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What is the difference between a trench coat and a great coat

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An overcoat and a trenchcoat are two very similar garments that share many standard features. The only difference between them is in their names. The remarkable similarity is based on the fact that military men wore both coats, and to this day, overcoats and trenchcoats are still a part of a man’s wardrobe.

difference between overcoat and trench coat

Difference Between Overcoat and Trenchcoat

The primary difference between an overcoat and a trenchcoat is in name only, as they are practically the same type of garment. The coats share most features, including wide lapels, double-breasted fronts, buttons on one side of the opening, vents on the other, etc. The only difference is in usage; an overcoat is usually worn for warmth or as formal wear (suit coats are also called overcoats), while a trenchcoat is mainly used for protection against water and weather elements.

Similarities Between Overcoat and Trenchcoat

Both coats are made of the same materials; both coats are short in length and can be single or double-breasted. The coats have wide lapels that fold down to the chest and a belt at the waistline. They both feature a set of buttons on one side of the front opening for closing, while the other side has a vent for more effortless movement. They also have two or three inside pockets and flaps on the outside pockets to protect valuables from getting wet.

Trench Coat vs. Overcoat

To help you decide which one to get, here are some guidelines. First, you should consider the purpose of buying the coat. They range from formal wool coats with matching pants and vests to casual coats in cotton or leather that can be worn with jeans. If you need a fashionable piece for everyday wear, then go with an overcoat. On the other hand, a trenchcoat is practical while still stylish and can be worn in any situation where protection against rain or snow is needed. If you need a functional coat that will keep you dry and warm on your way to work or school, then get a trenchcoat.

What is the difference between a trench coat and a great coat

FAQs About Difference Between Overcoat and Trenchcoat

Is it true that overcoats and trenchcoats are the same things? A. No, they are two different types of garments. Both men and women can wear overcoats while a trenchcoat is made for men and only worn in rugged conditions such as rain or snow.

Q: What is an overcoat made of?

A: Overcoats are mainly made out of wool or cotton. Some newer coats can be found in camel hair, polyester, faux fur, and even leather. Trenchcoats are usually made from cotton or wool.

Q: Are overcoats warmer than trenchcoats?

A: It depends on the materials used to make them. Overcoats made from lightweight fabrics such as wool, tweed, or cotton will usually be lighter and not as warm as a trenchcoat made of a heavier material such as wool.

Q: What is the difference between a single-breasted overcoat and a double-breasted overcoat?

A: Single-breasted coats have a single row of buttons down the front and usually two or three pockets inside. Double-breasted overcoats have two rows of buttons and may feature flapped pockets, cuffs, and other details. Single-breasted coats are more casual and better for cold weather, while double-breasted coats offer a formal look for mild or cold climates.

Q: Is the belt on an overcoat removable?

A: It is possible to remove the belts, but they are usually not detachable. Some coats come with detachable belts that can quickly be taken off and replaced if needed.

Q: How do you clean a trenchcoat?

A: Trenchcoats that are made from cotton or other natural fibers can usually be machine washed and dried. Check the tag on your trenchcoat before washing, so you do not damage it. Wool overcoats should only be dry cleaned as they will shrink in a wash.

Q: What is the difference between an overcoat and a raincoat?

A: A raincoat is made for protection against water, snow, or wind, while an overcoat is thicker and usually worn in colder climates. An overcoat can be used as a raincoat by wearing it during wet weather to keep warm.


An overcoat is a long coat that is worn for warmth and protection against the weather. Trenchcoats are meant to be worn in rugged conditions such as rain or snow and can be light or heavy-duty. If you need a functional coat that will keep you dry and warm on your way to work or school, get a trenchcoat. If you need a fashionable piece for everyday wear, go with an overcoat.

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