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Are you dating someone that loves to show off your relationship? Are you the envy of his friends or family members when they see how elated he is to be with you? If so, then it’s likely that you are a trophy girlfriend! A trophy girlfriend is not necessarily bad – many people thrive in this relationship. However, some signs may indicate if your significant other views you as more of an accessory than something lasting. Consider these key indicators and ask yourself if these behaviors sound familiar.

trophy girlfriend

Signs You Are a Trophy Girlfriend

You feel like a rebound

Being a trophy girlfriend is such a sensitive topic. It’s easy to start doubting yourself when your current relationship is followed by another so quickly. It might cause you to feel like you are nothing more than a rebound – a sign you are simply the prize in the game. The reality, however, can be more complicated.

Everyone has the right to fall in and out of love as they please, and being single again after a relationship doesn’t make someone less worthy of what it did before. Spend some time reflecting on how you felt during this relationship, as it could help you understand if being with him was truly a rebound or something more meaningful.

You have no opinion in their life decisions

Being a trophy girlfriend is often viewed as a non-entity with an inability to stand up for yourself and your own opinions. When it comes to their life decisions, if you have no opinion or little say in what direction they’re choosing, then chances are you are simply a trophy and not seen as an equal partner in the relationship.

People like to feel valued and listened to by their significant other, so having someone in their lives that offers no opinion or contributes very little can be harmful to any relationship dynamic. This equality between two people shows they are respected enough to ensure both viewpoints are heard.

Your relationship is based on appearance

While it’s not uncommon for people to be initially attracted to their partner’s appearance, this shouldn’t be the sole basis of their relationship. Unfortunately, in some cases, a person can become a trophy girlfriend or boyfriend if their partner values them more due to physical appearance than any other quality they may have.

Such a relationship can quickly become unhealthy and unfulfilling, as it focuses solely on physical appeal rather than developing mutual understanding and respect. Suppose you suspect your relationship might be based too heavily on looks alone. In that case, it’s important to take a step back and re-examine what is truly important in sustaining an emotionally fulfilling partnership.

You feel like you’re constantly in competition with everyone else for their attention

Being in a competitive mental space is not an ideal place to be in a relationship. Feeling like you have to prove your worth time and time again for someone’s attention via comparison to others around them does not equal a happy, healthy relationship. Trophy girlfriend feels it is their job to ensure they ‘earn’ their partner’s admiration by outshining those around them.

Unfortunately, this often leads to anxiety and insecurity if said admiration doesn’t come forth as expected. It paints an unhealthy picture of what relationships should look like and detracts from the mutual respect and kindness needed for partners in any situation.

Every move you make is second-guessed and questioned

Being a trophy girlfriend isn’t all glamour and glitter; every decision is put under a magnifying glass and analyzed for deeper meaning. Those on the outside might consider your life charmed, but the reality of having every move second-guessed and questioned can often be quite tiring and overwhelming.

While being a trophy girlfriend surely has some desirable perks that many women desire, some downsides often go unseen from the other side of the looking glass. 

You go out of your way to please them, but it rarely works 

Becoming a trophy girlfriend may seem like a way to make a relationship thrive, but often it has the opposite effect. People in this role tend to go out of their way to please someone, no matter how much effort is expended and how little returns are seen. It’s a sign that love and respect for oneself are lacking, and feeling unappreciated can lead to deep unhappiness.

Find yourself frequently putting an extraordinary amount of focus on pleasing another person. It may be time to take some quality time for self-care and look at the relationship from an outside point of view.

They take you out in public, then ignore you

Being treated like a trophy can be a challenging experience for any person in a relationship. If your significant other takes you out to social events, introduces you as their special someone, and then ignores you in public, it may be a sign that you are being viewed as a trophy. If this is the case, you must have an honest conversation with your partner to air out any underlying issues and reiterate what you need from them in the relationship.

Although many feel embarrassed or ashamed in these situations, understanding how your partner views the relationship can help both parties better express their feelings and learn how to move forward together.

You feel like you’re being paraded around for show 

Having someone show off their significant other isn’t always bad, but when it starts to feel like the particular person in your life is being paraded around for display and admiration, it could mean you are seen as a trophy girlfriend.

Instead of feeling privileged and adored, you might feel less like an equal partner and more like an accessory being showcased to make the other person look better. While relationships should make both people look better than when single, keeping a balance between happy displays of loyalty and genuine care for each other is essential.

They don’t take your feelings into consideration 

Being a trophy girlfriend can be a toxic relationship dynamic. People in healthy relationships are willing to listen to and act on the other’s feelings and concerns, which is not present in a relationship where someone is considered only a trophy.

Without true consideration for each other’s emotional well-being, it can put an immense strain on the bond between two people and create distrust and emotional detachment. While it may seem alluring at first, in the long run, that relationship won’t satisfy both parties involved, leading to emotional turmoil or resentment.

They are extremely possessive and jealous of other people in your life 

If your partner constantly asks you who you’re speaking to and questions where you are, it can signify that you’re nothing more than a trophy girlfriend. Possessiveness and extreme jealousy over other people in your life – whether friends, family, or coworkers – should not be excused as normal behavior for a healthy relationship.

It can show that the person does not trust or respect you as an individual but views you as their property. Respect for boundaries and trusting your partner’s loyalty should be considered the standard in any relationship.

They always make sure that they look better than you in any situation 

Being a trophy girlfriend can be great if it’s genuinely consensual; however, when someone makes sure they always look better than you in any situation, it might signal that things are unbalanced. Their desire for control because of an obsessed need for attention and affirmation can come at the expense of your emotional health and self-esteem.

If you feel like your partner is more concerned with how they appear than how you feel, it’s time to take an honest assessment of the situation and decide what path is best for you.

Your dates are always put on a pedestal, and the most important 

Being a trophy girlfriend, it’s evident that your dates must always be enjoyable. You always succeed in putting them on a pedestal and creating experiences that are one-of-a-kind, full of love and memorability — all for the sake of the relationship.

As time passes, you honor each special occassion, ensuring it outshines the last twofold. This is how you remain the perfect partner in crime to your beloved, always finding ways to make things even more magical! It’s no surprise that this effort has taken you so far with your significant other, as they can always depend on you to make their heart smile.

You feel like you have to prove yourself to be accepted 

Far too often, people fall into the trap of feeling like they have to overcompensate and prove themselves to be accepted. This ‘need to prove oneself’ could signify insecurity or the feeling that one isn’t inherently worthy of another person’s affections.

These feelings can perpetuate the cycle of being a ‘trophy girlfriend’ or, even worse, an obstacle hindering someone from finding real love. If you find yourself in a position where you’re constantly trying to prove your worth as an individual, it might be time to reconsider how healthy of a relationship this is for you.

They never say “I love you” or “You’re my everything”

Being in a relationship where ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re my everything’ isn’t said may give a person the feeling of being nothing more than a trophy girlfriend. Of course, this could be an expression of two different communication styles. Still, if one partner consistently misses out on the exchange of love, it can make them feel unwanted and unappreciated. Couples must find a compromise that works for them in displaying their love and affection to each other so that no one feels unheard or unvalued.

If ‘I love you’ isn’t being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are in a trophy relationship; however, it’s worth considering how your partner expresses their feelings without needing those words.

What makes a woman a trophy

They don’t make any effort to show their affection for you in public

Being in a relationship with someone who isn’t afraid to show affection for you in public is generally seen as a sign of respect. Not having your partner make any effort to let the world know how much they care for you can be interpreted as them seeing you as nothing more than a trophy, something to show off and gain the admiration of their peers.

Often, when one thinks of metal trophies on a shelf, one is instantly reminded of how little appreciation and value that item holds. While it’s natural to feel hurt by someone not including you in displays of love and tenderness, remember that this ultimately indicates how little respect they have for you.


It’s important to consider whether a relationship is healthy and beneficial for you or just a one-sided affair. Taking the time to recognize signs of being a ‘trophy girlfriend’ can help save you from future heartache and disappointment. It’s okay to want more out of a relationship than just being someone’s arm candy; instead, look for a partner who truly loves and respects you, both in public and private.

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