How to Iron Polyester Dress




How to Iron Polyester Dress

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Most people are having problems on how to iron polyester garments and how to take good care of them generally. Taking care of polyester is not easy and it does require a lot of care because it’s very sensitive.

Unlike other materials, polyester melts under high temperatures and if you want to iron it, you should follow the correct procedures.

How to Iron Polyester Dress

How to Iron Polyester Dress

There are a lot of rules when it comes to ironing polyester dresses, each clothing and material requires a different heat level and the setting of steam. You should not worry if you have no idea how to iron polyester dresses because everything is discussed below.

Whenever you are ironing polyester, never forget to check the care label because it is what tells you the kind of heat setting you need to use. Before ironing, make sure you turn the dress inside out and then always keep a damp cloth between the soleplate and the fabric.

You should also use medium heat, when ironing, do it in vertical motions until you remove all wrinkles, when done, hang up the garment.

You can iron 100% polyester but check the label first never forget that if it ironing is not recommended, then you should not do it. Instead of ironing, you can steam with a handheld steamer.

Steps of Ironing Polyester Dress

  • Always read the label of the garment to see the steam setting and the appropriate temperature to be used.
  • Remove ties or belts if your dress has any
  • The dress should be turned inside out
  • Use the ironing board to iron the dress
  • Put a damp towel or cloth between the dress, this is to help get rid of tough wrinkles without causing damage to the cloth
  • Plug in the iron box, turn it on then set the correct temperature level
  • Iron going upwards, starting from the collar to the sleeves
  • Once done with the front side, turn the dress over and iron the back.
  • When done ironing, hang the dress immediately.

What Iron Setting Is Best For Polyester?

It is good to understand how ironing works and why clothes are ironed. Ironing is one of the important parts of wearing clothes and the end result depends on being able to iron well and complete with a perfect finish.

The perfect setting for ironing polyester is 3, if you go beyond three, you are likely going to burn your dress or whatever type of clothing you are ironing. While its iron setting in terms of Celsius and Fahrenheit is 148C/300F.

When in doubt of the temperature to use, start with low temperatures and ensure that you iron on the wrong side of the fabric and, in that case, add a pressing cloth. You can increase the temperature slowly by slowly so as to remove tough wrinkles and scotch marks.

How Do You Get Iron Marks Out Of Polyester?

The marks are left by an iron that is too hot, removing them is not a big deal. Remember that polyester is plastic and too much hit causes it to melt or burn.

To avoid getting the iron marks, then the cloth inside out before ironing, if not so, get an ironing cloth it helps protect the cloth from getting burnt.

In polyester, removing iron marks could be a bit difficult, unlike on other materials and can be impossible to reverse a time. However, these marks can be removed by using hydrogen peroxide.

In other fabrics, you can use vinegar or steam it can help get rid of iron marks and restore the cloth to its original state. Some other steps you should use are.

Steam-out shine

It is one of the easiest ways to remove iron marks and shine, simply apply steam on the affected area. It helps loosen fibers that were compressed by a hot iron box.

Apart from that, you can opt for another option like hanging the cloth and using the iron verticals steam feature. You can as well use a clothing brush or a dry towel to loosen up the compressed fibers.

Dab with a Vinegar cloth

Vinegar can remove iron marks, therefore using a cloth soaked on vinegar, dab the affected area and repeat the process until the marks disappear.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Polyester Dress?

Polyester is a material that requires proper care, this material tends to get wrinkles so easily and does not have the ability to resist high temperatures, so it becomes a bit hard to remove wrinkles from these materials.

However, there are a few steps to get rid of the wrinkles from polyester without causing any damage. Some of the ways are ironing on low heat, washing and drying and steaming the fabric. Once your cloth is free from wrinkles, you should hang it or lay it flat somewhere safe.

Method 1: Washing and Drying

The first step is checking the labels to see the required temperature level and the appropriate setting. If you are not sure about it, wash the polyester item with cold water and ensure you follow the permanent press circle. You should never use hot water when cleaning polyester because it damages the fabric.

If you are going to wash the fabric, add a gentle detergent and fabric softener to the washing machine, the reason why you need to use a soft detergent is to protect your clothing from being damaged.

Method 2: Use Iron

Keep in mind that polyester does not resist high temperatures and that is why you should turn the iron to the lowest setting. Before ironing, spray the item water so as to moisten the fabric, but the item should not be too wet.

After that, turn the item inside out and spread it on whatever thing you are going to use on ironing it. The item should be covered with a t-shirt or a towel, you are now ready to iron the fabric to get rid of wrinkles.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Polyester Without A Steamer?

Polyester gets wrinkles sometimes and steaming is not only the way of getting them out. Polyester can get wrinkles because it has been packed in a bag for a long and when that happens, ironing polyester should be the first option.

You need to be keen when ironing polyester, follow the right procedures, or else you will make everything worse than before. Ensure that the temperature is low or a moderate, high temperature causes the material to compress and melt.

Wrinkles can also be removed by simply washing and cleaning the item, when cleaning, just use the right products. Once done, dry the item for 19 to 20 minutes before hanging it immediately that’s when it’s dry to avoid getting new wrinkles.

Can You Iron 100% Polyester Fabric?

Yes, you can iron polyester fabric only if you follow the right procedures. Polyester is sensitive to high temperatures, unlike other fabrics. Ironing polyester requires you to be cautious, remember that it’s plastic and melts under high temperatures.

If you want the process to be successful, use the correct setting of 300 degrees/ 148 degrees. Polyester is a common and most loved fabric in sports and fashion because it’s lightweight and able to retain heat.

The iron temperature for polyester is cool to warm and not past that, meaning that your iron should always be set on low setting. Irons have different measurements, but the average setting should be 1 or 2.

You can monitor how the item is reacting and then slowly increase the temperature if need be. Before ironing, moisten the fabric, the steam created helps soften the material this releasing tight creases that might be there. A good option of straightening polyester is by using a handheld steamer.

Can You Steam Clean Polyester?

Yes, in fact, that is the best option that should always come to mind when thinking of handling a polyester fabric. There are other methods, but steam cleaning is the safest method, when buying polyester fabric, you should think of the best ways to care for it, clean it and get wrinkles out of it.

Ways of Steaming Polyester


When prepared to start the process, let your steamer heat for about 1 minute, turn the steamer to the lowest steam setting if in case the steamer has any settings.

Before steaming, hang the fabrics up but don’t use metal hangers because it can cause rust in damp conditions this transferring it to your clothes.

Make sure you steam polyester inside out, this prevents your fabric from catching heat.


When steaming, the steamer should be about one to two inches away from the garment, and as you move the steamer, your other hand should pull the item down. The steamer should not be too far away nor too close to touch polyester.

Can I Put Polyester In The Dryer?

Yes, but only if it’s too large and you want to shrink it. The best way to shrink polyester is by using heat, you don’t have to use either a fabric softener or a detergent. If you want to dry polyester, you can use the dryer, but the temperature should not exceed 180 degrees.

Polyester fabric can melt in the dryer therefore, be keen so that you do not put it under too much heat. Before putting it in the dryer, ensure that it’s inside out to help in protecting the color of the fabric.

You don’t really need to put polyester in a dryer because it dries quickly, but you won’t damage your garment even if you use a machine. Just ensure to use a low-temperature cycle.

Some fabrics cannot totally go to the dryer, you should know those fabrics to avoid messing around in case you own one in future. Be ready if you have never worn polyester clothing in the past because you have a tough job ahead of you.

How Do You Get Wrinkles Out Of Polyester Dress

Does 50 Percent Cotton 50 Percent Polyester Shrink?

The 50/50 blend prevents the fabric from shrinking, manufacturing polyester is easier, but it is not breathable. When these two materials are mixed, the fabric the da to be much stronger, meaning that at this point, it can resist temperature.

Polyester can’t resist much temperature, but when cotton and polyester come together, it forms something much stronger. So you could opt for this kind of fabric because it gives you no rough time.

What Dries Faster, Nylon Or Polyester?

Polyester dries faster than nylon, both of them are made from crude oil but have different properties in terms of oil absorption and moisture. Polyester fabric does not absorb water but instead absorbs oil.

On the other hand, nylon absorbs a little bit of water, which means polyester is able to handle moisture and even dry much faster, nylon feels colder when wet and doesn’t dry faster.

What Dries Faster, Cotton Or Polyester?

Polyester dries faster than cotton and this is because polyester absorbs less moisture than cotton. Apart from drying faster, polyester is cheap, durable and light. Most people who go hiking wear polyester as it dries quickly, wet clothes make you feel cold.

Features of Cotton

  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Breathable
  • It breaks down over time
  • Soft and strong
  • It can be easily dyed
  • Features of polyesters
  • It doesn’t wrinkle a lot
  • Long-lasting
  • It is not breathable
  • Dries quickly
  • It doesn’t fade a lot

Fabrics are available in various types and you should know how to handle most of them some of the things you should know are ways of getting wrinkles out of polyester, if you can put polyester on the dryer, what dries faster between nylon or polyester, cotton or polyester and if there is a possibility of getting wrinkles out of polyester without a steamer.

Finally, it is important to know the best setting for polyester, how you can get iron marks out of polyester, whether you can iron 100% polyester and if polyester can be steamed.

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