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Best Deodorant for Men

Last Updated August 2019

Men tend to neglect personal care and beauty products. However, men should care about their hygiene since nobody likes to be with someone who has an overpowering body odor. There is a high chance that you will be around people whether you are in the gym, at work or hanging out with friends.

You need to suppress your body odor all the time. Fortunately, there are some antiperspirants and deodorants that will help you suppress that body odor. Deodorants can expel the odor brought by bacteria in the armpits. Antiperspirants on the other hand block the formation of sweat that aids the growth of bacteria.  They are effective in giving you that freshness that you need when you are around people.

Deodorants VS Antiperspirants

Most can’t differentiate deodorants from antiperspirants. They both perform the same role which is to eliminate smelly body odors. The difference comes in when it comes to how they work. Deodorants kill bacteria caused by sweat in your armpits. Bacteria accumulate in your armpits when you sweat. These bacteria cause body odor when left for some time. Note that you can still have body odors even if you don’t sweat a lot.

Antiperspirants work by reducing the amount of sweat released from your sweat glands. They contain aluminum salts that combine with sweat to form a plug over the glands. This plug blocks the release of sweat. You will still release sweat but not in areas that you applied antiperspirants.

best deodorant for men

Choosing the Right Deodorant

Many deodorants in the market will confuse you when it comes to picking one. You should not be worried since there are basic things that you should look for in a deodorant. The first thing that you should look for is the elements that the deodorant contains. Some elements such as alcohol can cause skin irritations. Ensure that the elements are natural.

Secondly, check the strength of the deodorant.  Go for a strong deodorant if you sweat a lot that can mask the odor. Also, check the scent of the deodorant. The scent depends on your preference. Also, consider the type of deodorant that you choose. Deodorants come in different types, including gel, spray, roll-on or stick options. You can try out the different types and find one that suits you.

So When Should I Use Deodorant or Antiperspirant?

You can use a deodorant after having a bath. You can also use deodorant when you start being smelly. It’s embarrassing to be the one that smells in the office or when having fun with friends. You can get small portable deodorants that you can carry with you when going out. Only apply deodorants on dry skin.

Antiperspirants take time to activate. Therefore, it’s advisable that you use antiperspirants before doing to bed at night. Yow will have to wait for the antiperspirant to penetrate into the skin if you apply it in the morning.

It’s advisable that you combine deodorant and antiperspirant for better results. Apply antiperspirants at night and deodorant in the morning after bathing. They will suppress your body odor effectively.

Best Deodorant for Men

Hygiene is paramount to everybody irrespective of their gender and situations. Many companies have come up with various products in the market to enhance body care. Amongst them is deodorant which plays a key role in taking care of human hygiene. Deodorants usually come in different shapes, prices, scents, resistance, and their usage. Interestingly, you need to note that we have deodorants that serve different gender. We have the ones that have been produced to cater for the interests of men and also some suit women alone.

Having mentioned that, the following are the best deodorants for men in the market. They include the following.

•    Schmidt’s Deodorant

This natural brand is produced by a world-known deodorant company. It gives quality results, customer satisfaction and favorable hygiene care to its users. Despite that, this product minimizes challenges that can be experienced on your skin like irritation or/and extra sensitive skin.

It offers a natural fragrance that comes in several fragrances. Its fragrances usually have a comforting and refreshing effect. Another good thing about this deodorant is that its natural formula is very safe and produces effective care to men. The fragrances that this brand is associated with are not limited to juniper and cedarwood, bergamot and lime, sage and lavender among others.

•    Dove Deodorant

This list can’t be complete without mentioning this type of brand. It is simple and also provides a unique scent that is attractive, although subtle. Because of its antiperspirant properties, this product minimizes the production of sweat in the human body. Additionally, dove ensures that your skin is smooth and also makes sure that there is no stain on your body and clothes after its use. During its production, the manufacturers focus on ensuring that it exhibits moisturizing effects on your armpits. This reduces dryness and irritation on the skin.

On daily usage, users have claimed that its protection on odor and sweat goes for a minimum of twenty-four hours. Manufacturer’s normally packaging it well and its cost is budget-friendly. In brief, the features of this product are outstanding and can serve your needs well.

•    Mountaineer Brand

This brand is nothing short of a natural part. The product comes with a wide range of fragrances that include: sage and lime, unscented and timber. These fragrances normally provide an extra fresh, powerful and pleasant scent to users. Interestingly, mountaineer brand offers an exceptional smell and this justifies the fact that its quality is undoubtedly guaranteed. United States of America is globally known to be the greatest producer of this brand.

Not to mention, this brand can maintain your skin effectively because manufacturers made it from a safe natural formula. This ensures that users don’t experience problems of dryness or even rashes on their skin.

•    Primal Pit Paste

This deodorant is a unique product because sources claim that it lacks Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) elements. It is one kind of deodorant that is nothing short of natural part. It gives a natural and sweet fragrance that is difficult to find in other deodorants. You won’t be surprised if you attract the attention of other people in a crowd when you apply this product.

As if that is not enough, this brand is known because it can provide sweat protection. Its natural formula comes from baking soda that lacks aluminum properties, oils that provide unique fragrance and arrowroot powder. Besides, its natural formula is also generated from Vitamin E which lacks Genetically Modified Organisms elements. This deodorant is one of its kind to users. Do not hesitate to purchase it from the shop.

•    Nasanta Magnesium

This product lacks aluminum properties, it is natural and odorless. On record, it provides its users with enough odor protection. Because of its odorless feature, this brand is a top-quality model that is certified by Triathlon. Another good point to note is that, during its production process, no animal ingredient is used hence making it GMO-free. Manufacturers also don’t apply colorants during its production. The product ensures that there is natural perspiration and also make sure that when it is brought in the market, the product lacks talc, palm oil, propylene, and triclosan.

Moreover, Nasanta Magnesium ensures that its users go through natural perspiration. It also leaves no marks on users’ pieces of clothes. Above all, this outstanding product minimizes swat production in men.

For those people who normally face issues of allergies, it’s recommended that you use this product because of its unique features. It is non-irritant and hypoallergenic. Since its natural formula is extremely safe then the deodorant can’t hurt either your clothes or body.

•    Gillette

This product ensures that your body is well-groomed and taken care of. The product is gel-based and prevents excess sweating in the body. It ensures that there is no single stain that remains in your body or clothes when applied. The product exhibits simple user interface and therefore the user can easily apply just after cleaning their body. You need to ensure that you don’t apply more of it in your body because it can make you uncomfortable.

Furthermore, this product offers protection for about forty-eight hours. It also has a nice and fresh scent. It is also cost-friendly; its formula makes good use of aluminum chemicals. It is odorless and non-hypoallergenic hence making it suitable for people whose skin is very sensitive.

•    Axe

It is one of the top quality deodorant products that we have in the world market today. Most men like it because it offers masculine scents and spray-on features.

It is antiperspirant in nature. Its formula gives a slippery, firm bar of deodorant which ensures that there is a thin protection layer after its application in the body. It leaves no stain in the body and it is widely known for its sweet scent.

Gel Deodorants VS Stick Deodorants

Both deodorants perform a good job when it comes to keeping you fresh. However, there are some differences between gel and stick deodorants.

Gel deodorants don’t leave a residue behind like the stick deodorant. It’s undetectable because it comes in a clear form.  Therefore, gel deodorants don’t stain your clothes. They are more lightweight than stick deodorants. You won’t feel heavy after sweating. On the downside, gel deodorants don’t protect well when compared to stick deodorants. Their light formulas can’t suppress the body odor for longer periods.

Stick deodorants have been in the market for a long time. They are readily available; you can walk into your nearest store and pick one. They can protect you for longer periods as compared to the gel counterparts. You will be comfortable around before especially if you don’t carry deodorants with you. However, stick deodorants can leave residues in the form of balls or crumbles when you sweat. This residue can stain your clothes. Also, stick deodorants can cause irritations since they clog pores. Clogged pores hinder the skin’s ability to breathe.

best natural deodorant for men

How to Avoid Deodorant Stains and Marks

You will still see a deodorant mark or stain on your shirt no matter how careful you are. It’s an embarrassing experience. However, you can avoid deodorant marks and stains by applying the right deodorant.

Apply an invisible deodorant that doesn’t leave marks. Also, don’t apply a thick layer of deodorants because it increases the chances of getting in contact with your shirt. After applying the deodorant, you should wait for a few minutes before putting on your clothes. It gives the deodorant time to penetrate the skin.

Ensure that you shave your armpits before applying deodorant. The chance of the deodorant reaching your clothes is slim if you fewer hairs in the armpits. You can also wear a cheap garment on the inside and your main garment on top. The inner cloth will prevent the deodorant from reaching your expensive shirt or cloth.

It’s advisable that you wash your dress or shirt immediately after you remove it. Stains become stubborn when left unwashed for a long time. Washing your cloth as soon as you remove it will remove the stains left behind by the deodorant.

There are many brands of deodorants in the market and choosing the right one can be challenging. Trying different deodorants can be expensive since you will have to buy them before opening them. You can choose from the ones that we’ve mentioned above since some of the best in the market today.

Check out the ingredients of deodorant before you choose it.  Ensure the deodorant is safe for your skin. Don’t use deodorants that cause skin irritations. Ensure that you check if you have any allergies that may be triggered by the deodorant. Lastly, ensure that you buy the right nose to shave your nose hairs. You should prioritize your overall hygiene, including the nose.

Best Hair Loss Shampoo

Last Updated August 2019

With the advancements in age, or due to factors like genetics or environmental issues, you are bound to experience some hair loss. This is a bad position to find yourself in especially if you are younger and have many years left to live. What with the ghastly appearances and loss of self-confidence?

Many ways and means of mitigating or slowing down this menace do exist. From reduced intakes of alcohol, adjustments of dietary preferences, the use of essential oils, and taking plenty of water, among others. However, the little known use of the best hair loss shampoo has proved to be more effective.

best shampoo for hair loss and thinning hair

It is hence in your best interest to get to know more about this wonderful product. We are also aware of this fact only too well. That is why we have stepped in to provide you the necessary guidance. In this discussion, we are going to look into the finer details of this obscure product.

Some of the topics we are set to dwell on are the things you need to know before buying a hair loss shampoo, best shampoo for hair loss and thinning hair, key ingredients in hair Loss shampoos, advantages of using hair loss shampoo, tips for using hair loss shampoo in the most effective way, and does hair Loss shampoo work?

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Hair Loss Shampoo

Like any other product, shampoos come in many shapes, sizes, formulations, and capabilities. As such, you cannot pick any random shampoo and expect it to yield you the necessary feedback. In light of this, you have to care for certain issues and factors. Below are some of the issues which you must know or adhere to:

Know your own unique set of challenges

Each person has his own set of challenges. It is hence impossible to adopt a uniform set of intervention measures to deal with those challenges. It is hence in your best interest to know exactly what you are going through. Then, find that shampoo which is more likely to undo that issue.

Insist on one that contains Ketoconazole

As noted earlier, shampoos contain varying formulations. These differences notwithstanding, there is an ingredient which ideally has to be present in all shampoos. This is the potent Ketoconazole. It is mostly great at slowing down the proliferation of fungi. In this way, it also slows down the pace of hair loss.

Avoid changing shampoos every now and then

After finding your most suitable shampoo, you are advised to stick to it. Changing shampoos every now and then is not advisable at all. You might inflict some permanent damage to your scalp, burn out your hair completely or even endanger your own life.

best shampoo for thin hair and hair loss

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

#1: HairMax Density Shampoo

HairMax Density Shampoo is a great thickening agent. It will do more than just reinvigorate the growth of your hair. Use it to make your hair fuller, denser, and healthier. Its active ingredients also bolster the circulation of blood in your scalp. This, in turn, reduces the buildup of debris within your pores.


  • Eliminates dandruff as well
  • Yields some clean and refreshing experiences
  • Maintains the moisture levels of your hair under stable conditions
  • Minimizes itching to deliver much comfort
  • Works on all kinds of hairs


  • Complex administration procedures
  • May pose permanent damages when used longer

#2: Nizoral Anti-dandruff Shampoo

As the designation implies, this product is mainly optimized for combating dandruff. Its formulation is clinically proven and rated for safety. Unlike other products of its kind, you will not have to apply this one every quite often. Just once or twice a week is sufficient. It too handles all kinds of hairs.


  • Boasts of the salon-tested gentleness
  • Handles chemically-processed hairs too
  • Generates richer lather
  • Leaves your hair smelling fresh
  • Quite powerful


  • Limited use (cannot thicken thin hair)
  • Its fragrance may block your nose
  • Brings in limited returns on investments

#3: RX4 Hair Loss Unisex Organic Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

If your search for the right shampoo is dictated the need for whole family use, you must make use of a unisex or universal one like this. Indeed, this is a good one to settle on as it is intended for use by both men and women. What’s more? It also impacts all kinds of hair types!


  • Stimulates the growth of hair
  • Reduces the loss of hair loss
  • Lengthens the Anagen phase times
  • Thickens your hair follicles for better anchoring
  • Maintains the hair you already have


  • Poor at combating dandruff
  • Takes longer to yield the required impacts
  • Cannot be used as a cleanser

#4: Revivogen MD Bio-cleansing Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Looking to impact those strands of hair that are extremely fine and thin? This is the shampoo to consider making good use of. It is recommended by dermatologists to eliminate sebum and DHT from your skin. When used alongside topical natural hair loss solutions, it yields thicker and healthier hair strand outcomes.


  • Cleanses your scalp
  • Soothes all forms of irritations
  • Increases hair volumes
  • Prepares your hair for the hair loss treatment serum
  • Contains no Sulfates


  • Not so reliable customer service
  • Requires other chemicals to operate
  • Clutters your workspace

#5: Pura d’or Premium Hair Loss Prevention Organic Shampoo

Are you naturally sensitive to harsh chemicals? Worry not! It is indeed possible for you to work your hair but without the risks that come along with harsh chemicals. This shampoo will ensure that you enjoy that very benefit. It also plays a nice role in reducing the breakage of your hair.


  • Promotes healthy-looking hair
  • Detangles any knots in your hair
  • Hypo-allergenic and safe enough for regular use
  • Cruelty-free production procedure
  • Contains no parabens or harmful chemicals


  • Comparatively weaker formulation
  • Yields short-lasting impacts
  • Unsuitable for commercial purposes

#6: Hair Restoration Labratories’ DHT Blocking Shampoo

Could it be that your hair loss has reached critical levels? Fret not. It is indeed possible for you to reverse such losses and manage an invigorated growth of hair. This shampoo is specifically designed to let you achieve that very role. That is because it contains a whopping 20+ vital ingredients.


  • Suitable for use by men and women
  • Inhibits the actions of DHT which unblocks your hair follicles
  • Pretty reliable hair thinning regimen
  • Promotes the re-growth of your hair
  • Contains no artificial ingredients


  • Cannot impact certain kinds of hairs
  • Not so reputable a brand
  • Potentially burns the sensitive skin

#7: Honeydew All-natural Hair Loss Shampoo

Other than combating hair loss in and of itself, it might always be a good idea to mitigate the associated symptoms. This hair shampoo will do just that. It contains the purest natural ingredients which make this possible. Unlike many other shampoos, this one lacks any additives or preservatives.


  • Promotes the growth, volume, and health of your hair
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or needless additives
  • Has a pretty awesome restorative capacity
  • Enables comprehensive coverage of all hair types
  • Broadens compatibility for safety on all forms of treated hair


  • Shorter shelf life
  • Limited potency
  • Fewer applications

#8: Nioxin Shampoo System

With over 25 years’ experience in matters hair cleanliness and maintenance, the Nioxin brand is a reliable companion you can bank your hopes on. Its range of products has also been noted to be pretty effective at managing issues that relate to the scalp and facial skin.


  • Detoxifies your hair as well
  • Removes the buildup of debris to leave your hair growing healthily
  • Impacts the body, volume, and shine of your hair
  • Does not strip your hair of essential oils
  • Provides an optimum scalp environment


  • Contains artificial ingredients
  • Frequent use may damage your scalp permanently
  • Unfriendly to your environment

#9: Shapiro MD Triple Action Hair Therapy Formula

If your hair loss has reached epic levels, you want a shampoo which is pretty potent. That is the only way you might reverse the loss faster and more reliably. This is the one to look up to. It contains powerful ingredients which block the DHT and its undesirable side effects.


  • Gives off fuller, thicker, and healthier hair outcomes
  • Contains the most potent ingredients
  • Developed by fine dermatologists
  • Patented formulation
  • Contains saw palmetto, epigallocatechin gallate, and caffeine derivatives


  • Not for those with sensitive scalps
  • Should never get into the eyes
  • Unsafe for use by children

#10: Good Lab Blooming + Thickening Shampoo

Are you the kind of a person who has started experiencing signs of premature thinning? Could it be that you are concerned about the long-term state of your hair? For these, and any other associated issues, you have this shampoo for your taking. It boasts of more than 10 powerful DHT blockers and is hence pretty effective at reversing the stated issues.


  • Lightweight daily-use formula
  • Unisex (suitable for both men and women)
  • Produces gentle foam
  • Devoid of any nasty chemicals
  • Animal cruelty-free certified


  • Takes 2-3 months to display tangible outcomes
  • Does not trigger the re-growth of hair
  • You have to apply too much for any outcomes

Key Ingredients in Hair Loss Shampoos

We have stated repeatedly that shampoos come in many shades and forms. This variation is mainly occasioned by the different ingredients which the shampoos comprise. Some ingredients though are very crucial.

No shampoo can exclude them yet still claim to be able to do a good job. In this segment, we are going to highlight and explain these ingredients in some mild details.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a small plant that contains berries. The Native American population has used this berry for medicine and food. Most importantly, it treats the loss of hair chiefly by blocking 5-alpha-reductase enzyme.

It is that transforms testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. As you already know, it is this dihydrotestosterone that is chiefly to blame for hair loss. The ingredient may even be taken separately as a pill.


Many hair loss incidences are occasioned by deficiencies of Zinc and Biotin (Vitamin B7). The role of this vitamin is to strengthen the nails and hair. Other than this, the ingredient also enhances the health of the hair follicles.

It strengthens your hair follicles in such a way as to equip it to retain your hair well. Apart from the hair loss shampoo, you may also obtain this essential nutrient from sardines, mushrooms, and whole grains.


Caffeine has the ability to trigger the production of hair follicles by the testosterones. Further to that, it also enhances the lengths of the shafts of the hairs. Its benefits do not just end there.

This ingredient also stimulates the growth of keratinocyte and lengthens the active growth phase of your hair. Do not be tempted to derive this ingredient from coffee though.


Ketoconazole is by far the most crucial ingredient in a shampoo for hair loss. It plays many roles and makes awesome contributions to your growth of hair. Among these are suppressing fungal infestations, greatly increasing the density and the size of your hair.

It also has a role to play in the health of your hair follicles. Many who have already attempted it have noted a healthier, shinier, and moisturized scalp, on the whole.

Advantages of Using Hair Loss Shampoo

Many benefits come along with the use of hair loss shampoos. The following are the top benefits you stand to accrue from such use:

Improves your Overall Appearance

The shampoos improve your overall appearance greatly. That is because it triggers the growth of new hair where some had vanished. Obviously, with reinvigorated hair growth comes some beauty.

Thickens your Thinner Hair

Other than invigorating the growth of hair, these shampoos also thicken the ones that are thin. They manage to do so mostly by enlarging the individual hair strands.

Improves Circulation of Blood in your Scalp

Their benefits extend to the improvement of the circulation of blood in your scalp. They do contain the niacin ingredients in plenty. It is this that lets your hair follicles receive the nutrients they need to grow strong.

Like any other shampoo, the hair loss shampoos also unclog the blocked pores. These could generally take the forms of DHT buildup, dandruff, dry sweat, and other agents. The core salicylic acid ingredient helps out in this.

Cleanses your Scalp’s Dihydrotestosterone

Dihydrotestosterone is the chief hair loss agent. Yet again, these shampoos do a good job in combating it. They reduce the levels of Dihydrotestosterone in your scalp which in turn reinvigorates the growth of hair.

Tips for Using Hair Loss Shampoo in the Most Effective Way

Possessing the right shampoo in and of itself is not enough. You have to implement it in the best shape and form to be able to accrue the best possible outcomes. This can only happen if you know and adhere to the right tips and application procedures. Herein are some of the hot tips to follow:

Tip I: Read the Ingredient List and Application Procedures

Kick off the exercise by reading through the list of ingredients and the recommended application procedures. Therein, you will find the insights you need to better use the shampoo you will have laid your hands on. Refrain from using one whose ingredients you are averse or allergic to.

Tip II: Determine the Frequency of Application

After knowing what the shampoo contains, you now have to determine the frequency of application. Some of the factors that inform this are the severity of your hair loss, the potency of the shampoo and the desired outcomes. You might need technical advice and guidance to go about this issue.

Tip III: Massage your Hair thoroughly after Application

Applying the shampoo is not enough. At this point, you also want to take advantage and massage your hair and scalp. You obviously want the hair and scalp to be softer than they would under normal circumstances. Massaging your scalp also triggers those dormant hair follicles to return to action.

Tip IV: Leave the Shampoo to Settle after Application

After application and massaging, you also want to leave the shampoo to settle before you call it a day. You will have to leave it longer than you would while applying a regular shampoo. The reason is your hair and scalp requires longer exposure hours to be able to have some maximum impacts.

Tip V: Exercise some Patience

It may not always be that you will enjoy the required outcomes within a short duration of time. This is why you have to exercise some patience while going about the issue. Even if you note no noticeable outcomes within weeks of use, just hold on. Keep applying it for long till the outcomes begin trickling.

Does Hair Loss Shampoo Work?

YES, IT DOES! It contains ingredients which have proved to be truly great at combating hair loss menace and enhancing the health of your scalp. Needless to say, it cannot achieve these feats single-handedly.

You have to bring in many other relevant intervention measures for effective outcomes. Examples of these are the avoidance of alcoholic beverages, regular washing of your hair and scalp, and of course, appropriate hydration.

It is definitely not enough to read through our discussions without taking any tangible course of action in pursuance of them. ‘Taking a tangible course of action’ here can only mean purchasing at least one of the best hair loss shampoos we have highlighted and reviewed above.

At the very least, you should share this information with another one who may need it. To find the right shampoo, you have to care for your own unique issues. As you have already realized from our reviews above, each beard is specially formulated to handle a unique issue.

Then again, you have to mind your own financial resource capability, the expertise required to make use of any shampoo, and the sensitivity of your skin. These considerations will ensure that the one you eventually settle on is as relevant to your personal needs as possible. So when do you plan to set out for purchase?





How to Apply Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Last Updated August 2019

Letting your beard grow is one thing. Maintaining it in the best shape and form is yet another thing altogether. It requires the right expertise, appropriate effort, some are and patience. We have stepped in to help you with the necessary expertise.

Your solution rests in the acquisition of the right beard balm and oil. These two products do some fantastic jobs in enhancing the health, stature, and overall conditions of your beards. They stimulate the growth of your beards, conditions, and even tones them.

beard oils and balms

For them to deliver the relevant ends, they have to be applied appropriately. This can only happen if you know the right way to do so. Our discussions here below endeavor to shed more light on that very fact. We are going to look into all the background information you require to do a better job.

Further, we shall look into some of those details which are great to know as well. These include whether or not you may be advised to use the two of them at a time. Also, you will know how to estimate the right amounts for either use. Read on to find out more…

How Much Beard Oil and Balm Do I Use?

Three factors largely determine how much of the beard oil and balm you may use. These are explained hereunder:

Length of Hair

There is a direct correlation between the length of your beard and how much you may apply. Longer beard requires more balm and oil. The shorter ones, on the other hand, can comfortably make do with little. You require some judgment to be able to determine the exact measure.

best beard balm and oil

The thickness of the Strands

Apart from the length of your beard, their thicknesses also come in handy. Definitely, the thicker beards require more of the balm and oil to impact and vice versa. Yet again, you will have to employ some sense of judgment to be able to find the right amount.

Desired Ends

Depending on the style you want, the amount of oil you apply also varies. Some styles require too much of the oil while others can make do with just enough. Consult your hair care specialist to help you navigate this particular requirement.

Why Your Beard’s Length is Important When You Apply Balm and Oil

Your beard length is very important when applying the balm and oil. This is due to three main reasons. We have devoted this segment of the discussions to just that.

Larger Surface Area

Longer beard has larger surface areas compared to the shorter beard. They subsequently require more oil and balm to fully impact. You will hence have to be quite generous with the amount of each ingredient you want to use.

Comparatively Thicker

All factors considered, longer strands of the beard are thicker than their shorter counterparts. That is because length takes some time to attain. With time, the strands become thicker too. This calls for more of the oil and the balm to appropriately impact.

More Mature Strands

Just like the thickness and surface areas above, there is a direct correlation between the maturity of the strands and the length thereof. Longer strands of the beard are generally more mature than those shorter ones. They similarly require more of the balm and oil to appropriately impact.

best beard oils and balms

Can I Use Beard Balm and Oil Together?

Generally speaking, you are advised not to use the two of them at a time. There are many reasons which underlie this.

First is that these two hair care products contain different ingredients. It is not uncommon for these ingredients to react adversely when they get into contact with each other. You do not want your skin to be on the receiving end.

Some people also have sensitive skin. Using these two products at a time is like adding fuel to the fire. They contribute to the corrosion and aging of the skin adversely. The only way to be on the safe side is to avoid using them both.

Then again there is the mode of application argument. You have to follow different routes to be able to apply these two products on your beard. Additionally, the beard balm is not to be applied to certain portions of your chin or skin. It may hence be almost impractical to implement them both at a time.

However, some people have been noted to be comfortable with these two products at a time. If you are one such kind of a person, you have them for your try. If you are doubtful, take some time to consult your doctor first and foremost. Gambling might land you in trouble.

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm?

Unless you have any serious underlying issue, you should use these two ingredients preferably once a day. This is to keep your beard moist, healthy, and firm. You may have to increase the frequency of their applications if there is a style you are generating.

On the flipside, you may also have to scale down your application. This is especially if your skin is sensitive or there is something amiss with your beard on the whole. You might have to consult your dermatologist for appropriate advice.

difference between beard oil and beard balm

How to Apply Balm to Your Beard

Step I: Wash your Face or take a Shower

Start off by either washing your face or taking a shower. This is to get rid of any dirt, dust, or other ugly marks from your beard. You should preferably use warm water as it is more likely to bring about better cleanliness outcomes.

Never use shampoo on your beard at all. You do not want to interfere with the delicate skin that line your beard, do you? After you are through with this, then dry the beard thoroughly using some dry yet clean towel.

Step II: Apply the right amount of the balm on your hands

Now move on to apply the right amount of the balm on your hands. Start by rubbing a small amount of the balm on your hands. While at it, be mindful of the length of your hair, their thickness, and the maturity thereof.

For best results, you want your balm to be completely molten. This can only happen if you rub your hands intensely and repeatedly. The heat generated is what melts the balm and makes it easier to apply on the whole.

Step III: Translate this balm on your beard

After achieving the right viscosity of the balm, you now have to translate the same to your beard. Commence the process from your neck region. Move your hands towards your chin. You may have to periodically scrape portions of the balm in case some parts of your beard are still dry.

Move to the sideburns and move downwards. While doing this, massage your skin a little bit for the sake of its better health. This is also to stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. The combined effects of these are that your beard shall grow faster than usual.

Step IV: Style your beard appropriately

If you are interested in generating any style, this is the moment to do so. Use a comb, brush or any other hair care product to do the job. The exact style largely depends on you the individual. If you lack the necessary expertise, you might have to bring in an expert.

You require some patience while at it. That is because you might never really be able to reverse this after you have implemented it. Take your time but beware that taking too long may cause the balm to dry before concluding the exercise.

Step V: Rinse the beard and dry

At this stage, you are now good to go! You have to rinse your beard and dry it completely. Be mindful of the oil as you do this. See to it that you get rid of any residual oil which might interfere with the health of your beard later.

How to Apply Beard Oil

There is no significant difference between applying the beard oil and the beard balm. However, some minor points of departures do exist. The procedures here below endeavor to examine these issues in their finer details:

Step I: Prepare your beard

Prepare your beard prior to applying the oil. The procedures you use should be more or less the same as the ones above. Wash the beard preferably using warm water. Dry it thoroughly using the cleanest piece of cloth or towel.

For better outcomes, consider using some facial scrub. They penetrate deeper in the skin to get rid of those impurities which may have solidified in the sweat pores. Yet again, do not use any shampoo at this stage, and for obvious reasons.

Step II: Determine the right amount of oil

At this stage, you should determine the right amount of oil to apply. Factor the length of your beard, its thickness and the levels of maturity. All these have a bearing on just how much oil you may have to use.

If you intend to develop some styles, this should yet again be another consideration. Different styles require different amounts of oils. You should work hand in hand with your dermatologist to ascertain the right amount for you.

Step III: Apply this oil on your palms and fingers

As stated above, applying balm and oil have some minor differences. Unlike the balm above, you may apply the oil on your fingers as well. Start with a little amount; preferably pea size. Increase the amount slowly and steadily until you find the right one.

Rub your palm and fingers hard against each other. Do so until some heat arises to melt the oil. This way, you will make it more fluid and subsequently easier to spread.

Step IV: Spread it on your beard

Now spread this oil on your beard. You are advised to commence from the roots of your beard. This is to allow for some maximum impacts. Thereafter, move to the tips of the strands of hair. While at it, shift upwards as well.

Needless to say, you have to spread it out as evenly as can be. You definitely would not wish to leave any portion of your hair poorly impacted, would you? Vary the direction of motion across and along the grains for maximum reach.

Step V: Style your beard

If you are intent on styling your beard, this again is the time to do so. Brush your beard appropriately using a comb or special brush. You may, if you so wish, follow some strict regimen to deliver the desired ends for you. For those complicated styles, you definitely want to bring in an expert.

It is definitely impossible to maintain longer beard without using either beard balm or beard oil. That is why we ask you not to gain this information for the sake of it. Instead, move on to find out the better of the two products which might be relevant to your course.

Of late, a number of manufacturers have been producing comprehensive hair care products. This is to mean that they can and do serve as the balm and the oil, at a time. To save yourself time and money, try them out. Only be sure that your skin is not averse to either. That is the only way to ward off undesirable outcomes.

Coconut Oil for Beard

For men, a beard is a current fashion look. A man with a full beard is considered to be masculine and sexy. The only downfall is that beard can become itchy. The skin under the beard does not get a lot of moisture and men complain that it itches like crazy. There are some things that a man can do to keep his beard and allow it to be moisturized as well. Coconut oil can help keep the skin and the beard in great condition. Facial hair needs to be moisturized. The coconut oil has the fat and the essential oils and vitamins to keep the hair, as well as the skin below it, moisturized. This will reduce the feeling of itchiness, flaking skin, and hair that looks unhealthy. No one wants their skin flaking especially on their face. Coconut oil is a great way to keep the beard in the best shape and to protect the skin below it. Coconut oil is all natural and will help the skin stay in great condition.

coconut oil for beard growth

 Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Beard?

 Coconut oil will help get into the hair follicles below the beard and will soften it starting down at the root. This will start at the beginning and allow the hair to look go. The beard will look healthier and it can then be brushed or combed to remove any tangles. The coconut oil will help keep the hairs from becoming damaged. It will not leave behind a residue and the beard will not feel greasy in any way. After washing a man can massage the oil into his hair and that is all he needs to do. Coconut oil can help the beard look healthy and it will be soft to the touch. Coconut oil has natural ingredients and will help make the skin and the hair look and feel nice. It will also leave behind a nice scent as well.

is coconut oil good for your beard

 What is Coconut Oil?

 Coconut oil is made from extracting the kernels from a coconut. This oil is used in creams and it can even be used as food. The meat from the coconut is dried up and it is dissolved until it is in the form of oil. There is also a wet process to get coconut oil. Raw coconut is used and the oils are extracted. There are some companies that will further refine the oil and the fats will come saturated giving it a more creamy texture. Some companies will also separate the fats and will allow the oils to be used in this manner. Coconut oil is all natural and has a pleasant scent to it. When purchasing coconut oil be aware of companies that may add artificial ingredients and any fillers. Coconut oil in its raw form is good for the skin and it is good for the body. Coconuts are grown in tropical regions but their products are available all over the United States. Coconut oil is becoming more popular in creams and skin care products as people are taking notice of the benefits that this oil provides.

 What is the Coconut Oil Varieties?

 There are several different types of coconut oil. There are two main types of coconut oil that are found on the market. These two types are also used to help keep the beard looking great and to keep it smooth.

 Refined Coconut Oil

 This coconut oil has the oil extracted and refined. It uses hydrogenation to get the oil from the coconut. It is further purified and is the most common for commercial use. Any impurities from the oils are removed. It is not for consumption but there is a higher level of lauric acid which can be used in creams and for the hair. This is very common on the market and can be used on the beard.

 Virgin Coconut Oil

 This coconut oil is raw and unrefined. The oil is extracted through the dry or the wet process. This oil is becoming more popular and is being used for household purposes such as cooking. This oil at one time was used to feed mammals and not is it being used in cooking for people and as a substitute for oils and other forms of fats in many dishes. It can also be used for skin care. This is the coconut oil in its purest form.

how to use coconut oil for beard

 Coconut Oil and Lauric Acid

 This acid is a saturated fatty acid that naturally occurs in coconut oil. There are many benefits to using this oil. The acid is safe to use and it can be applied to the face. It is already found in many different types of soaps and other skin care products. This acid has a long shelf life and will help the coconut oil last for a longer period of time. It will also help keep the skin from getting an infection and will help protect against viral infections.

 Benefits of Coconut Oil on the Beard

 Coconut oil has been shown to help with conditioning of the hair and skin. It also has properties that will help bring moisture back to the body. This includes the hair of the beard. Coconut oil can make the beard hair feel soft. It is not greasy like other products and will not leave any sticky textures behind. It will also help condition the hairs starting at the follicles. This will allow the hair to become healthy looking and will feel softer. The beard can get dried out quickly and coconut oil will help prevent this from happening.

 Improve Look And Feel

 Coconut oil will help the air look shiny and healthy. It will also help the hair feel softer to the touch. It will also make the hair of the beard more manageable and easier for a man to take care of. The hair will be soft. As an added benefit when a man goes to kiss his partner the hair will not scratch or hurt them either.


 Coconut oil is massaged into the beard and it will be able to soften the skin of the face as well. The skin will be able to see hydration that is not able to reach it. This will keep the skin healthier and will help restore any moisture that has been lost. It is easy for the skin under the beard to be deprived of moisture. It does not get replenished often and coconut oil is a great way to bring some hydration back to the skin.

 Cleansing Properties

 When coconut oil is applied to the face a person will get the antifungal properties and the antibacterial properties that are found in this oil. This oil will help cleanse the skin and will help remove any bacteria that is on the face. This will also help reduce the chance of the skin becoming an infection and irritated. This will also help reduce any germs that got trapped on the beard. It is important to keep this skin clean to reduce the chance of irritation or even an infection.

 Promote Growth

Coconut oil can help promote facial hair growth. The oil will prevent the hair from damage and will keep it in good shape. The coconut oil will also help promote hair growth and will allow the beard hair to grow at a faster pace. If a man uses coconut oil on a regular basis he will notice that his beard is not getting damaged and it will get longer quicker. If a man is looking to grow his beard long the coconut oil can help him out by accelerating the hair growth. The beard hair will also be healthy and healthy hair will be able to grow quickly.

 Reduce dandruff

 The skin under the beard can get dry and a man can get dandruff. The skin will begin to flake. No one wants embarrassing white skin flaking off into their beard. Coconut oil can be used to keep the skin hydrated and will allow the skin to get the moisture that it needs. Coconut oil will help reduce the flaking skin and a man will not have to endure the embarrassment of dandruff coming off of his beard. Dandruff under the beard can be an embarrassing problem. The coconut oil will allow the man to be smooth and he will not have to worry about this flaking skin.

 Shaving with Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil can be used to shave the face or the neck. A man should use a generous amount of coconut oil to help get a smooth save. The coconut oil will leave the skin feeling soft. It will also make the hairs much softer which will make them easier to remove. It will be easier for the razor to get over these areas and there will be less irritation from tugging on the hair. Coconut oil can work as a lubricant. Coconut oil can be used to replace shaving cream. It will be more lubricating and softer on the skin. A man should also take his time. He should use each stroke gently and make sure his razor does not become clogged with the coconut oil or the hair that he is removing.

 After shaving coconut oil can be applied to the skin and it can take the place of another balm or saving location. This oil has healing properties and can be used on any small cuts that a person may have. It will also help bring hydration back to the skin and will help make the skin soft. The coconut oil also has a pleasant scent. The scent is natural and a person will not have to smell the aroma of alcohol or feel the burn. This will help the skin feel smooth and it will look great.

coconut oil for growing beard

 Maintaining the Beard with Coconut Oil

 Coconut oil is great for maintaining the beard and allowing it to look great. Before applying the coconut oil makes sure the hair is dry. The coconut oil should be in a solid form. Only a dime-sized amount is needed. The hands should then be rubbed together and the oil should then be put on the beard. The oil should be applied to start at the root and then working the way to the rest of the hair. The roots need to be massed with the oil in order to see all of the benefits from it. Coconut oil can keep the skin hydrated. A little bit of coconut oil can go a long way.

 When applying the coconut oil to the beard virgin coconut. Coconut oil can also be used to help tame any stray hairs or hairs that may have come out of place.

 These are some tips to help a man take care of his beard and keep it looking great. Coconut oil can help soften the hair and make it easy to maintain a beard. There are some other tools that can be used for maintaining facial hair as well. it is important to find a good pair of trimmers to trim the facial hair in some hard to reach places. These trimmers can be used to help a man trim his nose hair. He can have a great looking face and his beard can be in great condition but no one wants to see hair hanging out of his nose. It is important to select trimmers that are comfortable to hold and will not irritate the delicate skin in this area either.

Beard Growth Spray

Last Updated August 2019

Facial hair like a beard is, by all means, preferable for any man worth his salt. Unfortunately, not everyone has that natural inclination to grow full beard unaided. This is where the beard growth spray comes in. It basically accelerates the process of so doing.

The proceeding beard growth spray review and buying guide aim at shedding more light on this wonderful product. It endeavors to do that by exploring all the pertinent questions and issues surrounding the product.

beard growth spray

What is Beard Growth Spray?

For a start, a beard growth spray is an artificial product that is designed to stimulate the growth of facial hair. It comprises some unique formulation which enables it to do this. Apart from merely letting your beard grow rapidly, it may also thicken the hair.

In order for the spray to yield maximum impacts, you have to apply it regularly. This should happen each day. By so doing, you will be able to stimulate the growth of your hair while at the same time preventing any possible losses.

does beard growth spray work

Many sprays employ only natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils. These they mix in different ratios to enable the sprays to yield some varying outcomes. Even though the active ingredients may be employed on their own, they have to be mixed for best results.

Sadly, these beard growth sprays are not for everyone. You have to consult your doctor beforehand to ascertain whether they are for you. That is because they might inflict some adverse impacts when applied inappropriately.

Do Beard Growth Sprays Really Work?

Of course, they definitely work! However, their impacts vary greatly from person to person. That is due to the fact that our bodies possess unique chemistries and react to chemical differently as well. It is for this reason that you yet again have to consult your physician before employing one.

They are capable of stimulating the growth and thickness of hair mostly due to their ingredient formation. These sprays are packed with a combination of various minerals and vitamins which are noted to boost the growth of hair. Some of these nutrients confer health benefits to the whole body as well.

Other than hastening the growth of hair, these sprays also preserve the stature of the hair strands. They minimize the likelihoods of hair breakage primarily by strengthening these strands. This goes a long way in making your beard stronger and longer lasting. This is not to mention that they create an enabling environment for hair growth.

It is noteworthy that these sprays in and of themselves are not enough. For them to yield optimal outcomes, they have to be complemented by proper nutrition. You definitely have to eat well. You may also, at the advice and recommendation of your physician, take some supplements.

Lastly, some men will still not be able to grow their beards after using these sprays. The reason underlying this is pure genetics. Some men have been noted to contain lower testosterone levels which impede the growth of beards. Additionally, some men don’t just react to these sprays at all!

Beard Growth Spray Ingredients

The exact ingredients vary from one brand of beard growth spray to another. These variations notwithstanding, all sprays comprise some universal basic active ingredients. They are highlighted and explained below:

• Calcium – Calcium mainly slows down or prevents hair loss completely.

• Magnesium – Regulates the testosterone hormones and Dihydrotestosterone, both of which are essential for the growth of beards.

• Potassium – Produces Dihydrotestosterone which in turn stimulates facial hair growths.

• Sulfur – Promotes the growth of facial hair

• Vitamin A – Also promotes the hormones which are responsible for the growth of beards.

• Vitamin B – Stimulates the production of keratin which is responsible for the secretion of sebum that further enhances the growth of beards.

• Vitamin C – Protects the hair follicles, Dihydrotestosterone, and testosterone from being adversely affected by cortisol.

• Zinc – Boosts the speed of the development of hair by upping the production of thyroid hormones. It is these hormones that stimulate the subsequent growth of beards.

The Best Beard Growth Sprays

Needless to say, there are many beard growth sprays on the market today. Some two sprays, however, stand out as the most reliable. We have devoted this segment of our review to discussing them.

#1. Rain Lillie’s Organic Castor Growth Oil

Rain Lillie brand prides itself in making products that are effective at slowing hair loss. It derives most of its ingredients from the castor oil. Also, the brand uses a blend of many multivitamins and minerals. These work jointly to deliver more nutrition to your hair.

This particular spray works by increasing the flow of blood to your hair. In so doing, it gives your hair room to soak up as many nutrients as possible. Your use of the spray hence makes you look fuller and healthier on the whole.

Apart from being comprehensive, this spray is packed with tons of other benefits. The oil it uses as the primary ingredient is made with delicate care. It is on the whole undiluted, organic, and cold-pressed. Given that it is cold-pressed, it hardly comes into contact with the external environment during processing.

For this reason, it retains its nutritional values intact. Many past users have subsequently delivered favorable ratings and reviews for the product. They have particularly stated that the oil is not too greasy and is hence a reliable companion. Their hair has become thicker and shinier as a result of the use of this spray. You too are assured the same benefits.

#2. Maxx Beard Growth Spray

According to the accounts of many past users, Maxx Beard is mainly good at filling vacant patches and elongating the hair. The only catch here is that you have to give the spray some generous amount of time. That is because its effects are slower than those of many similar sprays out there.

Some users, however, decried that the spray irritates their skin. You should hence exercise some caution before setting out to use the spray. Just let your beard grow naturally for some time before launching out to use it.

Quite a number have also decried the harsh smell of this spray. Many claim it smells like gasoline yet is on the whole quite tolerable. If you do suffer from any allergies, you should be cautious with the manner in which you use this spray.

Just like every other spray, there is no guarantee that this one will work on your hair. You have to figure out your genetics and other natural dispositions. These will give you some pointers as to whether it is likely to work for you or not.

These shortcomings notwithstanding, the spray is still a good one to use. That is because it does have a higher success rate. Moreover, it is accompanied by a generous 100% customer satisfaction. Simply put, if you are dissatisfied with the outcomes, you return it for a full refund! Is that not a fair deal?

How Soon Will I See Results?

How soon you are more likely to see any significant results depends on a number of factors. These are the amount of the constituent element employed, the exact spray, and the ingredients utilized in constituting the spray. In most cases, you should expect to see meaningful outcomes in under two weeks.

For permanent and long-lasting outcomes though, you need to wait for 4-6 weeks. Also, some lifestyle issues have been noted to accelerate the pace of outcomes. Exercises, dieting, and adequate rest are the chief examples of these. You should hence also purpose to incorporate them in your beard growth regime.

Does Beard Growth Spray Irritate the Skin?

This again varies from individual to individual and the exact spray in question. Some sprays do irritate the skin yet others do not. The main reason to explain this is the fact that some sprays contain harsh chemicals. These sprays mostly comprise artificial ingredients which have higher levels of toxins.

Some men have also been noted to be more predisposed to the issue of an irritation than others. This predisposition is mainly due to allergic reactions due mostly to genetic courses. Further, some people are simply averse to the ingredients that make up the chemicals, no matter what.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Beard Growth Spray


• Accelerates the pace of beard growth and development. You obtain desired ends faster than usual.

• Usable across many kinds of hairs. The pleasure of utmost convenience is hence yours to leverage.

• Requires almost no technical expertise to master and engage. These products come straightforward and ready to use.

• Tackles the root-causes of poor beard growth. In light of this, the spray delivers long-lasting outcomes.

• Approved by many relevant regulatory agencies for your overall safety.


• Imposes some irritations every now and then. This is certainly not good for you.

• May trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

• Mostly requires some aftershave which might be expensive

 FAQs about Beard Growth Sprays

Q1. Does the beard growth spray really work?

A. YES, it works! Many people have indeed witnessed positive outcomes from the beards. This does not, however, hold true for everyone. Quite a number have recorded almost no significant outcomes even after using them diligently.

Q2. Does testosterone really increase the rate of beard growth?

A. Not necessarily. All men have more or less similar levels of testosterone. It is how each individual reacts to this testosterone that makes all the difference. Those who grow beards faster are more responsive to these hormones on the whole.

Q3. How long does the beard enhancement truly last?

A. Mostly, it lasts only two to three weeks. You hence have to apply and re-apply it every now and then for the finest outcomes.

Q4. What is it in the beard sprays that actually stimulate the growth of beards?

A. The main component of a beard spray that makes it capable of stimulating the growth of beards is the folic acid and biotin supplements.

Q5. Do beards grow indefinitely?

A. NO! All strands of hair, the beard included, have some ‘terminal length.’ This is the maximum length they might possibly reach in your entire lifespan. After hitting this length, it basically stops growing.

Do Men Really Need Beard Growth Sprays

Speeds the Growth of Beards

By far the most significant benefit of these sprays is the fact that they speed up the pace of beard growth. This is to mean that they make the beard grow faster than they naturally would. You hence need not necessarily wait for too long to be able to enjoy the associated benefits.

Combats certain Skin Problems

Most sprays also have some curative benefits and values. In particular, the sprays can tackle acne and dandruff pretty well. You do not have to purchase too many hair care products with these sprays in your hands. This definitely brings down the costs of keeping your hair in the best shape and form.

Conditions the Beards

Some sprays even have that ability to condition the beards. They basically treat it in such a manner as to be able to stay fresh, strong, and alert for longer. This benefit yet again goes a long way in making you derive the most value for your money.

Contains some Fragrance

Lastly, some sprays contain fragrances. With regards to this, they enrich the smell of your beards in such a manner as to let them be fair to behold. This way, your beard will also be rich in the aroma for the others around you to relate to.

We now leave it to you to take the necessary course of action. We urge you to now go ahead and find the best beard spray for your use. Doing this is pretty simple. Just skim the many beard products we have on offer and acquire the best one.

Remember to consult your physician while at this. As we have stated severally in the article, people react differently to these sprays. You do not want to be on the receiving end, do you? All the best as you take the necessary first step to stimulate the growth of your hair.

Beard Comb or Beard Brush Which One to Use

Last Updated August 2019

A brush is a great styling aid just as a comb and one needs to b extra careful while using it because brushing in an incorrect manner or using the wrong type of brush can damage your hair and spread damage to your scalp. Brushing your hair vigorously can remove your hair cuticles hence the cause of hair breakage, brushes with sharp points can also tear your scalp skin, however, combs are generally better for your hair than brushes, and you will find ease while trying to style your hair using a comb.

Just as the brushes, there are combs that are good for your hair and others are not. For instance, there are metal combs which are not good for human scalp since they can tear your scalp during the act of combing. It is advisable to clean your brushes and combs regularly because they tend to collect dirt easily, yet it is not healthy to brush the dirt back into your hair.

beard brush vs comb

Differences between a Comb and a Brush

The comb’s teeth are made with spaces purposely for diverse hair types, be it thick hair, thin, curly hair or straight hair. Hence its function is to remove tangles in your hair. While a brush’s role is to stimulate the hair to release natural oil and also massage your hair follicles.

Combs are thinner than brushes hence can be easily transported, more so, a comb can be easily carried while traveling because it does not require a large space compared to a brush.

Brushes cannot be used on long wet hair since it cannot navigate through a long hair and a tangled hair, while a comb is made for detangling hair, therefore it can navigate through a long wet hair.

Facts about Beard Comb

Choosing a comb is not an easy task, the quality of a comb you get will depend on the amount of money you paid in order to acquire it.

beard brushes and combs

While choosing a comb, there are specific things one should look at, this is mainly to avoid regrets after purchase. These things are the comb’s material, its production process, and the comb’s tooth width.

It is important that you buy a good comb for your beard since it will play a great in the overall health of your beard.

A beard comb can be used to detangle your long hair, this can only be done after

washing, and this is when your hair is wet and soft. It is important to comb your beard after washing since this will make it easier for you to apply products like the beard oil on your beard and make it look well shaped the entire day.

Beard combs are made from four types of materials, these are; plastic which is always the cheapest and of low quality, then we have metal, combs made from this material should be avoided at all cost because they can tear one’s scalp due to their poorly cut edges. The third one is rubber and this is considered one of the best types of combs in the market. Lastly, there are combs made of wood, and wooden ones have always been the most common ones in the market.

A Beard comb is also useful for cleaning purposes while undertaking your daily activities, your beard is busy collecting dirt, and however, regularly using a comb helps you reduce a good number of dirt, hence this means less washing.

In combination with a pair of scissors, a beard comb is a wonderful tool when you need to groom your beard when your beard grows long, it is will definitely call for a trimming, and a beard comb will help you get a result by allowing you to accurately cut your beards.

Facts about Beard Brush

A beard brush can be used as early as two weeks of your beard growth until three months where one will now start to use a beard comb.

A beard brush can be used only when your facial hair is already dry; this is definitely the best time to use it.

Regular brushing of beards can lead to beard softening because, during the brushing, sebum oil is evenly distributed which is responsible for softening your hair.

comb or brush for beard

A beard brush can do away with the dirt that your beard might have collected during the day.

Beard brush is the best option one can go for when trying to apply oil on your beards since it can try a variety of techniques.

A bristle beard brush can give your beard some condition and give you a more effective service by brushing your hair per stroke. This will also enable the brush to distribute the oil evenly in your beard hair.

Natural boar bristle beard brushes should always be your preference since they are the best ones.

A beard brush can help you get rid of dead skin cells, and can also make your beard lie in the direction of your preference.

Beard brushes are made from materials like animal hair, for example, boar hair or horse hair.

Using beard brush on a daily basis trains your beard follicles to grow in your desired direction.

Using a beard brush has always proved to be good for one’s beards, it is advisable to brush your beards ones a day and no more than that, while brushing your beards, it will be nice if you brush it after shower for it to remain neat for the rest of the day.

Regular use of a beard brush can help you get rid of any debris that might have got caught in your beard or your skin, it is only important if you apply styling products in your beard on a regular basis.

is it better to comb or brush your beard

When should you use a beard comb?

A beard comb can be used when your beard starts getting longer, basically, you will

start using a beard comb after three to four months of your journey of beard growth.

A beard comb can also be used only when your hair is wet, immediately after you came back from the bathroom to avoid a snag. After the shower is the right time to give your comb some work on your beard, this should be after you have used a beard shampoo to thoroughly wash your beards, this is when you will be in a position to navigate through.

A beard bomb is used with other accessories like a pair of scissors to help you trim your beards and the result always comes out amazing.

It can also be used when you want to detangle your facial hair, it I advisable that you choose your beard comb according to your hair’s thickness and length.

Combing your beard can help you style your beards to any style you would like, but it is unfortunate because this can only be done on long beards and not the short ones, but when your beards grow long, a comb is a right thing to use to style your beards by applying beard balm.

You can use a beard comb to help you do away with any stubborn crumbs that might have found a home in your hair. A beard comb can also give your beard some space and give it a healthier appearance.

Use a beard balm to help you detangle through your beard, you do not want to risk detangling your beard without a balm to cause damage and tear of your strands which can also be painful, this should first be done the use of a wide toothed comb for easy navigation but as it becomes soft and detangled you can now switch to use the smaller comb.

Your beard might break during the afternoon or maybe look a bit tired, this is also the perfect time to use a beard comb for a touch-up.

When should you use a beard brush?

A beard brush can be used as soon as your earliest journey of the beard growth, basically, it is supposed to be used on a small beard, especially when your beard is between one week and three months old. It does not matter how thick your facial hair might be, one start to use a beard brush even from the second month after one has stopped shaving.

The perfect time to use a beard brush is when your facial hair is completely dry.

Beard brushes like the natural hair bristle brushes and especially boar bristle does help your beard to be softer than it was before.

Since we are touching the natural hair, it is important to mention that they are also the best option for spreading sebum all through your hair penetrating across every angle and across the length of your hair.

Natural beard brush is perfect for cleaning purposes, beards have a tendency of accumulating dirt during the day, and this might not bring a good image that is why it is advisable that one uses a natural beard brush to remove the dirt since it will leave your beard sparklingly clean and softer than before. The fact that this brush can do away with dirt from your beard definitely means that there will be less washing of the beard on a weekly basis.

A beard brush distributes sebum oil evenly in your beard, and this helps to nurture your hair in a great way. The more one brushes his beards the softer his beards will become and this can only be achieved by brushing your beards often.

When one uses beard oil, a beard brush can help him distribute the oil evenly on his facial hair, hence covering each and every spot that he could have missed if he had used his hand or a comb for that matter. Beard brushes are always the best choice when it comes to oil application on the beard because they can spread oil on the beard by use of various techniques.

Beard Brush or Beard Comb Which One to Use

There is a slight difference when one wants to choose between using a comb or brush; it only has to do with the size and general condition of your hair, you will eventually find out that both the comb and the brush just tackle the same goal, which is to try and put your beard in order.

So, are going for the beard comb or the beard brush, between months two to five, one should use a beard brush for grooming, and to apply beard oil. Again, beard brush is also to be used when your beards are still small in size and cannot be combed at any cost, a beard brush will help your beard to be softer than you can imagine.

From month three to infinity, one should be using a beard comb for blow-drying, detangling, straightening and trimming your beards.

If you are just starting to grow your beard, get yourself a beard brush then, later on, you can include a beard comb in your daily routine.

Always go for beard brushes with natural boar bristles

Prefer the combs with a saw cut rubber and also the wooden ones, these are the combs that are safer for you to use and good for the general health of your beards and scalp, you should not go for the cheap plastic ones at all cost.

If you really care about your beard then you will have to ditch that cheap comb that is very dangerous to your beard’s health.

Both the beard comb and the beard brush will help you maintain your beards and make you look very pleasant and presentable and will also help you keep your beards healthy and well.

How to Shave Your Armpits

Last Updated August 2019

Armpits are generally very sensitive. This is because they are hidden, largely inaccessible, and prone to rashes. For this reason, the armpit regions are often difficult to shave and also develop problems easily. You, therefore, have to pay keen attention to these parts and approach the whole exercise of ridding them of hair cautiously.

Our aim is to guide you in adopting the right approach to go about this whole issue. We have carried out extensive research in the area mainly by seeking the input of experts in the area. We have collated these findings and compiled them in a single article. It is our strong conviction that you shall indeed find these pieces of advice quite suited to your unique situation.

how to shave armpit hair

Armpit Length Hairstyles For Men

Just like every other part of the body with hair, your armpits also can be worked in various styles. Several of these styles do abound. However, some three styles particularly stand out. They are by far the most relevant and fruitful of all the ones that are available. They are listed hereunder:

Au Natural

This is by far the most common armpit hairstyle. In this style, the hair is neither trimmed nor maintained. Instead, the armpit hair is left to grow and assume whichever shape or form it deems necessary. This style is mainly great for those people who have little hair under the armpits.

For those who experience plenty of hair, the style might disparage them by harboring stench, germs, and being too messy. The same case applies to the hot summer months when people tend to put on lighter attire.

Trim and Short

Trim-and-short is the second-most common armpit hairstyle. It is mainly suited for those men who live in urban areas and like hanging around shopping centers, outing, and the beaches. If you are a well-groomed man, this is also the hairstyle for your consideration.

how to shave your armpits properly

With this style, you simply shave your armpit hair to let it become shorter. You only see to it that it does not protrude from under your armpits. The end result is a neat, masculine, and extremely elegant appearance.


As the name suggests, the hairless method means getting rid of all the hair under your armpits. This is not a style for the faint-hearted. The reason is that in most societies, such persons are shunned upon.

This notwithstanding, this style is mandatory for some cadres of persons. These include swimmers, body-builders, and models. This is due to the fact that such persons will often have to expose their bodies to the outward environment.


Compared to most other hair removal methods, shaving is by far the least expensive and most effective. It is however complicated to carry out. This stems from the fact that the armpit region is very sensitive and prone to all kinds of issues, as stated above.

To be able to carry out a good job, you have to prepare the said area first before embarking on the process of shaving. This preparation is also necessary to minimize irritations and inflammations. Adhering to the tips stipulated below will guarantee you awesome outcomes:

how to shave your underarms

Clean your underarms thoroughly

Start off by cleaning your underarms thoroughly. Do this by taking a shower in hot water right before going to bed. The steam from the hot water will normally soften the hair in the underarm. The medicated soap, on the other hand, removes excess sweat, oil, residues of deodorant and other dirt that might impede the smooth functioning of the razor blades.

Moreover, this step also prevents the contaminants from clogging the blades and in so doing, guarantees the efficacy of the razors. This is not to mention that the sweat that is generated in underarms have the ability to trap bacteria. It thus minimizes infections.

Exfoliate the Underarm

Next, exfoliate the underarm region. Exfoliation is the act of getting rid of the dead skin cells. You have two main options for your taking. These are the chemical and the physical exfoliation, respectively. The former entails the use of chemicals whereas the latter, the use of towels to manually do so.

If you opt for a towel, be sure that it is clean. A dirty towel will predispose you to the risks of germs and infections. This is the last thing you will definitely want to happen to you.

Shave at Night

You are strongly advised to shave at night. This is especially true in the summer months when it is extremely hot and humid. As stated, shaving removes some protective upper layer of the skin. By applying deodorant immediately after shaving, you predispose your skin to the risks of irritations and infections.

Shaving at night gives your skin time to recover. As a matter of fact, you are advised to sleep for around 8 hours before applying any deodorant to the skin. This is to give it time to recover fully.

Hydrate your Skin and Body

Never attempt to shave a dry armpit. This will only worsen an already volatile situation. Instead, be sure to dampen your armpit first and foremost before proceeding to shave. Hot water or steam is by far the most recommended kinds of water.

Hot water and steam will also clear any contaminants from under your armpits. Dampened hair follicles also swell up and expedite the process of shaving. This way, you get to obtain better results compared to the other kinds of approach.

Use a sharp razor to rid your armpit of the hair

By far the biggest cause of the razor burn is the dull blades. Such razors do not cut well and they also tempt you to put in too much of your effort. This way, a lot of friction is generated which ultimately causes more irritation, razor burn, and inflammations.

You should, therefore, use only a sharp blade to do the job. You will use less effort and experience the required outcomes within the shortest realistic time possible. Such blades are also devoid of dirt and are less likely to inflict any infections.

Raise your arms over your head

To ensure a thorough outcome, you have to raise your arms over your heads. This is to expose the whole of your armpit region to the razors. An angle of 90°C will guarantee great outcomes.

Shave along rather than against the Grain

While shaving, always do so along rather than against the grain. This simply means that you have to shave in the direction of the growth of hair. It also reduces the risks of irritations, inflammations, and rashes. This is not to mention that such a direction lets you shave as close to the skin as possible.

Shave in all the four directions

Underarm hair, just like those of the rest of the body, grows in all the four main directions. To do a thorough job, you should shave in all the four directions. Use short strokes in one direction and thereafter shift to another direction and so on.

Rinse the blades every quite often

During each shaving session, the blades do accumulate plenty of hair, dead skin, cosmetics, and shaving cream. You have to rinse the blades thoroughly to get rid of these substances. This is because they have the potential to inflict infections and other undesirable consequences. You should rinse the blades preferably after each stroke of use and using only cold water.


There is no uniform recommended duration or frequency after which you are to shave. The logic that underlies this is pretty simple. People experience different rates of hair growths. It is therefore impossible to subject everyone to a uniform set of standard.

The general rule of thumb though is never having your hair grow beyond ½ inches long. Be on the lookout therefore of the length of the hair and trim it just when it hits this particular threshold. Only be sure to follow the due process and use only the recommended products for the job.


Even though there are numerous shaving products out there for your consideration, not all of them may yield you the same degree of satisfaction. Some have consistently proved to be much better and more reliable than others. Given that we have your best interest at heart, we have deemed it necessary to highlight and explain to you a couple of these:

Electric Body Groomers

As the name suggests, these play the role of grooming the body by keeping it in the best shape and form at all times. By far the best electric body groomer is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro. It has the ability to trim and completely shave the underarms.

It features a dual-end design, a fact that makes it easier for you to trim and shave your underarms. It does have a trimmer on its bottom-end. This allows you to shave the hair down. Lastly, the shaver which exists on its top-end is intended to provide you a close shave.

Wahl Micro Groomsman

The Wahl Micro Groomsman is yet another electric groomer for your consideration. It is particularly handy for the light trimming.

The trimmer features a hair guard which is attached to the shaver. This plays the role of trimming down the hair while keeping a manual length. It also works great in the eyebrows.

Manual Razors

If you lack the expertise or financial muscle to afford an electric groomer, you have the manual razor to consider. The Schick and the Gillette are your better bets when it comes to such razors.

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is your topmost consideration for this. It offers the closest and the smoothest shaves. It also generates the longest lasting outcomes of all the manual blades. It comprises 8 cartridges and can be bought on Amazon.

Schick Quattro Titanium

Just like the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, the Schick Quattro Titanium is intended for manual shavings. Its blades are however different as they are wrapped a thin wire rather than being exposed as is the case of the Gillette.

This kind of arrangement reduces irritations by negating the need to press the razor too deep and hard into the skin. It is hence not great for the sensitive skins. The blade contains 8 cartridges and you can buy it on Amazon.

Shaving Gel

Shaving gels are by all means handy for safeguarding your chins and skin from all harms.

The gels kill germs, smoothen the skin, and also raise the hair follicles to expedite the processes of shaving. You, by all means, have to acquire a shaving gel especially if you have thick and coarse hair.

Shower Shave

Other than the shaving gel, you also want to make good use of the shower gels. These gels are necessary especially if you shave while showering.

The gel opens the sweat pores and aids in the removal of dirt and other clogged debris. It also contributes to raising the hair follicles to make them easier to cut. The Shower Shave is by far the most outstanding product of this kind. It allows you to manage a close shave, especially in your underarms.


As stated, the use of blades does leave behind some skin exposure. This exposure predisposes your skin to all kinds of bacterial infections. To ward off such infections, you have to bring in some antiseptics. These are medicated solutions which are handy for the elimination of ingrown hairs, razor burns, skin irritations, and rashes.

The Cool Fix

This is exclusively intended to suppress itching and inflammations. When applied to the freshly-shaven skin, the active ingredients of the antiseptic kill bacteria, suppress the sensation of razor burns, close the open skin pores, and inhibit the proliferation of the ingrown hair.

This is not to mention that it also leaves behind a cooling sensation owing to its possession of Silicone.

There you have them! You have truly received the insight and the guidance you need to shave your armpit well. Now go ahead to do so. For you to do so well, you have to acquire at least one of the products we have reviewed and recommended above. Gaining access to raw knowledge in and of itself is insufficient.

We would also wish to hear from you. In light of this, we welcome you to speak to us concerning any aspect of the information we have furnished. Do let us know any expectation which you feel we have left out. We shall surely incorporate them into our future amendments.

Lastly, we also invite you to share this piece of information with as many others who may need it as possible. You definitely want others like you to make good use and benefit from this information. All the best also in your future armpit shaving undertaking!

How to Shape a Long Beard

Last Updated August 2019

With a great beard comes great responsibility.

When you’ve spent so long growing a righteous beard, it may seem a little nonsensical to go and hack it all off, but unfortunately, without a little love and care, you’ll find that your beard is growing wild and unruly. In order to get your beard back under control you need to spend some time trimming and shaping it on the regular.

So how do you go about this without making a mess of it all? Shaping your beard is a time consuming process that can be a little daunting, but with a little bit of care and attention to detail, you’ll have your beard looking great in no time. It’s important not to neglect this duty, as keeping your beard shaped and styled will contribute greatly to your overlook. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to shape your beard.

how to shape goatee

How to Shape Up a Beard

If you’ve never shaped your beard before, or you are looking for ways to improve your style so that you can show your best face to those around you, then finding a way that works for you can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s a lot of technique that goes into finding the perfect shape, and it may take some time to identify the way that works the best for you. There are several key steps that you must follow no matter what the beard style you end up going for. Here, we take you through the steps that will allow you to boast a beautiful beard.

how to shape my moustache

Decide on the shape of your beard

Before you start, you need to have some idea of how you want the final product to look. The shape of your beard is going to be largely dictated by the shape of your face. That is, if you have a wider face, your beard will need to be fuller so that everything is kept in proportion. Similarly, if you have a slight bone structure, you will want to consider a sleek beard that you can keep styled in order to not overwhelm your streamlined look.

We will focus more on how to shape your beard to your face in the following section, but the general idea is to keep everything in proportion. It’s not just your bone structure that will influence the shape and size of your beard, but also your hairstyle too. Longer hair may require a fuller beard in order for your look to work. So before you get started on the actual trimming and styling, make sure you know what you want the end result to look like.

how to shape up a beard

Focus on the beard itself

Once you have your dream beard in mind, you can begin the trim. However, before you start actually cutting anything, make sure your beard is prepped for the job. Give your whiskers a brush so that you get a feel for the true length of the hairs. It’s important to make sure that you brush the hair all in one direction. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to see where you’re overgrown. These are the areas that you need to focus on first. Using either a beard trimmer or a pair of grooming scissors, trim the hairs until they reach the desired length and fit into the shape that you’re going for.

Neaten up your sideburns

Once your beard is looking great, it’s time to focus on your sideburns – an immaculate beard means nothing if your sideburns are unruly. The sides of your face require just as much care and attention as the beard itself. When focusing on your sideburns, be sure to taper and blend so that your beard seamlessly integrates with the sides. Don’t forget to clear away any stray hairs that are growing above your beard around your cheekbones.

how to trim your beard

Don’t forget your neckline

You’re not a caveman, so why would you leave the hair on your neck when you’ve done such a great job shaping your beard? Excess hair on your neck can really draw attention away from the sweet style that you’re creating with the beard. For this part of the job, it is best to employ a beard trimmer or a good set of clippers so that you can easily remove the neckbeard no matter the length.

You don’t want to trim too high as this can make your beard look small, however, leaving this region to grow out will make you look more wild and untamed. Defining your neckline properly requires due care, and choosing a neckline that sits around 1 to 1.5 inches above your Adam’s apple is a pretty good ballpark to aim for.

Put on the finishing touches

Once you’ve taken care of your beard, sideburns and neckline, you can put the finishing touches on your new look. There are other areas that can require a little bit of work in order for everything to be perfect. Firstly, the mustache may need specific trimming so that it doesn’t hang over your upper lip. Secondly, though you may not have thought of this but now is a great time to give your nostril hairs a trim. Once you’ve taken care of the last few problem areas – you’re done!

Items You Need to Shape Your Beard

A bearded man absolutely requires a number of tools in his grooming kit in order to keep a well maintained beard at all times. Without these, you’ll find it difficult to keep your beard in line and will find yourself sporting a wild and unruly growth.


Trimmers or clippers are the easiest way to keep your beard under control, but you might find that they don’t give you the finesse you need to truly control the finer details. However, the trimmer will give you the ability to get through the neck area with ease, and allows you to create strong lines across your cheek. When combined with another tool, like a comb, you can increase the control you have with the trimmer.


We mentioned how a comb can help you when it comes to getting a finer control on how you trim your beard, but it’s also a very useful tool by itself. Carrying a comb with you wherever you go can ensure that you keep your beard restrained as you will be able to take acre of any unruly hairs no matter where you are. A combed beard is a clean beard, so do your image a favor by keeping a comb in your back pocket.


Your grooming scissors need to be sharp and of a good quality if you want them to the best job for you. Beard scissors have long blades to enable you to get through the thick hair. However, mustache scissors are usually shorter and allow you to shorten those specific whiskers. If you want a one size fits all solution, you can choose a set that has a medium length blade so that you can hit all areas.


The last essential item that you absolutely need to have in your grooming kit is a brush. Unlike some of the other tools, you will use a brush every day to tame the beast as part of your morning ritual, so leaving it out of your kit will lead to a beard that has a life of its own.

Alternative Beard Trimming Methods

What works for one man isn’t necessarily going to work for another, and as such, the technique you use to trim your beard may not be the same as other methods you read about. The beard-shaping process is highly personal, and as such, you should find a way to do it that allows you to be consistent without causing you frustration. While some men want to stick to the tried and true methods, you might find that employing certain tricks and tips can make your experience a whole lot easier.

For instance, when trimming your neckline, you may wish to stand in front of a three-way mirror and imagine lines running from your ears and under your jaw and trim around that. Or, you may want to tilt your chin down to produce a double-chin so that you can see where your natural skin folds mark your neckline. Another method of tackling this part of the process is to use two fingers to measure the distance above your Adam’s apple that marks your desired neckline.

shaping beard

How to Shape Your Beard to Match Your Face

Your beard is a very personal thing. While it’s certainly complicated enough on its own, the shape of your face can influence how you carry your facial hair too. Without working with a style that compliments not only the beard you want but the shape of your face as well, you’ll find yourself with an unbalanced and strange look. Here, we give you guidance on what sort of beard to choose to match your face shape.

Square face

A square face comes with a strong jaw, and your beard can take many forms depending on how you feel about that. A shorter beard is best suited to those that want to enhance the jawline, whereas a longer beard with a mustache can help you to create a softer look.

Round face

A round face will benefit from a beard that can create a slimmer, streamlined look. A hard line along your cheekbone will accentuate your bone structure, and keeping it short on the sides and longer around the chin will help to elongate your profile.

Rectangular face

For a rectangular face, the best beard styles are those that are able to soften your angles. Full sides with a shorter bottom is the best way to achieve this, but what you want to avoid at all costs is a mustache on its own.

Oval face

If you’re lucky enough to have an oval shaped face, then you have the ability to wear basically any shaped beard you can imagine. You want to stay away from longer goatee styles, as this will make you look overstretched. Aside from that, whether you want a mustache, full beard or a scruffy shadow, you’ll be able to carry it well.

Triangular face

With a triangular face, you really want to create a balance to your look. Keeping your beard longer at the sideburns will help to create a balance to your look. By keeping your beard shorter around the chin, you’ll be able to make your jaw appear wider.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

We’ve talked about how to style your beard to accentuate your facial features, but how do you determine what shape your face is to begin with? It can be hard to assess this quality about ourselves without a point of reference, and without knowing this key information, the beard style you choose may not give you the look that you’re hoping for.

There’s actually a very formulaic way to determine the shape of your face that involves measuring each aspect of your face individually. Here, we guide you through the process so that you can choose your perfect beard style.

Step 1: Prepare for the task

In order to measure your face properly, there are several things you need to do in preparation. First, find yourself a measuring tape. It needs to be the kind that bends, like the kind that dressmakers use. The next thing you need to do is ensure that your hair is tied back and that your face is free of things that will get in the way of your measurements. Without doing this, you’ll find that your measurements are off, which can throw out your calculations. Next, make sure you have a notepad and pen, as you’ll need this to record your measurements. The last thing you need to do is get comfortable in front of a mirror so that you can begin.

Step 2: Measure your forehead

The first measurement you need to take is of your forehead. It’s important that, for this step, you measure the widest part of your forehead in order to be completely accurate in your calculations. This region is usually located halfway up your forehead, equally distanced between your hairline and your eyebrows. Make sure you measure all the way to your hairline on either side so that you are as accurate as you can be.

Step 3: Measure across your cheekbones

One of the hardest parts of determining the shape of your face is getting a good measurement across your cheekbones. The reason why this step is so hard is because of your nose. Depending on the prominence of your nose, the bridge will inevitably add to the width of your face by pushing up the measuring tape as you’re trying to get a reading.

With this in mind, find the widest part of your face by feeling along your cheekbones until you find the most bulging part of the bone. This is where you want to hold the ends of the measuring tape. Hold the tape in a straight line so that you can get a measure on the width of your face. You may need to hold the tape away from your face but in line with the widest part of your cheekbones if your nose is getting in the way.

Step 4: Measure your jawline

The process of measuring your jawline is going to be a little different to the rest of the measurements you take, as you are going to do it in two parts. It is simply too difficult to get an accurate measurement by trying to hold the tape along your jaw from ear to ear. Therefore, the best way to get a good measurement is to measure each side separately.

Feel for the corner of your jaw right below your ear, and use the corner as the starting point for your measurement. Hold the tape along the line of your jaw until it reaches the middle of your chin. Be sure to record the length before repeating the process on the other side. Once you’re done, all you need to do is add the numbers together and that will give you the length of your jawline.

Step 5: Measure your facial length

The last measurement you need to take is the length of your face. Again, you may find that your nose can get in the way, depending on the size of it, so if you are finding that you are having trouble, hold the tape measure away from your face so that you can get the true length. The start of the measuring tape should be held right at the center of your hairline, and you need to measure all the way down to your chin.

Step 6: Determine your face shape

Once you have all your measurements, it’s time to determine what shape your face is. Your facial shape depends on the proportion of these measurements. If the width and length of your face are the same, then your shape is either round or square, depending on the angularity of your jaw. A face that is longer than it is wide can either be oval or rectangular, again, depending on the angle of your jaw. A triangular face is wider at the top than it is at the bottom.

Items You Need to Shape Your Beard

A bearded man absolutely requires a number of tools in his grooming kit in order to keep a well maintained beard at all times. Without these, you’ll find it difficult to keep your beard in line and will find yourself sporting a wild and unruly growth.


Trimmers or clippers are the easiest way to keep your beard under control, but you might find that they don’t give you the finesse you need to truly control the finer details. However, the trimmer will give you the ability to get through the neck area with ease, and allows you to create strong lines across your cheek. When combined with another tool, like a comb, you can increase the control you have with the trimmer.


We mentioned how a comb can help you when it comes to getting a finer control on how you trim your beard, but it’s also a very useful tool by itself. Carrying a comb with you wherever you go can ensure that you keep your beard restrained as you will be able to take acre of any unruly hairs no matter where you are. A combed beard is a clean beard, so do your image a favor by keeping a comb in your back pocket.


Your grooming scissors need to be sharp and of a good quality if you want them to the best job for you. Beard scissors have long blades to enable you to get through the thick hair. However, mustache scissors are usually shorter and allow you to shorten those specific whiskers. If you want a one size fits all solution, you can choose a set that has a medium length blade so that you can hit all areas.


The last essential item that you absolutely need to have in your grooming kit is a brush. Unlike some of the other tools, you will use a brush every day to tame the beast as part of your morning ritual, so leaving it out of your kit will lead to a beard that has a life of its own.


Being able to grow a beard is one thing, but it takes dedication and commitment to keep a well styled and great looking beard. Without the extra effort of keeping your facial hair manicured, you’ll find yourself looking more like a caveman than the stylish man that you are. Rather than let it grow wild, take the time to learn how to properly shape your beard so that you can keep it under control and create the image you are looking for.

It’s not only the shaping technique that requires attention, but you need the right tools to do it. We recommend that you get yourself a great set of trimmers, scissors, brush and comb so that you have everything you need to take care of your beard. Don’t be afraid to try new things with your look – the more you practice, the better your beard will look.

How to Fill Patchy Beard

Last Updated August 2019

Beards are great especially if they grow neatly and uniformly. They really make the face appear handsome and great to behold. However, it is not all the time that the beards may grow as neatly and regularly as desired.

Indeed, some persons do experience patchy beards. These are simply beards that grow haphazardly and do not cover the entire chin consistently. Some beards may even have varying lengths. If and when these happen, the end result is often an ugly sight that is not that much awesome to look at.

All is not lost though. It is indeed still possible to make some good out of those patchy beards. This can only happen if the right skills and tools are employed for the job. These form the basis of our subsequent discussions.

We have scoured countless sites, health care books, and other resources that dwell on this subject matter. We have collated all the vital pieces of information and used them to generate a monolithic article that is centered on the subject. Our discussions below lay bare the findings of our years of research.

facial hair styles for patchy beards

The Benefits of Beard

Signifies Maturity

Beards signify maturity. This is for the sheer reason that only fully grown up and mature people may develop them. This maturity may come in handy while undertaking a serious venture.

Proves Fertility

Given that only fully grown men may develop beards, it follows that possessing beards is a proof of fertility. Women who desire a viable mate may, therefore, look up to the beards to determine whether they are worth it.

Famed for Wisdom and Leadership

In quite a number of cultures around the world, the beards are famed for wisdom and leadership. Persons who possess huge amounts of beards on their chins are regarded as some kinds of sages.

Enhances Facial Appearance

Lastly, beards play a vital role in enhancing facial appearance. They make those with baby faces to appear older and also add to the beauty of the face.

grow patchy beard


Generally speaking, a patchy beard will often exhibit the following characteristics:

Pockets of hairless Patches

Throughout the chin and the beard, region are some pockets of hairless patches. These break the flow and consistency of the beard formations.

Uneven Beard Lengths

The individual lengths of the patchy beards are also uneven. Some are longer yet others are unnecessarily shorter. This may often pose some difficulties in upkeep.

Irregular Growths

Other than possessing uneven growths, the hairs also grow unevenly. Some strands attain full length much faster than the others. The end result is uneven lengths.

Ugly Appearances

They also possess ugly appearances. This is understandable due to the combination of hairless patches, uneven growth patterns, and differences in the lengths of the individual hair strands.


You may have patchy beards for a variety or a combination of several reasons. These are captured and well elaborated below:

Genetics or Heredity

Some persons may be descended from families that have a long history of patchy beards. Such kinds of people may end up developing these conditions later in life. There is nothing much one can do to forestall this problem from arising. However, it is still possible to mitigate the condition later though.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a form of temporary and sporadic loss of hair usually at the scalp. This loss may, however, occur on any other portion of the skin that bears hairs. It usually disappears on its own typically within 1 year. Its end results may often persist for longer even after the condition has disappeared. This is what causes the patchy beards.

Hormonal Imbalance

In case there is a significant decrease in those hormones that are responsible for the development of male characteristics, the end result could be patchy. The specific hormone in question here is the Testosterone. It is, therefore, necessary to undergo prior medical checkups for the sake of mitigating this condition.

how to grow a full beard without patches

Fungal Infections

Some kinds of fungi such as the ringworms also have the ability to trigger this condition. They are often able to pluck out all the hair from the base. This leaves behind a barren and ghastly portion of the skin. If not mitigated appropriately, the condition may become permanent. In so doing, it creates some patches on the beards.

Autoimmune Diseases

These are diseases which arise out of genetic precursors. They are characterized by the attack of the immune system. They include lupus. If this condition persists for longer, it may often cause a permanent damage to the hair leading to the development of hairless patches.


Q1. What causes a patchy beard?

  1. As stated, the patchy beards are caused by a combination of factors. These include genetics, poor diet, stress, inadequate rest, and hormonal imbalance alongside other factors. Of these, the hormonal imbalance and hereditary factors tend to play the most significant role in the emergence of this condition.

Q2. Is it possible to fill in a patchy beard?

  1. Not really! In most instances, the condition is permanent and to some extent irreversible. However, all is not lost though because there are indeed ways and means of coping with the situation. You should seek testosterone treatment and combine it with a good diet and improved resting lifestyles.

Q3. Are patchy beards really attractive?

  1. It is strictly speaking not attractive at all. However, it is indeed possible for you to make it so. For this to happen, you have to adopt a couple of measures for the job. You have to wear it appropriately, style it out, and work it accordingly. This is not to mention the applications of the right cream and hair care products.

Q4. Can I grow the patchy beards on my own and intentionally?

  1. You just cannot do that on your own, because it arises naturally mainly by reasons of genetics and heredity. However, you can modify your existing one to look patchy. You may use the eyebrow pencil or the filler to make certain portions of your beards appear thicker. This way, the rest of the beard will look thinner.

Q5. Apart from exercising, what else can I do to fix a patchy beard?

  1. You may eat healthier foods, take plenty of Vitamins, and avoid stressful situations as much as you can. Remember also to have enough rest in the forms of adequate sleep that last no less than eight hours a day. If you can, you may use the cosmetic filler materials especially if you are a woman.

how to make my beard less patchy


Fact #1: Testosterone and Androgen are the key determinants of the patchy beards

The patchy beards, as has been stated numerous times, mainly result from issues to do with testosterone and androgen levels. This means that to some extent it is never the fault of the victims rather their heritage. If you happen to have them, you need not worry at all!

Fact #2: Then the growth of the patchy beards should never be intentionally suppressed

Never fall into the temptation of intentionally suppressing your patchy beards. On the contrary, you should even grow the beards longer than before. They will often look better when they are longer than when they are shorter in size.

Fact #3: Beard oil is the best companion for a person with a patchy beard

This oil has numerous benefits to a person with a patchy beard. It softens the hair, makes it more manageable, allows you to generate some kinds of styles, and creates the illusions of fullness. You, therefore, have to make a point of acquiring and utilizing it at all times.

Fact #4: No one has a uniform beard growth pattern

Even those who do not have patchy beards, they also have no uniform beard growth patterns. This is due to the fact that each strand of hair ordinarily grows at its own pace. You should therefore never ever contemplate achieving perfect hair.

Fact #5: Patchy beards might get better

You should never give up. It is indeed possible for the patchy beards to fill in on their own and get better with time. If you so happen to try every other intervention measure but get no outcome, just hold on. Things might be better with time.

Fact #6: The beards need ample time to fill in

The patchy beards, as we have hinted above, can also fill in on their own. You only need to exercise a great deal of patience to enjoy this benefit. Generally speaking, you have to wait at least 4 weeks to be able to witness some tangible outcomes.

Fact #7: You will often notice the patchy beards more than others

Needless to say, you will always notice your patchy hair more conspicuously than the others around you. The logic that underlies this is pretty simple. You are the only one who walks around with your beard wherever you go. Others come and go.

Fact #8: Beards do fill in as you advance in age

Perhaps the best news you might hear is the fact that the patchy beards can and indeed do fill in with time. This is because the hairs in the face of men tend to become denser with advancements in age. You only need to exercise some patience and optimism.

Fact #9: Shorter lengths are great for those infinite patches

If you so happen that you possess infinite patches on your beard region, you are advised to go shorter. This is because baldness is hardly noticeable when the hair is shorter than when the hair is longer. Do so especially if you are wary of or have issues with your self-confidence.

Fact #10: Patchy beards are potentially scary

When fully grown, the patchy beards are potentially scary. The uneven hair growth and those patches of baldness are not so great to behold at all. In case you hold an occupation that entails a bit of publicity, you have to take extra caution.

Fact #11: Patchy beards can suppress some skin conditions

All is not doom and gloom for those with patchy beards. Indeed, the patchy beards can suppress some skin conditions. In particular, the patchy beards can suppress acne, irritations, bacterial infections, and inflammations. By keeping such hair, you also shave less and suffer less from the infections that come along with shavings.

patchy beard styles


Most dermatologists recommend that you take measures that are aimed at stimulating the growth of your hair to combat the menace of patchy beards. One renowned dermatologist, Carly Roman, who is based in Seattle, suggests that you take a healthy diet and maintain an active lifestyle.

Additionally, the dermatologist recommends that you stay well hydrated, sleep adequate length of time, eat foods that are rich in vitamins and proteins, and keep your hair in the best shape and form all the time.

These initiatives, the dermatologist notes, ensure proper circulation of blood in the body. They also help in the regeneration of the cells of the body. Other than this, they also see to it that the cells of your body receive the sufficient nutrients they are supposed to get.

You should note though that the steps stipulated do not in any way encourage the growth of new hairs especially in the patches that are hairless. They merely strengthen those hairs that are already in existence and encourage them to grow luxuriously.

If you so wish, you may also consider incorporating some supplements in your diet. Such supplements do speed up the pace of the hair growth. For instance, a standard Biotin that measures 2.5 mg can stimulate the growth of hair considerably. It also strengthens the keratins of the hair nails as well.


Barbers tend to approach this whole issue of fixing patchy beards from a whole new angle though. Rather than grow a whole new kind of hair, the barbers suggest that you merely get contented with the ones you already have. You should, therefore, seek to enhance the quality of the ones you have rather than make an effort to acquire brand new ones.

One notable barber, Fred Holmes, who is based at the Otis & Finn in Queens, NY recommends that you grow the hair you have to the fullest possible extent. You thereafter use the long hairs to coach the portions that are either bald or have shorter hair.

While at it, the barber suggests that you exercise some great deal of patience. This is because it does take a bit of time to be able to bring about the awesome looks and appearances necessary. You also further complement these procedures by grooming the hair appropriately.

He further suggests, “Clean the cheek lines and the neck by not cutting the beard too much. Aim at retaining as much hair as possibly can while in the process of growth.” He further adds, “While trimming your beards, let it be done professionally by a qualified barber who uses the right equipment. The barber ought not to go against the direction of the hair growth at all.”

To be able to mitigate longer hairs, you need to nourish them appropriately. You will have to use oil, balms, wax, and beard conditioning.

Steps On How to Fill Out a Patchy Beard

If in the event that you find yourself with some patchy beards, and you are uncomfortable with them, you inevitably have to do something. In pursuance of this, you will have to adopt some steps to fix or at least try to reverse the situation. In this section, we are going to examine some of those strategies that have proved reliable and effective in accomplishing this goal:

Step I: Let it grow fully and luxuriously

The first step is to let the beard grow luxuriously. In the formative stages of growth, try as much as possible to resist the urge to trim it down. This should take at least one month. During this waiting period, you will observe the direction of the growth of the hair. In the course of so doing, you will be able to observe exactly where the patches arise. Thereafter, you have to trim the cheek and the jawline, while leaving the rest of the beard intact. Chances are that the patches shall be concealed by the bushy beards.

Step II: Take good care of the facial hair

In times of the growth, you have to take good care of the beards. Do this by encouraging the growth of the hair and keeping the follicles as healthy as can be. These two shall make the beards look fuller as possible. They also slow down the formations of the patchiness. Take the following steps and procedures to care well for your facial hair:

  • Apply some beard oil – Beard oils are great at reducing the sensation of itchiness. It is particularly handy for the newly developed beards as they are the ones that are most susceptible to the issue of itchiness. The best oil to use for this particular application is the alcohol-free beard oil. This stems from its safety and the ability to keep the beards highly moisturized as possible.
  • Apply beard balm – Other than the beard oil, the beard balm is also great at handling the beards. It plays the role of directing and regulating the growth of the beards appropriately and in the desired direction. The balm also helps you to smoothen the beards by use of your fingers. Some are scented and therefore confer some great aesthetic values as well.
  • Brush your beards thoroughly – As you apply the two oils discussed above, be sure also to brush the beards thoroughly. Use only a brittle brush to do the job so as to prevent scratches and injuries to your skin. The best direction to brush the beards is downwards. This will ensure that the beard covers all the patches to bring about a uniform and tidy appearance.

Step III: Embrace and cherish what you already have

Even after carrying out the aforementioned steps and procedures but got no tangible outcome, you have these alternatives you can consider:

  • Embrace what you already have – This entails accepting that you indeed have the condition and then live with it. With regards to this, you will just have to keep it in the desired shape and form at all times. You should not even entertain the thought of changing or seeking to change it in whichever shape or form.
  • Trim Wisely – While trimming, keep the trim line further down to the cheek areas. Maintain the edges as sharp as possible. There is usually a small sweet spot that lies in between the beard and the stubble. It is this spot which makes the patches less noticeable. Be sure to trim this area carefully as well. You can only do this by invoking the assistance of a professional barber.

Step IV: Eat properly

You can never hope to maintain your beards in the best shapes and forms without eating well. Indeed, the foods you eat also determine to a great extent the kinds of quality your beards possess. With regards to this, you ought to be very sensitive to the kind of diet you subject yourself to.

Generally speaking, you should take in foods that are derived from natural sources like the chocolate, milk, legumes, avocados, and eggs. You should also take in plenty of foods that are rich in niacin to keep your hair from falling out as the result of being too brittle. You will find sunflower seeds, fish, beef, and mushrooms quite handy for these. Some of the nutrients that must never miss in your diet include:

  • Proteins – Proteins contain plenty of keratins. This is further composed of plenty of amino acids. The human body has no ability to produce its own amino acids. This is what necessitates the consumption of foods that are rich in proteins. Some great sources of proteins which you must never miss out on are the eggs, poultry products, lean meats, and fish.
  • Vitamins C and E – These two vitamins produce sebum. This is a natural oil that greatly lubricates and moisturizes the facial hair. It also contributes to the creation of some thicker beards. The sunflower seeds, spinach, and citrus fruits are the best foods for these kinds of vitamins. You should, therefore, incorporate as many of them in your diet as possible.
  • Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene – From time to time, the skin of the face do get charred and broken. They have to be repaired and restored to their original and proper functioning conditions. The Vitamin A and Beta A Carotene are the ones that play these vital roles. They do encourage and promote better growth of hair and in so doing, restore the skin. You will find them in plenty in spinach, kale, carrots, and the egg yolks.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – You will also have to promote the overall growth of your hair. This can only happen if you take in plenty of foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These foods are walnuts, salmon, flaxseed, and white meat. Omega 3 also prevents the hair from being too brittle to the extent of drying up.
  • Vitamins B6, B12, and Biotin – The two vitamins, as well as the Biotin, are famed for being great at preventing the loss of hair that is caused by stressful situations. They also promote the generation of new skin as well as luxurious hair. In light of this, the nutrients have the ability to make the patches disappear as the result of the closure by the long hairs.
  • Plenty of water – Water greatly hydrates the body and the skin. This is because it produces enough moisture contents which in turn aids the beards to grow fuller and thicker. While at it, you should also refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages. This is because they achieve the exact opposite aim of dehydrating the body. Apply moisturizers as well in the course of this.
  • Eat generously – Other than the quality, the quantity of the food also matters a lot. You should not starve yourself at all. On the flipside, you should take in the quantities of food at a time as well. Huge quantities of food have the ability to trigger higher testosterone levels which in turn trigger the growth of the beards.

Step V: Exercise great patience

It is not possible to get the desired ends overnight. Indeed, for you to experience some meaningful outcomes, you have to exercise some great patience in the course of handling your beards. For the first few months, you will hardly notice any tangible positive outcomes. Most men have the tendency to give up at such times. This, however, ought not to be the case. To cope with this issue well, do bear in mind the following:

  • You will notice your gory beards more than the third parties – Others come and go. You, however, persist throughout. For this reason, you will most likely notice your gory appearances more than the others. This is a chief source of impatience and giving up. You should however not feel intimated at all. Keep on keeping on and you will surely get it.
  • Empty patches fill in with time – As stated before, the empty patches that are found on your beard and skin do fill up with time. This is yet again another incentive to keep fighting on and on. Even if you do not notice some meaningful outcomes within the shortest time possible, be sure to accrue the same with time.
  • Each person experiences some patchiness from time to time – Even though those who are descended in families that have these genes in their bloodline are the worst affected, every other person can and indeed do develop the patchiness at some point in their life. This should also give you some form of comfort and consolation as you fight on.

Step VI: Accept the fact that you have patchy beards

This point can never be emphasized enough times. If you have patchy beards, just accept that you have them and move on. Do not live in denial and give up hope. This might lead to low-esteem and with it, the accompanying dangers of wanting to do anything to get rid of them. Instead, you should just attempt to make them appear much better.

Perhaps the best way to go about the issue is to style the hair. You may consider maintaining your beards shorter to ‘conceal’ those patchy areas. Other techniques to achieve this noble end could be the light stubble. It has the ability to eliminate those bald spots while leaving behind a cool-looking beard. The chin strap comes in last. It impacts the cheeks by leaving it clean-shaven.

Step VII: Groom it well

Needless to say, it is imperative that you groom your beards well. This is because proper grooming is great and necessary for enhancing the looks of your beards. Over and above this, the grooming also helps to maintain your beards in the right state of health and condition. Lastly, grooming also combats the menace of patchiness. The following are some of the hot grooming tips which you have to adhere to:

  • Brush your beards – Brushing has the impact of increasing the volumes of your hair. You should, however, utilize only the beard brush to do the job but not the ordinary kinds of brushes. This kind of brush generates fuller appearance and makes the beards appear very magnificent also. Other than enhancing the looks of your hair, brushing regularly also promotes the flow of blood underneath the skin which in turn enhances the pace of growth.
  • Apply beard oil regularly – You should get and utilize a good beard oil every quite often. The typical beard oil contains plenty of essential oils and has great anti-microbial properties as well. They are great at treating the skin, enhancing the growth of hair, enabling the beards to grow to full maturity, and making the beards easier to manage.
  • Apply the beard balm – As a last measure, you also have to apply some beard balm. This is a great styling ointment as it enhances the looks of the hair as a whole. The balm also contains some form of wax which locks the beard in place. It also encourages the hair strands to be thick and sturdy at all times.
  • Do not forget to shampoo – While cleaning your hair, you must use the shampoos. This substance has the impact of getting rid of dandruff and other clogging agents that may set up base within the pores. Be on the lookout for the special kinds of shampoos for the job as the ordinary ones cannot do the job well.
  • Use the Minoxidil (Rogaine) facial hair supplement – This channel acts as an opener for the potassium minerals. It, in so doing, stimulates the circulation of blood within the hair follicles. With the improved flow of blood, your hair shall grow more luxuriously which in turn allows more hormones and nutrients to gain access to the roots of the hair.
  • Try the Vitabeard – Vitabeard is a mixture of several vitamins. These are specially formulated to encourage the growth of the hair and improve its overall quality as well. It also possesses plenty of Biotin a kind of the B-complex Vitamin. Together with the Vitamin C, jointly repairs the hair and prevent it from splitting. It also does contain generous amounts of Zinc.

Step VIII: Exercise extensively

You have to incorporate some exercising in your hair care regime. Exercising is great as it boosts the levels of testosterone. This hormone, as have already been stated, has the impact of improving the pace of the growth of hair. They, in so doing, contribute to the concealment of the patches and ugly appearances. Exercising also boosts the metabolism which is responsible for the improved growth of hair and overall good health.

Step IX: Take adequate rest and sleep

Have adequate rest throughout your hair care duration. Lack of sleep has been noted to reduce the testosterone levels. This, in turn, does intensify the formation of the patches and the subsequent ugly appearances. You should sleep for no less than eight hours a day. This is sufficient enough to deliver the required positive outcomes. Adequate sleep is also great for cell regeneration.

Step X: Avoid stressful situations

Equally important is the need to avoid stressful situations. Stress has the impact of suppressing the growth of hair. It interferes with the smooth flow of blood and thus makes it quite difficult for the nutrients to reach the cells well. Stress also increases the production of cortisol which decreases the levels of testosterone in the body.

Step XI: Consider beard implants

If nothing else works for you, you might consider going the beard implant route. This entails the transfer of beards from one person to another person. It is expensive and can only bring about the desired ends if professionally done. This procedure is on the whole not as great as most beards do fall off within the shortest time possible.

Step XII: Try hormone therapy if you can

Hormonal therapy may come in handy if the root cause of the patchy beards is ascertained to be the hormonal imbalance or insufficient hormones. This therapy may be carried out via injections oral pills, and the hormonal creams. It may not work for those persons with hormonal resistance. Before the procedure is carried out, a doctor’s prescription has to be sought.


If your hair is one that grows sufficiently long enough, you may contemplate styling the hair. The same case also applies if your hair does not grow on the cheek region. Below is a list of some of the styling techniques you may wish to try out in this:

#1. The Thin Strap

The thin strap method is handy for those hairs which grow in an uneven or scattered form. This styling technique entails a thin strip of beard which is cut along the whole jawline through to the sideburns. To make this a reality, the face has to be shaved and only a small amount of beard left along the jawline.

#2. Strap and Goatee

Strap and goatee are suitable for those persons who do not like a bare face. Rather than shaving the entire face completely clean, a small goatee is left on the face.

#3. Chin Beard Only

This kind of goatee feature only impacts the chin and the area beneath the lip region. It is an option which is great for those men who suffer from extreme patchiness. The process involved is simply shaving the face clean and leaving the hair on the chin region intact. Finally, the goatee is shaped and styled as per your preference.

#4. Patchy Chin Beard with Mustache

For those men who prefer retaining some substantial amounts of hair on the face, this is a great option to explore. To actualize it, you have to follow the same directions as the patchy beard styles. However, in this case, the mustache is left intact.

#5: Into the Wild

Some hairs are long uneven. They do give rise to some rugged ‘wild man’ style kind of hair. This ‘into the wild’ styling technique is awesome if you do not want to spend too much of your time grooming the hair of your head as well as those of the facial hair. You just let it grow free and wild.

#6: Light and Dark

It is not uncommon for the patchy beards to generate some inconsistent discolorations. The most common discoloration is one in which the facial hair is lighter or darker at those regions that surround the mouth. You may try this technique out if you prefer this discoloration.

#7: Faded Chin Strap

In this styling technique, the chinstrap is trimmer very thinly. This way, it generates some less prominent yet faded looks. When combined with a detached goatee, it shifts attention away from the beard and strengthens the thick hairs which remain in the chin and the mustache.

#8: Moderate Patchiness

Moderate patchiness is great for the men who can generate only a moderate amount of beard hairs nut nonetheless lack the wherewithal to style it. This technique requires some substantial amounts of beard hair to grow. It may work, though not robustly, for those men who have severe patchiness as well.

#9: Thick Strap

Those men who can grow decent amounts of hair along their chins have this technique for their taking. Rather than shaving more of the beards off, such men need only to shave the checks and the hair that is found below the bottom of the lips. The mustache is left intact. The outline of the beard is then trimmed in such a way as to mimic the shape of the jawline using a trimmer.

#10: Thick Patchy Strap with Full Goatee

This technique features a full goatee and is great for those men who are keen at achieving higher levels of hair growth. To obtain the style, the cheek is shaved clean and the goatee is left intact together with the hair that lies at the jawline. Lastly, the outline of the beard is trimmed to conform to a natural shape of the jawline.

#11: Patchy Goatee

In all, this patchy goatee is unattached. It features a combination of a patchy beard, mustache, and a soul patch. Unlike other styles, it does not at all entail the shaving of the face clean. Instead, the beard is left intact whereas the hair is trimmed short. The soul patch and the mustache are then shaped as per the individual liking.

#12: Faded Goatee

This one is mainly great for those persons who are on the lookout for an edgier version of the goatee. The style is brought about by trimming the hair along the jawline in such a manner that it fades out to the sideburn regions. This style is ideal for men who have no sideburns or do not like growing hair along their jawline.

#13: Keep Your Patch Unique

‘Keep your patch unique’ is yet another goatee styling technique. It makes good use of the thin and patchy nature of the typical beards. It leaves the mustache and the hair that lies along the chin as thick as can be. The goatee is then trimmed in such a manner as to be an extension of the soul patch. In so doing, it leaves behind a continuous line that runs across from the chin through to the jaw. Lastly, the hair that lies along the cheeks is left intact to exude some uniqueness.

#14: Attached to the Strap

Attached to the strap is yet another goatee style. In this styling technique, the goatee is attached to a chin strap. The mustache is not detached from the beard as is the case with other styling techniques. To bring about better looks, the cheeks are shaved whereas the goatee is styled as per the requirements of each individual. This leaves behind some mustache attached to the original beard.

#15: Wild and Free

Featuring some clean-shaven cheeks and chin, the Wild and Fire styling technique exudes some excellent aesthetics. It is, on the whole, an unruly and long goatee which straddles underneath the chin. For best results, the goatee is trimmed as desired and left to grow luxuriously.


A host of products do exist which are designed and wholly intended to fix patchy beards. They impact some selected segments of the patchy beards at a time. As such, you have to take care of the intended purpose in your search for the right product for your use. The following are some of the major products that may serve this role well.


Vitamins are mainly recommended for those circumstances or persons who experience slow growth of the beards mainly due to ill health. The vitamins have the ability to invigorate healthy growths by stimulating various hormones, repairing the worn out cells, and furnishing the necessary nutrients for optimal growths. Almost all kinds of vitamins are necessary for optimal growths. You should, therefore, make an attempt to incorporate all of them into your diet.

Beard Growth Multivitamin

The beard growth multivitamins do have the minerals and proteins which are vital for kick-starting the luxurious growths. They have the ability to trigger the growths of the dormant beard follicles in such a way as to make the new growths a possibility. While taking the multivitamins, you have to adhere strictly to the dosage to avoid some undesired consequences.

Protein Supplements

It is common knowledge that proteins are necessary for the optimal growths of all parts of the human body. You should, therefore, make it a point to incorporate as much protein as possible. In case your diet lacks the proteins, you have to take in some supplements. If you are a vegan, the plant proteins will do you good. Otherwise, the animal proteins are by far the most recommended for the job


Biotin is a fundamental building block of the hair that makes up the human body. It is, as a matter of fact, the ingredient which makes the hair thicker, stronger, and more vibrant. By taking the biotin, you also get to forestall the formation of splits at the end of the hair, brittle hair, and in the process also strengthen the hair at their roots. What’s more? The Biotin also reinvigorates the dormant hair follicles which may have failed to flip over to the growth modes.

Testosterone Booster

As stated severally, the patchy beards do develop chiefly because of a fall in the testosterone levels. You should, therefore, take in plenty of testosterone boosters to restore the hormones to their optimal levels. Alternatively, you may also consider practicing testosterone-friendly lifestyles such as the Testosterone.IO program. This will do just as fine and is, in fact, better because it entails the intake of fewer chemicals.

Excellent Grooming

Even though grooming strictly speaking is not a product, it is nonetheless a vital part and parcel of fixing a patchy beard. The kind of grooming method or intervention selected depends largely on the kind of issue that the beard goes through. The key, therefore, is to first and foremost understand your problem. You should thereafter go ahead and find the right grooming method for your use.

Beard Oil

This is a high-quality kind of oil which plays a vital role in the grooming and nourishment of your beard. In particular, this oil keeps the strands of your beards thick and strong. If you are spoilt for choice or have no idea of the best oil for your use, the ‘Grave before Shave 4 Pack’ is perhaps a good one to start off with.

Beard Balm

It is not so different from the beard oil. The only difference, in fact, is the state in which it comes. It is solid rather than liquid in nature and form. To apply it, you have to melt it by placing it in the sun or rubbing it repeatedly on your palms to generate the heat necessary to convert it into liquid. It does irritate the beard but leaves behind a very healthy outcome.

Beard Conditioner

To soften your beard and make it easier to shave, you have to condition it. The beard conditioner is the material that will let you achieve this noble goal. You have to shower using steam to open up the sweat pores. You then apply the conditioner to generate the soft tone and texture. Consider the Beardsly Conditioner for Beards for a start if you don’t know the one to buy.

Growth Cream

To let your beards grow thicker, more uniformly, and luxuriously, you have to incorporate the growth creams. These creams will always compel the follicles to burst forth and assume faster growths. It also activates the dormant follicles to spur their growth and development. Perhaps the minoxidil cream is by far the best for this job. Another more reliable growth cream is the Lipogaine.

Beard Growth Shampoo

The beard growth shampoo mainly aids in the cleansing of the beards wherever and whenever they are washed, It also makes the hair that constitutes the beards longer, thicker, and of course healthier. The shampoo also prevents the pre-existing hair from falling off unnecessarily. The ideal shampoo has to possess generous quantities of niacin. This is what dilates the capillaries that exist around the hair follicles.

Beard Transplant

If after attempting all the above intervention measures and got no meaningful outcome, you may wish to try the beard transplant. With this method, a healthy follicle is extracted from one portion of your body to your beard. It leaves behind no scars and is also easier to recover from as compared to other kinds of surgeries. It is however expensive and mainly suited for those with lots of money.


You have indeed received the guidance you badly need to do a good job. We urge you not to stop at the raw knowledge itself. You should, in fact, go ahead and purchase at least one of the products we have reviewed above. This is the only way through which you may enjoy the benefits that come along with these products. It is also your only bet for a good job and nice-looking beards.

Obviously, you do not want to enjoy the benefits alone. You want as many others to gain from these products, don’t you? In light of this, we also urge you to consider sharing this information with as many others around you as possible.

All said and done, a good-looking beard is great for any man worth his salt. It boosts self-confidence and inspires some energy and life. This is why it is an issue that has to be confronted with the necessary seriousness. All the best as you take the crucial first step towards the achievement of this end.

How to Stop Beard Itch

Last Updated August 2019

Apart from beards giving a dude a classic manly look, they also have a lot to love. Beards do not only add class and masculine complexity to the face alone, but also to a person’s entire appearance. With so many styles ranging from a goatee to full-face beard, facial hair are certainly in fashion at all times of the year. The part that most dudes do not want to face, however, is that itching is unavoidable, not to mention the awful irritation experienced during the growing process.

The most prevalent reason why most men give up on growing those luxurious beards is that they cannot withstand the irritation and itchiness that accompanies the beards. The first days that you are trying to grow those beards comes with irritation and itchiness that can become extreme with time. Although the itching is temporary at times, most men give up on growing beards at this stage. The good thing is that there are tactics to combat and calm the itchiness.

how to stop beard itch

What Causes Beard Itching?

In order to soothe and cure beard itch, it is essential to understand what causes beard itch first. The causes of an itch beard can range from a slight to significant infection.

Growing Your Facial Hair

After performing a shave, a sharp edge is left on the end of every hair inside the follicle, the small tube that comprises and protects every hair. As the hair grows, the sharp edge typically scratches the follicle leading to an itch. It is possible for the follicles across your face to itch when growing beards after trimming them for a long time.

Itchiness and New Beards

New brands are majorly prone to itchiness. Your skin may be used to free hair if you have been trimming your beards your entire life. As long as you are frequently shaving, you may not experience any itching. The itching will be felt when you stop shaving and start growing beards.

Dry Skin

Dry skin, also known as xerosis can be caused by dipping your skin in hot water especially during a shower or bath, as well as cold or dry weather. The use of various soaps and shampoos may also scrap off your skin’s natural oils leading to dry skin, and making your beards to itch. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis may also cause your skin to dry chronically leading to an itchy beard.

Your beard should be brushed before and after each wash. Washing your beard after brushing will be much more efficient as brushing loosens up any debris, grime, and other dirt. You should also brush your beard after applying oil because this helps to spread the oil entirely all through the beard. Additionally, it is important to brush the beard briskly in the direction that a person needs them to grow.

How to Stop Beard from Itching  

Whether you have grown your beards for decades or just a few weeks, itchiness can be an annoying issue. Luckily, calming itchiness is essentially pretty straightforward. Here is how you can stop your itching beard. The tactics discussed works on beards of any age, type or length and will make your beard healthy, itch-free and healthy.

Clean Your Beards Thoroughly

The first step to having itch-free beards is cleaning them regularly and thoroughly. The beards are known to trap and prevent the dead skin cells that we lose from falling away. These dead skin cells caught on your beard will indeed make the skin irritated and itchy. Apart from the dead skin cells, the beards may also trap food leftovers from your meals, debris and any other type of dirt throughout the day. With this dirt all over the environment, you need to clean your beard regularly and correctly.

how to stop beard itch home remedy

Steps on How to Clean Up Your Beard

Most of you may be wondering how often the beards should be cleaned. Well, cleaning your beard too regularly can damage the natural oils present in the beard hair. If your beards get extremely dirty, you should then clean them on an off day by using water only. Besides, since beards are different, you can be your own judge when it comes to cleaning your beards.

Step 1:

Gently apply beard shampoo or conditioner. You should be aggressive by dipping your fingertips into the skin. By doing this, your skin will be well-hydrated and cleaned.

Step 2:

Rinse comprehensively to enable the water to move your beard in all directions.

Note 1: when washing and rinsing your beards, it is essential to maintain the right temperature. Avoid using extremely hot water as it hinders the growth of your beards as well as making you have dry skin. With this said, you should use warm water because it initiates the opening of the skin pores. Afterward, you can swap the cold water. It will additionally open the skin pores as well as offer a desirable wake-up call to start your day.

Note 2: you should dry your beards after washing. Leaving water in your beards may lead to undesirable irritation. The recommended tactic is passing a clean towel gently across your beards.

Conditioning Your Beards

Beard conditioners work similarly to the hair conditioner. Utilizing a beard conditioner on beards is a useful step towards curbing itch. The conditioner works by regulating the desirable hydration needed by your beards. Additionally, it softens your beards and makes them much more controllable. The beard conditioner will help lower the irritation by lessening split ends.

The beard experts always recommend users to utilize the conditioners specifically made for beards, but one should not be worried about trying the conditioner designed for your hair. The only notable difference is that beard conditioner comprises ingredients made explicitly for facial hair that is different from other types of hair. Beard conditioners also embrace their own smell.

Lastly, when buying a beard conditioner, it is essential to select ingredients over the brand. The most recommendable conditioners are those that contain Jojoba and Argan as the primary ingredients. Argan is extracted from the Argan tree and typically thickens and softens your facial hair. Jojoba, on the other hand, is similar to the skin’s natural oils. A good beard conditioner will disentangle your facial hair, lower the itch, soften your beards, and nourish and hydrate your beard.

Moisturizing Your Beard

The conditioners may be useful in nourishing your beard, but the skin underneath may be hydrated by integrating beard oils. The underneath the skin is prone to dryness, irritation, and dandruff, and it is thus essential to treat it as well. Therefore, if you need to keep your beard hydrated throughout the day, a good beard oil or balm is the real deal. Several oils deliver their promises by keeping your beard itch-free and soft. If you keep your beard moisturized all day, you will also be preventing your skin from generating extra oil.

Using a small amount of beard oil every day is sufficient to eradicate the itch and also soften your beard. Several experts claim that beard oil is an essential product in an individual’s beard maintenance box. As seen here, the oil possesses its own exceptional beard scent. Here is how you can apply oil on your beards:

  • Gently apply a few drops of beard oil over the whole surface of the beards.
  • Using hot water, wet your hand towel.
  • Place the hand towel around your beards.
  • Dip the hand towel back into the hot water after cooling
  • Repeat this process for thirty minutes
  • Give your beard an ultimate rinse by using cold water

Trimming Your Beards

Frequent trimming helps in keeping your beard look itch-free and nice. Most gents would like to cut their beards after ten weeks after growing them for the first time. If you have allowed your beard to grow wildly, you should not wonder why they itch. If you have grown your beard wildly, it would only be advisable to trim them consistently to avoid irritation and itching. There are numerous high-quality beard trimmers available in the market just like other beard items. Therefore, select the trimmer that best suits your needs.

Beard scissors are the best when it comes to the detail work. It is common for the mustache to grow much faster than the cheek hair. To ensure uniform growth across your whole face, you can trim the mustache with beard scissors.

Note 1: your beard may still cause irritation and discomfort regardless of your efforts to trim, wash and condition it. Therefore, you should carefully search for ingrown hairs and eliminate them with tweezers when needed. You can recognize them via small red bumps they leave on the skin. The constant itch is also a symptom of ingrown hair.

Note 2: it is recommendable to use a safety blade or electric razor to sculpt beard after washing, conditioning, trimming and oiling them. The safety razors and electric razors are known to offer an even cut as well as being gentle on your skin. Additionally, they eliminate the ingrown hair efficiently.

Combing and Brushing Your Beard

If you have beards and combs and brushes are not your friends, they need to be now. Apart from brushing your beards giving you a smooth texture, they also provide the beards clean shape. Brushing your beard will make them grow in a single direction and ultimately lower the risks of itching and scratching. It feels like a massage.

You should only use a beard brush that embraces a comfy and solid wooden handle. It is recommended to purchase a brush that is entirely made with boar’s hair. The unusual structure of boar bristles removes sebum from the skin entirely. Sebum is typically a natural oil substance generated by the follicles. The boar bristles in a brush will add shine to your beards and repair dry hair by spreading the sebum across the whole hair strand.

On the other hand, vinyl or plastic bristles possess fissures that may cause snags to your beards. Therefore, always purchase a boar bristle brush over plastic, or vinyl brushes irrespective of the price to prevent any damages to your beard.

Eat and Live Healthy

Various studies outline that the health of your body is directly proportional to the health of your facial hair. In simple terms, the same nutrients that are vital for your heart and other essential body organs are good for your skin and hair. If you have a healthy beard, you will never experience the itchy feeling. Here are the nutrients you need from your diet for a healthy beard:

  • You need to incorporate Biotin to your diet for a better and natural hair growth. Biotin is useful in enhancing hair growth and quality. Biotin is rich in vitamins B6, C, and E which are essential for your hair.
  • Eat food rich in vitamins C and E to enhance the production of sebum, a natural oil that moisturizes and lubricates your hair
  • Eat food rich in vitamin A to promote healthier skin and much better hair growth.
  • Eat food rich in vitamin B to promote the production of new skin cells.
  • Taking food rich in omega-3 fatty acids is also recommendable as they are essential for normal growth including hair growth.

With the above complete steps on how to stop beard itching, you should now never suffer in silent. It is essential to take care of the beard even if it is not itching or irritating. You should wash it, clean it, and also give it beard oil for a better feeling. Practicing the above steps will make you grow your beards without the itching feeling.

How to Stop Itching After Shaving the Beard

You may wish to grow beards, but your profession or better half is against it. Others may prefer shaven appearance over goatee, but nobody enjoys a dry skin or the itchy feeling that develops after shaving your beard. You should follow the correct processes, during and after shaving your beard to affirm a comfy and smooth skin. Here is how to stop itching after shaving beard:

  • It is recommendable to splash your neck and face with cold water after shaving, and then dry it with a soft hand towel to eradicate the excess product.
  • The next step is applying an aftershave that contains aloe gently to heal and moisturize the skin. Ensure that you apply extra aftershave on the sensitive areas.
  • Develop a habit of moisturizing your beard daily. Use a lightweight moisturizer for the oily skin and a long-lasting moisturizer for the dry skin.
  • Another tip is applying sunscreen before going outside.

How to Stop Beard Itching With Home Remedy

Any dude who has a beard already knows what it feels to have an itchy face. Aside from beard giving gents a majestic look, they can also be accompanied by pain and worries. Here is how to stop beard itching with simple home remedy:

Do not Scratch Your Beard

The primary way of avoiding beard from itching is to stop scratching them. A continuous scratch on the facial hair may irritate the skin and even lead to skin cut. The process is similar to that of scratching eyes when a person has an allergy.

Use Beard Conditioner and Shampoo

Most itchy beard issues are due to you having dry hair. Your hair is likely to be much itchier if it’s dry. You can, however, keep your hair healthy and moisturized by performing a full conditioner and shampoo on the facial hair. Several beard experts also recommend users to use baby shampoo on the beard because it does not suck any moisture from the beard. When conditioning your beards, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. You should rinse the beard before washing and even rub with a soft hand towel. Your beard may be itchy due to a substance stuck on it, thus be sure to check.

Use Skin Moisturizer

If your skin is dry, you will genuinely experience an itchy effect. Luckily, this aspect can be eliminated by using a skin moisturizer as it helps in wetting, smoothening and wetting your skin. The moisturizer should be applied after showering as well as at the end of the day. Using the moisturizer twice a day is essential in keeping your skin soft and smooth. In order to completely eradicate the itchy feeling on your beard, you should only use a moisturizer that is specifically designed for your skin type.

Eliminate Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is a nuisance to both men and women. These hairs are similar to little zits, and they often cause pain and itching. You can spare a few minutes in the morning to eliminate the ingrown hairs. You can inquire from a professional on how to remove the hairs, but the internet is also an important source. The most important aspect to note when removing the ingrown hair is to avoid being extraordinarily aggressive or rough to prevent unnecessary cuts.

Avoid the Manual Razor

Using manual razor may pull the hair from your skin and even lead to irritation on the skin. The manual razor also facilitates the growth of ingrown hairs. You should incorporate an electric razor to fine tune your beard instead of the manual razor. Electric razors typically offer a uniform trim or cut and help users prevent getting the pesky hairs.

Products to Stop Beard Itching

You should possess a grooming kit if you genuinely want to take good care of your beard. You should not only own a standard package that has the best scissors and beard trimmer, but one that has shampoo, wax, oil, razor, and even a balm. With this in mind, here are the best products to stop beard itching:

  • Beard Oil

If you are serious about growing healthy beard, you should have beard oil in your beard toolkit. Beard oil is intended to possess the same similarities as the natural oils on the skin. If you have itchy, dry and dreaded skin, beard skin is the real deal as it hydrates the user’s skin. Use the beard oil to prevent your skin from drying or being brittle if you live in cold or dry climatic areas.

You can use the Smooth Viking’s Beard oil for instance, as it softens the beards without leaving a greasy residue behind. The oil is also not heavy on your skin.

  • Beard Balm

Beard balm is often used as a conditioner. The most recommendable beard balm is the Honest Amish beard balm as it is 100% natural. The balm is also rich in Jojoba, Argan, pumpkin seed, apricot kernel oils, and grapeseed. It also incorporates butter such as cocoa, aloe, and shea that helps in shaping your beards.

It also helps in lessening the itching effect that affects the beards due to the way the balm thoroughly conditions your skin. In general, Honest Amish style possesses a pleasant masculine scent that will not suppress you. The balm is available in a thick form that is easy and comfortable to spread all through the skin.

  • Beard and Mustache Wax

The best beard and mustache wax in the market is the CanYouHandlebar wax. This wax handles everything that your beard needs, and also ensures that the mustache does not drop off during the day. Most wax in the market is tough, but CanYouHandlebar possesses the appropriate mix of carrier oils and beeswax to give your facial hair smooth look.

CanYouHandlebar Secondary Mustache wax possesses 100% natural ingredients and does not have any chemicals. You can, in fact, smell the beeswax after opening the lead of this wax.

  • Beard Shampoo

The best beard shampoo to use is Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo. This shampoo has all the natural oils that you need. The shampoo is available in a bar shampoo and does not contain any synthetic ingredients. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo is effective yet simple beard care solution that is effective on your facial hair.

  • Beard Brush

Just like the shampoo, you need to buy a specific brush to take care of your beards. Instead of using your wife’s hairbrush, use a Pearwood Beard Brush and ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles Brush, and you will never regret. These brushes are 100% natural boar hair bristles. The brushes are everything when it comes to maintaining your beards, and they offer the ideal stiffness to brush through your beard.

Lastly, if you could invest in products to hydrate, maintain and nourish your beard, then you must buy oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, beard conditioner, brush, and trimmer. Using the products outlined above will make you have the smoothest and healthiest beards around. For instance, a few drops of beard oil are sufficient to curb skin dryness and curb flyaway hair. Therefore, if you want to drastically eliminate skin dryness and itching effect, ensure that you have the products discussed above at your disposal.

Additionally, if you are going to a wedding, attending an interview, going to a date night, or just want to look neat, beard balm is essential in making your beard look magnificent. The balm will make your beard look superb instead of looking frizzled out and dry. The good thing about possessing a soft beard is that it will avoid split ends from happening. To further lower the happening of split ends, it is essential to trim your beard regularly and adequately.