Can You Put Polyester in the Dryer?




can you put polyester in the dryer

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A lot of people think that you can put polyester in the dryer. This is not true! Polyester has to be hand washed. If you do put it in the dryer, it will shrink and leave a weird texture on your clothes when they come out of the dryer. In this blog post, we are going to tell you what types of fabrics cannot go into dryer so you don’t have any mishaps when doing laundry.

can you put polyester in the dryer to get wrinkles out

Can You Put Polyester in the Dryer?

The short answer is: Yes, you can put polyester in the dryer. However, it may not come out the way you expect it to. Polyester will shrink if tumble dried on a high setting, and so may stretch over time when repeatedly washed and dried at high temperatures. A better idea would be to air-dry your polyester clothes.

If you want your polyester shirt to last, the best thing to do is air-dry it. If it’s already shrunk or faded from washing and drying, take it to a tailor or seamstress for possible adjustments before trying again. Alternatively, you can turn the shirt inside out and tumble dry it on a medium setting. If you don’t want to do that, air-drying is the best option. Polyester should never be ironed while damp.

Are There Any Other Ways to Dry Polyester?

Polyester should not be hung to dry either, as this can cause it to stretch, snag, and lose its shape. The best method of drying polyester is to either lay it flat or hang it over a line with plenty of space between each item. Never use the dryer to remove wrinkles from polyester; ironing is the better option here.

What Are Some Other Tips for Drying Polyester?

It’s best to use the gentle or delicate cycle when drying polyester, and then remove it from the dryer while it’s still slightly damp. Hang your clothes up right away, smoothing out any wrinkles. If you want to re-shrink a polyester shirt that’s already shrunk in the wash, machine dry it on a low setting, or it may shrink even further.

What fabrics should go in the clothes dryer?

Most fabrics should go in the clothes dryer. If you want to be safe, check your labels before putting anything in the dryer. You can put cotton, linen, rayon, nylon, silk, wool and even delicate items like baby clothes into the dryer. However, you should not put silk lingerie or underwear in the dryer, as this may cause it to lose its shape.

can you put polyester in the dryer

What Are Some Clothes that Should NOT Be Put in the Dryer?

Items like clothes made of wool should never be put in the clothes dryer. Wool can shrink significantly when dried, and this may ruin your favorite sweater or pair of pants! It’s also a bad idea to put any leather items in the dryer, as the heat will cause them to crack and break out. Polyester suede should never go in the dryer either, and it should be hand-washed instead.

Tips for Drying Clothes Without a Dryer

If you’re trying to be environmentally conscious, drying clothes without a dryer is one option that will save energy and keep your utility bills down. Hanging laundry outside in the sun is an old-fashioned trick that can actually make your clothes smell fresh. When the weather gets colder, you can take your clothes into the bathroom while you shower and then hang them up to dry in there instead. You can also use other methods like hanging your items on a rack by the stove while cooking dinner or using an indoor drying rack near an open window to let some fresh air inside.


If you don’t want your polyester clothes to shrink, fade or stretch in the dryer, air-dry them instead. If you’re trying to save energy and be good to the environment, put them outside in the sun or inside where it’s warm for drying instead.

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