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How do you know if a leather jacket is too big

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Leather is long-lasting clothing that everyone desires to wear; you can’t rock something you have no idea bout. This article helps you know a lot about leather, starting from how to clean to how to fix it in case there is a problem. For the new members of leather society, you will never regret choosing leather as it is the best. Welcome to the world of leather outfits.

Can you shrink a leather jacket

Can you shrink a leather jacket?

Yes, you can shrink a leather jacket by using a water spray bottle because it’s considered the safest method. Make sure you zip up your jacket before spraying it with warm water; don’t use too much water because you just want to soak the leather a bit. After spraying, put the jacket on a pillow cover and dry it on the lowest setting on a dryer; remember that leather jackets are fragile, and too much heat can cause damages.

Methods of Shrinking Leather Jackets

Washing machine

Wash your jacket by placing it in the washing machine; wash it alone because it might fade and ruin all the other clothes. Detergent is not a must when shrinking this type of jacket.

Once done washing, make sure you wring out excess water in your jacket so that it can dry faster and so that you can prevent any damage from occurring, for instance, watermarks. Wringing out is also another way of creating fashionable wrinkles.

Put the jacket on the dryer and ensure that the heat is medium; it’s good if you put it when it’s still wet because that is what makes the jacket shrink. Once the dryer is done, go and try on your jacket, and if it happens to be big still, repeat the procedure until the desired results are achieved.

Shrinking the jacket in a bathtub

Fill warm water in a plastic bin and place it on a bathtub; the reason why you need to use plastic is that the leather jacket might fade and end up ruining the finish on your tub. Do not forget to put on rubber gloves; they help prevent dye from coming in contact with your hands.

You can get the plastic container at nearby hardware stores, or you can purchase them online.

The container should be big enough to suit your jacket

Fill the container with water up to halfway so that you can get the jacket fully deep under the water.

Rub the jacket with dye and then submerge it in water, leave it for ten minutes, let dye bleed out. The process is important as it allows your jacket to shrink by absorbing water. You can as well use a spray bottle to spray water on your leather jacket, that is, if you prefer the method.

Get your jacket tailored by a professional

Apart from the above-discussed methods, you can also take your leather jacket to experienced tailors that deal with leather clothing. Leather jackets are fragile, and not all tailors will manage to make proper alterations.

How Do You Know If a Leather Jacket is Too Big?

Just like other clothes, you will know when your leather jacket is too big by looking at the collar, and if there are dips and dumplings over the collar and up to the shoulders, it means that your jacket is too big at the shoulders and you should do something about it.

If you can’t raise your hands easily, this shows that your jacket is too narrow, so you have to try a size up or down. A leather jacket should fit well; when purchasing one, make sure there is enough room to move your arms without any problem, and as for the length, the appropriate length of a jacket should be on your waist while the sleeves should end at the wrists.

Leather jackets can be challenging to buy; especially big it’s your first time. However, you need to know how to buy your first leather jacket without having any problem.

These jackets should not be too tight or too loose, but one that is fitting and comfortable. One way to know if you bought the right size is when you can freely move hands without any discomfort.

Once you know how to buy the right size leather jacket, you should now be in a position to match your outfit with various trousers and shoes.

Does Wet Leather Shrink?

Yes, in fact it’s the best idea to shrink leather when it’s wet; leather shrinks a lot when soaked in water, after that you then apply some heat on it. If you purposely want to shrink leather, soak it in water and leave it for a while before you dry it in the sun.

Leather shrinks when wet but not all the time; sometimes it can rain on you with your leather jacket on, and that is not shrinking. It is stretching the fabric and is one way of making your leather larger.

When it rains on a leather jacket, make sure you hang it on a hanger for it to maintain its shape, or else it will enlarge because at that moment, it’s too heavy. This method can also cause shrinking at some point, but it’s not 100% perfect for making it shrink.

If you are trying bro shrink a leather jacket, what you should do is wash it with cold water but don’t use any detergent and make sure you get rid of excess water by wringing it out. It is the best way of shrinking leather jackets.

Will Steam Shrink Leather?

Steam can shrink out leather, and it’s one of the best methods so far. To shrink leather with steam, you will need, leather conditioner, steamer, hanger, and thermometer. Follow the right procedures so that you don’t damage your beautiful item; here are some of the steps to guide you through the steaming process.

Step 1

You should know the type of leather that you are yet to steam and which tanning process is necessary. This is to determine the amount of heat needed. If your jacket is Alum-tanned,

it shrinks at 131 to 140 degrees, while a Chrome-tanned type shrinks at 167 to 185 degrees. To know the type of jacket you have, read the label on it.

Step 2

Rent or purchase a clothing steamer because it’s the main item needed.

Step 3

Lay the jacket down on a flat, dry surface or hang it on a good hanger.

Step 4

Start by steaming the leather in small sections; the heat used should be appropriate for the kind of leather you are dealing with. After some time, you will realize that the leather is shrinking, do the steaming until you are satisfied by the size.

Step 5

Air-dry the leather, and make sure you apply a conditioner that is specifically meant for leather. It makes the leather soft and supple.

Does Alcohol Shrink Leather?

Yes, a mixture of water and alcohol is a more effective way of shrinking leather; the process can be repeated as many times as possible but keep in mind that the leather will not be much smaller after the initial shrinking.

Leather shrinks because of various factors; however, hot water works magic when it comes to shrinking leather and with the help of alcohol, it works best. Rubbing alcohol helps in barrier protection and allows the leather pores to take in as much water as possible.

Water, alcohol mixture is a very effective method that works well than using only water. Repeat the process as much as you like so long as, in the end, you get what you wanted.

Some of the things you need for this process are soft cloth, leather, rubbing alcohol, leather conditioner, and a large bucket. This is all you need; the procedure is easy and doesn’t take much of your time; let’s look at how it’s done below.


  • Mix alcohol with warm water; the solution should be half a bucket.
  • Place the leather in the bucket with the solution and allow it to soak for about ten minutes.
  • Time to remove the leather, don’t forget to rinse with cold water and wring out the excess water.
  • You then place it in a dry place to dry but not in direct sunlight. Let it dry for one day before putting it on.
  • Use a leather conditioner on the jacket; it restored and softens the jacket as well as protecting it from alcohol damage.

How Do You Fix a Shrunken Leather Jacket?

There are various methods you can use to fix a shrunken leather jacket; it can be disgusting to work around with a jacket that looks awful. However, some methods tend to work, below are various ways you need to follow if you want to fix your jacket well.

Use ice

This method is cheap and easy; you need to take your jacket and place it on a plastic bag and seal the top, then place the plastic on a freezer bag; the second bag should then be filled with water before finally zipping it up. Leave the item in the freezer for a few hours.

Once it is completely frozen, allow it to thaw out because the contraction and expansion that comes with freezing pull your jacket, thus making it stretch, getting rid of shrinkage. You can as well repeat the process of at all it has not done it perfectly for the first time.


This works for pants and jackets; it is a method that requires less energy, yet it really stretches out leather. All you need to do is place your jacket on the dryer and make sure the heat is set to low.

The heat helps to soften the leather, and because of the banging and spinning against the washing machine’s walls, leather is stretched out.

Professional products

Use this if all other methods fail; there are some commercial products that can be used to stretch leather clothing. You can get stretching sprays from stores that will help to soften your leather.

How do you know if a leather jacket is too big

Can You Put a Leather Jacket in the Washing Machine?

Yes, leather can be put in a washing machine, but you should not use any detergent on it. Just use clean water. It is also important to wash it alone without other items because you don’t know if it fades, and apart from fading, leather is fragile and can peel if it comes in contact with rough or tough substances.

Even though you can wash leather in a washing machine, it is recommended that you try other safer methods. Your leather could get damaged in the machine; leather jackets don’t require regular cleaning; you simply wipe and hang it somewhere to let it dry.

Avoid using products like coconut oils or olive oil to clean your jackets; use appropriate products that are specifically meant for. Leather needs special care. It doesn’t matter if it’s a jacket, trousers or any other thing as long as it’s made of leather.

As much as you love your jacket and want to keep it clean, it will need proper cleaning at some point, so you might want to take it to a professional, or you can make it clean by yourself; you need to take proper care when washing your jacket to keep it safe from damage.

Almost everyone has tried leather for once, it is an amazing outfit, and once you try, you will never want to leave it behind. However, the good something is it gets dirty, and you have to get it clean so that you can continue wearing it; and as for the beginners who have never tried leather, it’s time you try because you are missing out on something amazing.

Anyone can rock leather so long as you have an idea of how to shrink it, know whether it shrinks when wet, how to shy leather with steam and alcohol, ways of washing leather jackets, and how to fix shrunken leather jackets.

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