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  • How to Fill Patchy Beard

    How to Fill Patchy Beard

    [toc] Beards are great especially if they grow neatly and uniformly. They really make the face appear handsome and great to behold. However, it is not all the time that the beards may grow as neatly and regularly as desired. Indeed, some persons do experience patchy beards. These are simply beards that grow haphazardly and…

  • How to Stop Beard Itch

    How to Stop Beard Itch

    [toc] Apart from beards giving a dude a classic manly look, they also have a lot to love. Beards do not only add class and masculine complexity to the face alone, but also to a person’s entire appearance. With so many styles ranging from a goatee to full-face beard, facial hair are certainly in fashion…