How to End a Relationship With a Pathological Liar




How do you get rid of a pathological liar

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Are you in a relationship with someone you suspect may be lying to you? Are they spinning tall tales, making excuses, and providing lots of evasive answers when pressed to give the truth? If this sounds familiar, your partner is likely a chronic liar. While it may seem complicated to imagine ending such a relationship, particularly if it’s been going on for some time, the consequences of staying can lead to greater pain and suffering down the line. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how to end a relationship with a pathological liar – including signs that indicate it may be time for an exit plan.

how to end a relationship with a pathological liar

How to End a Relationship With a Pathological Liar

Understand What You’re Dealing With

Ending a relationship with a pathological liar can be difficult, even if you know the truth about their deceitful habits. Pathological liars have many defenses to protect the lies they tell, making it almost impossible to break through them. To truly end the relationship, you must first understand what you are dealing with – observing their behavior and recognizing when something isn’t adding up.

Pathological liars will often lie about little things or twist events in a way that causes confusion and makes it harder for the other person to discern the truth. They may also react angrily when accused of lying, which is another form of manipulation. Taking a step back and looking at any situation more objectively can help you recognize that the person may be lying and move towards ending the relationship on firmer ground.

Set Boundaries

Pathological liars can be very convincing at telling stories about themselves and their lives, making it incredibly difficult for their significant others to question their trustworthiness. They also often use manipulative language and tactics to increase their control in the relationship. The only way to end a relationship with a pathological liar is by setting boundaries you don’t want them to cross. This will give you back your power and make sure that the liar knows you won’t tolerate any more manipulation or lying.

Make sure your boundaries are clear, so the liar understands that you are serious about ending the relationship. If they continue to push those boundaries, you have every right to cut off all contact with them, freeing yourself from their toxic influence and harmful behavior.

Identify When They’re Lying

The best way to end a relationship with a pathological liar is to identify when they are lying. When you spot the signs that someone is fabricating or withholding information, you will be better equipped to confront them healthily and move on without further entanglement.

By recognizing tells such as inconsistencies in stories or details, avoiding eye contact, or cognitive effort when answering questions, you can ensure that the conversation is honest and authentic. Ultimately, being able to identify the lies will help give you the strength and closure necessary for walking away from this kind of damaging relationship.

Trust Your Gut

Ending a relationship with someone who constantly lies can be a difficult task. While it might feel easier to stay in a failing relationship, learning to trust your gut and put yourself first is crucial to moving on. When you rely on your intuition and inner guidance, it can become much easier to assess whether this person is trustworthy and if they are truly worth keeping around.

Once you’ve taken some time and considered your options carefully, being brave enough to end the relationship and opting for what is right for you will pave the way for a brighter future. Moving forward can be scary, but having faith in yourself is how to move on when ending a relationship with a pathological liar is the right choice.

Put Yourself First

Ending a toxic relationship is hard but sometimes necessary for personal growth. When an individual is in a relationship with someone who is deceitful, it can be especially trying. Pathological liars can be manipulative and often tell half-truths or untruths without batting an eye.

Putting yourself first is essential to end the relationship and avoiding further hurt. Focus your energy on reclaiming your power and maintaining healthy boundaries. Reaffirm your values so that you will not accept any behavior that is not aligned with them moving forward. Making yourself a priority helps prevent the dishonest partner from taking advantage of you and helps establish closure so you can start rebuilding healthier relationships.

Confront the Lie Directly

Confronting the lies directly is often the best and most effective way to end a relationship with a pathological liar. By doing so, both parties will understand that their relationship has ended and should set a clear expectation of how they want to move on with their lives. When pursuing this approach, it is important to remain level-headed and not react with emotion; instead, focus calmly on the facts and be prepared for deception and manipulation tactics.

An honest conversation is essential when attempting to cut ties with a pathological liar amicably. Allowing each person a proper chance to express themselves without interruption can help ensure that each party understands where the other stands, regardless of how difficult it may be once the lies are out in the open.

Keep Documentation of Lies and Events

If you’re in a relationship with a pathological liar, gaining clarity and finally cutting ties can be difficult. The most important thing you can do is document every lie and event. This is beneficial for potential legal action and for gaining peace of mind. Keeping records of wrongdoings will provide an undeniable backup to stories and feelings when trying to process the situation at hand or take appropriate steps later.

Documentation is an essential tool when dealing with someone who lies habitually. It can be used as evidence to support your experience – even if the person doesn’t admit lying or attempts to push responsibility onto you. It is often advised that you gather facts from more than one source if possible, so have witnesses write down relevant information or keep copies of certified documents. Through objectively tracking all events, the truth will eventually emerge.

Don’t Try to Out-Lie a Pathological Liar or Manipulate Them Back

The most important thing to remember when ending a relationship with a pathological liar is that manipulation or lying back is not the answer. Even if the lie was told in reaction to something you did, it’s still essential to maintain your integrity and stay firm on your boundaries. Trying to out-lie or manipulate them only leads to further deceit, making it harder to break away from the situation.

Know You Are Not to Blame for Their Behaviour

Ending a relationship with a pathological liar is never easy. It requires strength, courage, and assertiveness. In many cases, the pathological liar may even make it seem like it’s your fault that things have to end. This person may try to blame you for their behavior or even maintain a facade of victimhood when confronted with the truth.

Throughout this process, it’s important to remember that you are not responsible for their choices and actions; you must hold yourself accountable and be firm in confronting the liar while maintaining compassion towards them. This is the best way forward to ending a relationship with a pathological liar, ultimately setting both parties free.

Make It Clear That You Don’t Believe Them

The end of a relationship with a pathological liar can be challenging. Even if the relationship is toxic and needs to end, it’s not easy to confront someone and draw a line in the sand. When you’re done making excuses for them and putting up with their dishonesty, it is important to ensure that you still act with integrity and respect when breaking things off. In your approach, it is essential to be clear and direct, stating unambiguously that your feelings have changed.

You do not need to provide explanations or dress up the truth to protect their ego; instead, make it clear that you no longer trust them, do not believe what they say, and find yourself unable to continue this relationship. This response will ensure that all parties understand the situation’s gravity.

Get Support From Others Who Have Dealt With Pathological Liars

It is understandably tough to end a relationship with someone you have strong feelings for, especially when they have a serious problem. Unfortunately, if someone has become a pathological liar, it is best not to continue in the relationship and get out as soon as possible. Though this may mean ending it on bad terms and going through the pain of breaking up, surrounding yourself with people who understand can help make the process much easier.

Others who have dealt with pathological liars can give helpful advice on how best to end things quickly and cleanly while ensuring your well-being. Do not hesitate to seek support to get through the process as smoothly as possible while maintaining safety and good mental health.

Cut Off Communication and Detach from the Person

Learning to cut off communication and detach from a person who is a pathological liar may be the best way to end a difficult relationship. Remember, it takes two people to tango – you must stop enabling the liar by making excuses and trying to cover up the lies they have told. Take your time and create space between to help minimize contact.

This will allow you to think, plan and process why this relationship needs to end and provide an opportunity for the pathological liar to reflect on why it should not persist. This decision also has its benefits; it gives you an opportunity for self-care and finds true peace and contentment that can come with removing yourself from such an unhealthy dynamic.

Seek Professional Help if Necessary

Ending a relationship with a pathological liar can be difficult and emotionally draining. The truth is often contorted with this person, and the stress of sorting out what is real and what isn’t can become overwhelming. If you find yourself stuck in a situation like this, it is wise to seek professional help if necessary.

Whether it’s counseling to help process your feelings or therapy for the liar, having specialized assistance can make all the difference in how effectively the relationship ends. Relying on experts can provide you with the stability and focus that may be lacking due to the manipulative nature of a pathological liar. Don’t be afraid to seek help – taking care of yourself should always take precedence when dealing with unhealthy relationships.

Move On and Let Go of Your Feelings

Ending a relationship with a pathological liar can be emotionally draining and more challenging than ending other non-dysfunctional relationships. While it may seem more straightforward to want to stay in the relationship and call out the liar for their behavior and lies, this usually does not work. Pathologically lying partners will often continue to lie until all trust is gone.

The best thing you can do is accept that you cannot fix this person or the relationship, let go of your feelings, and move on. Doing so can lead to better peace of mind in the long run, allowing you to love another person freely without feeling like you are constantly walking on eggshells.

How do you get rid of a pathological liar

End the Relationship on Your Terms

If you are in a relationship with someone with a lying pattern, breaking it off can be challenging. It’s important to remember that you don’t owe this person anything, so take care of yourself first. Ending the relationship on your terms gives you the power and control to step away.

Leaving while maintaining your integrity means focusing on creating closure and setting healthy boundaries by being clear and honest. Doing this may be difficult, but enabling the lies is more damaging in the long run for both of you. With kindness and firmness, it is possible to end the relationship fairly, so don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.


Pathological liars will never change; you deserve better than constantly being lied to. It is time for you to end this toxic relationship before it does any more damage. You deserve someone honest with you and will treat you with respect. Don’t let a pathological liar control your life any longer – it’s time to move on.

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