How Many Piercing Can I Get at Once




how many piercings can i get at once

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Piercing is a form of body modification where a needle punctures a part of the body, and an ornament called jewelry is placed in the hole. The pierced area may be permanently or temporarily damaged. Most piercings are performed for aesthetic reasons to enhance appearance, although some people pierce their bodies for other reasons such as self-expression, religious beliefs, or sexual pleasure.

Piercing instruments are usually made of high-grade surgical steel that is made specifically for piercing purposes. The most common type of instruments used for piercings are forceps, needle holders, and clamps.

how many piercings can i get at once

How Many Piercing Can I Get at Once?

The number of piercings you can get at once depends on the piercer’s policy. Piercers should never do more than one piercing per hour because that is considered very dangerous for your health. The best thing to do is call around and find out what each shop’s policy is before getting pierced. If you are looking for a quote, you can also use the Google search feature and put your location to find a list of piercers in your area.

Nose: 30 Gauge – 1 inch (2.54 cm) surface bar Shops typically won’t do more than one nostril at a time. You can get both sides done as long as they are done with a surface bar.

Lip: 20 Gauge – 3/4 inch (1.90 cm) surface bar You can get lip piercings in many places on the lips, but only certain ones are safe to pierce at once. Both labrets, where the piercing goes through your lip, and a barbell is placed through the hole, can be done at once, but you must make sure that they are not too close together. The labret on the lower lip should be done towards the front of the mouth while one on the upper lip should be near or in the back of your teeth.

All tongue piercings, where the piercing goes through your tongue and a barbell is placed through the hole, can be done at once. You must make sure that they are not too close together, or it will cause permanent damage to your tongue tissue. Lip Piercings Tragus: 20 Gauge – 5/8 inch (1.50 cm) surface bar

Both tragus piercings, where your ear cartilage protrudes from your head, and a surface bar is placed through the hole, can be done at once. Ask the piercer to ensure that they are not too close together, or it will cause permanent damage to your ears.

How many ear piercings can u get at once

How to Prepare Yourself for Multiple Piercings

If you will have multiple piercings, then planning is a critical factor in ensuring that the piercer can do as many as possible. It may be beneficial to plan on getting pierced all at once instead of staggered over months. Drinking a lot of alcohol and taking many drugs beforehand does not help your cause, so please avoid this. Although you might think that it helps with the pain, it is terrible for your overall health and can cause infection in the piercings. Make sure that you eat several hours before getting pierced so that your body has time to digest food properly before getting stabbed multiple times with sharp objects.

Aftercare for Multiple Piercings

It’s common for people to have multiple piercings throughout the body. The more you have, however, the greater your risk of complications and infections increases. For example:

If you’re going to get your eyebrow pierced and your tongue pierced simultaneously, you should be aware that it’s much easier to take care of the eyebrow piercings than it is to take care of the tongue piercing.

The mouth produces a lot more saliva than the eyebrow does, so your mouth jewelry will get exposed to bacteria much more often than your eyebrow jewelry will.

If you get pierced, and can’t visit a piercer or a professional piercer to have your jewelry switched out for you within the first few weeks, you’ll need to clean it properly every day.

When you’re just getting one piercing done, it’s much easier to remember to do this than when you’re trying to keep track of two piercings at once.

If you get a bacterial infection because you didn’t clean your piercings then and there, it’s not just going to affect the piercing that did get infected. It’s also going to spread to the other piercings and eventually spread throughout your entire body.

Since bacteria spread so quickly in the mouth, you’ll need to make sure that you get treated for every piercing in your mouth individually. This means that you won’t be able to let your infection go untreated; the infection can’t just infect one of your piercings while leaving all of the others alone.

So when you’re getting multiple piercings at once, you need to make sure that you’re able to take care of them properly. Otherwise, the piercings will get infected, and your body will suffer as a whole because it can’t isolate one infection from another.

This means that when you’re having multiple piercings done at once, the best policy is to make sure that you can take time off work during the week immediately following your piercings. So if you only have one day of paid leave, and two piercings fall on a Thursday and a Friday, then you’re going to need to sacrifice one of those days and take it as unpaid leave.

How Long Should You Wait Between Piercings?

If you have multiple piercings close to each other, the best thing you can do is wait about an hour between piercings. This will give your body time to recover from one piercing before it goes into another one.

How Many Piercing Does the Average Person Have?

In a recent poll of 1,439, the average number of piercings per person was 7.01 piercings on average. That breaks down to:

  • 4 ear piercings
  • 2 lip piercings
  • 2 eyelid piercings
  • 1 lip and tongue pierce
  • 1 cheek piercing

This means that almost a quarter of the people surveyed had a complete set of piercings done. About half of them had at least one piercing in their face, while over 80% had one piercing in their ears.

Is 3 Ear Piercings Too Much?

It all depends on how well you’re able to keep track of your piercings. If you constantly have a problem taking the jewelry out and cleaning it, then three ear piercings are going to be too much for you. You’ll need to pick one piercing and stick with it until you can master the others.

Can You Repierce the Same Ear Hole?

The answer to this question is yes. You can re-pierce the same ear hole or body part any number of times that you want. However, if you get your skin pierced too often, then it’s going to suffer for it in the long haul.


When you get multiple piercings done at once, you need to keep in mind the possibility of not going about everyday life for a couple of days. Since your body can’t isolate one infection and treat it while ignoring the others, you’ll also need to make sure that you take off work during this time so that your entire body doesn’t suffer.

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