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How do I become a godly wife

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To be a godly wife to your husband is not an easy task, and it takes time, effort, and lots of love. However, it is worth it! Here are some helpful tips on becoming the best wife you can be.

How to Be a Godly Wife to Your Husband

How to Be a Godly Wife to Your Husband

Pray for him regularly

Praying for one’s husband is a fundamental way to be a Godly wife. According to numerous religious texts, such as the Bible and the Quran, praying for your spouse is an essential duty of every married woman. By creating a regular prayer routine and dedicating time each day to explicitly praying for your husband, you are actively seeking to guide his life according to God’s will.

Additionally, you become a source of strength, wisdom, and guidance for your partner by aligning yourself with divine forces. Finally, by setting this example in your relationship, you provide an example of a faithful marriage that can encourage others to seek the guidance of God in their partnerships similarly. Ultimately, there can be no doubt that regularly praying for one’s husband is crucial for being a genuinely godly wife.

Support his dreams and goals

As a Christian wife, one of your key roles is to support your husband’s dreams and goals. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to agree with everything he wants to do – after all, you are both individuals with your thoughts and opinions. However, it does mean that you should show him respect and encouragement as he pursues his aspirations.

By being a cheerleader for your husband, you will strengthen your marriage, but you will also help him achieve his God-given potential. This can benefit your entire family as your husband flourishes in his career or calling. So if you want to be a Godly wife, make sure to start by supporting your husband’s dreams and goals.

Be his biggest cheerleader

A Godly wife knows that one of her primary roles is to be her husband’s biggest cheerleader. She recognizes that God has called him to a specific purpose and mission, and she is committed to supporting him in whatever way she can. This may involve creating an atmosphere of encouragement at home, providing practical help with childcare or housework, or simply being prayer and emotional support source. A Godly wife also understands that her husband is not perfect, but she loves and respects him anyway. She knows that God is using her husband to accomplish His purposes, and she is proud to be part of his team.

Respect him unconditionally

To be a Godly wife to your husband, it is essential to respect him unconditionally. This means that you should always respect his opinions and decisions, even if you disagree.

Additionally, it is vital to listen to your husband and support his goals and plans. Lastly, respecting your husband also means being faithful to him emotionally and physically. By showing respect for your husband in all areas of your relationship, you will be able to create a strong and lasting bond built on mutual love and respect.

Love him unconditionally

As a Christian wife, part of your vows includes loving your husband unconditionally. This doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to his faults or put up with abuse but honestly, believe that God loves him even more than you do and desires his redemption and transformation even more than you do. Unconditional love is hard, but it’s what God calls us to as wives. When we love our husbands in this way, it reflects the gospel and points our husbands (and everyone around us) to Christ. Additionally, when our husband sees that we love him unconditionally, it gives him the freedom to be honest about his struggles and weaknesses because he knows he won’t be rejected. This creates an environment of grace and truth in your marriage that can be a powerful testimony to the world.

Serve him selflessly

Many religious leaders have shown serving your husband selflessly to be a crucial element of godly wifehood. By offering your unconditional support, helpful advice, and comfort when your husband needs it most, you can demonstrate true devotion and show that you live by your faith’s teachings.

Additionally, by focusing on your husband’s needs rather than yourself, you can improve not only his well-being but also the overall health of your marriage. Thus, serving your husband selflessly is an excellent way to live as a Godly wife when seeking to achieve lasting harmony within your relationship and aligning yourself with a higher purpose.

Forgive him readily

It is your God-given responsibility to support and respect your husband as a wife. However, there will be times when he makes mistakes or says things that hurt you. It is important to remember that forgiveness is a vital component of a healthy marriage in these moments. When you forgive your husband readily, you model Christ-like behavior and show that you are committed to the relationship.

Additionally, forgiveness can help to promote healing and prevent resentment from taking root in your heart. As you strive to be a Godly wife, remember that forgiveness is essential for maintaining a healthy and happy marriage.

Encourage him always

As a Christian wife, one of your primary roles is to encourage your husband to walk with God. This doesn’t mean that you should be pushing him or nagging him to go to church or Bible study; instead, you should be supportive and encouraging as he seeks to grow in his faith. You can do this by praying for him regularly, talking with him about spiritual matters, and being a good role model.

Additionally, you should make an effort to attend church together and participate in other spiritual activities as a couple. By encouraging him always in his relationship with God, you can help him grow closer to the Lord and become the man He wants him to be.

Be patient with him

Being a Godly wife is about cultivating patience, cooperation, and kindness in your interactions with your husband. This can sometimes be easier said than done, but by working to cultivate these qualities, you will ultimately develop deep respect and appreciation for your husband’s character.

This ultimately manifests as loyalty, commitment, admiration, and even love for your husband. So whether you are dealing with minor misunderstandings or more significant issues in your marriage, remember to always have patience with him. With hard work, time, and lots of prayers, you can become the Godly wife that he deserves.

Be loyal and faithful to him

Being a Godly wife to your husband requires being loyal and faithful to him. This means that you should be committed to him emotionally and financially. You should also support him, standing by him during difficult times.

Additionally, you should respect him, listen to his opinions, and value his input. Finally, you should love him unconditionally, accept him for who he is, and support his dreams and goals. By being loyal and faithful to your husband, you can be an excellent wife who honors and loves God.

Be a positive influence in his life

The role of a wife is a high calling, one that comes with great responsibility. A wife is a helpmate to her husband, and as such, she has the opportunity to influence him positively. By being a Godly wife, she can model for him what it looks like to live a life pleasing to the Lord. In addition, she can pray for him and encourage him in his faith journey.

Finally, she can be a source of strength and support during difficult times. When a wife takes on her role with these things in mind, she can be a powerful influence in her husband’s life, helping him to grow closer to the Lord.

Make him feel loved and appreciated

As any married couple knows, feeling loved and appreciated by your spouse is essential to a happy and healthy relationship. However, making your husband feel loved and appreciated goes beyond simply telling him that you love him, and it also involves showing your love through your actions and words daily.

One way to be a Godly wife to your husband is to make an effort to show your love and appreciation for him. This might involve cooking his favorite meal, giving him a backrub after a long day, or simply taking the time to listen to him when he wants to talk. No matter what you do, making an effort to show your husband that you love and appreciate him will go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

Communicate openly and honestly with him

Being a godly wife requires more than just following specific rules or exhibiting certain behaviors, and it also requires a strong sense of communication and honesty with your husband. That is because open and honest communication allows you to build trust, be supportive, and positively resolve conflicts.

To communicate openly and honestly with your husband, you must be committed to him and the relationship. This means being willing to share your thoughts, feelings, and desires openly, without fear of judgment or criticism. Likewise, listening carefully to your husband without reacting defensively or shutting him out when he shares his concerns or feelings with you is crucial. By cultivating this open and honest communication with your spouse, you can truly exemplify the qualities of being a godly wife. After all, only through effective communication can you both work together as partners daily to create a happy and fulfilling relationship.

How do I become a godly wife

Be understanding and supportive of his needs

To be a godly wife, it is essential to understand and support your husband’s needs. Whether it is his need for intimacy, fellowship, or spiritual guidance, it is essential to show compassion and freely give your time and energy.

By meeting these needs in a way that reflects humility and sensitivity, you can help to build a strong and lasting relationship with your spouse. This, in turn, will not only glorify God but will provide fulfillment and joy in your life as well. Thus, by being an understanding and supportive wife, you can serve as a positive example of what it means to be truly godly.

Seek to grow together as a couple through intimacy, friendship, and communication

You must work to grow together as a couple through intimacy, friendship, and communication. Intimacy involves creating a strong emotional bond between you and your husband, while friendship signifies the importance of maintaining mutual trust and support. By cultivating these crucial aspects in your relationship, you can create an environment where your husband feels comfortable sharing his thoughts and feelings, allowing for a deeper and more meaningful connection.

Additionally, effective communication ensures that any challenges or disagreements are handled respectfully and with understanding. By prioritizing these vital elements in your marriage, you can truly grow together as a powerful team rooted in God’s love and guidance.


So, how do you be a godly wife to your husband? You put God first in your marriage, and everything else falls into place. You respect, submit to, serve, and love him sacrificially. It’s not always easy – but it’s worth it! If you want to have a thriving marriage that honors God, start applying these principles.

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