to get a tattoo at this spot because you can comfortably lie down and breathe while when handling pain. It’s also great because you can wear shorts during the entire process.


The area has a lot of flesh and is very soft that makes the entire work easier; it is good for a tattoo because it doesn’t swell a lot, and you can barely sleep on it at night.

How Long Does A Wrist Tattoo Take?

A wrist tattoo can take from 30 minutes up to 30 hours depending on the; if the tattoo is small, it can take about an hour, while palm-sized takes up to 3 hours to be completed.

Wrist tattoos take a bit longer to heal reason being it has a lot of use. Your wrist is busy, thus making the skin twist and stretch most of the time—this affecting its healing process. Just make sure it is well protected and clean; it doesn’t matter how long it takes to heal; what’s important is it completely heals.

A wrist tattoo can take longer depending on how big it is, so before getting one, you have to make an appointment with your tattoo artist just to make sure how long it is going to last.

Is a Wrist Tattoo Unprofessional?

No, they aren’t unless the person you are working for is friendly, but if it is not allowed in whatever place you are working at, you can hide the tattoo. After all, you can tell your artist to raise it a bit up somewhere that can be barely noticed.

What you should know is that having a tattoo doesn’t affect you from getting jobs; in most cases, tattoos don’t prevent you from getting employment, and at some point, it can even give you a chance of getting a job instead.

If you are yet to get a tattoo, just go for it; it has nothing to do with working or profession, not unless your boss is strict or the company rules don’t allow it.

What Hurts More Wrist Or Ankle Tattoos?

Pain is a must, but tattoos hurt more in areas with less skin, for instance, lower legs, ribs, and chest also feet and ankles. There are some parts of the ankle that are more painful than others; according to a certain study, ankles are more painful to tattoo compared to ankles.

The ankle has various parts, and the outside ankle is more painful because of its closeness to the ankle bone; the inside ankle is the most comfortable. Ankles are the most painful spots because they are bony, but the inner part is a bit fleshy. That is why it’s the easiest to tattoo.

Which Wrist Is Better To Get a Tattoo On?

It’s always advisable to get a tattoo on the inner wrist because this place is less painful as it’s fleshy and has fewer bones. Avoid getting tattoos on the sides and top wrist because they are known to be the most painful areas.

The areas are painful because they are thin and if you can’t sustain pain go for a tiny tattoo or just opt to do it on your inner wrist. In general, the wrist is the best place to get a tattoo even though it hurts a bit, but it doesn’t take long since it’s just a small part.

How Do You Sleep With A Wrist Tattoo?

After getting a tattoo, you need to take good care of it, and that means it starts from how you sleep without having to ruin your new piece of art. Before going to bed, make sure you clean it before going to bed to ensure that all bacteria are removed.

Just make sure you don’t sleep on your new tattoo because it’s open and it will ooze blood and excess ink, and if you sleep on it, you will damage the tattoo, you will squeeze the ink from your skin which will lead your tattoo not to look good.

So in the first few days after getting your new tattoo, you should sleep with the original wrap and consider cleaning it in the morning. You can also remove it after a few hours, depending on how your tattoo artist recommends it.

Getting a tattoo is someone’s decision; you can choose to get a tattoo on any part of your body so long as you are comfortable with it. But always remember to visit a professional tattoo artist. Apart from that, you should at least have an idea of what parts hurt the most and which ones don’t.

This article helps you understand a lot of things about tattoos. For instance, if you want to get a wrist tattoo, know whether they hurt if they hurt your veins, whether it’s dangerous to get it on your wrist and whether you can have a tattoo on a veiny wrist.

Getting a tattoo is someone’s decision; you can choose to get a tattoo on any part of your body so long as you are comfortable with it. But always remember to visit a professional tattoo artist.

All this is to help you decide whether you want to get a tattoo or not, but always know that tattoos are painful, so it’s up to you to make a wise decision on where to get your tattoo.

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