Best High-End Briefcases




Best High-End Briefcases

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Are you a working-class man who wants to add some sense of elegance to his stature? You must make use of a high-end briefcase. Well, these are not your ordinary briefcases. They are somewhat more expensive than what your average briefcase would cost. They also exhibit some awesome appearances when beheld.

Different briefcases are meant for different users. It is important that you match the right briefcase with the right attire and circumstance of use. This is a feat you can only achieve if you find the right guidance to that effect. Please read our review-cum-buying guide hereunder to find out how to go about it.

Best High-End Briefcases

Best High-end Briefcases

Kenneth Cole Notebook Case Leather Briefcase


Do you have a notebook to haul around? Choose this briefcase that is solely intended for that. It has a spacious interior that is large enough to accommodate a notebook.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Full-grain Genuine Colombian Leather

Adorning the entire length and breadth of the briefcase is the full-grain genuine Colombian leather. It is this one that gives the briefcase the elegance it eventually exudes when beheld by the human eyes.

Modern Mobility Thoughtful Design

In all, the item features modern mobility in a thoughtful design. Thanks to this design, it is capable of holding a laptop that measures the impressive 15.6 inches and added a 1.5-inch accessory.

Organized Compartments

The interior of the gadget is greatly compartmentalized to allow for the safeguard of the many items at a time. In light of these compartments, the gadget is organized enough to allow for smoother retrieval or items.


  • Its dimensions are pretty awesome
  • Compatible with many tablets and other electronics
  • Large enough for the larger screens
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Packed with loads of features


  • Only relevant for those with notebooks
  • Has a somewhat limited capacity
  • Cannot accept any extras or attachments

Samsonite Luggage Leather Slim Briefcase


Have a small amount of storage space in your possession? Get hold of this slim briefcase. Its slim nature allows you to easily tuck it in the limited storage space you have at your disposal.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Genuine Leather

It is entirely crafted using genuine leather. This crafting gives it some strength, support, and vitality that are the envies of the many bags of its kinds and statures.

Wholesome Equipment

The bag contains just about every other feature or trapping that may be needed for effective storage and transportation. Its front contains a pocket where you stash in all of your business cards and documents.

Utmost Comfort

Overall, the bag delivers the utmost comfort. This stems mainly from the padded and removable shoulder strap. It adjusts and varies its stature, all for your added convenience.


  • Allows for simpler and expedited mobility
  • Its shoulder strap adjusts for your own convenience
  • Crafted of genuine leather
  • Organizes every document or trapping you might have to carry
  • Fits laptops that are larger and spacious


  • Its carrying capacity is somewhat limited
  • Likely to leave behind some documents
  • Unreliable for long-term use

Piel Leather Slim Top-Zip Briefcase


If you operate a schedule that is somewhat squeezed, you do not want to add fuel to the fire by choosing a bag that is difficult to make do with.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Closure Mechanism

An excellent closure mechanism is the premier aspect of this briefcase. It comes about in a magnetic snap closure that seals all the interior contents firmly to prevent the same from slipping off.

Top Zip-opening

Top open the case, you will employ the top zip-opening mechanism. This leads to the main compartment that is sufficiently large to accommodate a laptop and some paraphernalia.

Double Handles

To carry and transport the bag to a remote location, you will make use of the double handles. These are strong and reinforced in such a way as to facilitate prolonged and repeated use.


  • Absorbs the oils and sweat from your hands
  • Assumes a classic and warm look
  • Its outer is smooth and soft to the touch
  • Contains natural markings and tone variations
  • A detachable shoulder strap makes for easier handling


  • Has a limited carrying capacity
  • Easily sustains damages with prolonged use
  • Cannot stand the effects of fidgeting

Zero Halliburton Premier 4 Inch Aluminum Briefcase


Wanting a briefcase you may rely on for quite a long duration of time? Why not get your hands on this one? It is made of Aluminum and is hence strong enough to resist the effects of corrosion and damages.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Zero Halliburton™ 4″ Premier Aluminum

At its core is the ultra-durable Zero Halliburton™ 4″ Premier Aluminum material makeup. The structure basically lets you travel easily and in style all the while of use.

Special Synthetic Leather

Complementing the Aluminum material is the special synthetic leather. This one resists scratches to allow you to easily walk around with any forms of hindrances.

Interior Slip Pockets

Its interior is lined with slip pockets that are multifunctional and zippered. Thanks to this stature, the pockets are able to bear many items without the possibility of making any to fall off.


  • Strong and durable enough for your long-term use
  • Comes about in an iconic double-rib design
  • Accepted by the Transport Safety Administration
  • Contains some custom draw-bolt latches
  • Lasts a fairly long duration of time


  • Quite costly to come by
  • Requires complicated repairs and maintenance
  • Does not expand and retract at will

Salvatore Ferragamo Revival Calfskin Briefcase


Want to add some luxury to your attire? Choose this briefcase that comprises the calfskin outer. Thanks to this elegant outer, the bag is truly great to set your eyes on leave alone being truly functional.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Double Tubular Leather Handles

The handles of the briefcase are made of the double tubular leather materials. These are stronger and similarly, last longer. They make it possible for you to use the item longer and further.

Computer Bag with Top Zip Closure

This is for all practical purposes a computer bag as it is designed for storing and transporting computers. Its top contains the closure that is used to open and close the same for easy access to the contents.

Front Zippered Pocket

At its front is a zippered pocket that handles and stores all of your documents. Being zippered, it tucks all the items and avails the same easily when called upon.


  • Comprises clean lines that are great to behold
  • Embellished with texture for maximum luxury
  • Backed by a long tradition of excellence
  • Sufficient interior space for laptops and other electronics
  • Handles many additional documents


  • Beyond the reach of many people
  • Easily sustains scratches and frays
  • Loses its value a bit too soon

Maxwell Scott Leather Pilot Briefcase


Search for a high-end briefcase to use for your flights? Well, this could as well be the one you have been looking for. It is structured in such a manner as to fit in the overhead storage compartments of the cabins.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Leather Construction

Its flagship trait is excellent leather construction. This one comes in the form of the full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather that is sourced from the most prestigious tanneries world over.

Metal Studded Feet

At the base of the case is the metal studded feet that basically provides the stability it requires to remain firm and resolute when placed on the floor.

Hard Business Case

In all, this is a hard business case in the sense that its stature and construction are tough and truly reliable. They ward off all forms of possible damages when handled or in the course of transit.


  • Good enough for the traditional businessperson
  • Has a spacious interior for safeguarding all gears
  • Organizes your files well to minimize losses
  • A pocket exists at the side for added storage space
  • Truly classic makeup and the overall form


  • Limited for the matters of flight
  • Does not conform to TSA standards
  • Likely to get damaged when fidgeting

FRYE Logan Zip Work Antique Pull-up Men’s Briefcase


Cherish the good old days when life used to be full of fun? This briefcase will take you there. Its antique briefcase will get the job done for you. Its old age appearance is the one that manages the end we have spoken about.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Antique Pull-up Leather Collection

An antique leather stands taller among the many awesome features that the briefcase has to offer. On the strength of this antiqueness, you are bound to reap the benefits of awesome appearances and good old days.

Exceptional Details

Throughout the bag are some exceptional details that enhance its physical appearances and appeals. These include the bottom zip compartment, two zipper compartments, and a zipper closure.

Removable and Adjustable

Most of its parts are removable and adjustable at a time. The shoulder strap and the cotton lining are two of the most significant of these. They jointly imbue some comfort to you as you move along.


  • Comes about in an antique style
  • Part of an awesome leather collection
  • Avails some exceptional details
  • Heavily compartmentalized for maximum storage and support
  • Adjustable and removable for ease of operations


  • Lacks some contemporary design and features
  • Considered outdated in certain quarters
  • May not rhyme with some attire and clothing

Herschel Supply Co. Clark Briefcase


Herschel is a brand or company that is generally hailed as strong and durable. You want to tap into this strength and durability yourself. That can only happen if you choose to work with the briefcase under this review.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Fleece-lined Sleeve Pocket

A fleece-lined sleeve pocket that is large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop is the most outstanding feature of this briefcase. It is in it that you slot the laptop and haul it around with ease.

Single External Pocket

At its exterior is a single external pocket. As you may have already guessed, this is the one you use to carry around your documents, slips, and receipts from one place to another.

Full-grain Leather Zipper Pulls

Some full-grain leather zipper pulls round up the list of the many wonderful parts of the briefcase. They attach to the removable padded shoulder strap for your added comfort while in use.


  • Multipurpose and useful for many tasks and undertakings
  • Has a pretty large and spacious interior
  • Contains numerous storage options for your use
  • A zipper closure expedites the opening and closing
  • Its interior is adorned with the signature striped fabric liner


  • Slightly complicated to handle
  • Does not meet various accreditation standards
  • Lacks the ability to pair with many accessories

How Do I Choose High-end Briefcases?

To choose the right high-end briefcase, you have to factor some points and features. Below are some of these, explained in finer details:

Carrying Capacity

How many items do you intend to carry around at a time? It is imperative that you pick a briefcase that is large enough to accommodate all the gears you have in mind. This is to prevent a situation in which you might have to carry multiple briefcases when on the move.

Number of Compartments

Closely related to the carrying capacity is the number of compartments that the bag ought to have. A good bag has to have the same number of compartments as each unique gear you intend to haul around. The purpose of this is to ensure a comprehensive approach and storage.

Items to be carried

Specifically, which items are you intent on carrying around? It is important yet again that you choose a briefcase that is able to carry the items you intend to. Choose one that can carry a laptop if you have it in mind, the documents, and the slips, among others.

Material Makeup

The kinds of materials that constitute the briefcase also count. A good briefcase ought to feature stronger and long-lasting materials. Examples of these are fine leather and Aluminum. They are the ones that resist all forms of damages and scratches. Thus, they last longer and take you further.

Desired Duration of Use

How long in total would you wish to use the briefcase? Is it for occasional or regular use? To arrive at the most suitable briefcase on the basis of this consideration, you have to first and foremost determine the kind of applications you might be up to. Then, make a suitable find that mirrors that application.

Choosing the best high-end briefcase is no doubt a significant step towards leveraging the benefits that the item has to offer. That is why you can never ignore or disregard the reviews and guides we have showcased above. Take your time and read through keenly for your own understanding.

You need not waste your time with any other products than the ones placed and reviewed in the list above. They are indeed truly the best that money can buy as we speak. Only be sure to read the purposes for which they are designed and intended for before proceeding.

What more could you be waiting for? Have we not exhausted all that you may need as regards this subject matter? Kindly talk to us in the comments section. It is also a wise idea to share this information far and wide. You want to help many others make the most informed decisions, don’t you?

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