Do You Run With Or Against Traffic?




Do You Run With Or Against Traffic

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Anyone that wants to have good health should learn to work out, run and even jog. Run at a specific time of the day that you are comfortable with and it should not be on a hot sunny day.

When running, carry with you water. Water helps in hydration after a challenging exercise. Run with your friends if possible. It’s more fun than when you run alone. You should know the benefits of running because it might motivate you to start running if you haven’t been.

To be safe, cyclists, runners and drivers must respect each other and pave way for one another when need be. These will help reduce the number of accidents occurring.

Following the road rules and sticking to them is also the best thing every person should do, even those walking by foot are on this.

Accidents would never occur if everyone was to stay on their lanes. Remember that it is your safety and you should be responsible for it.

Benefits of Running

  • Helps you sleep better
  • Running can help you lose weight
  • It improves your knees and back
  • Running raises heart rate and blood flow
  • It can as well improve your immunity
  • Reduces risk of getting cancer
  • Lowers risk of diabetes
  • Reduces depression
  • Lowers blood pressure

Now that you know how beneficial running is, you can as well go and try it. Join your friends or run alone during safe hours, it is not hard to start running. You can begin slowly and with time, you will begin enjoying and never wanting to miss out.

Do You Run With Or Against Traffic

Do You Run With Or Against Traffic?

When running outside, it is safer to run against traffic because you will see cars coming at you, which is safe than having vehicles behind you. It would be best if you always run against traffic, whether it’s dark or day time.

It is a must that you do in some places, so the law requires all runners and walkers to run and walk against traffic. Research shows that these keep pedestrians and everyone else safe.

If you do run on the road, ensure that you follow all the road safety rules. Some of the rules you should include seeking separate paths, run single file, be alert at blind curves and hills, avoid wearing headphones, run defensively and be visible (wear reflective clothing).

Running against traffic can be unsafe at a point where you are approaching a hill or sharp turn and the driver cannot see you. In case this happens, cross the road earlier and run with traffic until it is safe to cross.

You are safe when you run against traffic, you should always do so even with or without laws. Remember that it is your life and you must do what is right for you, not only the runners but also those who walk on foot.

What Is The Correct Side Of The Road To Run On?

You should run against traffic all the time, whether to run on the left or the right side depends on your direction but the most important thing is you should move in a direction that oncoming traffic is coming towards you.

Choosing the correct side of the road for your run is safe for your safety, ensure that you do the necessary things. Below are some of the things you should put in mind before going for a run.

Always face traffic

When running on the road, you must run against traffic. Whether you should run on the left or right side depends on your direction but of great importance is moving in a direction where vehicles head towards you.

When you run in this manner, you can easily monitor vehicles and easily move away if a vehicle is too close to the side of the road or if it’s moving too fast.


Make sure that you are visible when running along the road, especially in low light conditions. In order to be visible, wear reflective clothes and if you don’t have one, carry with you a flashlight.

What Is The Correct Side Of The Road To Run On

Do You Bike With Or Against The Road?

You should not bike against traffic because it is illegal, when riding, ensure that you are on the right side of the road and you must also follow the same rules as a vehicle.

New cyclists are so anxious and can fail to follow the rules and road signs. Remember that in case of an accident, a cyclist is likely going to be injured and killed.

Riding against traffic is not safe for cyclists, a study shows that cyclists who ride against traffic are at high chances of getting into accidents. Cyclists should ride in the same direction as vehicles for their own safety.

Reasons why you should cycle in the same direction as vehicles is because riding with traffic protects your fellow cyclists, you are more likely to be seen, drivers can respond quickly, you are in a position to look at road signs and it is a law in some places as well.

Cyclists should also observe all the traffic rules, including traffic lights and so many other things. In some places, if you don’t follow the rules, you can be arrested, yet it is something you should have avoided.

Should You Walk With Or Against Traffic?

You should walk against traffic because it is safe and drivers can see you. You can also view oncoming vehicles and cross the road much easier without causing accidents on the road.

Reasons why you should walk against traffic

  • A pedestrian is able to see traffic approaching and make corrections quickly.
  • It makes it hard for drivers to attempt an abduction.
  • Lowers chances of accidents occurring

There are some places where there are no sidewalks and you are forced to walk with traffic. Below are the tips to help keep you safe in case of this situation.

  • When it’s time to cross the street, only cross at intersections.
  • If you ever come across roads with no sidewalks, you should walk towards traffic.
  • Drivers need to see you so that they can avoid hitting you. Therefore, you should keep the following tips in mind whenever you are on the road.
  • Do not let your kids play near traffic or cross the roads themselves
  • Stay out of a driver’s blind spot
  • Carry a flashlight if it’s nighttime or during early morning hours
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street
  • Wear reflectors if you are going to walk near traffic

Do Runners Have The Right Of Way On The Road?

Yes, they do but accompanied by a few conditions. Runners should only cross at intersections, if an intersection has no marked crosswalks that are when pedestrians should cross the road. When a runner is in a marked crosswalk, drivers must let that runner cross.

Pedestrians should not use roadways for travel except when there are no sidewalks. Runners must use a sidewalk instead of running on the road but in case there are no sidewalks, runners are advised to keep to the edge of the road or the left side of the road.

Runners must run on the left side facing the oncoming traffic so that drivers can be able to see pedestrians.

Additional tips

  • Respect vehicles even when you have the right of way just for your own safety
  • Runners should try to be visible to drivers
  • Avoid running solo because when you run as a group, you will be more visible to drivers
  • Remember to run against traffic
  • Remain present while you run and avoid distractions.

Is Jogging At Night Dangerous?

Yes, it is, especially if you are going jogging alone. If you want to jog at night, then go out with friends but if it is okay with you, you better jog at day time to avoid anything from happening.

Things to Consider

Run with friends

Jiffy at night is dangerous and if it happens that you want to jog at night, do not do it alone, go with a group of friends because it’s much safer. Jogging alone in the dark, isolated areas are so dangerous and a lot of people have lost their lives because of these.

Alternative workout

Most people only have time at night because they have a busy schedule during the day, it is preferred that you jog in the morning rather than at night. If you want to train at a specific time, do it in your own home.

Tips for night jogging

If you prefer jogging, consider looking at the following tips.

How Can I Run At Night Safely?

Running at night is not safe, especially for girls, but some people run at night because it’s their only free time. You should not worry because there are tips that will guide you in how you can run at night safely.

Run a familiar route

Do not run on unfamiliar routes at night, use the route that you know well. Stick to the route where you have memorized everything: trees, buildings and even corners. Ensure that you switch routes every night to prevent creepers from tracking you.

Be aware

You should know the routes well to avoid getting into accidents at night, you should be able to distinguish objects in that route even when it’s dark.

Run against traffic

It’s good to face traffic while running because drivers will be able to see you and you can also be able to see vehicles directly which is safe for you.

Carry an ID on you

It is very important to carry around an id or even a driver’s license so that in case of anything happens, your loved ones can be easily reached.

Run with a buddy or join a running group

Safety comes fast, never run alone at night. Women should avoid running alone at night in dark areas.

Carry a cellphone with home

A phone is useful, it can be used to track you in case anything happens or just to ensure that you are safe. On your phone, download the Road ID app it allows emergency contact to be displayed even when your phone is locked.

Is It Better To Walk On Concrete Or Asphalt?

Asphalt is better than concrete but on bike paths, dirt path, bike path and not on slanted surfaces. Running on slanted surfaces can cause serious injuries and your shoes will wear out faster.

Any time you are going to run and you need to choose between these two types, consider running on asphalt floors if you want to be safer. Even though concrete lasts longer than asphalt, it is preferred that you chose an asphalt basement if you are a runner.

Asphalt is stronger and durable because it is very flexible and can handle human traffic than concrete. Consider running on asphalt every other time because it is recommended for all runners.

Running is important for your health and if you have been running or jogging that is great. However, you should observe all the rules required if you are running on the road, do not cause accidents out of your carelessness.

Remember to do everything required of you, wear reflectors, run on the right side of the road, do not run or jog at night and don’t run alone in unsafe places.

You should also be able to distinguish what is better between asphalt and concrete, know if runners have the right of way on the road, whether you should work with or against traffic, if you should bike with or against traffic, the correct side of the road to run on and if jogging at night is dangerous.

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