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Best Smelling Aftershave Balm

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After cutting off your hair or shaving your beard, you want to go beyond that to calm and soothe the skin from all forms of irritations and pains that ordinarily arise. You need to use an aftershave to achieve this end. Many kinds of these balms exist at the moment. Of these, it is the ones that smell that are the better options.

They have the ability to add some fragrance and nice feeling besides merely soothing your skin of all the pains. Getting to know more about them is definitely a great step to take to realize the accompanying ends. We devote the discussions that follow to just that.

Best Smelling Aftershave Balm

Best Smelling Aftershave Balm

Here below, we review 8 of the best smelling aftershave balms that money can buy at the moment:

a.) Tend Skin the Skin Care Solution for Unsightly Razor Bumps


Wising to slow down the razor burns and the ingrown hairs? This is the aftershave to leverage for the job. Its formulation is potent enough to deal with those ghastly razor bumps with ease.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Gentle Formulation

This emollient for all practical purposes contains a gentle formulation. Its formulation is generally gentle and able to take on the equally gentle skin of a woman. It particularly combats redness and a host of skin issues.


The balm is largely awesome and suited for the post-waxing undertakings. When used for such an application, it reduces the appearance of the redness of the skin for healthier outcomes.

Excellent Performance

On the whole, it manages to give off excellent performances indeed. Many who have attempted it have noted that it performs wonders and the turnarounds within a short duration of time.



  • Too gentle for the rougher skins
  • Its impacts do not last that long
  • Returns the limited value for money

b.) NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm


For your convenient use and operations, you want a balm that can soothe and moisturize the skin at the same time, don’t you? This is the one we would vouch for if you are desirous of that end.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Formulation

The formulation of this balm is truly excellent. It contains no drying alcohol as is the norm with many other emollients. Count on it hence to satisfy your shaving and skincare-related needs.

Enriched with Vitamins

Complementing the excellent formulation above is the existence of sufficiently higher levels of vitamins. Vitamin E is by far the most abundant. It is followed closely by Witch Hazel extracts and the soothing Chamomile.


In the course of its manufacture, the item is dermatologically-tested for exceptional outcomes and performances. Owing to this testing, the item is particularly useful for men with sensitive skin.


  • Possesses unique extra-gentle formula
  • Soothes the skin from the adverse effects of irritations
  • Improves the conditions of your skin over time
  • Does not compromise the quality of your skin
  • The light fragrance does not imperil those with allergies


  • Unsuitable for those with oily skin
  • Its fragrance does last a limited duration of time
  • Likely to soil your garments

c.) Old Spice Classic Scent After Shave 4.25 Fl. Oz.


Do you just love awesome scents?

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Distinctive Scent

Standing taller among its notable traits is the distinctive scent that the balm exudes. The scent is unmistakably masculine and contains the old spices that once dominated the world.

Cool, Crisp and Clean

This aftershave is on the whole cool, crisp, and clean. Even when you use it for a too long duration of time, it is unlikely to soil your clothes or interfere with your facial appearances.

Cooling and Refreshing

When applied on the skin, the balm generates some cooling and refreshing outcomes on the whole. Thus, it serves to give off higher returns on the amount of money you invest.


  • Imbues some masculine scents
  • Good for the aftershave
  • Useful after the showering exercises
  • Reminisces the good old days
  • Cools and refreshes in equal measure


  • Only for the male user
  • May be too sharp for those with respiratory illnesses
  • Demands complex application procedures

d.) Evagloss Razor Bumps Solution- After Shave Repair Serum


Want to repair your skin over and above merely soothing it after a shave? Get hold of this balm and have your issue sorted out. It does combat the menace of the dark spots exceptionally well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Evagloss Razor Bumps Solution

Using this aftershave, you will be able to find relief from irritations that generally arise when shaving your hair or beards. It does facilitate all forms of shaving like waxing, electrolysis, tweezing, and laser.


The gadget is overall able to perform numerous tasks related to shaving. These include the improvement of the appearance of the skin, reduction of razor bumps, and lightening of the skin color.

In-depth Performances

In all, this item manages in-depth performances. Not only does it soothe irritations from the ingrown hairs but also does it ward off the proliferation of the ingrown hair in the future.


  • Allows for easier applications
  • Distributes faster and easier on the skin when applied
  • Does not drip off the surfaces unnecessarily
  • Its impacts last comparatively longer
  • Corrects many skin conditions too!


  • Prolonged use may pose permanent harms to your skin
  • Disparages gentle and sensitive skins
  • Demands utmost care and attention when engaged

e.) Neutrogena Triple Protect Men’s Daily Face Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen


Has your skin started experiencing aging and other associated issues? If it has, this could be the emollient you have been searching for. It has the ability to reverse this issue considerably.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen

A broad-spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen ranks first among the many benefits that the aftershave has to offer. This one creates a barrier that prevents the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating deeper into the skin.

Light Non-greasy Moisturizing Lotion

In all, the lotion is lighter as is evidenced by its ability to spread out faster when applied. In fact, you just have to apply it in one easy step, and that is it!

Lightweight Men’s Lotion

The container proper that holds the emollient is also smaller in size. Thanks to this smallness, it is well able to facilitate remote use and regularly travels with absolute ease.



  • Limited to those with aging issues
  • May be too potent for a young skin
  • Can clog the pores and suppress sweating

f.) Proraso After Shave Lotion, Refreshing, and Toning, 3.4 Fl. Oz.


For your maximum returns on investments, you have this aftershave balm for your own choice and consideration. When applied on the skin, it refreshes, tones, and cares for your skin simultaneously.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Fresh and Natural Ingredients

Only fresh and natural ingredients have been used to structure the aftershave balm. These ingredients have the capability to add some fervor to your skins to keep the same soft and fresh all the while.

Eucalyptus and Menthol

Also abundantly present in this balm are eucalyptus and menthol respectively. The former purifies your skin whereas the latter refreshes and revitalizes the same in such a way as to prevent rashes.

Pleasant and Invigorating

A pleasant and invigorating outcome does emanate from the balm. Other than that, it also impacts all kinds of skins for your wholesome peace of mind.


  • Cools, refreshes, and tones the skin
  • Reduces inflammations that may arise when the skin is shaved
  • Promotes the healing of the skin when used for the job
  • Purifies the skin by eliminating all forms of impurities
  • Tones and refreshes the skin


  • Too powerful for the ordinary skin
  • Takes too long to settle
  • Likely to drip off when applied on the skin

g.) PFB Vanish Razor Bump Stopper Skin Care Treatment


Are you generally susceptible to the risks of razor burns? This might as well be the balm you have been looking for. It has the distinctive ability to treat the ingrown hairs and the razor burns as well.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Exceptional Performances

The balm is overall well able to manage exceptional performances. It reduces the appearances of the dark spots, suppresses bumps, and tackles the menace of the ingrown hair perfectly.

PFB vanish with Chroma Bright

It does have the PFB vanish that blends with the Chroma bright to reduce the possible discolorations of the skin. This maintains you in a perpetual state of cleanliness and wholesomeness.

Roll-on Applicator

To apply the balm, you make use of the roll-on applicator. The applicator is generally convenient to utilize as it spreads out faster and hassle-free.


  • Spreads out easily to almost every part of the body
  • Lightens the skin as it works on it
  • Tackles the ingrown hairs with maximum efficacy
  • Combats the bumps with exceptional zeal
  • Applies faster and conveniently


  • Has limited applicability
  • May not yield maximum returns on investments
  • Its impacts tend to be watered down a bit too easily

h.) Bee Bald Heal Post-Shave Healing Balm, 2 fl. oz.


It is not uncommon for your skin to sustain severe injuries when shaved. If you are particularly prone to bruises, we caution against using the normal aftershave balms for the job. Instead, choose to work with this wholesome post-shave healing balm.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Post-shave Healing Balm

This is a balm you apply after you have shaved off your hair. It expedites the healing process by reducing inflammations and other irritants that are likely to impact your skin negatively.

Natural Compositions and Botanicals

On the whole, the emollient comprises natural compositions and a host of awesome botanicals. They jointly expedite the relief of pains while at the same time work to restore the natural balance of the skin.

Wholesome Impacts

With this item, you may be sure to reap wholesome impacts at each time of use. You may treat bumps, combat redness, diminish razor burns, and ward off a host of shaving irritations.


  • Soothes the damaged skins to promote healing
  • Calms any inflammations that may arise after a shave
  • Manages all forms of irritations with the utmost reliability
  • Contains only natural botanicals and compositions
  • Accelerates the relief from pains


  • Applicable only after a shave
  • May not bring about wholesome impacts
  • Does not spread out faster

How Do I Choose the Best Smelling Aftershave Balm?

Making the right choice of the aftershave balm is a very critical undertaking. That is because the choice of the aftershave determines to a large extent the kind of experience you might accrue with use. Below are some of the considerations you have to factor as you make such a move:


This is the strength of the aftershave overall. A good one has to be truly potent and well able to last a fairly long duration of time. To guarantee this, you have to check out the labels and the ingredient information as they are the key indicators of this.

Skin Type

Your kind of skin should also come in handy. A good aftershave has to be able to handle and work well with the precise skin you have in mind. This might require that you assess the ingredient mix and the nature of the skins that the balm is intended to tackle.

Mode of Application

How is the balm applied to the skin? This should also be a great consideration as the way in which this happens also has a role to play insofar as the experience you are bound to reap is concerned. You want to choose that which spreads out faster when triggered for use.


The formulation is the kinds of ingredients that are present in or constitute the balm. A good balm has to possess a truly potent formulation that is proven to last longer. The information regarding this is contained on the packaging of the containers that have the balm.

Underlying Issue

What exactly do you want to use the balm for? Different balms are intended for mitigating different kinds of underlying issues. Yet again, it is important to match the ingredients with the precise problems you want to tackle. The purpose of this is to minimize any inconsistencies that might impede your experience.

Just to reiterate an earlier point, getting to know about these aftershave balms is a significant step to take. How else can you possibly make the right choice and even enjoy the benefits they potentially bring about? To achieve this, we demand that you read the explanations above carefully.

You should not merely stop at reading the explanations. It makes no sense obtaining the knowledge just for the sake of it. That cannot mean anything save else for putting in place appropriate steps or measures to purchase one for yourself from the list we have looked into above.

Simply skim the list above and then narrow your choice to that one which is more likely to add some value to you. Needless to say, you have to factor the circumstances of use, the mode of applications and the kind of skin you intend to use the same on.

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