How to Sharpen Nail Clippers with Foil




how to sharpen nail clippers with tin foil

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A nail clipper is a portable metal trimmer used to shorten finger nails and toenails; it’s also used for filing nails and removing dirt from behind the nails. Whether you have thick nails or thin, there is a pair of nail cutters that will leave you with groomed and healthy nails. Clipping your nails feels more like a duty and not a rewarding routine.

To trim your nails neatly, you will need a good clipper, or two clippers, one for the fingers and one for the toes. Tie nail clippers are flat across the top while fingernail clippers are rounded. You also need devices that are durable and made out of stuff like carbon or stainless steel.

Understand the difference between an excellent nail clipper and a cheap one. A great one works like a straight razor, cutting smoother, cleaner lines with more precision than the duller ones. While trimming fingernails, all you need to cut your nails is a pair of clippers and a file. Be careful, because you might wind up with uneven nails or painful ingrown ones. Do things the right way and start by getting separate sets of clippers for your fingers and toes. Round off the edges of your fingernails, and clip your toenails straight. Keep these basics in mind and clip away.

When buying a nail clipper, ensure that you check the tension, squeeze the tool to check the flex resistance as too much resistance causes crushing, ensure that each edge meets fully when closed since clippers with gaps do not fully cut. Also, ensure that there is no overlap as they will not perform well.

How to Sharpen Nail Clippers with Foil

Foil is another proven way to sharpen nail clippers effectively; it’s more durable and cheaper. What you need to is squeeze the nail clipper, take the foil and sharpen it over the edges, turn it around and sharpen the other side of the clipper. You don’t have to there them apart to sharpen it that easier.

This is simple and us done at home, you don’t have to throw away your nail clipper or buy a new one when it’s dull. Just sharpen them yourself.

how to sharpen nail clippers at home

How to Sharpen Nail Clippers Wit Sandpaper

This method is quick, easy, and highly effective; unlike other ways, you don’t have to take apart the entire clipper. Nail clippers dull over time, the rate at which this happens depends on how frequently it is used. Sandpaper is suitable for sharpening; therefore, if you don’t have sandpaper, you need to get one, avoid throwing away your clippers when they dull instead of sharpening them at home. Here is how sandpaper works.

While sharpening simply start with medium grit, use the nail clipper to bite on the grit just the same way you clip your nails, with every bite, and hold onto the sandpaper for 4 seconds and release. Repeat the step for 6-7 times, the third step is repeating step 1 through 2 but now use both fine and extra fine sandpaper grits, a fine grit refines and polishes the edge.

After step three is done, rinse the clipper with lukewarm water and try it out. Of course, it works out really well.

What Do You Do With Dull Nail Clippers?

The only thing you need to do is sharpening it. If you value saving money, sharpening a nail clipper saves you money. When your nail clippers are too dull, take them apart and sharpen them effectively.

You have two choices when you have a full clipper; you either acquire a new one or sharpen your current one. Na clippers are affordable and can be easily replaced, but if you choose to sharpen your nail clippers and you don’t want to go through the whole sharpening process, you can take them to a professional or send them back to the manufacture since some of them come with a free lifetime sharpening warranty.

Therefore the only medicine to a dull clipper is sharpening it; using dull clippers can cause nail injuries. Sharpening them at home saves you from buying new clippers every time they get dull. The process of sharpening nail clippers is easy since it only takes a couple of minutes, besides it does not need to be done often.

Can You Sharpen A Nail Clipper?

Of course, yes, nail clippers should be sharpened because they become dull over time, dull clippers cannot be used since they don’t work effectively, using a dull clipper can cause injuries to your nails and therefore every moment you notice that your clipper is done you need to sharpen it.

Here is how to sharpen them; the first step is taking them apart or simply disassembling them. Nail clippers have two chisel ground blades that meet to clip your nails. After taking them apart, you squeeze the clippers together to remove the lever and the pin that holds the lever to the clippers, keep the pieces in a safe place. Sharpen your clippers; after all, it’s easy to sharpen them because the chisel grinds have one bevel to worry about.

Can You Sharpen Nail Clippers with Tin Foil?

Nail clippers can be sharpened with tin foil, in fact, it’s one of the easiest methods when sharpening using tin foil, you do not need to separate the parts of your nail clipper, simply fold the piece of tin foil and start cutting it with the help of your dull clipper. Continue cutting tin foil until your nail clipper is sharpened.

This saves you much time than for other methods that you need to separate the entire parts of a clipper, and then attach them back again when you are done. Separating the parts can lead to clipper screws getting lost, and the item becomes useless.

It’s advisable to use this method, especially when you don’t know how to sharpen your nail clipper, this is much easier, and you can’t ruin anything.

how to sharpen nail clippers with tin foil

How Can I Sharpen My Nail Clippers?

Disassemble the clippers for easy sharpening by removing the handle and pin that keeps the lever fixed on the clippers, store the lever, and the pin safely.

Clean and sterilize your nail clippers. The next step is identifying the part that needs to be sharpened; this is the part that clips the nails. Identify the nail clippers’ edge. Step number three is sharpening the clippers. Bring the two pieces together, insert a screw into the pinhole, and secure it with a nut on the other end, then tighten the screw to tighten your hold.

You can now sharpen the edges of the clipper. Do it several times to ensure that it is sharpened; when done, remove the screws and nut. Proceed on to re-assemble the nail clippers, re-attach the lever and pin back to the clippers. Try the clippers on your nail, if they are sharp enough, then you are good to go. Use the sharpened clippers to trim your nails or stone them safely if you are not using them.

Is There Any Difference Between Fingernail Clipper And Toenail Clipper?

Yes, there is. The first common difference is, fingernail clipper is used for cutting fingernails while the toe nail clipper is used to cut toe nails. Another difference is in the width of the cutter and the curvature. Toenail clippers are flat across the top while fingernail clippers are rounded for a more pleasing cut.

Toenail clippers are larger than those used for fingernails. They have a straight cutting edge, to properly and safely shape the nail. You can’t use fingernail clippers on large tie nails as it can damage your clippers, the nails, or both, but if your toes are small, you can use the fingernail clippers.

Fingernail clippers are small-mouthed nail clippers with a curves jaw and the smallest type of clipper; most people have a pair of this while toenail clippers are larger than the regular fingernail clippers and have a straight edge.

Always use the clippers correctly; if it’s the fingernails clipper, use it for the finger nails only, and if it’s the toenails, clippers use it for the toes as the name suggests.

How Did People Trim Nails Before Nail Clippers?

Before the invention of the nail clippers, people used a paring knife to cut fingernails. Apart from using the knife, over the course of their normal days, they may have been working throughout digging tubers out of the ground, sharpening Spears, carrying temporary shelters. With all this manual labor, it is believed that the fingernails would naturally wear out and chip away.

The daily routines/ duties kept the fingernails from growing to unmanageable lengths. If the fingernails of these early humans did break or chip, they solved the problem as we do today. The fingernails probably took care of themselves.

How Often Should You Replace Nail Clippers?

That depends on how you use them. It also depends on the quality of the clippers. The blades of low-quality nail clippers can become dull after as few as three or four uses. But a high-quality nail clipper never needs to be replaced and can be a pleasure to use. Therefore when buying one, you need to buy a high-quality clipper so that it can sustain you for long before having to replace it.

Buying low quality means that you will have to spend a lot replacing them every other time instead of just spending once buying something that can last longer, buying new ones every time is a wastage of money. When you have only one clipper that is of high quality, what you need to do is just sharpen it when it gets dull.

At the end of this article, we have learned several things, including how the nail clipper works, the types, differences between toe and fingernail clippers, how to sharpen them, tools used to sharpen them, and when to replace them. Nail clippers work to trim your nails when the second piece is at an angle to the main part of the clippers.

As per now, everyone who has read through this article should have learned all the key considerations that are important when deciding on nail clippers, quickly learn how all the leading brands differ from one another, how to get the most from your nail clippers for optimal results.

A quality pair of nail clippers should be able to slice effortlessly through any fingernail or toenail with absolute ease. In addition to a clean-cut nail clippers should be made with a durable material that won’t rust or dull with time. The grip is equally as important as it will be able to deliver a reliable and precise cut with each push of the lever.

Everyone should have at least one nail clipper for the good of their hygiene; longer fingernails can harbor more dirt and bacteria than short nails, therefore contributing to the spread of infection. To avoid the spread of germs and nail infections, consider keeping your nails short and trimming them often.

Using the right tools to keep your nails properly trimmed avoids painfully problems like hangnails and jagged edges. Apart from personal hygiene, using the right nail grooming tools offers other benefits too. Good clippers need to be strong, hard, and sharp. Nail clippers should be small, portable, inexpensive, easy to use, and familiar to use.

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