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How does cheating affect a daughter

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The effects of cheating fathers on daughters can be long-lasting and damaging. A daughter’s feelings towards her father may even last into adulthood when other relationships are affected. While it can be difficult to imagine that such a bond could endure the challenges associated with infidelity, research shows that this is a reality for many women worldwide. From self-esteem issues to an inability to trust others and seek intimate relationships, understanding how these experiences shape our girls’ development is vital in working towards providing healing support throughout their lives.

In this blog post, we will explore the impact of having a cheating father on daughters regarding psychological well-being and social interactions.

effects of cheating fathers on daughters

Effects of Cheating Fathers on Daughters

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem can be one of the most devastating effects of a cheating father on his daughter. The ability to trust and build strong relationships is heavily tested when a parent is found to be unfaithful. The emotions involved, such as guilt, anxiety, anger and abandonment, can lead to low self-worth. This prompts feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness that can linger for many years.

Furthermore, the daughter may even strive for self-improvement to make her father stay loyal; however, this can do more damage than good if she constantly strives for unreasonable perfectionism. It is essential for women who have experienced this distressful situation to seek professional help to build their sense of self into something positive and empowering.

Relationship issues

Cheating fathers can have very damaging effects on the relationships their daughters go on to have in life. These relationship issues can range from difficulty building trust in others to having a broken view of what relationships should look like.

As many children base their understanding of a healthy relationship on their parents, the seeming ‘norm’ of a lack of faithfulness or commitment can lead these daughters to struggle in adult relationships as they come across similar patterns in those around them and do not know how to address or change them. The hurt that such cheating causes affect present and future experiences, forming an invisible relationship roadblock that can take years to process and understand.

Difficulties trusting

The consequences of having a cheating father can be tremendous, particularly when it comes to difficulties with trust. Many daughters who grow up knowing their fathers have been unfaithful may become suspicious of even the most insignificant behaviors, making it difficult to build new relationships and keeping them wary of potential hurt in the future.

Unfortunately, betrayal by a loved one and an authority figure can cause distrust, instilling a belief that others won’t always keep their promises. A daughter whose father has broken his marriage vows will likely find it hard to believe in anyone else’s commitments.

Fear of abandonment

Cheating fathers can have a lasting impact on their daughters’ mental health and well-being. Studies show that fear of abandonment is one of the primary effects of a father’s infidelity on his daughter. This fear often persists into adulthood and can cause distress in intimate relationships and more general feelings of insecurity, constantly worrying that partners may leave them as their fathers did.

This feeling of betrayal also leads to daughters questioning themselves and self-doubt over what they did wrong or why their father would choose to put a strong sense of loyalty and trust on the line. Taking steps to work through these issues, such as therapy, are vitally important for those affected by cheating fathers.

Feeling betrayed

For a daughter, trying to come to terms with a cheating father can be a challenging experience. While the impact of infidelity on the mother may be more immediately and significantly felt, feeling betrayed by one’s father works its way deep into the psyche of a young woman trying to navigate how she views herself and her place in the world. It has been said that fathers significantly influence their daughter’s self-esteem, views on marriage and relationships, and overall behavior and mindset.

Cheating can ultimately turn this positive influence on its head and significantly disrupt these developing aspects in their child’s life. The pain caused by a betrayal from a father may be unique, but it can often be an enduring part of her story – sometimes for many years to come.

Lack of self-worth

The consequences of an absent father on daughters can be devastating, as feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-worth set in at a young age. A cheating father can shatter a daughter’s sense of security, weakening her self-esteem and feeling of purpose. Furthermore, it sends a message that others only see her worth through how she satisfies their needs. Eventually, this may lead to problems with depression and anxiety due to the inner struggle between believing in herself and doubting that she has anything worthy to offer.

A positive role model is essential to any child’s development, so it is vital for girls who have unfortunately not had the chance to experience that to find other means to fill these gaps to become healthy young women.

Risking relationships due to lack of trust

Whether intentional or unintentional, infidelity within a family can have long-term effects. Cheating fathers can create a lack of trust that permeates the relationship between a daughter and her father. It’s impossible to rebuild the same kind of bond once developed by two people when one has broken trust in such an intimate way. The need for safety, validation and acceptance are essential components of healthy relationships, which become undeniably uncomfortable and challenging when direct evidence exists of cheating fathers.

As a result, daughters may distance themselves from their parents to reduce internal discomfort or potential embarrassment. Unfortunately, this familial disruption due to lack of trust has been a common consequence of cheating fathers on their daughters throughout generations.

Depression and anxiety

Cheating fathers can have a particularly detrimental impact on their daughters, who suffer from depression and anxiety. The overwhelming sense of betrayal and insecurity accompanying the dissolution of a parent’s relationship can devastate young girls, leading many cases to startling levels of low self-esteem and mental anguish.

Research has shown that these emotional difficulties often persist into adulthood, causing long-term disruption to a woman’s well-being and relationships. Therefore, fathers must ensure that if they consider an extramarital affair, they feel its potential effects on their daughter’s future well-being.

Guilt and shame

Being raised by a cheating father can have profoundly negative impacts on daughters, inflicting feelings of guilt and shame that can haunt them for many years, even when they are grown, adults. Mothers of fathers who cheat often internalize the transgressions as their fault rather than understanding they weren’t responsible. This false sense of guilt can create a crippling lack of self-esteem and trust in new relationships well into adulthood.

One therapist claims that overcoming this self-imposed feeling is vital in eventually moving forward with healthy relationships at any age. While the effects of the broken father-daughter relationship due to cheating may be lifelong and ongoing, there are ways to heal both today and into the future.

Emotional distance from father 

The effects of a cheating father on his daughter can be far-reaching and devastating. Many fathers are seen as the cornerstone of a stable family, but the entire family dynamic is forever changed when a father betrays that trust through cheating. Involved in this transformation is the emotional distance the daughter feels from her father, which further disrupts the relationship.

Such emotional distance can make it difficult for daughters to trust men and have healthy relationships with both genders moving forward. It’s essential for mothers and people close to a cheating father to support his daughter during such trying times, helping her heal and move past any negative emotions she may be experiencing.

Clinginess to other males in life 

A cheating father in someone’s life can be incredibly damaging to a young girl. It often causes her to feel unattached and isolated, and she may struggle with trust issues throughout her life. In particular, this could lead to an unrealistic need for closeness and reliance on other men in her life to compensate for the lack of a father figure.

This clinginess may be misinterpreted as an indicator of strong feelings or romantic involvement, but the underlying issue is often rooted in feeling incomplete without that paternal bond. Unfortunately, this can confuse those around her and leave the daughter feeling further lost and alone.

Problems with communication 

Communication can be a struggle between father and daughter relationships in cases where the father is cheating. Lack of trust and moral betrayal can quickly break down open communication, leading to tension and unresolved issues between the two and an entire family unit. Issues relating to possible behavioral changes, academic difficulties, bed-wetting, insomnia and depression can often arise in daughters of cheating fathers.

The effects of poor communication could lead to a lifetime of childhood scars that might never heal if left undiscussed or strenuously avoided by both parties. Working on problem-solving tactics for open dialogue in such difficult situations is essential for helping to reduce the emotional damage caused by cheating fathers on their daughters.

Inability to express emotions

It is well-documented that the effects of a cheating father can have detriments throughout a daughter’s life. One such effect is an inability to express emotions healthily. Seeing their father have an affair and not expressing real emotion toward their mother can lead the daughter to mimic this behavior when they grow up, as they cannot process her feelings on the issue.

This can leave them feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and unable to share what they’re feeling with others – making it difficult to move on from past experiences and build strong, meaningful relationships in the future. These women need to find somebody they trust that allows them the space to work through and understand their own emotions for them to build emotionally healthy, fulfilling lives. 

Risk of repeating the same mistakes 

Cheating fathers can have a lifelong impact on their daughters regarding the risks they are exposed to. When girls are raised by fathers who lack commitment or do not keep their promises, they unconsciously believe that relationships are unstable or unreliable. This then leads to repeating similar mistakes as adults –they may be tempted to choose partners who aren’t trustworthy or to stay in unhealthy relationships out of fear of being alone.

Additionally, it may make a daughter make excuses for her father’s behaviour by normalizing cheating and degrading behaviour in others, which can create more problems down the road. Acknowledging the patterns set early on is critical for understanding and countering this dangerous risk in life.

Increased vulnerability to being taken advantage of in relationships 

Cheating fathers can devastate their daughters’ trust, leading to increased vulnerability in relationships. Studies have shown that daughters of unfaithful fathers are more likely to enter into unhealthy relationships, which often result in emotional distress and diminished self-esteem. Without adequate familial support and guidance on what constitutes a normal and fulfilling relationship, these young women may be exposed to situations involving manipulation and psychological abuse.

Consequently, they struggle to identify warning signs or how best to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by a partner. This is a highly detrimental consequence of having a cheating father.

Difficulty reconciling a double life: one with father and one without him 

Cheating fathers can have a devastating impact on daughters by forcing them to lead double lives. One in which they get to experience the loving presence of their father and another in which he is absent or not present. This stark contrast between the two can fuel a feeling of disconnection and dissonance that can be incredibly hard for young girls to process.

Without proper support, these daughters are often forced to carry an emotional burden that cannot easily be reconciled, leading to confusion and instability in their future relationships with other men. Ultimately, any daughter of a cheating father needs to understand that she is not alone in this struggle and should seek help from family, friends, or mental health professionals.

Insecurity when it comes to expressing love and affection

Many daughters of cheating fathers struggle with insecurity when expressing love and affection. This is an entirely understandable and natural reaction to the long-term emotional trauma they may have experienced due to their father’s betrayal. The resulting fear and uncertainty can manifest in reluctance to trust or invest in meaningful relationships and a lack of understanding regarding how healthy love and affection can develop. This insecurity serves as a protective barrier so that any emotions invested on the daughter’s part might not be wasted if her partner turns out to be unfaithful.

Although it can be challenging to break through these walls, being open and honest with partners about this insecurity could be an effective step towards creating strong, supportive bonds. 

A hard time letting go of past hurt and anger 

When a father betrays his daughter’s trust, it can have lasting effects on her. The pain and feelings of betrayal can be tough to reconcile, and many daughters find it difficult to let go of their hurt and anger. Whether due to cheating in a relationship or being absent for most of a child’s life, the resentment caused by unethical behavior from fathers has the power to haunt their daughters well into adulthood.

Instead of being able to move past these traumas, they often hold on to the emotional weight throughout their lives. They could benefit from finding a professional or trusted mentor who can help them learn how to put it all behind them to restore balance and harmony in themselves.

How does cheating affect a daughter

Loss of respect for their father

A father’s infidelity can inflict tremendous pain and emotional damage on his daughter, often resulting in a deep sense of betrayal and a heartbreaking loss of respect.

This can manifest in many ways – the inability to openly communicate or build relationships with their father and distrust when sharing intimate thoughts or details about plans. It is an unfortunate reality that daughters may never be able to fully recover from such a breach of trust, as it is almost impossible to erase the hurt and resentment they feel toward their dads.

However, daughters should also recognize that while some forgiveness may be possible, gaining back their full respect for their dad may not be achievable without considerable effort from both sides.


From the looks of it, cheating has some pretty grim consequences that tend to follow a person throughout their life. It’s not just daughters of cheaters who suffer either; sons have problems too. If you’re a man thinking about stepping out on your wife or girlfriend, maybe think about the potential aftermath before you do anything you might regret. And if you are currently grappling with the effects of your father’s infidelity, know that you are not alone and that help is available if you need it.

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