Is Deadlift a Back Exercise




is deadlift a back exercise

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Deadlift is basically a standard exercise that involves the pulling of barbell with hands or any other type of external weight by bending your knee and hip. This exercise is commonly considered as one of the highly demanding exercises in the entire gym training session. For this reason, most of the people like to train it last so that they can fully utilize themselves for this one.

is deadlift a back exercise

Is Deadlift a Back Exercise?

There are various myths that exist behind this exercise. Some say it is a leg exercise, some say it is an arm exercise etc. But the fact is Deadlift works on all of your major muscles including your back, legs and arms at same time. This makes it one of the best compound exercises for having great development in your body.

Will Deadlifts Make My Bum Bigger?

Another major confusion exists about this exercise is will deadlifts make my bum bigger. For this reason, people like to avoid doing it or substitute it with other exercises that do not provide them full results. Well, the fact is there are no special tricks in body building; you need to work hard for achieving your goals and making your dream true.

What Exercises Should I Do with Deadlifts?

Deadlifts provide a perfect blend of almost every muscle building exercises that you can do in a gym. You can easily do Deadlift with any exercise according to your needs and requirements. For example, if you want to make your biceps big then add curls in between deadlift routine for better outcome. In case, if you are planning for making your legs stronger then add squats and lunges in between your routine for making your leg muscles stronger.

Does Deadlifting Increase Waist Size?

Even though according to above point, there is no direct link between deadlifting and waist size increase. But yes the lifestyle of people usually influences their body weight which naturally increases their waist circumference. This is because muscles are heaviest parts of your body; they make you look strong but also make your tummy protrude more than usual.

What is the Best Type of Stretching for Deadlifts?

You need to do stretching exercises before your heavy sets of deadlifts so that you can able to lift weight easily. Stretching plays an important role in muscle building process, if you are skipping this step then you are not doing it right because it involves your safety as well.

is deadlift a good back exercise

What are the Benefits of Deadlifts?

Deadlift works almost every part of your body, so it is considered as one of the highly efficient exercises for gaining muscles. There are numerous benefits associated with this exercise; some of them are listed below:

* Increase in Muscle Strength  – As result deadlifts increase your muscle strength which enable you to do various other exercises in a gym.

* Increase in Muscle Mass  – If you are planning for doing deadlifts then it will not only enhance your muscle strength but also increase the size of your muscles naturally without any side effects.

* Build up Stamina  – Deadlift works on all of your major muscles, as a result you will be able to do work for longer time with same intensity.

* Improve Your Posture  – If you want to improve your posture then deadlifts are highly recommended for doing it because it helps not only in improving your strength but also assists in keeping your body straight and proper.

* Increase Blood Circulation  – Deadlifts are most essential exercise for increasing your blood circulation because it works on all of your major muscles.

* Increase in Self Confidence  – As result of doing this exercise, you will be able to get increased confidence according to the new shape of your body that naturally influences others mind.

* Increase out Lingering Strength  – Deadlift is best exercise for increasing your lingering strength because it involves all of your major muscles at one time.

* Increase in Bone Density  – If you are not feeling confident with the density of your bones then do deadlifts on regular basis to increase them naturally.

* Better Sleep  – Deadlift is also helpful for better sleep, according to a study people having good sleep routine have more muscle density in their body.

* Keeps Diseases Away  – If you are looking for keeping your body free from diseases then do deadlift regularly because it is best exercise that not only keeps you safe from various disease but also enhances your muscles.

* Proper Blood Circulation  – Deadlifts are highly recommended exercise that not only benefits you in increasing your muscles but also assists for proper blood circulation. If you want to make your heart healthy then this is most essential thing for doing it because it keeps your inner organs safe too.

What are the Different Parts of Deadlift?

* Lift  – most essential part of deadlift is the lift, without doing it you can’t start with deadlifts and it takes most of your time. If you are struggling with this then you need to fix the form that should not be problem for you once you do it right.

* Walk Back  – Most people feel relaxed after lift but this is not the time to be relax because you need to walk back for getting good results. This step should be done carefully so that you can able to come in starting position with proper form otherwise it will create problem for you.

* Bend Over  – You need to bend your knees deeply and then bend over with keeping your back straight.

* Lower the Weight  – You need to lower down your weight slowly after taking it on starting position of deadlift, this will create problem for you because if not done properly then you may get injured.

* Raise Up  – This is last step of deadlift that needs to be done carefully without making mistakes.

* Bow  – It is not compulsory to do but if you feel comfortable with it then there is nothing wrong in doing it because many people do this step.

What’s Better Squats or Deadlifts?

Before moving ahead it is necessary to know the difference between both exercise because they are not same and giving preference to one over other will create confusion while doing it.

* Deadlifts make you leaner  – It is best exercise that makes your bones stronger naturally by increasing muscles density in your body. On the other hand, squats are effective to give you strength but it is not as much effective as deadlifts for keeping your body lean and ripped.

* Squats are ideal to feet  – If you have problems with your knees then squats will benefit you the best because it is exercise that less impacts your knees as compared to other exercises. But if you want healthy joints, then you need to go with deadlifts because both of your feet are under pressure while doing it.

* Deadlifts are difficult  – If you are beginner then there is no question that deadlifts will create problem for you. It is not easy exercise but benefits are many that’s why everyone suggest to do it for getting desired results. But, if you are comfortable with squats then it is best exercise for making your bones denser naturally.

How to Perform Deadlifts?

* Start by taking the barbell in straight arms that will be in front of you while standing in firm position.  – Always keep your back straight by keeping knees bent and chest open. If you want to make it more effective then you need to go with shoulder width apart and feet should be under hips.

* Take the barbell in front by making shoulder over it  – It will place below your neck and outside of your knees. Always remember that your barbell must not touch any other part of your body during workout.

* Make your back straight by keeping the barbell in front of you  – You need to make a lift from floor level and try to keep it as long as possible without touching the ground.

* Your feet should be under your hips while making your knees bent  – Bend down with keeping your chest open and then grab the barbell properly.

* Straighten your knees and lift the barbell by standing up  – It is necessary to make proper grip because without that you can’t able to do it properly which will create problem for you. If possible, then try to keep your back straight anytime you are doing deadlifts because this thing helps in keeping your muscles intact.

* Lift the barbell for getting good result  – After making proper grip, lift it in front of your thighs without any problem and keep moving towards starting position. Avoid bouncing when you are doing this exercise because bouncing will create problem for you while performing it at gym or home.

* Keep yourself in starting position for getting best result  – After lifting the barbell, you need to stand straight with keeping your back and knees bent.

* Take deadlifts on floor without any bounce  – If possible then try to keep yourself for 3 seconds in starting position after which you can lift it again for next repetition that will be counted as one.

Should I Deadlift If My Lower Back Hurts?

Yes, if you are experiencing pain in your lower back then it is best exercise for you to make your muscles dense naturally. But before doing it, always remember to take advice from your physician who will guide you whether to go with deadlifts or not. If he gives green signal then do it without any problem but if he says not then it is better to avoid it otherwise you can have problem in your back that will be created because of wrong posture.


Deadlifts are not easy to do but when you will lift it in front of your thighs then you will feel that it is best exercise for making your muscles dense. Always keep in mind that proper grip must be maintained while lifting the barbell otherwise, you can have problem with your hands which may cause injury in future. Don’t forget to take help from your legs by keeping them under hips while taking barbell in front of you. If you are beginner then deadlifts will create problem for you but if you follow proper guideline then it can be done without any difficulty.

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