How to Make Someone Dream About You




How to Make Someone Dream About You

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Ever talking to someone and seeing them drifting off with a glazed look in their eyes? Not sure what they’re thinking about but wish it was you? Well, now is your chance. Not only will this article show you how to make someone dream about you, but it’ll also give insight into what might be going through their head. Now you can get inside their head and use this to your advantage. It’s pretty easy, so let’s get started!

How to Make Someone Dream About You

How to Make Someone Dream About You

Method 1: Getting in the Person’s Mind

Try giving the person a picture of yourself

The picture can be anything, even an image you found online. I would recommend printing it out or writing your name on the back of the photo in case they are too shy to ask about it.

Call or text the person near bedtime

The reason for calling or texting them is that they might think about you while trying to sleep. You can always be like, “Hey, I just wanted to call and say goodnight,” before hanging up. This will make them ponder whether it was an actual friendly gesture or something more than that.

Talk to the person when they are in their sleepy state

When they answer the phone, don’t say much except maybe a “Hi” or “What’s up?” This will make them think about everything you’ve ever talked about and how you never really had an interest in talking to them until now. They might even be thinking that you’re their true love!

Record a video of yourself speaking or singing

The video can be anything that lasts less than 20 seconds. Have it playing on a loop and watch them obsess over you forever!

Leave a memento that reminds the person of you

Leave a scarf, glove, pen, or any other item they might use. When they find it, they’ll think about how you gave them the object and why you wanted to give it to them in the first place. This will make their dream about you.

Method 2: Being Memorable

Let your unique characteristics shine through

One of the most charming qualities any person can have is a great sense of humor. Everyone likes a good laugh, so use this to your advantage and make them dream about you! You can also try being helpful or polite if it suits you better. Just make sure you do something nice for once in your life!

Make sure you are always available to talk with the person

This might seem like a straightforward tip, but it’s life-changing when done correctly. All you have to do is say that you’ll be around whenever they need someone to talk to. You can even tell them something along the lines of, “Hey, I know we only just met, but I’m here for you no matter what.” If they can get a hold of you whenever they want, then chances are they will dream about you.

Be authentic

Everyone wants to be around someone who speaks their mind and is true to themselves. If this describes you, tell the person how they make you feel. Chances are they’ll love hearing all of it!

Compliment the person 

Even if you’re not too keen on the person, this tip will still work like a charm. Be specific with your compliments and try to avoid generic ones like “You look nice today” or “You always make me laugh.” If you make someone dream about you, they’ll think more highly of you than they ever did before.

Do something unusual

If you want to make someone dream about you, then do something crazy or out of the ordinary. People like individuals who go against the grain and follow their own rules. If they experience an act of spontaneity with you, then they will never forget it!

Listen intently to the person

People love speaking about themselves to their friends, so why shouldn’t you do the same? Don’t worry about what they are saying; just make sure to look them in the eyes and give them your 100% attention. They might even think that you’re a mind reader or something similar.

Try a hook

This is just a fancy way of saying that you should give the person your number and then wait for them to contact you. You can always ask them their plans or mention something they mentioned before, such as their favorite TV show. There’s no limit to how many hooks moves you can do!

Pick interesting topics

If you want to make someone dream about you, then make sure they will never forget the conversation. Your topic should be something you both are interested in, like sports or music. If it’s something that only one of you enjoys, then this might not work as well since they’ll be more focused on the activity than talking to you.

How do you make your crush dream about you

Frequently Asked Questions

What if they don’t dream about me?

There’s always a chance that your strategy won’t work on this person. Give yourself a break and try again with someone else. Just make sure you act like nothing happened the next time you see them. They might not even realize what’s happening since everyone loves dreaming about other people!

What if they dream about me, but only once?

One dream is still progressing towards your goal. Don’t take it too hard or obsess over this person. Sometimes you can’t force someone to like you, even if it makes them dream about you every night!

What should I do if the person thinks they’re still dreaming?

This might happen if your dream is very vivid or realistic. You might want to consider telling the person that their dreams are memories from a past life. This will explain how the person is still dreaming about you even though they don’t know it!

What if someone already has a significant other?

You should still try to make them dream about you. Most people don’t want to be in a relationship, so there’s no reason not to since this won’t hurt anyone! They’ll be happy with the current person but still think about you occasionally. This will make them love their relationship even more since they’ll be so grateful to have someone so caring!


Dreams are a unique experience that can’t be brought on by one specific thing. The most straightforward tip might not work on this person, while something elaborate will do the trick. Use our guide above to make someone dream about you or try new techniques to see what works best!

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