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best fabric for men's underwear

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The kind of underwear a man wears is more of a preference than necessity. This is because many believe that they can do without it or go with the minimal type of underwear at most. However, there are some men who would not feel comfortable going out in public without this on.

best fabric for men's underwear

Choosing Underwear Type


The majority of men would choose to wear briefs. These are the most comfortable type and one would not need a lot of effort in maintaining them. It can be worn for a long time without causing any discomfort at all.

Boxer Briefs

This is similar to briefs, but it’s an upgrade because of its longer legs that go down to the knees. It’s more suitable for men who would be engaging in physically intensive activities such as sports.


This is somewhat similar to boxer briefs, but there are some differences between these two types of underwear. For one, trunks tend to be shorter than boxer briefs and it also has a shorter leg at the bottom.

Boxer Shorts

This is the type of underwear that looks like an ordinary shorts because there’s no leg opening. However, it does come with a fly and this has buttons at the top. This is also known as “Long Johns”.

Choosing the Best Fabric for Men’s Underwear


Cotton is the most common material for underwear because it’s soft, breathable and comfortable. It absorbs moisture to keep the wearer dry, which makes this an ideal fabric for summer or hot weather conditions. This can also be washed easily in a washing machine and ironed without difficulty so it doesn’t need too much maintenance at all.


One of the reasons why men would choose jersey is because it’s soft and stretchy. This feels like a second skin when worn, which allows for much freedom of movement during activities such as sports. It provides great comfort and ventilation without sacrificing durability in any way.


This is another breathable fabric that is ideal for the hot weather. One great thing about this is it doesn’t get too absorbent because it can wick away moisture quite easily. However, there are also some men who may not like this type of fabric because it’s very clingy and tends to ride up when worn during physical activities such as sports.


This material has been the choice of kings and queens in ancient times because it’s expensive and luxurious. It has an elegant look to it, but there are also some people who would not choose this material for underwear because it cannot absorb moisture.


Spandex is a popular fabric with athletes and bodybuilders because of its elasticity and form-fitting capability. It’s perfect for any type of physical activity, but one should keep in mind that this material is not as breathable as other fabrics such as cotton and jersey. This may be a bit difficult to wear at first though because spandex has an unusual feel to it especially if it’s worn directly on the skin.

best materials for men's underwear


This type of fabric is very expensive, but it’s not as luxurious as silk. However, this is actually an upgrade from cotton because of its ability to absorb moisture and keep the wearer cool. It may feel a bit warm at first though before it gets wet, but once this happens spandex will be able to release heat more effectively than cotton.

Lyocell Jersey

This is made from cellulose fibers that are blended with cotton to produce a stronger fabric, which makes it more durable than regular cotton. It also absorbs moisture easily and releases heat just as fast for better ventilation.


This is not as breathable as cotton, but it’s washable and easy to clean. Men who are into sports may prefer this because nylon dries quickly after washing.


This provides outstanding insulation by trapping warm air that keeps the wearer cool during winter. This type of fabric is also known to repel moisture, which makes it an ideal choice for those who engage in activities such as hunting and skiing.


This material is known to be naturally water-repellant and warm, which provides comfort during cold weather conditions. Men who wear wool must be careful though because it’s a type of fabric that needs a lot of maintenance because it can shrink if washed.


This material has some spandex blended with polyester for extra elasticity and better ventilation without losing its durability. This makes it comfortable whether worn directly on the skin or over another fabric such as cotton.

Choosing the Best Underwear for Men

There are some men who are not very fond of wearing underwear simply because they find this to be unnecessary. However, even if it isn’t entirely needed, there are some reasons why one should wear underwear on a regular basis.


Naturally, men would want to remain comfortable at all times. Underwear made from cotton is what most men choose because it’s soft and absorbent, which makes it feel nice against the skin for a superior level of comfort.


Another reason why underwear is important is to provide support especially for men who are into sports or those who have heavy equipment that tends to sag. While there are also some men who prefer to go beltless, they would have a much more difficult time with heavy equipment that sags when there isn’t any support from the underwear.


Wearing an everyday type of underwear will give protection against harmful microorganisms and germs. These bacteria may be present in the air which is why it’s important to avoid going out without wearing underwear.


While the above reasons are more about comfort and protection, there’s also a medical reason why men should wear underwear on a regular basis. This is because it helps reduce the risk of developing urinary tract infections or TSS (toxic shock syndrome), which can be caused by bacteria present in the genital area.

FAQs About Fabric For Men’s Underwear

What makes cotton one of the most popular choices in terms of underwear fabric?

Cotton is soft, absorbent, and breathable. It’s also easy to clean which make it a good choice for everyday underwear.

Is there any advantage to wearing wool when compared with cotton?

Wool can provide warmth even when wet. At the same time, it can also repel moisture. However, this is a type of fabric that requires a lot of maintenance because it’s not very durable.

Is nylon an effective fabric for underwear?

Yes, especially if the wearer engages in sporting activities. Nylon dries quickly after being washed which is why it’s important to have this material in underwear that’s worn when going out.


Choosing the best fabric for men’s underwear is not as easy as it seems. This is because there are a lot of things that must be considered before making this choice.

Many people are very particular about how they look which is why proper care of an item such as underwear is very important. As with any type of fabric, it either makes or breaks the underwear.

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