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What to give to someone you just started dating

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Buying the perfect gift for someone you recently started dating can be tricky. It’s a delicate balancing act between showing your feelings without coming on too strong and getting something that won’t be misinterpreted. With a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, shopping for those new to your life doesn’t have to present such a challenge. From meaningful jewelry pieces with sentimental value to classified keepsakes and other novelty items – here are some thoughtful gift ideas for someone you just started dating!

gift ideas for someone you just started dating

Gift Ideas for Someone You Just Started Dating

A Gift Card

Gift cards are an excellent way to show someone you have just started dating that you care. They allow your special someone to choose precisely what they want while conveying thoughtfulness and effort. Plus, giving a gift card is often less nerve-rackingly awkward than picking out something more traditional or personal.

Cards can be found for almost any budget, so don’t worry about breaking the bank whilst trying to make a good impression! With online options, too, it’s always been challenging to find the perfect present for that special someone with minimal fuss. After all, who doesn’t love getting the chance to pick out their gift?

A Bouquet

A bouquet of fresh, vibrant flowers is the perfect present to give someone you just started dating, as it highlights your thoughtfulness and appreciation in a beautiful and meaningful way. Offering flowers as a gift is truly an art form. Selecting the right flower or color can send several messages – from showing passion to conveying empathy – depending on your needs.

While not overly extravagant or ostentatious, the romantic implications of a bouquet are undeniable and unmistakable. Whether for a special occasion like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day or to brighten their day, a bouquet conveys that you care in a sophisticated and touching manner.

A Nice Bottle of Wine

If you’re starting to get to know someone and looking for the perfect gift idea, why not try something unique, like a nice bottle of wine? Not only is it something that will be enjoyed, but it’s also a thoughtful way of showing the other person you care. Pairing the wine with a special note card adds an extra touch of love and appreciation. A quality bottle of vino is a great gift to start your relationship with fantastic flavor and thoughtful intent.

An Experiential Gift

An experiential gift is a great way to show someone you just started dating that you care about them. Instead of getting something material for your new partner, an experience-based gift helps inject a little spice into the relationship. Incorporating creativity and allowing both of you an opportunity to try something new is a way of building special memories with each other and keeps the excitement alive.

Experiential gifts can be anything from a tasting tour at their favorite restaurant to tickets to a live show or concert. Letting someone know you are thinking about them in a unique and fun way is sure to make a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

A Special Date Night

Looking for a unique gift that your new significant other will love? Consider planning a special date night as a thoughtful gift. Research romantic activities you can do together and plan accordingly. Making an effort to take the time and energy to arrange a memorable experience says more than any store-bought item ever could. The bonus of an intimate, one-on-one evening is that no two nights will ever be the same, guaranteeing you both a night that both will remember.

Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery is the way to go if you’re looking for that perfect gift to show your special someone how much you care. It shows your partner that you’ve put time and effort into finding something special for them and allows you to express yourself through the stationery. Whether you choose a thoughtful card or design a set of personalized note cards, this gift stands out among any other gestures of affection.

Plus, gifts such as cards will only matter if their interests have changed in the future – your personalized stationery will always remind you of the fond memories you shared and the beginning of your beautiful relationship.

Artisanal Chocolate Box 

If you just started dating someone and are looking for the perfect gift to give them, look no further than an artisanal chocolate box. This thoughtful present is a great way to show your partner you’re thinking of them. Each unique box contains delicious chocolates made with natural, high-quality ingredients, tried out by renowned experts before making their way into the hands of lucky recipients.

Whether your special someone has a penchant for creamy truffles or rich caramels, they’re bound to find something they’ll enjoy in one of these impressively curated boxes. Plus, giving artisanal chocolates is sure to make a good impression and make an effort to pick out the perfect gift worthwhile!

Home Cooked Meal 

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, which is a great way to show someone you care. It shows them you are willing to invest the time in making them something special and that they are worth that effort. Plus, getting to know each other over a meal is an intimate way to connect – free of distractions like phones or television. If you’re starting out dating someone, give them the gift of a home-cooked meal. Not only can it be super romantic, but memorable too!

Spa Day 

Treating someone you just started dating to a spa day is a perfect way to surprise them and show that you care. Not only will they get the chance to enjoy some relaxation and self-care, but it’s also a way for your partner to discover something new about themselves in a safe and trusting environment. This thoughtful gesture will leave an impression on your special someone – what better way to start this blossoming relationship?

A spa day also sets expectations from the start, demonstrating that there will be mutual respect, kindness, and understanding. With its atmosphere of comfort, luxury, and joy, a spa visit could quickly become part of the routine for your new relationship.

Concert Tickets 

Buying concert tickets for someone you just started dating can be a great gift! Not only is it unique and thoughtful, but it’s also the perfect way to take your new relationship to the next level. You can make sure to buy tickets for a band that the person loves or even something entirely unexpected — either way, it will surprise them and make for a memorable date.

Plus, you can enjoy quality time together in an exciting atmosphere. Concert tickets are one of the best gifts you can give when starting with someone!

Custom Coffee Mug

Spending time with someone you just started dating can be an exciting experience. Connecting with a new person is full of mystery and potential, so getting the perfect gift for them might seem daunting. Yet, if you are looking for something special, intimate and memorable, consider giving them a custom coffee mug.

Adding your personal touch to the mug by imprinting their name on it or a meaningful quote will show them that you think about them uniquely and want to connect on an individual level. Custom mugs are timeless gifts that let your significant other sip steaming coffee while they remember how thoughtful you are! 

Scratch-Off Map 

Getting the perfect gift for someone you just started dating can be tricky – but it doesn’t have to be. A great way to show that special someone you care is with a Scratch-Off Map. Every time they check off a destination they’ve visited, they get to share the memory with you and appreciate the adventure they’ve been on together.

This thoughtful gesture creates anticipation and excitement while planning the next trip together! Give your significant other something unique and memorable – keep a Scratch-off Map in mind when searching for the perfect present!

A Selfie Stick 

A Selfie Stick might be the perfect gift for that special someone you’ve recently started dating. A Selfie Stick would be ideal if they’re avid social media users or love taking amazing photos to capture their favorite moments. With this handy device, anyone can take incredible photos of themselves and their friends without the usual awkwardness of having to ask someone else to take the picture. It’s a perfect way to add a bit of fun and personality to any situation and allows your loved one to remember all the great times they spent with you.

So if you are looking for an out-of-the-box gift idea that will keep giving long after Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to consider getting that particular person in your life a Selfie Stick!

A Customized Piece of Jewelry

Picking out a gift for someone you just started dating can be tricky. A personalized piece of jewelry is a great way to show your love and appreciation without feeling too intense. It allows you to express yourself, sending an unmistakable gesture of care. From rings with custom engravings in meaningful fonts to monogrammed necklaces, pendants or charms, the options are endless when creating customized jewelry pieces.

Whether silver, gold or rose gold, a customized piece will demonstrate your commitment while keeping things on the lighter side. A one-of-a-kind gift is an ideal solution that caters to your relationship’s stage! 

What to give to someone you just started dating

A Gift Basket 

A gift basket is an ideal present for someone you’re just getting to know. It can show that you are thoughtful and put effort into choosing meaningful items. Your personalized gift could include a selection of snacks to share, a funny card, and something from their favorite hobby or interest.

With so many customization opportunities, it’s easy to make a lasting impression on the person you’re dating. This special gift may start your new relationship most memorably!


Although finding the perfect gift for someone you just started dating can feel challenging, many creative and unique ideas exist. From personal items like a customized mug to thoughtful activities like a cooking class, investing in an excellent gift for your significant other will leave them truly appreciated and loved. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because—the possibilities are virtually endless, and the quality of your relationship will only be enriched when you express thoughtfulness through gifting. With all these fantastic gift ideas available, you’re sure to find something that fits their interests and yours!

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