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What Age Should You Start Shaving?

Last Updated October 2019

Ideally, shaving is normally a rite of passage for both girls and boys as its one of those major milestones on the road towards adolescence. Different people normally refer to their cultures as well traditions to recognize this rite of passage at different ages; others tend to bring up the conversation as soon as their kids turn into puberty, others might bring up the conversation even before their kids turn into puberty. Bottom line, the answer to when you should introduce your kid to shaving is quite complex since the answers are varied, and none of them are incorrect.

Further; facial hair, pubic hair, armpit hair as well leg hair normally starts to grow during adolescence or even shortly after. Many are the times that this takes place between the age of 9-15; nonetheless, in some cases, it might occur much earlier or even at an older age. Consequently, answering the question “when should you start shaving” is more of an individualistic thing as it also depends on a number of factors; to this effect; you need not to worry since this article will ease things for you by laying out the available alternatives. 

when should a boy start shaving his moustache

At What Age Should Boys Start Shaving?

Ideally, as stated in the text above, deciding on when to introduce your child to start shaving isn’t an easy question to deal with since when it comes to boys, they normally begin their maturation process at different ages. In most cases, some boys will start experiencing growth of some hair above their lips as well chin; others may experience under their armpits or even pubes, and to this effect, it’s not quite clear when they should be introduced to shaving. In other instances, shaving can be as a trigger of peer pressure, thus forcing your son to start shaving even without any grown hair.

For starters, shaving should be an individual thing. This is to say that; since there is no specific age to which you can introduce your son to start shaving, then it should be upon them initiate it. This is to say; your son can start to shave whenever they feel they want as well once they feel the hair is uncomfortable. This is to means whenever they have any hair; then it should occur to them that they need to start shaving.

On the other hand, when it comes to the parents; they should introduce their sons to shaving way before puberty. Considering the fact that children grow differently as others may experience adolescence a bit early while others late, then it’s upon the parent and most especially the dad to introduce their son to shaving before puberty, and that can be from 8 years of age. Its normally at this time you get to bond with your son in more personal matters, thus creating an atmosphere of freeness. It’s during this time that you teach your son how to shave as well o what direction should they shave the hair towards.

what age do guys start shaving their face

When Should Girls Start Shaving Their Legs?

Whether it’s the legs or the facial hair, girls can’t wait to shave it all. Generally, leg hair grows once one hits puberty. Again, it’s important to note that girls can get in the puberty stage of different ages; some experience puberty in early stages while others in older stages and for that, there is no specific age to which you can introduce your daughter to shaving leg hair. Again, it’s also important to note that girls can really get sensitive with some things inclusive of facial, legs as well pubic hair and for that, they can start shaving their hair at a very early age immediately when they start noticing unwanted hair.

Given the above facts, girls can introduce themselves to shaving their legs hair. Again, they can also be introduced by their peers after sharing their experiences, and for that, there is no exact age to which you can introduce your daughters to start shaving their hair.

Affirmatively, as we have seen; girls tend to grow faster entering the puberty stage way before the boys, and for that as a parent you need to introduce your daughter to start shaving way before the adolescent stage and that is from the age of 6 years of age that way they will be able to know what to do once they get to that stage. Additionally, girls tend to open up more about their experiences to their moms compared to boys, and as a result, this makes it much easier for parents to talk about shaving with their daughters. Further, some parenting experts suggest that parents should introduce shaving the legs to their daughters based on the average age that girls in her school or even neighborhood begin shaving. It’s also important to note that shaving legs with some girls it’s all about growing up and not about issues to do with self-esteem and vice versa, and for that, parents need to introduce shaving legs to their daughters before puberty.

How to Talk to Your Daughter About Shaving Their Legs

Generally, when it comes to talking to your daughter about shaving their legs, it all comes down to two options, that is; they ask you how to go about it, or they just don’t ask about how to go about it. If it happens, they come to you about shaving; it’s important you make it clear to them that body hair is very normal and that shaving is completely their option. If they are for the idea of shaving, teach them how to go about it. On the other hand, if they don’t ask, they might be scared, and for that, you need to initiate the conversation as the parent in a subtle way let her know that shaving is optional and if they want to shave teach them how to go about it.

Does Your Kid Feel Awkward About Shaving Their Leg Hair?

In some cases, kids and most especially girls, shaving legs is more of a grown-up thing while with others, it has something to do with self-esteem in regards to changing their body, and thus, they intend to avoid shaving. It’s normal for girls to feel awkward about shaving their leg hair, and it can happen from two perspectives. For starters, your daughter might find it awkward to have leg hair, and since they want to maintain their feminine look, they invite the idea of shaving their leg hair, if this is the case with your daughter, you need to take your time and explain to them how to go about it, what direction they should shave towards as well what products as well razors should they use to have a perfect shave. Alternatively, your daughter might find it extremely awkward to shave their leg hair since they might find it been a way of changing their bodies and if this happens to be the case with your daughter, take your time as the parent and explain to them that not shaving is okay and that they can still look beautiful with their leg hair.

Is their Leg Hair Often on Display?

It’s important to note that lifestyle is a rather crucial factor to put into consideration when deciding what’s the time to start shaving for your kids. For instance, if your kid is involved in any kind of sports, then their leg hair will be more than often noticeable. Again, if your kid wears clothes that do not entirely cover their legs, then their leg hair will often be on display. Again, if you live in areas where the climate is warm, then the leg hair will be highly noticeable. To this effect, its upon the kid to decide if they want to shave or not depending on how they perceive leg hair, and it’s the responsibility of the parent to explain the options the kids have and let them make the decision on shaving.

Is Shaving Their Best Option?

Basically, shaving is but not the only option that kids have. For starters, for those kids who are not of the shaving idea, they can opt not to shave but embrace their leg hair. Again, if your daughter wants to get rid of their leg hair, they can shave. Alternatively, they can opt on waxing, which is much recommendable given the fact that it requires less upkeep, and it saves on time compared to shaving, which requires regular attendance.

Does Your Kid Know How to Shave Properly?

Regardless of the age in question, lots of kids need to be shown how to shave using either razors or any other products. Again, it’s important for kids to be aware of the appropriate skincare products to use during and after shaving or even waxing. Again, introducing your kids to shaving is also crucial since it helps them to know how to shave towards the right direction that way, ensuring better exfoliation to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair. To this end, it’s important that parents introduce their kids to shaving as well as teach them how to do it perfectly.

Does Your Kid Know that Not Shaving is Still an Option?

As stated in the text above, some kids might have some self-esteem issues where they have a problem with shaving as they might perceive it as a way of changing their bodies. Again, other kids might find leg hair beautiful on them, and that way, they might not be of the idea of shaving. To this effect, it’s important for parents to ensure they explain to their kids that not shaving is still an option. Not shaving is an option considering that the kid likes body hair; their interests should be respected.

To this end, it’s rather apparent that the question about “what age should you start shaving” is but a complex question, and the answer this question is quite undecided since the answers are varied, and none of them are incorrect. Again, shaving body hair is more of an individualistic thing since some kids might be interested in shaving while others might disregard the idea. As for the parents, they have the responsibility of introducing the idea to their kids as well as explaining the different options of getting rid of it and living the decision-making part of it to the kids. Lastly, its also important that parents introduce shaving to their kid’s way before puberty and that way as they get to witness these changes, they will be with the right information on how to go about it, what skincare products they can use, what direction should they shave towards, how to use razors as well the various available techniques for getting rid of body hair.

How to Naturally Get Rid of Grey Hair

Last Updated October 2019

Grey hair is a regular life change as you grow older and is believed to be an indication of a life lived well, being vibrant blessed and wise. However, in recent times, most young people at their young age and even teenagers have shown signs of white hair growth. It is of great concern to younger people because it can quickly lower their self-esteem. A large number of people have tried many ways to get rid of them without success. It is therefore essential to gain vital information about the causes, prevention, remedies, and how to get rid of the grey hairs naturally. This information will give you better ways to deal with your grey hair changes and understand in depth how to control it.

how to get rid of grey hair natural remedies

Causes of Grey Hair

Normal aging

Grey hair is one of the indication of old age, which is a rite of passage that one must go through. Just as the skin wrinkles, from the age of 50 years, the hair follicles become weak and results in grey color. As you age, your hair follicles begin to age too, and they weaken leading to accumulation of grey hair.


Sometimes the grey hair is as a result of transmitted genes. If you notice you have grey hair at an early age, then there could be a possibility that your parents also had them that early. Race and ethnicity are also a significant cause of white hair, as whites are likely to have the grey hair appear at an earlier age.


Some lifestyle practices like smoking lead to premature white hair, this due to toxins present in the cigarettes that weaken the hair follicles leading to grey hair. Low vitamin B12 levels can also lead to loss of hair pigments.


Diseases associated with grey hair are; Alopecia areata, Neurofibromatosis, Tuberous sclerosis, thyroid disease, and vitiligo. These conditions affect your immune system, weakening the hair follicles, which in turn lead to grey hair.

Hair products

Chemical products as shampoos, dyes, hair sprays, and some oils contain harmful ingredients. They include hydrogen peroxide that bleaches the hair leading to melanin loss that is an indication of grey hair.


Stress also leads to grey hair by depleting the stem cells of your hair follicles. Pressure could be a reason why most prominent people in the offices’ age faster. Oxidative Stress may also play a big part in grey hair accumulation.

Can Grey Hair be Prevented and Reversed Naturally?

The occurrence of grey hair can be prevented naturally by being extra careful with your diet. Consider increasing your uptake in green leafy vegetables, vitamin C rich fruits, olive oil, and fish. Consume foods with antioxidants properties and also address vitamin deficiency by taking milk, salmon, cheese, and vitamin B12 supplements. Also, quit smoking and massage your scalp regularly. Reversing grey hair is dependent on the determination of an individual to solve it. If it is as a result of genetics and old age, it can be challenging to change, but premature one can be reversed using natural methods. It includes replacing harsh shampoos with organic ones, scrubbing your hair with a paste of curry and henna leaves mixed with oil, washing it with lemon juice and coconut oil and massaging the hair and scalp with black tea. Avoid application of too much heat during curling, bleaching your hair, and use a brush instead of a wide-toothed comb, especially when your hair is wet.

how to get rid of grey hair naturally

How to Naturally Get Rid of Grey Hair

Grey hair is a disturbing phenomenon to most people who view it as an indication of old age and would like to look younger for a more extended period. Most people can do anything to ensure that they get rid of the grey hair. Application of some harsh chemicals in an attempt to correct the hair’s color has worsened the situation. Try using natural methods with no side effects. They may take a little longer time to give the desired results but will eventually help you and leave you healthier. The following are natural remedies that you can use to completely get rid of that stubborn grey hair and regain your youthful look and beauty.

Eating black sesame seeds

By eating 2 to 3 spoons of sesame seeds in a week, it reverses the hair greying process. The seed stimulates hair growth, nourish your scalp, and boost your hair melanin pigment that is responsible for hair color. Hair health is highly dependent on the type of food you consume sesame seeds promote the synthesis of hair melanin by activating the melanocytes. Choose wisely and try to take those foods that have nutrients which can nourish your hair.

Using coconut oil

Coconut is a nut whose oil is very beneficial in many ways. Being readily available; it’s a cheap remedy to get rid of unwanted grey hair. Apply coconut oil on your scalp every day before going to bed and massage, wash the head the following morning. Coconut oil is an excellent antioxidant, and besides preventing dandruff, it nourishes the hair and pacifies pitta dosha avoiding the hair from turning grey. You can also include coconut milk in your diet.

Using curry leaves

Curry leaves are anti-aging remedies for your hair that provides the required pigment for your hair and also prevents hair loss. If you eat the leaves or apply them on your scalp and hair regularly, then they will slow down your greying hair process. The leaves contain antioxidants like vitamin A, C, and E, magnesium calcium, and phosphorus that will nourish your hair and strengthen the follicles.

Applying onion

Applying onion juice on the scalp, and leaving it for 30 minutes reduces the buildup of hydrogen peroxide, thus reversing the growth of grey hair. It also accelerates hair growth, restores the color, and makes it glow. For better results, you can mix the onion juice with lemon or coconut oil. Onions are readily available for everybody, and therefore there is no reason for not giving it a trial.

Drinking wheatgrass juice

Drink one glass of wheatgrass juice daily or add a tablespoon of wheatgrass powder to your smoothies and soups every day. The grass juice is a potent antioxidant with vitamins A, B, C, E, and vital minerals as calcium, copper, iodine. It also has some antioxidant enzymes which prevent your hair from getting the grey color.

Using henna

Henna is a natural hair dye which in addition to making your hair darker, it strengthens and conditions it. Healthy follicles result in stronger hair with its brilliant natural color. Make a henna paste with a thick consistency, apply it to your scalp and leave it for about 3 hours, and then rinse it off. You can also add a tablespoon of coffee, amla, or yogurt to make the dye more effective. This type of color does not affect your scalp or hair follicles, and thus it is highly recommended.

Applying amla

Dried amla is very useful in fighting premature hair greying. Amla is an Indian gooseberry rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants that renews your hair making it darker, new and healthy. It has various uses like drinking amla juice which is useful in reversing hair greying. You can also massage your hair and scalp with amla oil and rinse it with amla juice, and for faster results, use it daily. It is a herbal supplement that also prevents hair loss and gives your hair a glowing look. It is an excellent remedy to look young and keep your hair intact.

Using Fo-ti

It is an anti-aging supplement in china that taken traditionally as a medicine, believed to contain about 100 chemical compounds. When eaten consecutively, it holds the ability to turn grey hair back to its original color. It has excellent qualities that increase hair size, follicle numbers, and restoring hair color pigments.

Using potato skin

Potato skin, in most cases, is treated as waste product ignoring its great hair anti- greying potential. The peels act as a natural dye substance to restore grey hair into its initial color. The starch in the potato peels slowly darkens your hair if used regularly. Boil the potato peels and strain then wash your scalp and hair with the water.

Taking ashwagandha

It is an anti-aging herb that restores your hair color and gives back your youthful look in 3 months if consistently applied. The ashwagandha supplements are available, and you can take it with food, or you can also use the powder form with milk and ghee.

Applying Bhringraj

Regular application of the herb makes your hair darker and thicker. Bhringraj is an Indian herb used as a remedy to get rid of grey hair. Mix the Bhringraj powder with water to form a paste then apply it on your scalp. For better results, you can mix it with amla and coconut oil.

Using rosemary

In addition to adding a great flavor to your food, rosemary leaves are an excellent remedy for reversing grey hair conditions and making your hair follicles stronger. It has antioxidant properties that promote hair pigmentation and promote new growth. Apply rosemary-infused oil directly to your scalp consistently to regain your lost hair color. The herb fully covers the grey hair, nourishes it, and brings back the initial pigment of your hair.

Eating blackstrap molasses

A tablespoon of blackstrap molasses a day is believed to reverse the hair greying process. It is abundant in essential minerals like iron, copper, and manganese that are responsible for the right hair pigmentation and stronger and healthy hair growth. The molasses acts as an excellent remedy to treat and prevent hair greying. Copper is the leading property that provides the right pigment on your hair.

The number of people with grey hair is increasing day by day, either due to old age. In most cases, it as a result of premature growth and this is an indication that your hair is not getting the required nutrients. It is possible to reverse and contain the situation if you practice the remedies given above. If you consistently use one or a combination of the above, you will regain your hair color within a short period.

The above treatments are natural safer and healthier to use rather than applying synthetic chemicals that will have adverse effects on your health. Observe your diet patterns and take more food with vitamin B12 sources. It feels great to look young at an elderly age and maintain a youthful look. Hair is everybody’s crown and can be the first impression of old age. Take great care of your hair, avoid myths associated with grey hair, and adopt a healthy lifestyle, use organic hair products, and stay informed. If we fail to be concerned, grey hair will become a persistent problem globally, that will be difficult to reverse. It is therefore essential that you take care of your hair and that of your loved ones before it is too late.























How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair in Beard

Last Updated October 2019

Most men prefer smooth faces with well-trimmed, clean and kept beards. An individual’s appearance is the first thing people see, and depending on how neat or clean you are, people can easily say a lot about you. In some career, to be legal, you have to clean shave your beads to meet the standards of the organizations. However, there some inevitable changes in our bodies that can affect our appearance, and at times lower your confidence and also reduce your productivity.

If you notice strange bumps appearing on your face, and they are not pimples, they could be ingrown hairs. At times they can lead to significant discomfort such as itchiness, raised red bumps or even painful boil-like sores. Most people have no idea what they are, what causes them, and how they can be prevented and managed. The following information is relevant to create high awareness of one of the most challenging beard hair condition.

how to get rid of ingrown hairs in beard

Reasons Beards Get Ingrown Hairs

Beards get ingrown hairs due to various reasons as; cutting your hair too close to the skin. When the hair gets cut too close to the surface, the follicles become weak, and it tends to grow back beneath your skin rather than popping out. People with thick and curly hair develop a type of ingrown hair known as pseudofolliculitis, which results in a collection of bumps after shaving. Tightly curled hair enters the skin once the hair is cut and begins to grow backwards. If your skin taut get pulled during shaving, the hair re-enters the surfaces and don’t quickly grow out. Tweezing also leaves hair under your skin, causing inflammation. If you have a high level of sex hormones, your beards are likely to grow very fast. There is an excellent possibility of getting ingrown hairs, especially after shaving. Generally, ingrown hair in beards is dependent on the structure of your hair follicles, your type of hair and the speed of growth.

Early Signs of Ingrown Hair in Beards

Embedded Hairs

These are hairs growing deep inside the skin. It is the initial symptom of ingrown hairs whereby you notice the abnormal growth of your hairs beneath instead of growing upright.


Most people experience itchy skin, especially after shaving the beards and get often ignored. Ingrown hair results to irritation on the surface, and is very itchy and uncomfortable, especially when they are very many.


These are small solid rounded bumps that pop out your face. The papules are, at times, red and cause significant discomforts by altering a person’s appearance. If not well taken care of, the papules can result in painful sore-like boils.

Skin Darkening

People with dense beards growth, covering most parts of their skin, experience darkening after shaving. Dark skin is an indication of ingrown hair that needs attention and management as soon as they appear.

how to get rid of ingrown hairs in your beard

How to Prevent Ingrown Hair in Beards

Use a Single-blade Sharp Razor

Sharp razor blades will move over your skin swiftly without tagging by reducing the number of times you draw a shaver across your face. A shaver with multiple modules will cut the hair under your skin, and when it grows back, there is an excellent possibility of getting an ingrown hair. Also, clean your razor severally during the Shave; rinse it after each stroke to provide lubrication. It also removes entrapped hair or shaving cream, which can make the shaving process strenuous if they accumulate.

Shave with the Grain

Shave your hair in the direction of growth for shaving it against its growth direction can pull off your hair and result to irritations. You need to understand that hair grows differently in different people. Your grain can be vertical or horizontal, therefore take enough time to understand the direction of your hair growth before shaving.

Extra Foliate and Clean before Cutting

Rub your skin in a circular motion with face scrub and towel every day, to tease out stubborn ingrown hairs and to remove dead skin that can trap hairs and turn them into razor bumps. Also, get a good brush to apply the cream on your face, those from badger hair are of excellent quality. The brush’s stiff bristles will keep your beards free from knots and draw out the dirt that has accumulated in your hair follicles.

Shave with the Least Amount of Strokes Possible

Reducing the number of strokes on your skin lessens the chances of your hair slipping back into the skin. If possible, shave each part of your skin only once to prevent irritation and ingrown facial hairs.

Use Warm Water and Shaving Cream

Wet your skin with warm water, and use a clear gel or cream to avoid foaming as you shave. These products will genuinely help you to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs in your skin. Go for high-quality shaving cream, soap, or gel depending on your preference but put into consideration the amount of irritation it can cause.

Avoid Shaving Too Close to your Skin

It is advisable to leave a little stub as you cut, to reduce the possibility of razor irritation. Consider using electric razors as manual ones are likely to cause considerable damage, especially if pressed against your skin. The electric blades are designed to prevent them from getting in contact with your skin. It prevents irritation or cutting your skin and also shields you from nicks and prevents ingrown hairs.

How to Treat Ingrown Hairs in Beards Safely

Most people are very interested in creating and managing the ingrown hairs in their beads. There is a lot of information and remedies provided, but the most significant concern is how to do this safely. As you try to treat them, use methods with the least side effects to avoid creating a more substantial problem as you solve a minor. The following are safe methods that you can use to treat the undesired and stubborn ingrown hairs on your face;

Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a traditional remedy that eases irritation after shaving. It is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic benefit and preventing inflammation. Most people plan it at their home for its exceptional medicinal purposes. If you have one at home or buy it at the stalls, it could be of great help. Squeeze the gel out of the herb and apply it gently on your face. You can also buy processed aloe Vera creams but be careful to identify those with added chemical components that can be harmful to your skin. You can also use aloe Vera creams to shave as they prevent irritation and ingrown hairs in your beards.

Applying Lemon Juice

Squeeze one piece of lemon and apply it on your face, especially the places with signs of ingrown hair. Lemon juice acts as an antiseptic and prevents bacteria from colonizing the infected areas, thus reducing itchiness, redness and the irritations caused by the raised bumps. It is irritating as you apply, but it will ease with time and have no significant side effect. It will also scrub off the dead skins on your face and give you a smooth appearance.

Using Honey

Honey is an excellent skin remedy that moisturizes your face. It also acts as an antiseptic healing infection and also preventing the ingress of harmful bacteria in your skin. Apply honey gently on your face and leave it for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. It loosens your skin and brings the ingrown hairs close to the surface; thus, you can pluck them efficiently and with no pain.

Applying Tea Tree Oil

Dilute it with water before applying it onto your skin because it is too strong. It is antibacterial oil, and on using it on your face, it reduces the itchiness, redness and sores caused by infections on your face due to ingrown hairs. It is a natural remedy with no reported cases of side effects. When applied thoroughly and wit, the right amount can lead to a clean shaved beards with no irritations and infections.

Using Hot Compress

Soak your face towel in warm water and press it around your face immediately after a shave. The heat opens up the skin pores on your face, loosens the ingrown hairs and brings them close to the surface where it is easier to pluck them using tweezers or hands. Repeat the process until you are entirely free from any irritation. The method will leave your skin moisturized and well hydrated preventing further infections.

Using Beard Oil

Beards oil is readily available in most shops. They are used to treat ingrown hair in beards as they moisturize the skin, open up pores discharging any purse caused by the infections. It also has antibacterial properties that prevent any further disease on your face. The oil is safe and has more benefits with very minimal side effects. Apply it every time you shave for better results for it makes your beards grow actively, look neat, and manageable.

Applying Treatment Creams

Witch hazel and hydrocortisone creams are examples of efficient and useful creams in treating ingrown beard hairs. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are natural antiseptics applied directly to the bumps to reduce irritation, redness and skin inflammation. Hydrocortisone is stronger, thus choose the appropriate cream depending on the extent of your infection. Apply a considerable amount; only a small drop is required and is sufficient to cause the necessary changes. Using too much will be wastage.

Laser Treatment

The treatment should be your last option if all the other methods fail. It is a permanent and very effective treatment of ingrown beard hairs as it addresses the root of the problem. Laser hair remover gets rid of all the unwanted hair fragments in the body, and also prevents any reappearance after the treatment. The laser energy is absorbed into the hair follicles and prevents hair growth. Though it is valid, the method is costly, and there is a need to repeat it to manage the problem completely.

Ingrown hair is a big problem in both men and women, and they also grow in various hairy parts of the body with the same effects. It is not a light issue and needs significant consideration since, in extreme cases; they result in painful sores that can be very disturbing. They can occur to every person regardless of your age, provided that you shave your hair often. It is therefore vital to gain insight on the reasons why ingrown hair appears, how to prevent it, manage and treat as well.

Men are the most exposed people since they have to shave their beards very often to remain neat. The above information is beneficial if taken into consideration. If you are infected and suffering much from ingress beards hair, the above natural remedies will be helpful. Avoid using chemical substances that are very expensive and reactive to your bodies while you can treat the infection at the comfort of your house. If you have susceptible skin, then consult your dermatologist before using any of the above products.


Should Guys Shave their Legs

Last Updated October 2019

Most men wonder if they should shave their legs or not. They are many men that shave their legs. For instance, most athletes, such as swimmers and bikers, shave their legs for comfort and performance reasons.  Most bodybuilders shave their legs to give the muscles a special appearance.

The decision of whether to shave your legs or not comes down to your preference. Although most men have begun shaving their legs, there are still some uncertainties and stigmas that remain. Even experienced manscapers find it hard to shave their legs. Some misconceptions may make men fear to shave the leg hairs.

Men grooming has become popular in recent times. The good thing is that the hair grows back. Therefore, you can shave your legs and if you don’t like it, don’t do it again. Nothing should stop you from shaving your legs if you don’t like hairy legs. Moreover, smooth legs are more appealing.

should guys shave their legs and arms

Reasons Guys Shave their Legs Hair

They are many different reasons why men shave their legs. Below are reasons why guys prefer to shave their legs.

Personal Preference

Some men don’t like having bushy legs, and they prefer shaving their legs. Men have started to agree that full-body grooming is necessary, unlike the past where men were only supposed to groom their hair and beards.

The color, texture, and the amount of hair can push men to shave their legs. For instance, men may decide to shave if they have incredibly hairy legs or if the hair is rough.


Men who work or spend their time outdoors where temperatures can be extremely high may be forced to trim their legs. This is common in men who work while wearing pants, such as railroad crews and construction workers.

Hairs absorb the sweat produced by the glands. Therefore, having leg hair may reduce the cooling effect of sweat. Some may suffer from chaffing when working in hot climates. Hair can worsen chafing.


Some men can dig deep into their pockets to get a classy tattoo.  Therefore, they may want to show off their tattoos. Tattoo artists need to shave the area before they put ink on their legs. Also, hair growth may be itchy during the healing process of a tattoo.

Working around flammable materials

Hair is very flammable, and working near flammable materials can be hazardous. Human hairs melt when expose them to heat. Melted hair can stick to the skin, causing itchiness and irritation. Also, body hairs increase the chances of being burnt. Therefore, men are required to shave their legs as a safety precaution.

Health reasons

Some medical conditions may force men to shave their legs. You will have to shave your legs if you are going for surgery. Some skin conditions require you to have smooth legs for treatment.

It feels good

Having smooth legs may make you feel fresh and clean. You will feel different if you put effort on grooming your legs. Trimmed legs can be associated with being clean.


Male models trim their legs, especially those that participate in androgynous campaigns. This is because leg hairs can distract what they are selling.

should guys shave their legs if they want to wear shorts

Reasons Why Men Don’t Shave their Leg Hair

Shaving your legs is a lot of work

Legs have a large skin surface than your face. Therefore, it may take effort and time to finish shaving your legs. Nobody wants extra work. Some men say that it may take 2 hours to shave leg hairs. It can be easy if you practice and use the right razors.

It’s expensive

The skin surface area of legs is large. Therefore, you will need several razors to finish the job. You will need to change the blades frequently to avoid razor rash and ingrown hairs. It’s more expensive if you opt to visit a professional leg groomer. Treatment can cost you a hundred bucks. Waxing at home is unpleasant and costly too.

It’s painful

Shaving and waxing can be painful, especially if you have ingrown hair. Since shaving is costly, some people may decide to use old razors. This can lead to infected cuts. Ensure that you use new blades when shaving your legs.

Leg hairs itch when growing back

You should be ready to experience itchiness if you decide to shave your leg hairs. The itch is similar to that experienced when growing facial hair. Leg hairs may cause irritations when they become a bit longer. You may feel uncomfortable as you walk due the bristles rubbing against the other leg.

People think it’s weird to shave leg hair

Studies have shown that a high percentage of people say that it’s weird for men to shave their legs. Half of the women say that men should shave their legs. However, you can still shave your legs if you don’t care about what people think.

How to Shave a Guy’s Leg Hair

Many men shave their legs for several reasons. Some men will do it for fun, others will take this exercise as a challenge, while some would want to maintain their cleanliness. In general, most guys trim and shave their legs to look clean and neat. For you to get the best results while shaving, you need to ensure that you follow the right procedures. This will allow you to accomplish your goals appropriately and to a great extent improve your personality.

It is always important to put more concentration when shaving. This will allow you to prevent a wide range of mistakes while shaving your legs. It will also enable you to focus on proper practices and this will ensure that your legs feel smooth, silky and clean. The following steps serve as a guidance to acquire perfect shave on your legs.

Disinfect or Treat Your Razor Blade

Before you start the process of shaving, you will have to ensure that you eliminate any kind of bacteria, germs, virus or fungi that might be available on your razor. You are encouraged to disinfect your razor with rubbing ethanol or alcohol. For those who would want to use a manual razor blade that has a cartridge, you are advised to pour alcohol on the tip of the cartridge. For those using an electric groomer, you have to take a step further and place ethanol on a piece of a cotton swab or cloth and then you dab it on the razor and comb. You need to begin this exercise with a brand new razor blade for you to shave your legs quickly and perfectly.

You Need To Trim the Hair of Your Legs to Be Short

This step is important as it allows the user to have clear background for shaving their legs. The step ensures that long hairs are prevented from clogging up in the razor. If your hair remains long then the entire process will be inconvenient.

Most industries have developed body groomers that have skin guard attachment. It appears like a comb and its purpose is usually to trim your hair short. A manual razor blade can also help you get a perfectly close shave on your legs.

Get Inside Your Shower Or Bathtub

A bathtub or shower will always offer you a convenient environment for shaving and cleaning your legs. This is because the two places give users easy clean-up after the process of shaving.

For those who would want to use a manual razor, you are encouraged to use a bathtub that has a lot of water on it and then you immerse inside the water. You need to ensure that the water solution has enough shaving cream to provide adequate lather that will help you shave quickly.

If you intend to use electric body groomer, you are advised to make good use of a wide and shallow water bowl in the shower so that you can easily clan-up your razor.

Apply Body Powder or Shaving Gel

Shaving gel usually plays an important role during the shaving process in your legs, especially when using a manual razor blade. You will have to apply it in a small region within your leg as you begin to shave. The challenge of applying too much of it in your legs is that it will begin to dry even before you shave other areas. It is essential to shave in sections because you will make good use of shaving gel.

For electric shavers, you are encouraged to apply body powder on regions of your legs before you begin to shave. The body powder serves as a dry lubricant.

Start Shaving

If you purpose to use a manual razor blade, you will have to begin shaving your legs in sections as you rinse your razor blade after you finish shaving small strokes. When your razor blade is free of gel and hair, you will get the closest and best shave on your legs.

For electric shavers, you begin shaving your legs immediately because more hair on your legs may lead to clogging up of your machine. You also need to frequently open its razor head and try to empty the hairs that you have shaved. This one needs to be done frequently so that the clogged hairs can be eliminated to prevent slowing down the performance of the razor blade of your electric machine. For you to achieve the closest shave of your legs, it is crucial to shave in the opposite direction of your leg’s hair growth.

Rinse and Dry Off

After shaving the long hairs from your legs, you need to rinse off either body powder, shaving gel or any stray of hairs. More water is required to rinse your legs properly so that you can feel, smooth and clean.

Once you have finished up rinsing off your legs, you are encouraged to use a clean piece of cloth, for instance, a towel to dry off your legs. It is important to use a brand new towel to prevent being infected with bacteria.

Apply Antiseptic

Antiseptic is important in shaving because it helps the user to avoid ingrown hairs, razor blade burns and skin irritation. It also destroys any bacteria available and also assists to close the pores of your skin on your legs. You have to do this frequently until the time your hair grow properly to avoid irritation of your skin.

Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a crucial element that is required to be applied on your legs after shaving especially when your legs appear itchy or dry. Moisturizer will help you calm the skin of your body on your legs. It also soothes irritated skin. A good example is a Eucerine Cream.

Apply Self-Tanner

Tan helps users to regain their original skin status on their legs after shaving. This normally happens to those people who have either naturally fair skin or Caucasian skin. Failure to remove dark hair from their skin makes them appear pasty and white. Self-tanner helps to solve this challenge.

As much as some people may think that shaving your legs is weird, there are some benefits of doing it. All you need to do is to ensure that you do it properly. Follow the procedure above to prevent itchiness and irritations. You don’t have to keep up with hairy legs because someone finds it weird. Do what you feel is right for you. Note that clean and smooth legs are more appealing than bushy legs. Also, it’s hard for people to notice that you have shaved your legs.

Best Aftershave Balm

Last Updated October 2019

You being on this page means you are intent on taking good care of your beard. We share the same values and aspirations. That is why we have put in place this information. In this page, you are going to find just about every other piece of information that may be needful for your course.

Among these are a review of the ten best aftershave balms on the market today, an in-depth look into some of the frequently asked questions regarding the subject matter, and some historical trivia about this whole subject.

Read through keenly and carefully. At the tail end of our discussions, we suggest that you take an appropriate course of action. This can only mean shopping for the right aftershave balm. Shed every notion or prejudice you already have concerning this subject matter. It is only then that you shall find the guide helpful.

best men aftershave balm

History of Aftershave Balms

Historically speaking, aftershaves were first utilized in barbershops. In their rudimentary forms, they featured high-alcohol splash in the same way as antiseptics. These substances contain as much as 90% alcohol. The aim was to eliminate all bacteria. In turn, this reduced the incidences of the transmissions of sicknesses.

The practice later evolved to become a tradition. Many people came to embrace it as a way of revitalizing their skin after shaving. Given their high alcohol contents, the skin of those who used it becomes dryer and more irritated.

In some instances, the dryness and tightness of the skin put in place a barrier which was impregnable. The barrier triggered the emergence of ingrown hair. With irritated skin, this led to suppressed regeneration of the skin after shaving.

Later on, in the 1980s men began taking their skincare seriously. It is this that triggered the development of the latest products we use today.

Best Aftershave Balms

#1: Lather and Wood Soothing After-shave Balm

Want to enjoy some smooth and nice applications? This is the balm to lay your hands on. It comprises the non-greasy hydrating formulation. This one absorbs faster in your skin to leave it feeling silky soft and smooth.

Its benefits do not end there. The balm also calms any irritations which might arise when the beards begin to sprout. Also, it eliminates the risks of razor burns. And owing to its alcohol-free nature, the balm does not burn or sting your skin.

A classic bay rum scent concludes the list of the top features of this after-shave. The scent adds some fervor to the end results. You feel sweet, smooth and very attractive indeed. It is hence a great way of enhancing your own class and elegance.


  • Scented for added benefits
  • Spreads smoothly onto your skin
  • Absorbs faster than many other balms
  • Does not leave behind sticky residues
  • Alcohol-free means great safety to your skin


  • May not impact rough skins well
  • Quite costly to come by
  • Leaves behind short-lasting impacts

 #2: Bay Rum Aftershave Splash for Men

Many aftershaves do contain plenty of harmful chemicals. If and when these accumulate on your skin, the end results might never be desirable. That is why you want to make every effort to use that one which contains the least amount of harmful chemicals.

Well, this one contains only natural and premium ingredients. It is completely devoid of ant synthetic chemicals neither does it contain any artificial colors. You have your utmost safety to thank it for. That aside, its benefits also extend to many other spheres.

By far, the most significant of these is the moisturized skin. The chief reason which informs this is the low alcohol content it possesses. Instead, it also contains 100% pure glycerin. You may hence make use of it to re-moisturize your skin.


  • Very healthy to your skin
  • Contains many natural and exotic spices
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Non-GMO formulation
  • Delivers the necessary ends faster


  • Limited potency
  • Cannot impact some beard issues
  • Requires that you use too much balm at a time

#3: Dove Men+Care Post-shave Balm, Sensitive Plus

Is yours some sensitive skin? If it is, you have a great companion in this after-shave. The reason here is that it is specially formulated for such kind of an application. Moreover, it also contains limited fragrance and no alcohol contents at all!

With this after-shave, you are sure to prevent some redness which naturally arises while shaving. This in return reduces the razor burns which also accompany this redness. In the course of its use, the balm absorbs faster than usual.

Due to its possession of the Vitamin B5 and many other topnotch ingredients, the balm does a good job of alleviating skin discomforts. It is subsequently yours for the taking if you have tough skin that is ordinarily difficult to impact.


  • Relieves your skin of any irritations
  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin as well
  • Leaves your face feeling hydrated and healthy
  • Impacts the texture of your face also
  • Mild and gentle to your skin


  • Unable to impact rough skins
  • Yields fewer returns on investments
  • Only for male users

#4: Nivea for Men Sensitive Post-shave Balm

Does your skin irritate, swell or develop rashes when shaved? You might want to try this balm out. It is on the whole suited for soothing your skin. That is because it contains the soothing Chamomile, with Hazel, and Vitamin E.

When compared to the other balms, it is safer and gentle to your skin. You hence have every confidence to make good use of it. Even when you have to apply it repeatedly, it is unlikely that it shall accumulate to levels that may be perilous to you.

Like many other elegant balms, this one similarly lacks alcohol in its formulation. With regards to this, it is gentler and will hardly cause any irritations. You are advised to use it regularly as that is the only way you will shore up your skin’s natural defenses.


  • Spares you from the risks of irritations
  • Improves the condition of your skin with time
  • Safe and less sensational courtesy of the zero alcohol
  • Lightly fragranced
  • Improves your skin’s natural defenses


  • Takes quite some time to absorb
  • May not impact certain kinds of skin

#5: Baxter of California Aftershave Balm

Baxter of California is a brand that is thoughtfully curated. Indeed, its collection of superior hair care products has been noted to bring out the best in you. This aftershave in particular impacts the neck and the face at a time.

It is on the whole quite soothing. Over and above that, it also relieves any sensitivity which your skin might have with regards to matters shaving. The cooling extracts of allantoin and Aloe Vera also exist to soothe any pains which naturally emerge with use.

After applying it, your skin shall feel completely revitalized and refreshed. This is due to the existence of the tea tree oil which also tones it. If you develop harsh skins after shaving, this is a balm you badly want to lay your hands on.


  • Combats dry and painful skin
  • Renews the health and vitality of your skin
  • Hardly burns or scars your skin


  • Complex application procedures
  • May disparage those who lack the necessary skill
  • Prolonged use may harm your skin

 #6: Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Aftershave Balm

Want to smell fresh and elegant as you go about your businesses? This is the balm to lay your hands on. It is heavily scented and hence well able to make you feel fresh and nice. To add to these, the balm also soothes and moisturizes.

Its formulation contains a blend of rare woods and Botanics. These two give it some natural edge which many other balms lack. Expect it hence to do a good job of securing your skin from rashes and harms. For best results, you have to massage gently after applying it on your skin.

Generally speaking, this is a balm you want to lay your hands on if you are a working-class male. The sense of fragrance and confidence you will obtain are unparalleled. Being expensive, you will also be able to show off.


  • Pretty awesome aftershave indeed
  • Quite provocative indeed
  • Soothes your skin as well while in use
  • Delivers truly intensive outcomes
  • Refreshes your skin over and above soothing it


  • Costly to afford
  • Only for the truly executive users
  • Too much exposure may harm the nose

#7: L’Occitane L’Occitan After-shave Balm

This balm goes beyond merely cooling your skin after shaving. It contains Shea butter which also hydrates the skin and shields it from direct exposure to the sun. Other key ingredients of this balm are birch, bisabolol, and vegetable-based glycerin.

These add some scent to your skin not to mention leaving it soft, smooth and comfortable. Beyond its primary benefits and functionality, this balm also prevents any irritations from arising. Being perfumed, it leaves you smelling fresh and awesome.

You have the dual pleasures of applying it on your neck and face. While at it, you will experience relief from all forms of irritations and possible extreme pains. A feeling of tightness also blankets your skin as you make do with this balm.


  • Hydrates your skin heavily
  • Perfumed for great scent and elegance
  • Alleviates ghastly signs of regular shaving
  • Heals your skin too!
  • Makes your skin more supple


  • Not for oily skin
  • May be uncomfortable for use in hot environments
  • Cannot tackle redness of the skin

#8: Nivea for Men Energy Double Action Balm

Do you suffer from the issue of severe skin dehydration? You need a balm that can shore up the moisture levels considerably. For this, we ask that you try this one out. It is enriched with numerous natural minerals like Almond Oil, Vitamin E, and so on.

These work hand in hand to deliver some natural moisture to your skin. They are also pretty effective in preventing your skin from drying out. This is not to mention the fact that they reduce the issue of skin roughness to a considerable minimum.

Use this balm also to rejuvenate your skin and give it that fresh awesome look. Its beauty is the fact that it delivers the desirable ends within 5-10 minutes. The lightweight formula penetrates your skin faster to waste no time in the process.


  • Gives off some fresh looks instantly
  • Your skin becomes smoother with each application
  • Its citrus scent adds some value to you
  • May also tackle some pains due to antioxidant nature


  • Irrelevant to those with oily skins
  • May not work well in cool environments
  • Predisposes you to the risks of sweating

#9: L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Comfort Max After-shave Balm

Do you shave on a regular basis? If you do, you want a balm that can do all the three core issues at a time. This one will take you further than that. It can soothe, hydrate and protect your skin.

This notwithstanding, the balm lacks alcohol and is hence unlikely to irritate you at all. Owing to the limited alcohol content too, the balm guards against the risks of constant irritation, excess dryness, redness, and razor burns.

What’s more? It is also suitable for all kinds of skins. Whether yours is normal, dry or oily, you may count on this balm to be of help to you. Are you wary of sun damage? Yet again this balm will come to your aid. It forms a barrier which shields against sun damage.


  • Tightens any loose skin
  • Fights all the skin mishaps
  • Combats redness of the skin
  • Slows down the pace of aging
  • Provides adequate protection from sun damage


  • May trigger the emergence of rashes
  • Very disparaging to the eyes
  • Keep off children

 #10: Anthony After-shave Balm

Suffer from itches and sensations every now and then? This is the aftershave to lay your hands on. It has been proved to deliver instant relief from all forms of itchiness and redness. It also possesses the legendary lightweight formula.

Courtesy of this formula, the balm settles into your skin faster and conveniently. You hence get to obtain outcomes that are unequaled with other balms. This is not to mention that it handles redness and razor burns pretty reliably.

All factors considered, this aftershave is developed by men and borrowed by women. This is to mean that though primarily targeted at the men, it is also applicable by women. You hence get to enjoy some higher returns on your investments courtesy of it.


  • Soothes your skin with Benzocaine
  • Cools on contact
  • The lightweight formula absorbs immediately
  • Reduces minor razor burns and redness
  • Restores your skin’s moisture balance


  • Lacks fragrances
  • Does not make you classy

Aftershave Balm vs. Aftershave Splash

Though used hand in hand in many cases, the aftershave balm, and splash exhibit some inherent differences. The following are the main points of divergence between these two kinds of beard oils:


Typically, an aftershave splash is an antiseptic. It possesses a scent that is lingering. The aftershave balm, on the other hand, comes in the form of hydrating lotion. The potency diminishes almost immediately after applications.


When applied on to your skin, these substances respond differently. The aftershave splashes tighten and then dry your skin out. This stems from their possession of alcohol-based astringents. The opposite applies to the aftershave balm. They moisturize your skin and soothe it too!


Applying the aftershave balm is pretty simple. You only squeeze some little on your hand and then rub gently on the area of interest. As for the aftershave splash, you will have to use a towel and undergo some lengthy procedures of application for best results.

what is the best aftershave balm

Frequently Asked Questions about Aftershave Balm

Q1. Should I moisturize after shaving?

Ans. By all means, do that! Skins come in different shades and forms. If yours is a dry one, it is important that you do that. Even if yours is normal skin, you will have to moisturize it to prevent any further loss of moisture occasioned by the direct contact of your skin to the sun.

Q2. Is aftershave really good for your skin?

Ans. Though not always necessary, it is absolutely vital that you make do with it for your day-to-day skincare regime. They are packed with numerous ingredients which go a long way in enhancing the overall quality of your own skin.

Q3. Can an aftershave balm also serve as a moisturizer?

Ans. YES, it can! Many aftershaves contain moisturizing agents in them. For this reason, they also double up as moisturizers. Be careful though not to use them on bare skin. They might not work as required or need be.

Q4. What is the best thing to put on your face after shaving?

Ans. In the absence of an after-shave, the benzoyl peroxide salve or any other razor bump cream may do. Exercise some great care and attention as you go about this issue though. You do not want to imperil your skin in the process.

Q5. When is the best time to shave?

Ans. The morning hours are by far the best times to do so. You give your skin time to dry and heal before bathing or washing it. While at it, be sure also to wash your beard or hair first and foremost before shaving it; not the other way round.

This article as to the best aftershave balm on end here. We now leave it to you to find the one which is more likely to do you some good. Having done that, we now encourage you to peruse the list a second time to find it.

It is certainly not a wise idea to read through these beautiful explanations yet take no concrete actions. You must surely narrow your choice to one or two and purchase it.

Between now and when you make your mind up, we ask that you share this information with others too. That way, you will help many people in making a substantial and relevant purchase.

Best Trimmers for Pubic Hair

Last Updated October 2019

Though great, the pubic hair may also become a nuisance. They trap dirt and sweat which makes you smell. Also, they may harbor germs and other undesirable vectors which might also cause diseases. It is for these reasons that you want to keep your pubic hair well-maintained.

best trimmer for men pubic hair

There is no more reliable way of doing so other than trimming it. This basically entails reducing their sizes and heights. In so doing, they will less likely harbor those issues we have pointed out. Further, shorter pubic hair is easier to keep clean. To achieve the above feats, you require a trimmer.

These are appliances that are designed to keep your hair shorter at all times. They come in many shapes and sizes. This is because people differ in terms of the shapes, length, texture, and configurations of their hair strands. Our discussions hereunder endeavor to shed more light on them.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Public Hair Trimmer

Blade Quality

This is by far the most significant consideration. A good trimmer must have a very sharp blade. It is only in this way that it can tackle the hair strands effectively. The best blade has to be made of stainless steel, be sharp, preferably rounded and hypoallergenic in nature.


How the trimmer is designed also makes some difference. That is because the design has a bearing on the functionality and overall efficiency of the machine altogether. A good trimmer on the basis of this consideration has to possess two heads. It should also preferably be capable of shaving hair.

Corded vs. Cordless

Two main kinds of trimmers do exist. These are the corded and the cordless respectively. The corded draw their power from the mains supply through a cable. As for the cordless, they are mainly battery-powered and require no cord at all. Consider your intended location of use while at this.


Needless to say, a good machine has to be able to discharge as many roles as possible. This can only happen if it can accept and work for hand in hand with many attachments and accessories. Be sure to ascertain that the one you have in mind can indeed accommodate these extra attachments before you proceed.

Nature of Hair

Hairs differ in their textures, length, and thicknesses. You just cannot pick any trimmer at random and expect to achieve some meaningful outcomes. This certainly means that you have to be sensitive to the unique conditions of your hair. Find a trimmer that handles and responds to them appropriately.

Intended Frequency of Trimming

Lastly, consider how often you intend to trim your hair. If you intend to do so only once, you need not acquire too durable a trimmer. If on the other hand, you plan to trim your hair every now and then, the trimmer you choose has to be both strong and powerful.

Should I Shave My Pubic Area?


The number one reason why you need to shave your pubic area is for hygiene reasons. When the hair is left unattended to, it harbors dirt and germs. This one, in turn, compromises your overall health and well-being. It also makes it possible for other issues to arise later.

Ward off Foul Smell

All the public areas do sweat from time to time. The sweat accumulates and dries if left unattended to. In the course of so doing, it generates some foul smell. This is not a position you want to find yourself in especially when interacting with valued persons.

Slow down the Proliferation of Bacteria

Finally, the pubic area is also prone to bacteria and other microorganisms. They take advantage of the dark and sheltered portions of your body to grow, thrive and multiply. Definitely, the dangers of such growth and proliferation are too grave to even want to go through.

Best Pubic Hair Trimmer

#1: Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561 – Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator

Are you a man who is constantly on the go? If you are, we are glad to introduce to you this cordless trimmer. It is usable in remote and detached locations. This is not to mention that it generates long-lasting outcomes as well.

With this trimmer, it is possible for you to shave your hair in the water and dry environments equally. It hence follows that you have some convenience to leverage in the process. Unlike such kinds of trimmers, this one delivers some painless outcomes.

Its benefits extend beyond merely trimming your hair. They touch on massaging your pubic regions as well. This is made possible by a high-frequency massage system. In the course of massaging you, the trimmer also yields some added comfort.

Some 40 close-group tweezers finally seal the deal. They basically eliminate the shortest kinds of hairs down to the 0.5 mm levels. In return, they leave your skin smoother for some extended duration of time.


• Trims and massages at the same time

• Usable in the shower and dry environments

• Accepts many attachments

• Yields comfortable epilation outcomes

• Gentle to the touch


• Only for short hairs

• Unsuitable for repeated use

• May inflict some scars

#2: MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

For tackling thicker hairs and delivering more awesome outcomes, you need technical equipment indeed. This one embodies all the traits that such an appliance is ordinarily required or expected to possess. You hence have it for your consideration.

For a large part, this appliance is battery-powered. This means it is not subject to those limitations which its corded counterparts have to confront. You will hence make use of it wherever and whenever the desire may call for.

With this trimmer, it is possible for you to access those otherwise hidden or inaccessible areas of your pubic areas. This is made possible by the extendable handles. You simply have to set the desired length and use it to impact that portion of the pubic area you are interested in.

As you reach out to your hair, you will be posted on the charge levels. A charge indicator exists exclusively for that very purpose. This arrangement lets you vary your expectations appropriately. It also prevents the possibility of doing half-complete chores.


• Impacts inaccessible areas with ease

• Yields perfectly smooth shaves

• Confronts your skin at any angle

• Handles coarse hair conveniently

• Gives off both comfort and closeness


• Inadequate for thin hairs

• Not enduring

• Need to recharge every quite often

#3: Philips Bikiniperfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer Kit

As the designation implies, this trimmer is only for advanced applications. For this reason, it finds applicability in areas where quality is a topmost concern. The public hairdressers will particularly find it handy. This is the trimmer for you if you have some profit motive.

Other than its core mandate, this trimmer can also perform many other tasks. These are shaving your hair, generating styles, pulling off hair, and so on. All these are made possible by the existing six attachment slots.

Supplying power is some rechargeable batteries. Being rechargeable, the batteries allow for continued use and applications. You will not have to purchase a new battery every now and then to be able to keep enjoying the accompanying benefits.

Lastly, the trimmer can also style your hair. It achieves that feat principally through the existing precision trimming head. With this head, the appliance is capable of impacting hair that is as short as only 0.6 mm. You definitely have no better friend when it comes to this.


• Reaches intimate areas conveniently

• Hardly irritates your hair while in use

• Appropriately illuminated for night time use

• Shapes your eyebrows too!

• Leaves behind some uniform outcomes


• Disparages simpler users

• Requires some prior expertise

• Costly to afford and handle

#4: Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

In order to achieve more permanent outcomes, you have to make use of a truly reliable trimmer. A trimmer of that kind ideally ought to have multiple blades. This is the one we recommend that you set your eyes on.

It contains three blades in one. This means that for one pass, you actually get to shave your pubic area thrice. You will not only save some time but also receive excellent outcomes on the whole. Such an approach also means that you will feel less itchy.

One great benefit of this blade is that it also conforms to the contours of your skin. Yet again, this means you will hardly sustain any abrasions or cuts on your skin. On the flipside, you will enjoy some smooth and consistent outcomes.

Even though this trimmer is universal, it is particularly better suited for those with sensitive skin. All its stated parts as we have already noted are geared towards this very end. Have we also said that you can use it in and out of the shower?


• Hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades

• 3 ultra-sharp blades deliver fast cuts

• Ultra-thin foils

• Compact enough for easy travels

• Captures short and stray hairs


• Shorter battery run time

• Needs constant recharging

• Certainly not for coarse hairs

#5: Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49

Lastly, is the Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49. In a nutshell, this machine is skin friendly and showerproof. It also functions as a body trimmer and shaver at the same time. We recommend it for your consideration if your whole life revolves around shaving and hair care.

Some 3D pivoting head stands tall among its awesome features. This one basically lets the trimmer conform to the unique contours of your body. In so doing, it yields some ultimate comfort to you. You definitely want this for your everyday use.

Its blades, on the other hand, are rounded. They also come along with a comb. The latter is to spare your skin of any scratches. For your added convenience, the trimmer also allows you to choose the cutting length you may desire courtesy of the 5 length settings.

All its top features and specifications make it better suited for the men who require some ultimate comforts. Unfortunately, it is too rough for women to make use of. In all though, it is pretty great for the shoulders, back, legs, and the underarms.


• Waterproof courtesy of the special materials

• Shaves both ways at a go

• Prevents nicks and cuts while shaving

• Does not inflict any scratches

• Backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee


• Longer recharge times (24 hours)

• Strictly for men

• Limited returns on investments

You have certainly received the information you badly want to this effect, haven’t you? Well, you now have what it takes to do a good job in identifying the right trimmer. We now leave it up to you to find the right one for your use. Simply ascertain your own tastes before embarking on this task. It is only then that you will find the right one.

The ones we have identified and reviewed in section 4 are by far the best at the moment. Waste no time. Instead, prioritize them as you search for the right trimmer for your pubic hair. They will certainly do you some good. When do you plan to start looking for your most suitable trimmer?

What more would you demand from us? Have we not furnished you with all the guidance you desire to make a great choice? We urge you not to gain from this guide alone. Instead, share it with as many of your colleagues who might need it as possible.

Best Face Wash for Men

Last Updated October 2019

Men usually neglect their skin because they think that a rugged and rough look is good. Honestly, that’s not a good idea. Neglecting your skin has many implications. It can lead to breakouts, clogged pores, and even premature aging.

Guys like using bar soaps to wash their faces. What they don’t know is that bar soaps are very harmful. They contain chemicals that can affect the health of your skin. Dirt, pollution, sweat, and dead cells all accumulate on your skin. Since the skin is very delicate, you have to refresh it to ensure that it remains clean and healthy.

best face wash for sensitive skin for men

A face wash is essential to everyone since it revitalizes your skin. It removes all the dirt and dead cells that accumulate on your skin as you perform your daily duties.

Why Use a Face Wash?

The skin is very fragile and needs proper care. Washing your face with water and bar soap is not enough. A face wash removes dirt and oil build up that can cause acne and inflammation. Some people suffer from skin complications such as oily or dry skins. A face wash will help reduce the effects of these issues on your skin.

Soap can dry your face, leading to flakiness, itchiness, and discomfort. A face wash will help you avoid these problems. Face wash removes the dirt while maintaining the pH balance and healthy bacteria and oils in your face. Soaps, on the contrary clear the essential oils and also tempers with the PH balance.

best acne face wash for men

A good face wash routine will help you have a comfortable shave. You may have experienced irritation or razor burns after shaving your beards. What you don’t know is that a bad facial washing routine may be the cause of your woes.

Things to Consider When Buying Face Wash or Cleanser

There are different facial products in the market today. You have to choose the right face wash or cleanser that will favor your skin. Your skin type will determine the kind of face wash or cleanser. Men’s skin falls in five categories, namely dry skin, oily skin, healthy skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin. Let’s discuss these skin types and their cleansers.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is generally tight and always itchy or flaky. This type of skin requires a cleanser that removes the dirt and impurities without tempering with its natural oils. You should look for a face wash that hydrates your skin. Look for a face wash that doesn’t have soap formulas.

Oily Skin

Oily skins have large and visible pores. They are greasy and produce oil shortly after being cleansed. Men who have oily skins should go for a face wash that penetrates and cleans the pores while regulating oil production. The cleanser should balance the skin’s ph and slows down the growth of bacteria and without leaving the skin dry. A face wash that contains charcoal is highly recommended.

Sensitive Skin

This type of skin is prone to irritation and is usually ready after cleansing or shaving. Guys with sensitive skin should look for cleansers that contain soothing ingredients such as hazel and aloe vera and have dense and creamy foams. This type of skin also requires a cleanser that balances Ph since a high or low ph can irritate or dry the skin. Avoid bubbly products as much as possible.

Normal skin

This skin is not prone to redness, flaking, and does not have a sheen. It has an even skin tone and does not break. Any face wash or cleanser will do since this type of skin isn’t choosy. Use cleansers that have offer bonus features such as toning, anti-aging, and hydrating ingredients.

Combination Skin

People with this type of skin have dry cheeks and oily chins, foreheads, and noses. Cleansers that balance cleaning and hydration id highly recommended. Go for a face wash that cleans the surface oil but locks in natural moisture.

Best Face Wash for Men

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

This face wash contains natural ingredients and can solve the skin problems you are facing. Using this face wash will help you achieve healthy and clear skin. It cleanses the skin without stripping its essential moisture. Ursa Major also contains essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and cedar that gives it a sweet scent.

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash has more than 30 ingredients, including aloe vera which has incredible soothing properties. It also contains rice seed that hydrates the skin. It’s also good at exfoliating the skin without tempering with the moisture content.

Ursa Major doesn’t contain harsh chemicals such as sulfates, petrochemicals, silicones, artificial color, and parabens. The face wash is ideal for all skin types.

Rugged and Dapper Facial Cleanser for Men

This face cleanser is gentle and helps keep your face naturally. It contains vitamin C, willow bark, and aloe vera that soothes the skin but removes grime and dirt. It unclogs pores, removes dead cells, and prevents the skin from aging.

R&D facial cleanser removes dirt and excess oil that cause acne and other skin breakouts. It’s suitable for all skin types and ages. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. This face wash also includes a unique manly scent that is different from ladies’ fragrances. R&D also contains tea tree oil that has many benefits, such as fighting acne.

Tiege Harnley’s Daily Face Wash

This face wash was designed by men who understand how guys behave when it comes to skin care. It contains four main components, including:

• Cucumber Extract

Cucumber extract contains vitamin C, proteins, and several minerals that smoothen and hydrate the skin. It also emolliates and moisturizes the skin and aids natural shedding of the outer skin layer.

• Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil acts as a stimulant and also stimulates the skin. It’s very beneficial to the skin.

• Lavandula Oil

Also known as lavender, Lavandula oil reduces redness, hydrates the skin, and also helps fight acne.

• Salix Alba bark

This extract reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin. It also boosts healing and also promotes natural kin shedding.

This face wash has rosemary oil that is effective in reducing fat and provides essential minerals such as calcium, iron, and vitamins. This face wash is suitable for all skin types.

Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

Brickell Men’s Purifying Face Wash contains activated charcoal, which is a perfect cleanser. Charcoal removes bacteria, excess oil, free radicals, and irritants from the skin pores without stripping the required moisture.

Brickell’s face wash also contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Olive oil removes excess oils and dirt while jojoba helps retain the moisture in the skin. This face wash is ideal for men of all skin types.

Brickell products are available in many countries. This face wash comes with a natural fragrance, derived from eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as sulfates or parabens.

You should use this face wash in the morning, after exercise, and before going to bed. The face wash is ideal for men with sensitive skin.

Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Men with dry skin encounter problems when shopping for face washes and cleansers. Men with dry skin should ensure that they get a cleanser that cleans grime and dirt while maintaining the moisture content.

Cerave also contains ceramides, an ingredient that holds skin cells together and retains moisture. Ceramides reduce aging, drying, and protects the skin from harsh conditions. CeraVe also moisturizes the skin naturally.

The good is that CeraVe approved by the National Eczema Association. It’s therefore, ideal for people with sensitive sin or Eczema. Guys love it because it cleans the skin and soothes dry skin.

Bulldog Natural Skincare Original Face Wash

Bulldog Face Wash provides straightforward skincare solutions for men. It contains organic ingredients that target men specifically.

This face wash contains eight natural ingredients, including green tea. It cleanses your skin gently, removing any dirt and grime. It also contains aloe vera, which reduces irritation, soothes the, among others. It also comes with a gel that protects the skin from drying. Bulldog also prevents acne for men with oily skin. It leaves you with clean and soft skin.

Jake Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

Jae Black is gaining popularity every day in the men’s skincare sector. This cleanser cleans not only the skin but also tones it. It removes excess oil and dirt, refreshing and hydrating your skin.

It contains oat that cleans the skin and hazel, which serves as an antioxidant. This facial cleanser also contains rosemary and sage leaf, which have excellent antibacterial properties. Aloe vera and chamomile soothe the skin and reduce redness.

This cleanser has been tested by a dermatologist and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as gluten, paraben, and sulfates. Jack Black is ideal for guys with pores that are easily clogged and suffer from acne and blackheads.

Men who accumulate a lot of dirt and suffer from acne, as a result, should use this facial cleanser.

Difference between Face Wash, Scrub, Cleanser, and Soap

You might be confused about what to buy when looking for a facial skincare product. Here is the difference between a face wash, cleanser, scrub, and soap.

• Face Wash

Face wash and cleanser have a similar function, which is to clean the face. However, a face wash has soap-like characteristics, i.e., it lathers faster compared to a cleanser.

A face wash contains powerful cleansing ingredients that clean the skin deeply but gently. It does not contain ingredients that destroy the cells or dehydrate the skin.

Your daily routine will determine whether you will choose a face wash or cleanser. People who are exposed to excess pollution should opt for a cleanser. Guys with sensitive should use cleansers since face washes are a bit harsher.

• Face Cleanser

A cleanser is a non-forming solution that cleans the face. You don’t have to wash your face after using a cleanser because it doesn’t produce foam like face washes. Facial cleansers are used to remove excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells just like face washes.

Cleansers are gentle on the skin as compared to scrubs and face washes. They leave your skin moisturized and hydrated. Facial cleansers also can remove oil-soluble impurities from the skin.

You can use a facial cleanser and a face wash together for better results.

• Face Scrub

A face scrub goes an extra mile of exfoliating the skin and removing the outer layer of dead cells. Face scrubs contain plant matter that provides a more profound cleansing effect. Unlike face washes and cleansers, scrubs should be used once or twice a week.

• Bar Soap

Bar soap is alkaline and can cause harm to your skin. Bar soaps contain harsh chemicals that rip off the natural oil of your skin. Soaps are mostly poisonous to the skin. However, some soaps contain natural ingredients that are good for your facial skin. Ensure that you choose the right one.

Face washes deliver good results if you choose the right one for your skin. You should first know your skin type. Using a face wash that’s not ideal for your skin can be very dangerous. Also, consider the price of the face wash. Ensure that you read the list of ingredients before you buy any product. The ingredients should be natural and free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and gluten. The information above will help you select the best product for your facial skin.


Best Mustache and Beard Wax

Last Updated October 2019

Taking care of your beard and mustache is ordinarily a complicated undertaking given the many grooming products available. Luckily, you need not necessarily go it alone. Not when seasoned experts in the dual fields of beard and mustache wax like us do exist.

It is, on the whole, thicker than both the oil and the balm. The wax mostly confers some stronger holds of the beards. In so doing, it yields some cohesive shapes and is hence suitable for the styling of your hair.

Needless to point out, there are many such items on the market today. Finding the right one, against this backdrop, may hence not be really that simple. Yet again, we come into your rescue. Read through these reviews and buying guide for more information.

best beard waxes

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Beard and Mustache Wax


Waxes come in diverse colors and hues. It is hence important to pay attention to the color as well. The best color has to match well with your unique tastes and preferences. At the same time, it should also be compatible with the clothing you choose to put on.

Quality and Quantity of Ingredients

The quality and the quantity of the ingredients in use also count. Studies have deduced that more ingredients imply higher quality and vice versa. Further, the butter, natural oils, and beeswax are some of the ‘must have’ ingredients in a typical wax. Avoid those waxes that have synthetic ingredients like petroleum jelly.

Scented vs. Unscented

Depending on your own taste, you may have to choose between the scented and the unscented wax. Choose the scented if you do not have any allergies or want to add some elegance to your life. The unscented is the one for you in case you are predisposed to some respiratory illnesses or issues.


How firm does the wax hold on to your mustache or beard? A good wax has to be truly potent. This is to see to it that when applied, it does not drip or fall off unnecessarily. Apart from this, a good hold will also maintain your wax in place for an extended duration of time.

best wax for beards

Reasons to Use a Beard and Mustache Wax

There are three main reasons why people use the beard and mustache wax. These are highlighted and explained hereunder:


When the beard and mustache are both unkempt, it may be tricky for you to eat and talk normally. By use of this wax, it is possible for you to keep the hair out of your mouth. This allows you to talk, kiss, eat, and speak without any undue hindrance.


The wax helps you to style your beard well. It is in fact almost impossible for you to do so save for using this item. Your use of the wax hence helps you to obtain some glossy appearances which certainly enhance your own self-esteem.

Expedited Care and Maintenance

Lastly, you also get to care for and maintain your beard and mustache easily. When appropriately waxed, the beard strands stay tall, straight and alert. You will subsequently comb them easily whenever you absolutely have to.

Best Mustache and Beard Wax

#1: Stache Bomb Stache Wax Mustache Wax

This wax is homemade. It is inspired by Maine’s harsh winters. Use it to maintain your beard in the locked positions. Generally, this wax is softer than most others. You will find it easier to squeeze out from the can. In so doing, you will also spend less of your time to make use of it.

The wax goes beyond styling your beards. It also scents it. This is due to its citrusy and pine scent. When applied on the beard, it discharges some softer touch and excellent holds. Your hair will, therefore, stay firmly in place without any disruptions, no matter what.

Core Benefits

• Very easy to apply

• Exudes some awesome scent

• Available in some portable container

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

• Petroleum oil jelly

• Fragrance

#2: Canyouhandlebar All-Natural Secondary Mustache Wax

Is yours a flaccid mustache? If it is, you have probably already encountered tons of negative images. Also, your mustache must have dropped from time to time. To counter these issues, you require a wax that has awesome strength. This is to mean that it should be capable of maintaining your mustache in a firm position.

This wax contains a blend of all-natural beeswax and oil. The former is derived from Michigan bees. You require some patience and strength though to apply it. This stems from its extra-thick formulation which definitely does not spread really easily. On the whole, this wax contains many quality ingredients.

Core Benefits

• Firm enough to confer additional hold

• Contains only all-natural ingredients

• Exudes some natural scent

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

• Lanolin

• Castor oil

Coconut oil

• Shea butter

• Vitamin E

#3: Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky

For all practical purposes, this wax has the strongest hold. It is subsequently capable of taming the toughest mustache available. This notwithstanding, you still need not apply too much of the wax. Only a small amount in between your fingers is sufficient to accord you the hold you require.

Further to that, it also grips your hair hard, regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions. These include heat, humidity, and excess precipitation. Even though it appears darker, it also lightens up after it has already been applied. Lastly, it is also non-greasy and will hardly soil your fingers.

Core Benefits

• Yields some greater hold on your mustache

• Long-lasting and endures the test of time

• Handmade

Key Ingredients

• N/A

#4: Fisticuffs Cigar Blend Mustache Wax

The manufacturer of this wax takes matters men’s facial hair very seriously. It operates under the tag line ‘Grave before Shave.’ Unlike most other high-quality waxes of its kind, this one contains some synthetic ingredients as well. Chief of these is the petroleum jelly which exists to provide some extra hold.

It is also scented for added elegance. The scent is a combination of cigar and vanilla, both of which are hard to beat. Setting this wax apart from the others is the ease of spreading. It is dilute and requires less effort to handle unlike many other quality waxes of its kinds.

Core Benefits

• Contains a unique scent

• Has a pretty soft texture

• Does not look or feel waxy

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

• Tea tree oil

• Jojoba oil

Coconut oil

Essentials Oils

• Petroleum jelly

• Pine Sap

#5: Honest Amish Original Beard Wax

This Honest Amish is hailed as the oldest beard wax available. If you are intent on leveraging high quality, you know where to run to. In all, this beard is formulated to tame the wildest of a man’s beard. Indeed, many past users have equated it to the hair spray owing to its highly penetrative formulation.

All its ingredients are derived from nature. For this reason, it delivers some superior hold on your beard. This allows you to strike a balance between style and hold. At its core is the all-natural beeswax which provides the hold. Its styling superiority, on the other hand, comes from all-natural butter.

Core Benefits

• Very popular mustache and beard wax

• Tames the widest beard hairs

• Hand-made

• Simpler to spread through your beards

Key Ingredients

• Organic Oils

• Fruit Oils

• Nut oil

• Butters

• Beeswax

#6: Seven Points Beard Wax

During the growth of your beard, there come moments when the growth is simply out of hand. It becomes too vigorous to tame, keep in good shape or style. You cannot use the ordinary waxes at such time. The only one that is specially formulated like this one may come handy.

It has all-organic and all-natural styling wax. These two active ingredients deliver to you beard some awesome appearances regardless of their stages of growth. While at it, the wax also provides a good hold not to mention sparing your beard from appearing unnatural or stiff.

Core Benefits

• Yields some excellent hold which is also not very stiff

• Eliminates beardruff, itching, split ends and a host of hair issues

• Absolutely awesome for the beards

Key Ingredients

• Organic coconut oil

• Organic palm oil

• Organic jojoba wax

• Organic peach kernel oil

• Cocoa butter

• Avocado butter

• Palm-free vegetable glycerin

• Vitamin E

• Cedarwood

• Sandalwood

• Natural essential oils

#7: The Bearded Goon’s Ridiculously
Strong Beard and Handlebar Mustache Wax

Are you mostly concerned about the hold? If you are, this is the one we would recommend. In fact, you only need to apply it once and there you have it! The amount you apply shall last the entire day. It is also 100% natural. As such, it is devoid of any chemicals, parabens and artificial dyes.

By all accounts, this is one of the stiffest waxes for your beards. This being the case, it also suits your mustaches well. Due to its long lasting nature, it is
quite capable of lasting long and eliminating the need for constant re-application.

Core Benefits

• Produces ridiculously stronghold

• The all-natural formulation which translates to added safety

• Demands only one application per day

Key Ingredients

• Beeswax

• Coconut oil

• Shea butter

• Tree resin

• Essential oils

Do-It-Yourself Homemade Mustache Wax

Have some mustache that requires additional effort and cares? Wait not to purchase your wax from the shop. You too can make yours, right at the comfort of your home. We devote the last segment of our discussions to five of the best handmade waxes, you might consider manufacturing.

#1: Simply the Best Handmade Wax

In its simplest form, this is a combination of the beeswax and Vaseline. Some variants contain few droplets of scents and essential oils. To make it, simply mix Vaseline with beeswax and pour them on a pan.

Boil the mixture till it becomes liquid. Thereafter, introduce some essential oils in the mixture varying it in accordance with the amount. Drain this liquid in the tin can and let it cool down completely. It is now ready to apply.

#2: Mustache Wax: Oil and Beeswax

In case you lack too many complicated ingredients, this is the variant to set your eyes on. That is because it employs only the simple everyday ingredients like mustard oil and beeswax. To make it, mix the wax with oil and heat it thoroughly.

Be sure to equalize the proportions of both ingredients. In case the oil does not mix with the mustache well, consider reheating for better outcomes. Thereafter, pour the mixture into the can or tin where you intend to store the wax. Wait for some 7-8 minutes for it to harden.

#3. DIY Mustache Wax: the Cheap Way

Are you short on cash yet would wish to enjoy the selfsame great benefits of mustache wax? If you are, this is the formulation we would recommend. It requires almost no extra ingredients other than the beeswax and coconut oil.

Mix the two ingredients in 2:1 ratio i.e. two scoops of beeswax and one scoop of coconut oil. Place them both in a mixing bowl. Put the bowl on a double boiler or a stove to melt the wax. As the wax melts, stir it to achieve some uniform blend. Pour the resultant mixture into a container quickly before hardening.

#4: Homemade Mustache Wax

To formulate this wax, you require some three ingredients. These are the essential oils, beeswax, and coconut oil, respectively. Get hold of a mixing bowl and metal pot. Arrange them in a double boiler to melt the beeswax slowly.

Heat the double boiler to melt the wax. Introduce two scoops of coconut oil in the mixture. After the mixture has liquefied, pour it into some jar or tin. Cool the mixture for around 45 minutes to let it solidify.

#5: Mustache Wax: All Natural Ingredients

Mix coconut oil and beeswax in a glass jar and place it on the boiler or stove. This is to melt the wax completely. After the wax and the oil has mixed and melted, add some Vaseline to the mixture.

Mix well by stirring slowly. Pour the liquid into some container, jar, or tin. Cool the mixture for around one and a half hours. Your wax shall be ready in no time.

Well, you now know almost all about the mustache and beard wax, don’t you? You now have to go ahead and implement the insight you have gained. This can only happen if you look for a suitable wax on the basis of the considerations we have explained above.

Take the guesswork out of your search for the right wax. Simply start off with the ones we have identified and reviewed. They are by far the most reliable waxes on the market today. In them, you are most likely to gain the benefits and reliability you have been yearning for.

In case you get stuck along the way, hesitate not seeking our assistance. We know too well that finding the right wax may still not be easy even after going through the guidance above. You want many others to enjoy similar advantages, don’t you? Why not pass this information on to them too?

Best Shaving Kits For Men

For far too long, men have relied on shaving foam and safety razor only to keep their beards short. However, there is a shift in the trend in modern times. These days, we do have the shaving kits. The kits contain more accessories and are definitely more effective in getting rid of excess hair.

Their use is a lot more convenient than the two items we have touched on. That is because each component handles unique tasks and thoroughly for that matter. It is also impossible for you to obtain long-lasting impacts without the use of a comprehensive kit.

best shaving kit bag for men

You definitely need some guidance to be able to make the right purchasing decision. We understand this fact only too well. That is why we have stepped in voluntarily to help you make the right choice. Read the discussions hereunder for more insight on the subject.

Pros and Cons of Buying Shaving Kits Compared to Buying Every Item Individually 


Limited Hassles

By purchasing a kit rather than individual items, you stand to enjoy some limited hassles. You do not have to leave your hair halfway to look for other items to complete it.

Overall Cheaper

It is no secret that bulk purchases are cheaper than individual ones. Your choice of the shaving kit is hence a suitable way of cutting down your shaving costs.

Saves Time

With all the items you require for shaving in your hands, you need not waste time while shaving. Instead, you spend the little time you have to do the best job possible.

Yields Better Outcomes

Definitely, a kit brings about better outcomes. That is because you get to handle individual chores as exactly as you would naturally have to.

Great for gifts

You may also use the shaving kit as a gift to your man. The items that constitute the kit are on the whole quite elegant to behold.

best shaving kit for men



A kit is generally bulkier to carry around compared to individual shaving items. You will confront some inconveniences as you travel around with yours.

Likelihoods of Redundancy

It may not always be that you will find all the items in the kit relevant to your shaving needs. This means that the chances of some items being redundant are just too high.

Requires some Expertise

You definitely require some expertise to handle and operate some items in a typical shaving kit. Your lack of such expertise may hence disparage you significantly.

What is in a Shaving Kit?

Aftershave Balm

To protect your skin from developing rashes, you want to apply an aftershave balm. This one overlays the shaved skin and shields it from direct contact with germs and other harmful external agents. It also speeds up the rate of healing after a shave.

Shaving Cream, Gel or Foam

Most shaving kits comprise the cream, gel, and foam, at the same time. This gives you room and freedom to select the exact one which closely mirrors your unique expectations. These items definitely make for some gentler and perfect skin outcomes.

Pre-shave Treatment

Before shaving, you must definitely prepare your skin for the subsequent role. You will find the pre-shave treatment a nice and worthy purchase indeed. Its role in preparing the skin for the shaving cannot at all be underestimated.


This forms the core of the entire shaving process. It is the razor that actually does the cutting of the hair into finer particles. Needless to say, the razor has to be sharp and preferably multiple in number.

Shaving Brush

After you are through with your shaving and before applying the aftershave, you must definitely get rid of the hair debris. You will employ the shaving brush for this role. It eliminates the minute chuff and debris well.

Lathering Products

Lastly, you will also want to lather your skin in preparation for the actual shaving. Yet again, you will find the lathering products handy at such times. They clean and raise the strands of hair to make them easier to cut through later.

Best Shaving Kits for Men

#1: Van der Hagen Luxury Shaving Kit

You need not necessarily go to a high-end barber shop and spend too much of your money to be able to accrue luxurious shaving outcomes. This kit is available for your luxurious shaving outcomes. This is mainly because of its luxurious lather which prepared and conditions your skin for smooth and close shaves.

As part of its luxurious shaving outcomes, this kit also lubricates your skin in such a way as to prevent razor burns, diminish nicks and cuts. All these are provided in a package that is way cheaper than those of your ordinary high-end barber shops.


• Boar bristle brush

• Best-selling luxury shave soap

• Acrylic brush stand

• Apothecary Mug

#2: Merkur Futur 4-piece Shaving Set

Looking to generate some styles as you shave your beard? Look no further than this particular set. It is indeed equipped with many tools and features intended for the same. Specifically, the fact that you may alter the angles of shaves is what makes it capable of doing just that.

Generally, also, the blades bring about some truly close shaves. They subsequently leave behind almost no hair strands and hence make your outcomes truly awesome. Given its beautiful appearance, you may also use the set to add some aesthetics to your room.


• Frosted glass shaving bowl

• Silvertip badger brushes

• Merkur Futur adjustable razor

• Satin-finished chrome shaving stand

#3: Parker 29R Safety Razor Shaver Set

Looking to surprise your male loved one this coming holiday? Think of this kit. It is beautifully crafted and is hence a great gift choice. This does not mean though that it cannot perform the standard chores as expected. Indeed, the kit is still a reliable companion for everything shaving.

Most of its cutting mechanisms are made of stainless steel. As such, they are firm, strong, durable, and very sharp. For this reason, they are more likely to yield you reliable shaving outcomes, all factors considered.


• Deluxe Black Badger bristle brush

• Chrome handle

• Stainless steel stand

• Silver-colored theme

• Chrome Plating

• Twist-to-open butterfly head

• Extra-long 100% black badger bristles

#4: Parker 96R Shaving Kit

Are you a frequent and regular shaver? If you are, this is the kit you have been looking for. On the whole, the kit is strong and durable. It is subsequently capable of enduring the most strenuous of circumstances of use. The company that makes it is also reputable for excellent customer service.

Over and above shaving your beard, this kit can also do a good job of enhancing the aesthetics of your toilet. This is mainly because of its chrome finishing which is truly great to behold.


• Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor

• C2PGSS chrome shave stand

• Pure badger brush

• Deluxe 100% pure badger bristle brush

• Black and chrome handle

#5: Merkur Shaving Kit

If you operate on ordinarily squeezed schedules, you want a comprehensive package. This Merkur shaving kit is manufactured for persons of your kinds. In all, it contains all those items and gears which you shall usually have to use for your shaving. These individual items also stand apart from the others.

They are durable, are accommodative of many relevant gears and are devoid of any synthetic preservatives. What’s more? The entire package is usable by both men and women alike. This makes the package great for whole family use.


• Chrome-plated safety razor

• Bowl

• Shaving soap

• Badger brush

• Stand for brush and razor

• 21 mm chrome handle

#6: Jack Black No. 2 Bump-free Shave System

Sometimes it is never enough to shave your hair only. You usually want to go ahead and eliminate those unsightly marks which arise after shaving. This is the kit to look up to. Other than that, it also conceals cuts and gets rid of any bumps. It has some unique parts and components.

Together, these features and items enable it to perform feats which are way beyond the scope of your ordinary shaving kit.


• Non-slip razor handle

• 2 replacement cartridges

• Daily face cleaner

• 5-blade stainless steel razor

• Supreme cream triple cushion

• Beard lube conditioning shave

• Bump fix razor and ingrown solution

#7: Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3 Kit

This shaving kit is so called because it comprises the three most essential items for a perfect shaving outcome. The kit goes beyond merely getting rid of unwanted hair off your beard skin. It also exudes some luxury and comfort in so doing. This stems mainly from its healing and soothing powers.

Though great for almost all kinds of shaving outcomes, this kit is particularly suited for those close wet shaves. Its blades do not cut your skin.


• Hair shave brush

• Badger brush

• Aftershave Balm

• Shaving cream

• Sharp razor

#8: The Art of Shaving Full-Size Kit

As the name suggests, this kit is truly optimized for perfect shaves. That is because it contains all those items which may yield you the most desirable of outcomes. Further to merely getting rid of some unwanted hair off your beard, this kit also prepares your skin for the same.

For instance, it lathers, cleans, and moisturizes your skin as well. You are hence less likely to sustain those issues and problems which any other kinds of users do.


• After-shave balm

• 100% badger brush

• Shaving cream

• Pre-shave oil

• Moisturizing lotion

#9: Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Though pricey, this kit is perhaps the most comprehensive one on the market today. That is because it contains almost all items you would naturally want to find in a kit of this kind. You will find it suited for your use if you experience faster beard growth rates. The same applies to you if you shave frequently.

Other than merely trimming your hairs, this kit also slows down irritations and other undesirable issues which your beard may sustain. It also has some items which are lacking in most other kits of its kinds.


• Badger hair shave

• Safety razor

• Sandalwood shave soap

• Stainless steel shave bowl

• Alum block

#10: Bevel Shave System – Starter Kit

It is not uncommon for you to sustain some nasty razor bumps in the course of shaving your beards. Given the ghastly nature of these bumps, you want to avoid them completely. This Bevel shaving system is designed to help achieve that very role. It contains all the items and products that prevent this very eventuality.

Key among these are the priming oil, Aloe Vera and the triple action badger brush. These not only make for close shaves but also retain your moisture levels throughout the shaving session.


• Priming oil

• Safety razor

• Restoration balm

• Badger shave brush

• Shave cream

Learning about the shaving kits for men in and of itself is not enough. You have to surely make a purchase of at least one of them. It is in light of this that we now urge you to consider purchasing at least one we have identified and explained above.

To find the right one, consider your own expertise, expectations, and the unique circumstances which each kit is designed to tackle. In some instances, you might also have to bring in some technical expert to help you in going about the issue.

Do not wait till you need to shave your beard before purchasing one. That is because the kit may also apply and handle your pubic hair and other general grooming tasks? When do you plan to set out in purchasing your shaving kit? Let us know in the comment’s section hereunder!

Best Nose Hair Trimmers

Last Updated October 2019

The nose is a very tricky part of the body. It is small and hidden from the reach of many ordinary shavers. This notwithstanding, the hair that grows in the nose also need to be trimmed. The feat may never be that simple for persons who lack the necessary expertise and experience.

It is for these reasons that the appropriate advisory opinions such as these come in handy. We have carried out comprehensive research in the field of nose trimming. These include the tools of trade necessary for the job, how to go about the issue, and the issues you have to take into consideration while doing so. We are going to showcase to you the findings of our research in the proceeding conversations.

best nose and ear trimmers


The following are some of the factors to consider while selecting a good nose trimmer:

Trimming Head

Nose trimmers generally come with different kinds of heads. It is necessary to ask around and inquire from the sellers the kinds of heads they have. This shall enable to find one that is as relevant to your case as possible.

Battery Power

Most of these trimmers are powered by batteries. However, their power consumption and outputs are totally different. The best trimmer must have the lowest power consumption and the highest power output possible.

Eyebrow Trimming

It is not enough for the trimmer to be able to cut the nose hair. It helps if it can also trim the eyebrows as well. This is why you have to find one that can also act on those parts of the body.

best nose trimmer

Ergonomic Design

Needless to say, a good trimmer has to possess excellent ergonomics. It has to be easy to handle and engage. This is to prevent unnecessary hassles that ordinarily arise at such times.


Lastly, you also have to consider the price. A good trimmer ought not to be too expensive. It has to fall within your budget space. If necessary, it should also be accompanied by a great warranty and hot discounts.

Best Hair Nose Trimmers

#1: Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K

With this trimmer, you may shave either wet or dry. It draws its power from batteries and is therefore convenient to engage on the whole. Some of the great features the trimmer has are waterproof nature, smart vacuum cleaning system, high precision, excellent ergonomics, and cordless nature.

The beauty of this trimmer is the fact that you can use it for repeated trimming tasks. It does not lose its sharpness or sustain corrosion easily as others of its kind do. This is not to mention that it does not at all irritate the skin or predispose you to skin infections.

#2: Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Featuring a stainless construction, this trimmer is durable and resistant to corrosion. It is also capable of undertaking repeated trimming tasks. It does have some elegant features all of which combine to make this a possibility. Examples of these include the hanging tab and excellent dimensions.

When closed, the trimmer measures only 2.5 inches. This compact size allows you to carry it around with ease. This allows you to carry it around with absolute ease. For this reason, this is the blade to look up to for remote applications.

#3: Remington NE3550 Rotary Nose & Ear Trimmer

For close shaves and trimming, this is the shaver to look up to. Its blades are light, sharp-pointed, and highly penetrative. They have that ability to pierce as close to the skin as possible. Moreover, you do not have to pass atop the specific surface multiple times to generate the required outcome.

Generally speaking, this trimmer is lighter in weight and is thus easier to engage. It does not at all impose an unnecessary drag on your part nor does it require you to press it too hard on the skin. Take the trimmer wherever you go!

#4: Wahl Ear, Nose and Brow Lighted Trimmer #5546-200

Do you desire to achieve hygienic grooming outcomes? This is the trimmer of choice if you answered in the affirmative. It is suited for both the wet and the dry shaves. You may, as a matter of fact, use it in the shower as well.

What’s more? The trimmer also works on your eyebrows. It has some eyebrow guides which basically allows you to accurately groom your eyebrows. It also possesses a mini-spotlight to illuminate the skin and nose for greater visibility. This is the one to utilize if you groom in the dark every quite often.

#5: Philips Norelco NT9130/40 NoseTrimmer 5100

For comprehensive grooming, you want to settle for a comprehensive trimmer of this kind. It has the ability to shed off an unwanted eyebrow, nose, and the hairs of the eyebrow. It also comes along with a deluxe storage case for expedited transportation and handling.

Perhaps its most outstanding trait is the ultra-sharp and finely-ground Chromium steel blade. These ones are so strong as to be able to cut the thickest strand of hair in one pass. The other top traits are the unique skin-guard technology and the skin-friendly detailers.

#6: Andis FastTrim Personal Ear and Nose Trimmer

Do you have sensitive skin? This is perhaps the trimmer to look up to. It is optimized for use on sensitive skin. As such, it is less likely to leave behind rashes and inflammations. These are made possible by a couple of features and unique traits.

Top of these is the rust-proof surgical stainless-steel blades, the recessed cutting blades, protective caps, and AA battery power. With the trimmer, you may trim nose and the hair quicker and easier. This is not to mention that it is safer than scissors.

#7: ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

If you are that kind of a person who changes location every quite often, you badly want a cordless trimmer. This one has the ability to confer to you the benefit of awesome flexibility and unconstrained mobility. It is also lighter in weight and is hence easier to carry around as the need may so determine.

The power consumption rating of this trimmer is also another strong point. It is only powered by one AA battery but nevertheless produces an awesome power output. You have to carry it with you in your next camping or outdoor venture.

#8: Springs Electra-Trim Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

If you are that kind of a person whose has thicker and coarser hairs, your answer lies in the powerful trimmer of this kind. It possesses some powerful rotary blade which generates awesome torque indeed. The rotary blades can rotate at the awesome angle of 360° to impact every area equally.

The trimmer is also able to accommodate numerous attachments. These extend the functionality of the trimmer and enable it to handle those tasks which ordinary trimmers cannot. You will also enjoy the benefits of excellent illumination and long-lasting applications.

#9: ConairMAN Battery-Powered Ear/Nose Trimmer

Do you travel a lot? Would you still wish to obtain excellent trims regardless of your precise locations? This is the trimmer to lay your hand on if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the two questions we have answered. This is because the trimmer is designed with a traveler in mind.

It has a unique cutting system which is both thorough and precise. The head can swivel 360° to ensure all-around cutting. Its blade is shaped in the form of the diamond-shaped 3-level level. Some of the awesome features you may look up to are the cordless nature and AA battery power.


Nose trap plenty of dust and dirt. When these substances accumulate in the nose, they may block the nose and even predispose you to the dangers of respiratory tract disorders. That is why it is necessary to trim the nose hair from time to time. We are going to examine the various steps and procedures to take advantage of while trimming the nose using a hair trimmer.

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Step I: Choose the most suitable trimmer

You have two kinds of trimmers for your choosing. These are the electric and the manual trimmers. The electric trimmers are powered by mains electricity or batteries whereas their manual counterparts are powered by human muscle power. You have to make appropriate arrangements for the supply of electrical power source if you settle for the electrical types. You also have to master and comprehend either before use.

Step II: Light up your room

You now have to light up the room wherein you intend to trim your nose. As stated, the nose is ordinarily hidden from view. You, therefore, need great lighting to be able to see clearly the entire nose. If you can find a trimmer that has its own lighting, you are by all means advised to take it. Apart from excellent lighting, you now have to acquire a large mirror for the sake of added visibility.

Step III: Clean your nose thoroughly

Next, clean your nose thoroughly. Use a clean piece of cloth or handkerchief and squeeze it in your nose. Rub the material thoroughly to extract all the dirt which may have hardened and settled in the nose. You may have to repeat the procedure severally for the best possible outcomes. In case you have some running nose, this is the time to blow it off. Be sure to wash the nostrils thoroughly after the blow.

Step V: Trim your Nose Systematically

Lastly, you now have to trim your nose systematically. Start off with the front portions of the nose and then proceed to the back. Do the same to the most visible portions of the nose and thereafter proceed to those portions that are largely invisible. It is necessary to take great care not to harm the nose if you are vulnerable to the problems of nose bleeding.

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There is no straightforward answer to this question. It all depends on the pace at which your hair grows, your career, and the dangers that the long hair nose poses to you. It is necessary for you to ascertain these parameters and thereafter craft a schedule that is agreeable to you.


You can never claim to have groomed properly without working on your nose. As you have already seen, nose trimming is a very significant part and parcel of any grooming venture. In light of this, you just cannot afford to stop at obtaining the raw knowledge. You definitely want to go a step further and obtain at least one of the items we have reviewed. How else can you possibly enjoy the benefits that come along with a neat nose?

It goes without saying that you are surrounded by numerous other persons who may also wish to take advantage of the information we have furnished you. This is why it is a thoughtful idea to spread this particular news as far wide as possible. You definitely want others like you to enjoy the benefits that you also stand to enjoy by following the pieces of advice we have furnished.