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How to Get Rid of Back Hair Permanently

Last Updated October 2019

Having a hairy back is very normal for both men and women. Nonetheless, some people usually feel like having it makes someone unattracted or less desirable. This kind of situation where certain individuals feel awkward having hairy back has been attributed to trendy fashion standards and common beauty.

For most men in the world, having hairy faces, arms or chests is usually considered more desirable as compared to one having back hair. As a result, men who find themselves have it often feel the pressure to get rid of back hair. They have their reasons to remove the hair at the back. What they don’t know is that beauty usually lies in the eyes of the beholder and therefore, men with hair back can also be attractive.

Note that, people having back hair sometimes find it difficult to withstand the effect of increased body temperature. This is normally associated with their hairy bodies. It usually makes them uneasy when the weather is very hot. However, back hair doesn’t cause health challenges, and if you possess it, you don’t require medication to eradicate it. You can just remove back hair for aesthetic reasons or for purposes of being comfortable.

how to permanently get rid of back hair

Why Do We Have Back Hair?

As earlier said, having back hair is normal if you have, you don’t need to panic. Many reasons lead to this situation. For instance, in men, the main cause of hair back is genetics. There are specific genes in them that are very sensitive to the impacts of testosterone hormone. Testosterone hormone allows the growth of back hair and it makes it more visible in men.

In women, growth of back hair (hirsutism) can be attributed to the following.

  • Disorders of Adrenal glands
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Medications
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Cushing’s syndrome

A rare disorder in both men and women called hypertrichosis can also lead to the growth of back hair. It is a rare condition and therefore if you are experiencing the effect of hypertrichosis, it is important to always consults your doctor for medication.

Do Women Like Hairy Backs?

In women, liking or hating men with hairy back usually depends on their tastes and preferences. Some like men with back hair while others prefer those men that are hairless. They claim that being hairless equates to cleanliness and smoothness of the body.

A section of women who love men with a hairy back, claim that it makes their men more desirable and attractive. It turns them on, and therefore they would prefer their men to either maintain the size of their hair back or trim them a bit.

If you are that guy whose girlfriend or wife finds it hard to live with your hair back, it is advisable to get rid of it as quickly as possible to maintain her love. It is always crucial to ask your woman whether they like it or not so that you can take the next step of action. Never worry a lot when you are in such kind of situation because you will always have an option that suits your goals effectively.

how to remove back hair by yourself

How to Get Rid Of Back Hair Permanently

Back hair can either be a blessing or a curse for certain people. If it is a nuisance for you, you don’t need to get worried because there exist a wide range of ways to get rid of them.

The means for removing hair back from your body are not limited to the following.

Back Shavers

Shaving using a razor blade is one of the most budget-friendly available, painless, and common ways of eradicating hair back from the human body. It is the easiest method to remove hair with fewer struggles. You only need to trim the back hair so that you don’t risk irritating the skin of your body. Just before you begin shaving of your back hair, it is important to equip yourself with pre-shave oil, a quality shaver machine of the back and a shaving cream. This will help you have a memorable and unforgettable shaving experience of your back hair. Alternatively, if you find a challenge in shaving yourself, you can request your wife, girlfriend or someone else to shave you. This usually happens when you are not in a position of acquiring a back shaver from a shop or online.

Laser Treatments

This is one of the best options to get rid of hair roots and hair back permanently. Laser treatments are procedural and at times need several months for the process to reach its completion. This duration and process of completion usually rely on your generic hormones, the thickness of your hair back and the amount of hair back your body has.

Note that, during this process, it is crucial to put your body from reach of sunlight for weeks after Laser Treatments. It is a systematic process that requires the right specialist so that the process cannot harm your health. Make sure you approach a qualified, certified and approved physician.

Although expensive, Laser Treatments is the most effective procedure of eradicating hair back for years when it is done properly.

Salon Waxing

Waxing is a difficult and painful option for people who purpose to remove hair back from their bodies. The most interesting thing about it is that it is an effective and quick method of removing hair. It allows users to have a hairless period of two weeks. This is because the hair from your body is eliminated from the root. It is important to approach a qualified operator so that the process can work perfectly for you. When salon waxing is done by a professional, the process is always done properly, quickly and painful less. Remember, when it is done wrongly, it leads to negative effects such as unnecessary infections, irritation of the skin, and ingrown hair.

Home Waxing

Home waxing allows the user to do the process of removing hair back at the comfort of their home. It is a budget-friendly and easy way to eliminate hair back. Nonetheless, if it is wrong, it has a high chance of causing unnecessary challenges to the user. Always pick someone credible enough to do the task for you. This way, you minimize the chances of finding yourself in a tricky situation. A good wax will serve you well. Always ensure that your temperature is standardized and you can approach your helper to apply wax to hair back in a similar direction as its growth. You will then apply strips to it as you rip the hair back off against its direction.

Cream Hair Removal

This is a great and practical option for waxing. Cream hair removal products are so many in the world market today. One can easily acquire them either online or from the shop. Once you get, you read instructions carefully and then apply the hair cream removal gently over your hairy body. You have to wait patiently for it to spread effectively in the hairy area as you wait for results. After this, you can then wipe off the hair cream removal plus the hair that it has eliminated. One sad thing about this process is that some skin of certain users can be very sensitive and therefore, the hair removal cream can have a negative effect on it. Hair Cream Removal works similarly as a razor blade. It trims hair, but it does not eliminate hair from the root. Therefore your hair will still grow in the future; you will apply the cream hair removal again and again once it grows.

Electric Trimming

This process doesn’t seem attractive when you do it by yourself. You require assistance to help you remove hair back from your body. However, if you want to do it on your own, you have nothing to worry about because certain products in the market will allow you to accomplish your goals efficiently. The products are equipped with clip, long handles and cables to help you remove hair back.

Natural Solutions

Natural solutions can play a significant role in eliminating hair back. They can also inhibit the growth of hair in the body or at the back. They don’t work immediately; you will have to wait for sometime before realizing its effects in your hairy back.

Some of the natural solutions that can help you remove hair from the back include the following.

  • The solution of scrubs and sugar waxes
  • Taking honey
  • Always take spearmint tea two times in a day to inhibit the growth of hair

Chemical depilation

This method comprises of either a cream or gel for that matter, that you place on your hairy skin. It weakens keratin in your skin hence inhibiting the growth of hair on it. It makes hair back to fall out hence being wiped easily by the user.

It is advisable to attempt applying chemical depilation on a small section of hairy skin before applying it on a larger section of your hairy body. The test has certain risks such as rashes, blisters, and chemical burns.


Shortwave radio frequencies are usually employed in this process to eliminate hair back. They are usually supplied via needles that are put directly into someone’s hair follicles. Thereafter, the hair follicles are damaged hence inhibiting the growth of new hair. The process only works well when a qualified electrologist is in charge of the procedure. Here, you need frequent check-ups by a certified physician to make the process a success.

When electrolysis is not done properly, it may result in pain and skin risks such as redness in the skin, irritation, needle infections (keloids), scarring among others. It is encouraged to always consult your doctor before trying electrolysis. The doctor will always advise you accordingly on what suits you well.

Electrolysis allows you to eradicate hair back from your hairy body effectively. It is expensive but works well for your needs.

Back hair or having a hairy back is natural. Getting rid of it is usually a choice of an individual. You can’t be coerced to remove it from your body. You have to do it at will in the right way (method). Note that, we have some means of removing hair from a hairy body that can have a negative impact on your skin. A wrong product might cause skin irritation and consequently make you uncomfortable. The period that each method will take to eliminate hair back from your body usually depends on the strength of the product or the method you used to remove them. They are those that remove hair back permanently while others get rid of them temporarily, it may be weeks or months.

The truth of the matter is that there are chemicals, natural solutions, and products that can help you remove hair back or rather inhibit their growth. If a method doesn’t work appropriate, it is important always to consult a qualified doctor to advise you accordingly. The above methods are the best ways to remove hair back from your body. Using them is a great investment.













Stop Bleeding When Shaving

Last Updated October 2019

It is not uncommon for your skin to bleed in the when shaving. You definitely do not want this to arise. That is why you want to put in place measures that are aimed at forestalling that from happening. You need to receive the right advice and inspiration to achieve this end.

In the discussions below, we are going to lay bare all these issues for you to know about them.

how to stop bleeding when shaving

How to Stop Bleeding When Shaving

Many people, as noted above, do experience bleeding when shaving. The main reason underlying this is the sensitive skin problem which is further compounded by the extra-sharp nature of the razors. Thankfully, you do not to be part of this statistic. To spare yourself this problem, consider implementing these strategies:

Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle cayenne pepper on the area of your hair and head which are more predisposed to the risks of bleeding. This pepper has been noted to do a good job in slowing down the speed of the bleeding considerably. The pepper, as a matter of fact, stands apart from the rest in that it is natural.

This being the case, it is highly unlikely to have some undesirable side effects on your skin like bruises or long-term severe damages. Further to that, the pepper also leaves behind long-lasting impacts and will not require that you spend too much.

Use an Ice Cube

One effective yet often overlooked remedy is the ice cube. The ice as we know it is very cold. When placed on the blood vessels, it makes the same to constrict. With narrowed dimensions and passage, the blood vessels will suppress the flow of the blood in such a way as to stop the bleeding altogether.

The benefits of the ice cube do not end there. When applied appropriately to any skin after shaving, it brings about the added benefit of making the affected skin appear smoother and less irritable. You hence have it to comfort you if your skin becomes irritated every now and then.

Apply Tea Bag

Just like the ice cubes above, the tea bags also play the role of constricting the blood vessels and letting the discharge limited amounts of blood. Unlike the ice cubes though, the tea bags are best applied to those portions of the skin which you cut or incised.

Here is how it works: The tannic acid in the tea halts the bleeding mainly by triggering your blood to form a clot immediately they come in contact with one another. After the blood has clotted, it does not flow any further and hence spares you from the issue of bleeding.

Wax On

In case you do not have the tea bags nearby, you may go for the wax as an option. The wax works in a more or less similar fashion as the tea bags. When applied to the bleeding portion of the skin, it triggers the blood in the vessels to clot and hence prevents any further bleeding.

Other than that, it also acts as a temporary sealant in the sense that it blocks the vessels from discharging the blood. In this sense, it goes a long way it stop you from excessive blood loss and the associated problems.

Incorporate a Pencil

Some special kinds of pencils also exist for you to consider. Chief among these is the Clubman Styptic Pencil. This pencil contains higher levels of Aluminum sulfate which is great stopping unnecessary loss of blood. When applied to a bleeding area, it compresses the vessels hard enough.

You have to take care though that you do not share this pencil or use one that was previously used by another person. Reason? Anything that involves blood has the potential to spread sexually transmitted infections and other contagious diseases. After you are through with it, be advised to sterilize it to keep it in clean nature.

Dab on the Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a powerful medicinal plant that is endemic to North America. It possesses excellent astringent properties. This is means that it quickly causes the blood vessels to constrict and in doing so, prevents any further loss of blood or excess bleeding. If you have it, you too should choose to use it.

Use some cotton ball or Q-tip for the job. Apply the hazel to the exact source of irritation and leave for some time to settle. With time, the flow of blood from the affected area will begin to slow down. Then, the bleeding will eventually stop. In this way, you will enjoy faster healing and recovery.

Use the Eye Drops

In case the bleeding is around the eye area, you have to use the eye drops. Here, you have to choose the eye drops which is specially formulated for the eyes. If you are spoilt for choice or have no clue which one to apply to your eyes, we recommend the Visine.

Visine has been discovered to constrict the blood vessels in such a way as to minimize the bleeding. Further to that, it also has some soothing effects which lessen the pain you would otherwise feel.

how to stop bleeding when you cut yourself shaving

Reason Why We Bleed So Much

While cutting hair short, there are a number of reasons why we are bound to bleed so much. We dedicate this segment of the discussions to look into those very issues:

Blunt Razors

The use of blunt razors is the primary reason why we bleed so much. These kinds of razors have the tendency to pierce our skin and generate some bleeding in the process of so doing. You hence have to insist on those blades that are clean and sharp only.

Nature of Blood Vessels

Some people are naturally more predisposed to the risks of bleeding than others. This issue arises mostly from the way their blood and the vessels that ferry that blood is organized. It is hence in your best interest to find your position out to avoid any serious issues.

Heavy Strokes

Using too long strokes also has the impact of accelerating the issue of bleeding. Longer strokes keep you out of control of the shaving process and make you likely to inflict some cuts on the ears and other portions of your head. Shorter strokes will do the trick.

Deeper Pressure

Whenever you apply too deep pressure, there is the possibility of inflicting some bleeding too. The reason underlying this is that the blood vessels easily rupture when they have to bear too much weight. To stem this tide, you are advised to apply only moderate force.

How to Shave Without Cutting Yourself

In the course of shaving your beard, chances are strong that you will cut yourself. However, this ought not to be the case really. It is indeed possible for you to shave without necessarily cutting yourself. You may only achieve this feat by adhering to some tips.

Tip #1: Use only clean and sharp razors

Use only those razors that are sharp and clean to shave. These ones lack any rust or corrosion both of which have the potential to inflict cuts on your skin. Moreover, they are also reliable and more likely to deliver the smooth and prompt cuts you desperately yearn for.

Other than sparing you from any cuts, the sharp and clean razors are also pain-free. They are unlikely to cause any pain to occur and disparage your shaving experience. Perhaps the best way to clean yours razor is to use some kind of scouring materials or pads.

Tip #2: Dry the blades

Using a clean blade is not enough. The blades also have to be dry and free of any moisture. In this way, the blades will also spare you from any likely poisoning which arises whenever there is rust or corrosion. This is not to mention the many infections that potentially arise.

After washing the blades, use some clean piece of cotton cloth to wipe out all the moisture. Then, leave the same out in the open to dry with the wind or under direct sunlight. You are advised to use some pair of gloves to handle them to avoid further infections.

Tip #3: Shaving along the grains

When shaving, move along the grains rather than across thereof. This approach spares you from any form of irritations that may naturally occur. While doing this, you are also advised to shave towards the angle of the growth of the hair. Your razor will travel smoothly and unhindered if you adopt this approach.

Yet another benefit you will gain from this approach is reduced burning and incidents of cuts. To identify the direction of the grains, move your fingertips through your hair. In case you counter any resistance, this could be a signal that you are moving against the grain and hence need to change course.

Tip #4: Press the razor down only lightly

While shaving, you are advised against pressing the razor on your hair too tight. Instead, you are supposed to do so gently to avoid inflicting some hurt and pain on your hair. Many razors now are designed to exert their own weights on your head.

As such, you need no external support or extra force. Furthermore, pressing the razor too tight may compromise the effectiveness of the blades and slow them altogether. This may mean taking too long to achieve the desired results or using too much effort unnecessarily in the process.

Tip #5: Apply short strokes while shaving

While shaving your head, you are advice to apply only short strokes. Unlike the longer strokes, the short strokes are easier to manage and see to it that you maintain some unparalleled controls of the shaving process. For longer of hairs, the short strokes make you experience limited fatigue.

The beauty of the short strokes also comes in when shaving too bushy hair. That is because they ensure that you don’t miss any hair strand. What’s more? The short strokes are useful if you want to create some artistic designs on the hair.

Tip #6: Shave slowly and rinse in between

Other than applying the short strokes, you are also encouraged to shave slowly rather faster. Shaving slowly gives you time to focus and take care of the various parts of your head. In this way, you will hardly cut or incise any part of your body. Instead, it gives you ample time to anticipate the same.

Shaving slowly also gives you the opportunity to eliminate any dirt which is ordinarily bound to arise. This way, you will require little effort later while trying to clean and care for your gadgets. Do rinse your hair as you move along also.

Tip #7: Prioritize the multi-blade razors

To save yourself the time and guarantee faster shaving outcomes, you are yet again requested to use the multi blade razors. Many experts recommend that you use razors that have 4 or 5 blades rather than those that have 1-2 blades. The latter is more likely to drag against your own skin and inflict some cuts therein.

Those with 4-5 blades on the flipside distribute the pressure uniformly across the skin. They are hence safer and take comparatively less time to deliver the benefits you so yearn for. You only have to be extra careful as these blades are more complicated to handle.

PS: In the unlikely event that you sustain some cuts, worry not! All is not lost. It is still possible for you to get over it. All you have to do is to splash some cold water. Go ahead to dry the area using some clean piece of cloth and leave to dry.

As you can see, bleeding while shaving is something which you shouldn’t worry too much about. By putting in the necessary precautions, it is possible to avoid it completely. All you have to do is to first and foremost determine your own position. Put differently, just how likely are you to bleed while shaving?

Then, read through our explanations keenly. As you read through, match each tip with your own position. That way, you will be able to narrow down to that which is more relevant to your state or condition. Lastly, of course, you have to put that very tip into action.

As always perfection comes with practice. You can never be a pro without investing much time and effort to master and implement the tips above. That is why we ask that you conduct some mock shaving using the tips above.

How to Keep Razors Sharp

Last Updated October 2019

Razor blade is one of the most significant tools found in the global market. Manufacturers design blades in a special way to suit different purposes. Some people use razor blades for cutting nails on their fingers; others use it to cut pieces of clothes while most men and women use a razor blade for shaving. Razor blades ensure that one keeps a professional appearance and to a great extent, make individuals attractive. This, in turn, exudes more confidence to people in a working environment and also allows men to focus on their job keenly.

Maintaining a clean-shaven on one’s face or head has become a routine or perhaps an obligation for some people in the world. Therefore, one needs to purchase a quality, budget-friendly and durable razor blade that will allow him/her accomplish their goals. One should understand how to sharpen their razor blades for it to last. This will also allow one to save more money than he or she could possibly use replacing a razor blade(s). Safely handling of a razor blade(s) will always determine how long your instrument remains rejuvenated.

how to keep a straight razor sharp

The History of Sharpening Razors

History has it that before disposable razor blades came into existence, individuals made good use of straight razor blades to shave their hair. Originally, individuals used to sharpen their straight razor blades by employing razor blades that were designed from either canvas or leather. Disposable razor blades, on the other hand, used to be sharpened with denim because their metal is less hard compared to straight razor blades.

Nowadays, people use razor strops to sharpen their scissors, knives and also razor blades. However, most people prefer disposable razor blades to straight razor blades because they work better than the latter. They are durable, environmentally friendly and can also save you more money and time. Disposable razor blades are convenient to use since immemorial.

How to Keep Razors Sharp

Razor blades just like other metals become dull, rusty and obsolete. Nonetheless, depending on how you take care of your tool will always determine how long it stays active for any given task, including shaving. If you are an individual who intends to minimize cost and maximize on gains, then you will have no other option but to discover ways of making your razor blade(s) to last.

The following are recommended techniques or ways that can help you make your razor blade(s) last for months and years.

Use Quality Razor Blades for Shaving

Quality razor blades usually have a long lifespan compared to poor quality razor blades. They are durable and normally stay sharp for a long time. Disposable razor blades have proved to be time-saving, environment-friendly, affordable and above all, convenient to use. Cheap is sometimes expensive and therefore, you need to pick an item that will serve your needs properly.

You are advised to purchase a double edge blade for it unmatched benefits. They are time-saving, easily affordable, and durable and can save a lot of money. Quality blades will always ensure that you acquire proper shave that enhances your appearance, make you attractive, lovable, and confident and boost your personality when you are with your colleagues.

Examples of quality razor blades that are in the global market include Derby, Feather, and Astra, among others. Always ensure you understand their features and functionalities before purchasing in a shop.

Proper Storage

The way you store your razor blade will have a significant effect on how long it will last. Always pick a storage facility that will increase or improve the lifespan of your blade. For you to maintain sharpness, clarity, and accuracy of your blade, one important technique is to bar it from moisture. Moisture provides a conducive environment for rusting of your blade. Therefore, as a user who wants your blade to last, it is critical to put it away from the wet and saline environment. Don’t leave your blade in the bathroom. You can instead place it in the cupboard other than leaving it barely on a sink.

You can decide to invest heavily on the cover for your blade so that it can be insulated from water. This method minimizes the chances of either water or moisture from reaching your razors. It is also crucial to select a razor cover that suits your blade well.

Some double edge blade has a leather sheath that usually safeguards the head of blades. They ensure that your razors remain sharp and effective. The most interesting thing about leather sheather is that it is affordable, simple and convenient. Other blades such as Muhle have either a case or blade guard that equally serves razors well.

Usually, Replace Razor Blades When Necessary

As earlier said, razor blades are metals, and therefore they reach at times where they become old, dull, obsolete and rusty. Different people always have different skin and beard, and this consequently has an impact on the sharpness of the razor blades. They reach a place where the blades cannot glide smoothly during the shaving process, and therefore, they are required to be replaced immediately. Failure will lead to unfavorable results on your skin and the entire shaving experience. They might increase the rate of irritation on your skin and also increase shaving rash on your skin. Therefore, it is essential to replace your blades when you discover any sort of rust on your blade, doing this will make your shaving experience memorable, unforgettable, and one of its kind. Your blade will always last long when you replace it at the right time.

Prepare Your Face Properly

Your razor blade will always last long when you prepare your face properly for shaving. Men are always advised to put a hot towel on their face when they purpose to shave their beards. This is to ensure that their skin becomes soft for efficient shaving. The hot towel also opens pores on your skin hence weakening hair follicles that would otherwise work against your razor blade.

It is also crucial to ensure that your hands have top quality shave brush and shaving cream that will make your work easier. Shaving brush with its fine bristles ensures that your face is properly prepared for shaving.

You can also employ pre-shave oil as a technique of preparing your face for the blade. This way, your skin is given an additional protection layer from the razor blade just before using your suitable shaving cream. Pre-shave oil reduces razor blade burn, skin irritation and also ensures that the razor blade glides smoothly on your skin. It is critical to choose beard oil that has a thinner consistency, contain natural ingredients to enhance the efficiency of your razor blade.

Rub the Razor Blade Backwards

This method always works effectively at the time when your razor blade begins to dull and dry. You are encouraged to rub your razor blade safely on your pair of jeans or backward on your own skin when your blade is dry. This will extend the life of your blade.

Clean Your Razor Blade and Dry it

Drying your razor blade after cleaning it is a very crucial exercise that an individual who intends his or her blade to last should undertake especially after shaving. Razor blades normally rust because they come into contact with water. They become dull and obsolete because they are oxidized by water and microscopic rusting. Always do what it takes to store or keep your razor blade clean and dry after using it. This will enhance the lifespan of your blade.

Take a Break from Shaving

If you are tired of shaving daily or you just want your razor blade to remain sharp for long, you can easily decide to take a break or stop shaving for some time. This will consequently make your beards or hair to grow and will also reduce your expenses of buying or replacing razor blades from time to time. Next time you decide to shave after this long break, you will realize that your blades are as sharp as you left them and they will serve you accordingly.

Rinse your Razor Blade

Rinsing your razor blade thoroughly after shaving is a very crucial process that cannot be ignored. It is critical to clean soap residue and hair from your razor blades after shaving. You can make good use of your old brush of the tooth to help you do this. Rinsing your blade will make it last for a long time.

Use of Oil

Oil and water are insoluble liquids, and they don’t mix. One can easily store their well rinsed and dry razor blade in oil. This is because oil prevents moisture (water) from reaching the surface of the metal (blade). It generally prevents microscopic rusting and oxidation from taking place. It ensures that your blade doesn’t corrode hence making it remain sharp for future use.

Go and Shave in a Barbershop

When you have enough money to spent, you can always decide to go to a barbershop and be shaved properly. Here, you can pay on the spot or decide to pay on a monthly basis. This normally depends on the tastes and preferences of the user. This step can help your razor blade at home to remain sharp at home and also increase its lifespan. It is advisable to go to a barber who knows how to shave well.

how to keep disposable razors sharp

How To Keep Razors Sharp With Mineral Oil

Mineral oil can significantly be used to keep your razor blade sharp and also increase the lifespan of your blade. Water and mineral oil are repellants (insoluble) and therefore when you rinse, clean and dry your blade and later on put it in mineral oil; you definitely prevent water from reaching out to your blade. They cannot mix hence decreasing oxidation on the surface of your razor blade. Therefore, a dried razor blade can be effectively placed in mineral oil, and this will ensure that your razor blade remains sharp because mineral oil minimizes chances of rusting hence its long life. Mineral oil prevents moisture from corroding razor blades, and that is why you are advised to store your blade inside it.

For you to ensure that your razor blade stays long for future use, you need to check whether you have acquired the right razor blade from a shop. Proper shaving always makes you feel acknowledged, lovable and attractive. You can only achieve this when you have the right razor blade that will serve you well.

It is critical to know the important features of a razor blade so that you can effectively use it. Always ensure you acquire a sharp razor blade. Understand in detail how to keep it sharp so that you can use it for long. A quality razor blade is advisable because it has all the features you need to make your face shine. Invest heavily on the cover of your razor blade so that it can protect your blade effectively. Proper razor blade leads to proper shaving, and proper storage and maintenance also extend the life of a razor blade. The above-mentioned strategies are the best available techniques (tips) that can help you keep the sharpness of your razor blade and also increase the life of your blade.







How to Sharpen Hair Clipper Blades

Last Updated October 2019

Much like any other kind of appliance, the hair clippers also do get worn out and blunt. When this happens, you will have to sharpen the blades to restore the clippers to their proper working conditions. When we talk of sharpening, this is a very intriguing process indeed. This stems from the sensitive nature of the hair clippers.

It is more complicated than it seems. The only way to go about the entire process is to gain the insight necessary for the attainment of this noble end. We are here to help. Simply read through our extensive research hereunder to gain that very inspiration.

how to sharpen hair clipper blade

How to Tell When Clipper Blades Need Sharpening

Even before you embark on the task of sharpening your clipper blades, you have to determine whether the blades are indeed ripe for sharpening or not. This requires that you be on the lookout for some signs and symptoms. Below are the two main signs which indicate so:

Uneven Cutting Actions

If your blades cut unevenly, the time is now ripe for them to be sharpened. This issue arises mainly if the blades sustain rust which in turn impede the operations of the said appliance.

Many Passes

In case the clipper requires that you make many passes over an area to achieve the desired cutting actions, this again can be a pointer to the fact that your blades require sharpening now.

Pulling Actions

Do your blades pull the hair rather than cut them? This is yet another sign that they now have to be sharpened.

How to Sharpen Hair Clippers Blade

Sharpening clippers is a delicate procedure indeed. You have to exercise some caution to be able to do it well and safely for that matter. The steps we have stipulated below will guarantee you safer operations and of course, better outcomes:

Step I: Disassemble the slipper

To be able to better sharpen your clipper, you have to first and foremost disassemble it. This will let you impact each part comfortably at a time. To disassemble yours, you will have to unscrew those parts of the clipper which bind it entirely.

As you do so, we advise that you do three things. Firstly, take a video of the entire process. This will help with re-assembly much later. Then, place all the parts and the screws in a transparent plastic bag. Lastly, adhere to your manufacturer’s manual.

Doing so will spare you from the kinds of injuries and damages which epitomize such a procedure. The least you want to happen to you is sustain unnecessary injuries in the course of sharpening your clipper.

Step II: Position the blade appropriately

Now move on to position your clipper appropriately. To do this, use a magnet to pick the blade from the floor. Though optional, this one goes a long way in preventing the same from getting lost unnecessarily.

Place the blade in such a way as to expose the sharp edge beyond the edge of the magnet. In this way, you will find it easier to sharpen the edge later on. This is also necessary as it prevents your hands from sustaining cuts.

We recommend the strong and flat magnet for the job. After positioning your blade, do go ahead to sharpen it slowly and steadily. Avoid rushing so as to ward off any possibilities of the blade falling off the magnet and possibly nicking you. Sharpen the two sides one after another.

Step III: Rub the blade atop a coarse honing stone

Move on now to rub the blade atop some coarse honing stone. You will source them from the hardware and home improvement stores countrywide. The 4,000 grit surface is by far the most recommended for the job as it is more reliable. Place the blade at an angle of 30-40°.

Move it forward slowly and progressively across the stone for around 5-10 times. The end results have to be sparklingly shiny and uniform. Once you are through, wipe off all the metal powder using some dry towel. Turn the blade that other side and repeat the procedures above. If yours is a ceramic blade, you will have to utilize the diamond sharpening stone.

Step IV: Repeat the procedure above with a fine honing stone

Though optional, we suggest that you repeat the procedures above, this time around using a fine honing stone instead. The object of this step is to make your blades more even, sharper, and finer. This one requires the 8,000 grit honing stone.

Just as the step above, pass your blade 5-10 times atop the stone. In this instance, you only have to move the blade in the forward direction. Once you are through, wipe the blade off by use of a dry towel and leave it sparkling clean.

Step V: Reassemble the clippers

The time has now come for you to reassemble the clippers. Be certain that the blades face the direction which they originally were. Just like we had already informed, this is a procedure that will rely a lot on the video which you took during the disassembly stage.

While reassembling the clippers, you have to ensure that the blades are also spaced at the exact distances they were originally. Finish off by screwing the blades tightly to prevent the same from fidgeting unnecessarily. Shake the clipper gently to determine whether the joints are secure indeed.

Step VI: Apply hair clipper oil

You are now advised to apply some hair clipper oil. This step, as a matter of fact, is recommended after every two or three uses of the hair clipper. It plays the role of quelling overheating which arises whenever the clipper is devoted to use. Moreover, it also slows down the rates of friction which potentially arises.

In this way, it lengthens the overall lifespan of the clipper in that it slows down the pace at which it wears out. We advise that you avoid those heavy and viscous oils as they have the potential to clog the moving parts of the blades. Consult your local barber for inspiration on the kinds of oils that may do the magic.

Step VII: Test the hair clipper

You are almost good to go. Before you go, you have to test the hair clipper. How else will you know whether the clipper is good for use or not? To test your hair clipper, you have to run it for quite some time. As you do so, take note of the manner in which it performs and tackles your hair.

Over and above this, the test will also hone your blades further. The end results are sharper and more reliable blades. You are required to exercise great caution at this time. Chances are that you did not re-assemble the clipper well. This might bring about the problem of electrocution of your skin.

Needless to say, you have to identify any issues and remedy them appropriately. Some of the chief issues which might persist at this stage are the loose screws, faulty wiring, and blunt edges. Do take appropriate courses of actions to remedy them.

how to sharpen hair clippers blades at home

How to Sharpen Your Clipper Blade Using Toothpaste

Though it sounds crazy, it is actually possible for you to sharpen the clipper blades using your toothpaste. You have to gather the necessary essentials like a small brush, clean water, baby oil, and of course, the toothpaste. The toothpaste you use has to be regular rather than the extreme whitening variant.

Step I: Clear all bristles

Commence the process by clearing all the bristles. Use some small cleaning brush to accomplish the task. While at it, pay extra attention to those tiny strands of hair which have the tendency to stick within the blades. Eliminate all of them as they can hamper the sharpening process later.

Step II: Apply the toothpaste

In this second stage, you are to apply the toothpaste. Do so to the razor and the screen segments of your clipper. Ensure that the entire length and breadth of the clipper is covered by the toothpaste. To spread the toothpaste more uniformly, consider turning the power on and running the razor slightly.

Step III: Rinse the blades

Finally, remove the blades from the razor. Be gentle and careful at this stage. Go ahead now to rinse the blades using some warm water. Dry the blades using a towel and thereafter apply some baby oil onto them. Leave the blades to dry for some time.

Step IV: Re-assemble the blades

After the blades have dried out completely, it is now time for you to re-assemble them. Follow the procedures you used to disassemble them but in the reverse order this time around. Test the system to be sure that all is well before proceeding.

Sharpening a Rotary Shaver Blades

To sharpen the blades of the rotary shaver, you have to follow these procedures:

Step I: Remove the shaver head

Remove the shaver head from the rest of the body of the razor. Separate the shaver blades from the entire casing.

Step II: Replace the head

Return the head to the body of the razor but without necessarily replacing the blades too! Keep the blades safely in some wrapping or paper bag.

Step III: Place the blades on top of the razor head

Now move on to place the blades on top of the razor head. Be sure to fix it firmly to prevent the same from potentially falling off.

Step IV: Turn the razor on

Power the razor by turning it on. Before you do this, place the razor underneath the ceramic coffee mug. Leave for 20 seconds to allow for proper sharpening actions.

Step V: Re-assemble the razor

Finally, re-assemble the razor blade. Be slow and careful to prevent inflicting any harm to it. You have to rely on the manufacturer’s manual extensively to arrive at best outcomes.

Cleaning Hair Clippers

To be able to clean the hair clippers, there are steps you have to follow and principles to adhere to. These clippers are very harmful in that they can easily cut or incise your skin if handled recklessly. In this segment of our discussions we endeavor to look into these in greater details:

Step I: Unscrew the blades

Kick off the exercise by unscrewing the blades. Use a screwdriver to undertake this noble chore. Start off from that portion that attaches the blades to the rest of the clippers. Many clippers have two of these at the same time. Upon removing the blades, detach any pieces that hold them together gently.

It is not uncommon for the bottom of the blades to experience some difficulty in popping out. In this case, make use of the pair of tweezers to pluck them off the base. While you do this, ensure that you take accurate track of the manner in which these happen for easier re-assembly later on.

Step II: Brush out hair and debris

Move on to brush out all the debris of hair. Use some old toothbrush, wire brush, or steel wool, to do this. Be slow and gentle as not to pose any damages to the blades or sensitive parts of the clipper. Use a dust blower to blow out any finer debris which might still get stuck within the blades of the clipper.

Step III: Remove rust with blade wash

Having cleared all the hair debris, you have to eliminate rust from the blades. This one requires the use of suitable blade cleaning agents. Choose those which are designed for matters rust elimination. Take care as some of these agents are powerful and may even eat away some parts of the metals.

Examples of the most reliable rust removal agents are isopropyl alcohol. It is potent on the rust yet gentle on your skin and metals. The agent is hence more likely to do a better and more reliable job all factors considered.

Step IV: Dry the blades

After eliminating rust, you now have to dry the blades. Wipe the sides of the blades by use of some clean towel. The aim of this is to remove all particles which bear dust. Be on the lookout also for any spots of rust that may still exist. This is the time to replace the blade if need be.

Step V: Test the blades

Lastly, test the blades. Ascertain whether they are in their proper functioning positions or not. Power the blade and see how it operates when in contact with your skin and hair. You might have to redo a few steps here and there to achieve the finer outcomes you might be yearning for.

We have indeed labored to offer you the details you need to sharpen your clippers better. Having done our part, we now pass the ball to you. We ask you now to make appropriate arrangements to put the information you have learned into action. You need not be an expert to do this.

All you have to do is be extra cautious and diligent. Follow the procedures we have spelled out above to the letter and repeatedly for that matter. That way, you will be able to become an expert in all these. We wish you all the best in your subsequent undertakings.



How to Clean Your Electric Razor

Last Updated October 2019

Electric razors, though great, are not without their own share of potential downsides. They, in the course of shaving your hair, trap and harbor plenty of germs. These may be the hotbed of future diseases if not eliminated in time. That is why you have to clean and disinfect yours every quite often.

Cleanliness and maintenance of the electric razors may seem simple. However, as you are about to note, the process is delicate and more complicated than you ever thought. Read through to get to know all the basics of cleanliness you need to do a great job.

how to clean your electric razor blade

How Often Should I Clean My Electric Razor?

To be sure of utmost safety, it is important that you keep your electric razor clean every now and then. We are going to look into just how often you might have to do this. Remember, germs do pop up and grow quickly. Any delay on your part might never bode well for your own safety.

After each Use

There are two times you have to clean your shaver. The first is after each use. Immediately you shave your hair, clean the electric razor to rid of any dirt. Yet again, you have to sanitize it to eliminate excess germs and slow down further growth of the same in the future.


Even if you do not use the electric razor, it is still advisable that you clean it once a week. This is to keep it in the best shape and form all the time. In this way, you also prevent the further buildup of debris. Also, you make your future cleaning undertakings simpler to do.

How to Clean Your Electric Razor

We now get to the crux of the matter. It is at this stage that we now clean the electric razor. Electric razor blades are very delicate items. If handled recklessly, they might injure or cut through your skin. That is why you want to exercise great caution.

The following are the procedures to follow to be guaranteed the best outcomes. Be slow and meticulous as you implement the strategies. This is absolutely essential also to maintain your electric razor blades in the best shapes and forms for long.

Step I: Switch off the power

Your first task is to switch the power off. Remember, these electric razors draw their power from electricity. They are hence more likely to predispose you to the risks of electric shocks. If yours is corded, pull out the cord from the wall.

For those that are corded, you have to remove the batteries from the rest of the appliances. Countercheck the power supply systems i.e. the reset buttons, power switches, and the battery units to be sure that they are perfectly in order before proceeding.

Step II: Disassemble the Electric razor

Move on now to disassemble the electric razor. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to remove the constituent parts and components that constitute the electric razor. If possible, you should take the video of the removal. This is to help you with the reassembly after the conclusion of the cleaning exercise.

Yet again, you have to be slow and meticulous. Rushing may damage the delicate parts and components. It may also lead to the loss of the parts. Lastly, going slow will also see to it that you do not injure yourself unnecessarily.

Step III: Dry Brush

Having disassembled the parts, go ahead now to dry brush the entire structure. Use some dry brush to get rid of any debris and dirt which may be available on the electric razor. As you do so, turn over the electric razor to dispose of any dirt that may have clogged inside the item.

You may also use a dust blower in case you still sense some dirt in the electric razor. This step is crucial as it will make the others that follow simpler and easier to undertake. You want to ensure that you do a pretty good job in this.

Step IV: Water or spray to clean

With all the dirt, debris and dust gone, you now have to clean the parts using water or sprays. The exact approach depends on the makeup of the structures of the electric razor. Those which are cleaned using water have an oil-based coating that resists the intrusion of moisture.

In such a case, dip some clean cloth in water and rub it against mild soap. After you are through, rinse the electric razor using clean water. If yours cannot handle water, then the cleaning sprays will come in handy. Target the sprays to the blades and other vital parts.

Step V: Sanitize the electric razor

It is also important to sanitize your electric razor over and above merely cleaning the undesirable dirt. Do this by rubbing it with alcohol. Apply some limited amount of alcohol on a cotton cloth. Rub the blades and other parts slowly and steadily.

Then, leave the alcohol to settle for some time. This is to give it room to impact the germs completely. Keep the electric razor in a sheltered place to allow for maximum exposure and minimize any possibilities of the alcohol drying before achieving full impacts.

Step VI: Clean the rest of the Body of the Electric razor

Move on now to clean the rest of the body of the electric razor. For faster outcomes, you are advised to use an alcohol-based wipe to get rid of any dirt from the body. In the absence of such wipes, you may use the paper towel, a dab of soap, and some little water.

Pay keen attention to the crevices that may be present in the body of the electric razor. They are a hotbed of germs, dirt, and other contaminants. Pass the dab of cloth or the wipes over those areas repeatedly for best outcomes.

Step VII: Dry the electric razor

The actual cleaning is followed by drying of the electric razor. Drying is necessary so as to forestall any possibilities of the electric razor sustaining rust and other undue damages. Kick off the drying process by patting it using a clean towel. This is to eliminate excess water from the electric razor itself.

Then, spread out the constituent parts and pieces on another dry piece of cloth. Give those pieces some sufficient time to dry out completely. Do not hold them with your hands till they are completely dry. Doing so will leave ghastly marks on them.

Step VIII: Reassemble the Parts

The time to bring back the constituent parts and components has now come. During the disassembly process, we pointed out that you should take a video. You now need to follow the video to know how to attach the constituent parts back in place.

Follow this by lubricating the moving parts. Chances are that the said parts are no longer as agile as they once used to be. Clear the surface where you cleaned the electric razor.  Follow this by putting away the cleaning supplies you used to cleanse your electric razor.

Step IX: Test the Electric razor

It is certainly a good idea to test the electric razor. Plug it in the mains socket and then power it on. Carry out some mock shaving to ascertain how effective it may be. In case it is not as effective as it should be, it is probably a nice idea to relook how you re-assembled it.

how to clean your electric razor

Electric Razor Maintenance

Your electric razor will sustain damages and downtimes from time to time. This calls for some maintenance to guarantee long-lasting outcomes and reduce the need to purchase new ones every quite often. You need some appropriate advice to be able to carry out reliable maintenance.

We devote this segment of our discussions to just that. You need not necessarily be an expert to do a good job. The following tips will guarantee that your electric razor stands the test of time:

Step I: Clean the shaver regularly

It goes without saying that you have to clean your shaver regularly. This has to happen immediately after each use and just after retrieving the same from storage. The method you use has to be well suited for the electric razor of your caliber.

Employing the wrong method might not bring the desired end results. Then there is the risk of damaging your shaver permanently. As part of your cleaning, be sure also to sanitize to eliminate all germs from the machine.

Step II: Charge the shaver only when needed

If yours is powered by a rechargeable battery, you are advised to charge it only when it is needed. Overcharging it might overheat it and endanger your life. When this happens persistently, the battery may also become obsolete too soon!

On the flip side, you should also not leave the charge to be fully depleted from the battery. It is also important that you read the instructions carefully. Different manufacturers have their own preconditions which have to be adhered to fully.

Step III: Encase the shaver to protect it further

As a further intervention measure, you are advised to encase the shaver. Use a casing that is specifically designed for the job. The casing guards against the dangers that come with accidental dropping and hard impacts. Also, it shields the appliance from dust and dirt.

As part of your protection regime, you are advised to desist from tapping it into the sink. This may cause the mechanics to jostle and fall apart too soon. Carry the device entirely in a very cautious manner.

Step IV: Lubricate the mechanical parts before use

Before using the shaver, be sure to lubricate the mechanical parts and components. In the course of their use, these shavers do sustain some friction which has the tendency to wear and tear the parts apart. It also reduces the heat output to spare your head from any intense pains.

The light and fluid oils are by far the most desirable lubricants. They flow faster and smoothly to the uttermost parts of the shaver. Being highly fluid, they are less likely to clog the mechanical parts.

Step V: Replace the Foil or Cutter regularly

You should also replace the foil or cutter regularly. With continued use, these parts accumulate lots of bacteria, germs, debris, and dandruff. These are potentially harmful to your own health as they are a hotbed of diseases like impetigo.

Though cleaning may offer temporary relief, the best long-term solution comes with the complete replacements of the parts. Dispose of the old parts safely in a place where the children and unsuspecting persons cannot access them easily.

Step VI: Leverage the Warranty

All products are accompanied and backed by some generous warranty. These warranties shield you from unnecessary losses which may arise in the course of your use of the products after purchase. Since you are entitled to them, you are highly advised to take advantage of them.

In fact, as soon as things go wrong, take the item to the nearest dealer. It is only after crossing this bridge that you may attempt other intervention measures. You will get to save some money in the process too!

As you may have already seen, cleanliness of the electric razor is not a really simple exercise. It requires a lot of attentiveness to details and observance of tiny details. The beautiful thing though is the fact that it is still easily manageable by the less skilled person. You can never afford to shy away from implementing it hence.

How soon should we expect you to embark on cleaning yours? Have you found out insights and discussions really eye-opening? Kindly let us hear from you in the comment’s section. Good luck also as you embark on this awesome chore.


Why Do Women Like Beards

Last Updated October 2019

Do women prefer beards? How do women think about men with beards? Most men keep on asking themselves these two questions. While it comes down to an individual, research has shown that most men prefer men with beards. Note that ladies don’t like ungroomed beards. Grooming your facial hair is a must if you want women to like you.

Women may like rugged looks, but you must be clean. There are many reasons why women love beards. You might have noticed that many men don’t like a clean face. Nowadays, men keep different beards from long to short facial hair. Of course, some men feel uncomfortable when they shave their beards, but there is a chance that they keep beards to impress ladies.

why do some women like beards

Why Do Women Like Beards

Women like beards for different reasons. The following are some of the reasons why women like beards.

1. It’s a sign of masculinity

Beards depict men with beards to be more masculine and mature. Facial hairs can make the jawline look bigger, making them look mature. Note that women prefer women who are masculine as compared to other men. This is because beards look more attractive and give men a courageous and responsible look.

Note that men with high levels of testosterone can grow long and thick beards. Therefore, beards show that a man is masculine genetically. Studies have shown women view men with beards to be diligent and confident. Being a man is all about being confident and industrious. Being industrious means that you can handle different issues by yourself, especially those that require physical strength. A lady feels more comfortable when she has someone that can run errands like fixing the sink. Another study showed that men with beard are more sincere and generous when compared to guys with clean faces.

2. Women perceive men with beards to be patient

Let’s face it; growing a beard is not a joke. Beards take a lot of time and require close maintenance. Maybe this is the reason why other men shave their facial hairs. There are facial hairs that are easy to take care of, such as mustaches. However, a thick long and shiny beard requires patience. Beards come with their challenges such as dandruff and irritations. Some men even go ahead to shave their beards because of impatience. Therefore, a man who can grow a beard is patient. Who doesn’t like patient men?

3. Beards make guys look intimidating

Women always look up to men when it comes to protection. They want a man who can protect their offspring. Beards put men above the rest. Even other men don’t like messing with a bearded man. A beard intimidates other men. People are likely to respect a man who has thick and long facial hairs. Bearded men are regarded as alphas in society. It’s hard for hairless guys to command such respect from their peers. A clean face is usually connected to immaturity and weakness. Women perceive bearded men to be brave and strong. The sense of security will make any woman want to be close to you. It also shows that the offspring will be strong, especially if it’s male. Therefore, you should keep a beard if you want to be recognized as an alpha by other men.

4. It gives men the bad boy look

Women tend to love men bad boys over the good guys. There is a high chance that this is a psychological issue. The best way to achieve a bad boy appearance is by growing a beard. Bad boys are usually rebellious, and women like it. They want men who believe in themselves and go against the norms. Nice guys follow the prevalent norms of the society, something that ladies don’t like. Therefore, having beards may convince ladies that you have the bad boy trait, even if you are not. After all, getting a chance is the most important thing. Maybe she will like other characteristics.

5. Confidence

There are places where beards are not a popular trend. Therefore, men need the self-confidence to grow a full beard. Being different from the other guys is not easy. Most people don’t want attention and would want a quiet life. You don’t want everyone to look at you as you stroll on the streets. Only brave and courageous people can do it. Therefore, a beard depicts confidence. It also shows that a man believes in himself and is independent. Growing a beard shows that you can stand for yourself no matter what other people say. Ladies know that you can’t stand up for them if you can’t take a beating for your beliefs.

6. Beards show commitment

Getting a beard and maintaining it is a hard task that men don’t like. Of course, there is the option of shaving, which is more manageable and effortless. Having a beard shows that you understand that good things need effort and dedication. Women know that a relationship requires a commitment for it to prosper. Therefore, they tend to prefer a man who has a full beard. Note that there are a lot of men who can grow beards but can’t commit themselves.

7. Beards make men look attractive

Men preferred keeping beards in the past centuries, even after shaving tools were invented. The mind works by association and ladies will likely recall historical warriors such as the Vikings when they spot a man with beards. Note that they do so unconsciously because it’s psychological.

Also, beards make men look wise. Wise men such as monks and kings all have beards, either in the books or in the movies. Therefore, women associate beards and wisdom.

There are multiple reasons why women love beards. Beards make men stand out and are a sign of sexual maturity. Beards feel a little rough and ticklish and are the reason why girls like playing with them. Studies have proven that ladies favor older men over their age mates. Beards give men a mature and older look.

why do women like men with beards

Thoughts Women Have about Men’s Beards

Women also perceive men’s appearance just as men do. The debate that has been going around for a long time is whether women love or hate beards.

Men who have thick beards say that women think that they are more attractive than the clean face guys. Unfortunately, this debate can’t be fair since there are guys who don’t have beard growing abilities. You can’t dictate how women think about you, whether you have a beard or not.

The only way to find out how women perceive men’s beards is by asking the ladies themselves. Studies show that ladies have different thoughts regarding beards. Some like men with beards while others prefer guys with clean faces. It comes down to your personal preference in the long run. The following are women’s thoughts about men’s beards.

1. Beards getting into their mouths

Women don’t know how clean your beards are, and will think about the beards getting into their mouth when making out. No one what any other thing into their mouth apart from food. It’s even worse when hairs get into the mouth, especially when it’s not yours. Therefore, women think the unhygienic part when they see a man with a full-grown beard. Try to keep your beards clean if you want women to like you.

2. They think that men with beards are mysterious

What men don’t know is that beards cover the lower half of their face. Women usually wonder how the man can look without a beard. Actually, women love mysterious men and would want to uncover what’s beneath that beard. The fact that a beard is hiding a part of you will grab the attention of many ladies. They think that you are hiding secrets and they will want to be the ones to uncover it.

3. Men with beards are manly

Men with beard-growing abilities are masculine. Most women think that bearded men are manly and can serve and protect. Maybe this is the reason why women find beards to be very attractive. They believe that if a man can grow a beard, then he is manly.

4. Ladies wonder whether you comb it or not

Truth be told, ladies don’t love ungroomed beards. They find messy beards frustrating, and they will think if you comb your beard or not. There is a big line between a groomed and an untidy beard. This can be a massive difference in the way girls think of you. Ladies know that you can take care of yourself if you are capable of maintaining a clean beard. It’s the responsibility of a man to keep his beard. Many products in the market are designed for beards. Therefore, taking care of your beard is not an option. Men can know how hygienic you are just by looking at your beard.  They can quickly notice whether you have kempt your beards or not. They won’t like to associate with you if your beard is messy.

5. Neckbeards are gross

Some men think that neckbeards are cute. Unfortunately, women have a different opinion towards neckbeards. Women don’t like neckbeards since they think that it’s messy and unkempt. Having too much facial hair is not attractive. Girls think that neck hairs are ridiculous and will conclude that you are too lazy. Therefore, you should try to shave your neckbeards if you want girls to love you.

6. Beards look great

Most girls will melt when they see a guy a wearing a thick and full beard. They even forget about sink shavings and beard burns. It’s hard to know why beards attract ladies, although many people suggest that it’s psychological. Beards turn an average looking man into a handsome masterpiece from the movies. Beards can distract ladies, making them forget everything. Beards add several points to a man’s hotness factor. Every girl wants a man with a big and thick beard.

7. It’s terrible

Some guys don’t know how to shape their beards, something that women hate. This happens to guys who don’t have the beard-growing genes. The result is a patchy beard that looks messy and gross. Girls won’t look at you twice if you have this kind of beard. Also, it’s not a guarantee that every beard trend will fit you. However, most ladies will see how clean your beard is before they decide whether to associate with you or bolt out.

8. Beards trap food

One of the ugly truths about beards is that food can get stuck in them. Ladies can notice even a small particle on a man’s beard, and this can turn them off. Women take time to inspect your beard and will bolt out if they find anything gross. Ladies are impressed if your beard is perfect.  They will talk to you if your beard is clean. Therefore, you should be ready to clean your beard if you want ladies to like it.

The answer to whether women like beards or not is complicated. Some women like it, while others don’t like it. However, there is a high chance that ladies won’t love your beard if it’s messy. Some ladies consider men with beards to be unique. Apparently, women think that men with beards are genetically superior. These are just opinions, and you should not be worried if you have a clean face. Do what you like since we are living in a free world.


Should Guys Shave their Legs

Last Updated October 2019

Most men wonder if they should shave their legs or not. They are many men that shave their legs. For instance, most athletes, such as swimmers and bikers, shave their legs for comfort and performance reasons.  Most bodybuilders shave their legs to give the muscles a special appearance.

The decision of whether to shave your legs or not comes down to your preference. Although most men have begun shaving their legs, there are still some uncertainties and stigmas that remain. Even experienced manscapers find it hard to shave their legs. Some misconceptions may make men fear to shave the leg hairs.

Men grooming has become popular in recent times. The good thing is that the hair grows back. Therefore, you can shave your legs and if you don’t like it, don’t do it again. Nothing should stop you from shaving your legs if you don’t like hairy legs. Moreover, smooth legs are more appealing.

should guys shave their legs and arms

Reasons Guys Shave their Legs Hair

They are many different reasons why men shave their legs. Below are reasons why guys prefer to shave their legs.

Personal Preference

Some men don’t like having bushy legs, and they prefer shaving their legs. Men have started to agree that full-body grooming is necessary, unlike the past where men were only supposed to groom their hair and beards.

The color, texture, and the amount of hair can push men to shave their legs. For instance, men may decide to shave if they have incredibly hairy legs or if the hair is rough.


Men who work or spend their time outdoors where temperatures can be extremely high may be forced to trim their legs. This is common in men who work while wearing pants, such as railroad crews and construction workers.

Hairs absorb the sweat produced by the glands. Therefore, having leg hair may reduce the cooling effect of sweat. Some may suffer from chaffing when working in hot climates. Hair can worsen chafing.


Some men can dig deep into their pockets to get a classy tattoo.  Therefore, they may want to show off their tattoos. Tattoo artists need to shave the area before they put ink on their legs. Also, hair growth may be itchy during the healing process of a tattoo.

Working around flammable materials

Hair is very flammable, and working near flammable materials can be hazardous. Human hairs melt when expose them to heat. Melted hair can stick to the skin, causing itchiness and irritation. Also, body hairs increase the chances of being burnt. Therefore, men are required to shave their legs as a safety precaution.

Health reasons

Some medical conditions may force men to shave their legs. You will have to shave your legs if you are going for surgery. Some skin conditions require you to have smooth legs for treatment.

It feels good

Having smooth legs may make you feel fresh and clean. You will feel different if you put effort on grooming your legs. Trimmed legs can be associated with being clean.


Male models trim their legs, especially those that participate in androgynous campaigns. This is because leg hairs can distract what they are selling.

should guys shave their legs if they want to wear shorts

Reasons Why Men Don’t Shave their Leg Hair

Shaving your legs is a lot of work

Legs have a large skin surface than your face. Therefore, it may take effort and time to finish shaving your legs. Nobody wants extra work. Some men say that it may take 2 hours to shave leg hairs. It can be easy if you practice and use the right razors.

It’s expensive

The skin surface area of legs is large. Therefore, you will need several razors to finish the job. You will need to change the blades frequently to avoid razor rash and ingrown hairs. It’s more expensive if you opt to visit a professional leg groomer. Treatment can cost you a hundred bucks. Waxing at home is unpleasant and costly too.

It’s painful

Shaving and waxing can be painful, especially if you have ingrown hair. Since shaving is costly, some people may decide to use old razors. This can lead to infected cuts. Ensure that you use new blades when shaving your legs.

Leg hairs itch when growing back

You should be ready to experience itchiness if you decide to shave your leg hairs. The itch is similar to that experienced when growing facial hair. Leg hairs may cause irritations when they become a bit longer. You may feel uncomfortable as you walk due the bristles rubbing against the other leg.

People think it’s weird to shave leg hair

Studies have shown that a high percentage of people say that it’s weird for men to shave their legs. Half of the women say that men should shave their legs. However, you can still shave your legs if you don’t care about what people think.

How to Shave a Guy’s Leg Hair

Many men shave their legs for several reasons. Some men will do it for fun, others will take this exercise as a challenge, while some would want to maintain their cleanliness. In general, most guys trim and shave their legs to look clean and neat. For you to get the best results while shaving, you need to ensure that you follow the right procedures. This will allow you to accomplish your goals appropriately and to a great extent improve your personality.

It is always important to put more concentration when shaving. This will allow you to prevent a wide range of mistakes while shaving your legs. It will also enable you to focus on proper practices and this will ensure that your legs feel smooth, silky and clean. The following steps serve as a guidance to acquire perfect shave on your legs.

Disinfect or Treat Your Razor Blade

Before you start the process of shaving, you will have to ensure that you eliminate any kind of bacteria, germs, virus or fungi that might be available on your razor. You are encouraged to disinfect your razor with rubbing ethanol or alcohol. For those who would want to use a manual razor blade that has a cartridge, you are advised to pour alcohol on the tip of the cartridge. For those using an electric groomer, you have to take a step further and place ethanol on a piece of a cotton swab or cloth and then you dab it on the razor and comb. You need to begin this exercise with a brand new razor blade for you to shave your legs quickly and perfectly.

You Need To Trim the Hair of Your Legs to Be Short

This step is important as it allows the user to have clear background for shaving their legs. The step ensures that long hairs are prevented from clogging up in the razor. If your hair remains long then the entire process will be inconvenient.

Most industries have developed body groomers that have skin guard attachment. It appears like a comb and its purpose is usually to trim your hair short. A manual razor blade can also help you get a perfectly close shave on your legs.

Get Inside Your Shower Or Bathtub

A bathtub or shower will always offer you a convenient environment for shaving and cleaning your legs. This is because the two places give users easy clean-up after the process of shaving.

For those who would want to use a manual razor, you are encouraged to use a bathtub that has a lot of water on it and then you immerse inside the water. You need to ensure that the water solution has enough shaving cream to provide adequate lather that will help you shave quickly.

If you intend to use electric body groomer, you are advised to make good use of a wide and shallow water bowl in the shower so that you can easily clan-up your razor.

Apply Body Powder or Shaving Gel

Shaving gel usually plays an important role during the shaving process in your legs, especially when using a manual razor blade. You will have to apply it in a small region within your leg as you begin to shave. The challenge of applying too much of it in your legs is that it will begin to dry even before you shave other areas. It is essential to shave in sections because you will make good use of shaving gel.

For electric shavers, you are encouraged to apply body powder on regions of your legs before you begin to shave. The body powder serves as a dry lubricant.

Start Shaving

If you purpose to use a manual razor blade, you will have to begin shaving your legs in sections as you rinse your razor blade after you finish shaving small strokes. When your razor blade is free of gel and hair, you will get the closest and best shave on your legs.

For electric shavers, you begin shaving your legs immediately because more hair on your legs may lead to clogging up of your machine. You also need to frequently open its razor head and try to empty the hairs that you have shaved. This one needs to be done frequently so that the clogged hairs can be eliminated to prevent slowing down the performance of the razor blade of your electric machine. For you to achieve the closest shave of your legs, it is crucial to shave in the opposite direction of your leg’s hair growth.

Rinse and Dry Off

After shaving the long hairs from your legs, you need to rinse off either body powder, shaving gel or any stray of hairs. More water is required to rinse your legs properly so that you can feel, smooth and clean.

Once you have finished up rinsing off your legs, you are encouraged to use a clean piece of cloth, for instance, a towel to dry off your legs. It is important to use a brand new towel to prevent being infected with bacteria.

Apply Antiseptic

Antiseptic is important in shaving because it helps the user to avoid ingrown hairs, razor blade burns and skin irritation. It also destroys any bacteria available and also assists to close the pores of your skin on your legs. You have to do this frequently until the time your hair grow properly to avoid irritation of your skin.

Apply Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a crucial element that is required to be applied on your legs after shaving especially when your legs appear itchy or dry. Moisturizer will help you calm the skin of your body on your legs. It also soothes irritated skin. A good example is a Eucerine Cream.

Apply Self-Tanner

Tan helps users to regain their original skin status on their legs after shaving. This normally happens to those people who have either naturally fair skin or Caucasian skin. Failure to remove dark hair from their skin makes them appear pasty and white. Self-tanner helps to solve this challenge.

As much as some people may think that shaving your legs is weird, there are some benefits of doing it. All you need to do is to ensure that you do it properly. Follow the procedure above to prevent itchiness and irritations. You don’t have to keep up with hairy legs because someone finds it weird. Do what you feel is right for you. Note that clean and smooth legs are more appealing than bushy legs. Also, it’s hard for people to notice that you have shaved your legs.

How to Get a Close Shave

Last Updated October 2019

When it comes to getting a close shave, some guys will spend a lot of money to make their facial skin pretty soft. That’s because looking professional typically increases your chances of succeeding whether you want to meet new people or get a job promotion. Appearance is incredibly essential in today’s society for men and women alike, and that’s also true when you want a close shave.

Shaving without getting an irritated skin or ingrown hairs and cuts is possible provided you have the right tools and shaving techniques. Getting a clean shave at home can be challenging, but once you master the routine, it’ll become second nature. In this simple guide, we are going to cover all the essential steps so the next time that you use the blade against your facial skin, you will realize the results that you’re aiming for.

how to get a closer shave

What is the Perfect Shave, and Why Do Most Guys Get it So Wrong?

A perfect shave refers to an easy, smooth, and clean shave that every man strives for whenever they bring their shaver up their chin. It’s that effortless shave without any of the typical skin redness, burning sensation, and skin irritation that most men go through during the shaving routine.

The main reason why many men find this so difficult to achieve is because good shaving has currently become a forgotten art among most guys. That’s because the shaving routine has become more about the cheap, disposable shaving razors than a great and customized tool in your hands. Again, most people treat it as a mindless routine that you can rush through every morning without paying attention to it.

Dragging a disposable razor across layers of shaving gel or foam on your face is not an improvement on the shaving routine but a step backward from the past. Now that most men are paying a lot of attention to their general appearance, the trend thing when it comes to male grooming is a close wet, which is the best shave you can have.

How to Get a Close Shave Step by Step

  • Start with a warm shower

Taking a warm shower before shaving will clean your face any accumulated dirt and also pre-soften your facial hair, making it pretty easy to get a close and smooth shave. If taking a warm shower isn’t an option before shaving, you can soak a towel in some hot water for a couple of seconds and then put it on your face while covering all the parts you would like to shave. Leave the towel on your face for one or two minutes. The warm towel on your face will soften your beard in the same way as the warm shower.

  • Build up some lather

After taking a warm shower, build up some lather in a shaving bowl using your shaving cream or soap until it accumulates.

  • Apply the lather on your face

After producing rich and non-soapy lather, begin applying it on the face. To make the best out of the lather on your face, make sure to swirl your brush across your whole face and concentrate on applying the lather against the direction of hair growth. After covering the entire face with the rich lather, make a couple of gentle strokes using your shaving brush to get an equally distributed volume of lather on your whole face.

  • Make your first pass

Take your razor and begin shaving. If you would like to get a close or smooth shave, you will begin by shaving with the grains on your initial pass. The objective is to shave as much facial hair as possible with your first pass to eliminate long facial beard. Avoid any passes using the shaving razor on un-lathered skin, particularly if you are using a straight or safety razor to prevent severe skin irritation.

  • Make your second pass

Once you finish your initial pass with the grain, you should prepare for the second pass. Gently rinse your face using some warm water to wash away any hair and lather. Begin applying lather once more using the same technique mentioned earlier in the lather application phase. If the lather in your bowl is dry already, drop some few drops of water in your shaving bowl and begin swirling again. Once your lather gets back to normal, begin applying on your face.

Start shaving across your hair growth, but you can also begin shaving against your hair growth if you have some experience in wet shaving. This second pass normally cuts most of your facial hair, giving you a closer and smooth shave. When you finish, repeat the process by rinsing your face and lathering to prepare it for your third pass.

  • Make the last pass

If your beard is not quite dense and thick, the last shaving pass may not be necessary. However, this final pass will provide you with the closest shave achievable. Start shaving once more against the grain even if you did shave against the grain in the second pass. Most often, three passes are the best if you are looking for incredible results.

  • Rinse your face

Once you finish shaving, you should rinse your face and dry it pretty well using a towel and then apply your preferred aftershave balm.

how to get a very close shave

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Shaver

Whether you have been using an electric shaver for a while or just a novice when it comes to electric shavers, there are various things you should keep in mind to get the most out of your shaving routine. Follow this step-by-step guide for a dry or wet shave, and you’ll achieve an ultra-groomed appearance in s short time.

  • Use an electric pre-shave cream or lotion

If wet shaving isn’t your thing, then electric pre-shave lotion is the next big thing. Your skin should be as dry as possible to have a dry shave, but the oils of the skin and moisture can make things pretty difficult. Besides, the razor has to deal with some flat-lying hairs as well.

For a dry protective shave, start by ensuring that your beard is not very long. Too much beard length might lead to yanking, which leads to uncomfortable shave, or even skin bumps. An electric pre-shave cream will provide you with a lubrication layer, absorb the moisture, and also cause the facial hair to stand straight and stiffen up.

Utilizing a pre-shave lotion will also contribute to a smoother and closer shave. Use the electric shaver at a right-angle while moving against the direction of your hair growth, using a circular motion. That will minimize any skin irritability and reduce your shaving time as well.


If you want a wet shave, start by washing your face using some warm water and a cleanser to soften your facial hair and also get rid of any excess oil on your face.


Use a shaving cream if you are wet shaving using an electric shaver to enhance the closeness and comfort of your shave. Next, massage some foam or gel on your neck and face and leave it on for around five minutes before shaving. That will also allow the coarse lining of the beard to soften up.

Good shaving creams will soften your facial hair and provide you with lubrication, enabling the razor to cut your beard effectively and close to your skin as well. The additional comfort means that you can enjoy more strokes and pressure than usual, significantly contributing to your shave’s closeness. The lather also serves as a lubricant for your shaving blades, reducing the heat and the friction that makes the razor even more forgiving.


Always remember to use the shaving tool against hair growth. Utilize your free hand to gently pull and also tighten your skin to ensure that the facial hair is standing straight for a closer cut. Avoid using excessive pressure with the electric shaver on your facial skin, which might lead to irritability.

  • Begin with your neck

Tackle the sensitive areas such as the neck first as the shaver generates heat. Going over some more delicate parts initially will ensure that the least amount of energy used. Avoid making repeated passes on such spots. The electric shavers come with multi-direction flexible heads with various independent movements for the right level of skin contact, particularly for sensitive areas.

  • Clean the shaver

Clean your electric shaver after every shave. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s vital to opt for a waterproof electric shaver. Cleaning your shaver after use will assist in making your shaving tool last for a longer duration.

FAQs on How to Get a Close Shave

What shaving tool can provide me with the closest possible shave?

Ans:To get a closer and smoother shave, you can either use a safety razor, an electric razor, a cut-throat straight razor or a cartridge razor with multiple blades and a reasonable size gap between the blades

What number of passes should I have to get a close shave?

Ans:Generally, there’s no specific number of passes you can make to get a close and smooth shave. However, it significantly depends on how dense and thick your facial hair is and your shaving technique. Most men with normal beard growth require two or three passes to attain a close shave.

Is my shaving technique essential when I want a close shave?

Ans:The most common technique is to make your initial pass with the hair growth, the second one across the hair growth and third pass against the hair growth. However, the number of shaving passes you make is incredibly important. The way you make your passes is also important, but the way you hold your razor can change the way you shave your facial hair and the closeness you can get. Having said that, when you are using with a safety razor to shave, contingent on the angle you utilize to hold the shaving razor against your skin, it’ll give you different shaving pressure and hence, a milder or deeper shave.

How can I get a close and smooth shave without getting razor irritations?

Ans:Unless your skin is generally susceptible to irritation, some of the causes of skin irritation when you are shaving are inadequate pre-shave preparation and lack of suitable wet shaving techniques. When you finish three or two small strokes, you should rinse the razors using water to ensure that the facial hair that’s stuck on the shaving blade does not scratch your face to avoid skin irritation.

Why does a razor blade offer a closer shave when compared to an electric shaver?

Ans:Electric shavers are specifically designed for speed, portability, safety, and convenience. When it comes to safety, the blades of electric shavers are protected to avoid cutting your facial hair very deep, preventing any cuts. On the other hand, the blades of a razor are exposed, which means you can reach deeper in the skin and shave your beard closer than electric shavers.

A close shave is always possible if you follow the simple processes discussed above and if you have the right tools that match your skin type. Shaving is usually a very personal thing, and even if you implement all the recommendations and tips, you stumble upon, achieving that close and smooth shave will undoubtedly take a lot of trial and error. However, some of the techniques and tips outlined here might work for you with some little adjustments.

You should not hesitate to change some things up if you’re not satisfied with the shaving results. The safest approach is to begin small with your changes and proceed from there. But with the right shaving tools and small adjustments, you can greatly improve your results. That being said, you should look for the best shaver that meets your unique needs, as well as one that gives you a comfortable shaving experience and good results.





How to Stop Beard Dandruff

Last Updated October 2019

Growing and maintaining a beard is a daunting task. You have to invest in different products to help you achieve that excellent beard that you have been longing for. Dedicating your time on maintaining a beard only to find that it has dandruff can be disappointing. However, that should not discourage from growing beard.

Beard dandruff is caused by different factors. The good thing is that you can prevent the growth of dandruff in your beard. Also, you should not worry if you already have beard dandruff since there are various ways of treating it.

Noticing beard dandruff is hard, especially if you have a thick beard. This is because dandruff affects the skin beneath the beard. Dandruff can cause itchy skin and you should be keen when buying beard products.

how to stop dandruff in beard

What is Beard Dandruff?

Beard dandruff is a common condition that can affect anyone with a beard. It’s similar to hair dandruff and causes white flakes in your beard. Dandruff is caused by Malassezia globosa, a microbe found on the skin.

This microbe feeds on the sebum from the skin. The sebum breaks down to produce oleic acid. This acid causes the skin itchiness that you feel when you have an un-groomed beard. The skin then becomes itchy and red. The skin cells react by increasing the turnover rate. This reaction causes the white dandruff flakes.

Every man who has a beard is at risk of getting beard dandruff. You are at high risk if you have sensitive skin.

You should not confuse dandruff with Seborrheic Dermatitis. Although they have similar conditions, Seborrheic Dermatitis has heightened symptoms. People with Seborrheic Dermatitis may experience yellow flakes that may appear on the back, scalp, chest or face. Try to treat dandruff and go to a dermatologist if the symptoms persist.

The best way of preventing dandruff comes down to grooming. Ensure that the skin beneath the beard doesn’t dry. You should use products that moisturize and hydrate the skin. The only way of ensuring that beard dandruff doesn’t come back is by maintaining a healthy routine. Also, ensure that you use high-quality beard products.

What Causes Beard Dandruff?

There are several causes of beard dandruff. The following are some of the causes.

Dry skin

Individuals with dry skin are more vulnerable to dandruff. Staying in overheated rooms during winter can cause redness and itchiness. Flakes from dry skin are non-oily and small.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This condition causes irritation of the skin. The skin becomes oily and red and is usually covered with yellow or white flakes. The Malassezia fungus becomes overactive, making the scalp to increase the production of cells due to irritation. Dandruff is formed when oil mixes with the dead skin cells.

Not brushing your hair

Brushing and combing your beard regularly minimizes the risk of getting dandruff. Brushing enables natural skin shedding.

Certain beard care products

Certain products in the market can cause irritation and redness. Also, excess shampooing can irritate the skin, causing dandruff. You should be very keen when selecting beard products.

Skin conditions

Guys who suffer from certain skin conditions such as, eczema and psoriasis, among others are at a higher risk of getting dandruff. Some certain fungal infections such as ringworm can also lead to dandruff.


Sensitivity to yeast can also cause dandruff. Dandruff can be more severe during the colder months as compared to warm months.

Medical conditions

Diseases that weaken the immunity of the body may cause dandruff. People with Parkinson’s disease and various neurological conditions are more vulnerable to seborrheic dermatitis. Also, people who are recovering from illnesses such as stroke and heart attack are at a higher risk of getting dandruff.

Other factors may cause dandruff. Consuming foods that lack Vitamin B, Zing and various fats can increase your chances of suffering from dandruff. Mental stress and age can also cause dandruff. Beard dandruff usually affects adolescent and middle-aged men.

How To Stop Beard Dandruff

The last thing that you would ever want to experience is to have dandruff on your beard especially after spending more time and money maintaining it. Dandruff is always unsightly, itchy and can easily make someone uncomfortable in a group of his peers. It can make you lose your confidence when it impacts negatively on your face and clothes. Some of your close friends might also decide to stay away from you because of flaky beard dandruff. Nonetheless, you should never get worried when you are facing this challenge because there exist a wide range of ways on how to stop beard dandruff.

how to stop dandruff in your beard

The following methods will help you cure beard dandruff in due course.


The process of exfoliation allows you to get rid of dead cells of the skin inclusive of the cells that lead to beard dandruff. Exfoliation can easily be achieved by employing a beard brush to eliminate dandruff cells on the skin of your face. You should always identify the beard brush which contains soft bristles. Apart from allowing you to eradicate dead cells of the skin, beard brushes also enable users to effectively distribute natural oil from your skin. This will, in turn, ensure that the hair of beard to be easy to manage and also softer.

You are advised to softly massage the skin beneath your beard with a recommendable brush prior to washing your beard. Always scrub your beard gently so that you remove dandruff well.


For beginners, make it a routine to frequently clean your beard daily. You can use cleansers and natural soaps to achieve this. They are less toxic and cannot irritate your skin. You can also make good use of an advanced facial cleanser that will help you clean your beard to avoid dandruff.

Coldwater has been given an upper advantage as compared to warm water when washing the beard with dandruff. Coldwater ensures that your skin remains moisturized and thus preventing it from drying out. After the whole process of washing your face, you can then use a soft towel to dry out your skin.

Occasionally use shampoos

Dandruff shampoos always play key roles in eliminating dandruff on your beard. Some are designed medically to fight dandruff. Therefore when seeking to purchase a dandruff shampoo in a shop always ensure it has the following ingredients:

•        Tea tree coal

•        Coal tar

•        Selenium sulfide

•        Pyrithione zinc

Once you have acquired your medicated shampoo, you are encouraged to softly apply it on your beard and ensure that it conveniently reaches beneath of your skin. You are also advised to wait for a while prior to rinsing it out with a gentle towel.

Some of the most efficient dandruff shampoos that we have in the global market include Nizoral and Selsun blue. Note that shampoos can also irritate your skin; you need to choose the one that effectively suits your needs. Once you have applied it on your skin ensure you accompany it with oils or moisturizers after some time to keep your skin moisturized.

Use balms, oils plus other products

Natural oils usually act like antimicrobial barriers. The oil that your skin produces ensures that your skin is ever moisturized. When you use anti-dandruff products to eradicate dandruff from your skin, there is a high chance that they will aid you to scrape away dead cells in your skin. They also remove natural oil that your skin produces and therefore the lost oil from your skin has to be replaced immediately.

Reports have also claimed that oils such as tea tree oil can help someone fight fungi that cause dandruff. Other oils that can play a crucial role in your skin to eradicate dandruff include safflower oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, perilla and evening primrose. If possible, you should avoid applying oils such as avocado oil, almond oil and peanut oil because they can make have an allergy.

When applying natural oils, always ensure that your beard and the skin beneath your own beard is dry. You have to apply it gently through the roots of your beard as you massage them. A bristle brush is always used when your beards are long to allow you to distribute oil effectively to your skin. For you to accomplish your goals effectively, you have to make this exercise a routine.

Note that, nowadays there exist specific products that are designed for grooming, moisturizing and washing beards. Beard wash is a shampoo designed to hydrate and clean beneath the skin and the beards. Beard balms allow users to effectively massage your beards just after cleaning it using cold water. Balms normally have a unique scent and encompass other ingredients that improve its performance and smell.


Moisturizing is one of the best methods to eradicate dandruff from your beards. After shampooing, this process allows you to protect and rehydrate your skin. Moisturizing usually takes place after cleansing. Here, you need to put a small amount of oil on your hands and rub them on your skin and beards. You need to distribute oil beneath the skin of your beard as you massage the place gently. You have to do it repeatedly to enhance rehydration of your skin.

You need to consult a dermatologist if you don’t see positive progress

If you have attempted all the methods of eradicating dandruff from your beards and you don’t experience positive change, it is advisable to seek assistance from a dermatologist. After consulting a professional, you may realize that maybe you have a strange skin condition that leads to dandruff on your beards. It could be a high chance for the professional to recommend prescription medication for you to allow you to get rid of the existing problem.

The doctor will also help you to find alternative ways of eradicating dandruff in your beards. Additionally, he or she may provide you with more information on the challenge that you are experiencing.

Dandruff doesn’t cause severe complications. The white flakes are nothing but dry dead skin cells that your body sheds. However, dandruff can ruin your chances of growing that thick, shiny beard that you normally want.

The best way of preventing beard dandruff is to ensure that you wash, brush and groom your facial hair. Avoid using low-quality products that may trigger the production of extra cells.

You should not focus on the beard alone but also on the skin beneath. A simple routine will help you combat dandruff. Some shampoos are designed to fight dandruff. They have ingredients such as zinc and vitamins that neutralize bacteria and fungi. You should not use shampoos regularly because they can dry the skin beneath. Therefore, ensure that you apply shampoos a few times per month. Also, apply moisturizers after using shampoo.

Sometimes you may dandruff may not go away even after treating it. You should consult your doctor if the symptoms don’t go away. This is because you might be suffering from a different skin condition that is causing dandruff. The doctor will assess the condition and prescribe the right treatment. Ensure that you adopt a healthy beard grooming routine once dandruff disappears.

Note that not all methods can solve the problem. Therefore, it’s advisable that you try several methods and find the one that works for you.




How To Make Homemade Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is among the most critical parts of a shaving kit, but regrettably, most of the Shaving creams you find on the market are full of harsh chemicals that dry out the facial skin. Then again, most of the natural shaving creams and soaps are a bit costly. However, there’s an alternative to the off-the-shelf shaving creams and soaps, and that is learning how to make homemade shaving cream.

Making your shaving cream or soap is not difficult, and doing so provides you with a lot more freedom to select the ingredients you would like and also avoid those that you don’t want. That’ll allow you to get rid of the cheap aerosol and canned shaving creams, and instead make a high-quality product for yourself at the same cost.

how to make homemade shaving cream easy

How to Make Homemade Shaving Cream

Creamy Shaving Cream

What you will need:


    • 2/3 cup shea or cocoa butter
    • 1/2 cup olive oil
    • Two tablespoons baking soda
    • Ten drops of preferred essential oil


  • Jar and a lid


  1. Melt your coconut oil and shea butter

Both shea butter and coconut oil are usually solid at room temperature, which means you should melt them to mix properly. Measure a 2/3 cup of coconut oil and a 2/3 cup of shea butter. Put your ingredients in a saucepan and melt them over low heat. Stir the mixture occasionally until it liquefies and then remove your pan from heat.

  1. Add the olive oil to the mixture

Use a spoon to add the olive oil to the melted coconut oil and shea butter.

    1. Add ten drops of your preferred essential oil


Some essential oils are great for your skin apart from having a fresh scent. You can customize your shaving creams to create your ideal scent. You can also combine a variety of essential oils to give your shaving cream some more depth. If you would like a strongly scented shaving cream, utilize up to 20 drops of essential oil.

  1. Put the mixture in your refrigerator

Pour your mixture into a bowl and cover it using a plastic wrap. Put the mixing bowl in your refrigerator for one or two hours, until your mixture is fully chilled. The oils will solidify a little bit, and your mixture should look waxy and pale yellow at this stage.

  1. Add the baking soda

Take the mixing bowl from the fridge, remove the plastic wraps, and add two spoons of baking soda to the mixture. Utilizing a hand whisk or an electric mixer, you’re your mixture till it becomes light, creamy and fluffy.

  1. Spoon the mixture into your storage container

A good glass jar makes a suitable container for your homemade shaving creams. You can utilize any containers you want, as long as they have lids. When you are ready to use the shaving cream, slather it using a scoop wherever you want it.

Sudsy Shaving Cream

This recipe contains castile soap, which means that the shaving cream provides you with a great foamy lather whenever you apply it on your skin after washing your face. If you prefer a sudsier cream on your face, underarms, or legs, this homemade blend is a great option for you.

What you will need:

  • Two tablespoons of cocoa or shea butter
  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel
  • 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap
  • Ten drops of your preferred essential oil
  • Two teaspoons of baking soda
  • Empty soap dispenser


  1. Melt the coconut oil and shea butter

Both coconut oil and shea butter are normally solid at room temperature, meaning it’s necessary to ensure that you melt them for you to blend them well. Measure 2 tablespoons of cocoa butter or shea butter and 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Put the ingredients in a saucepan. Place your saucepan over low heat and melt them, stirring regularly until the ingredients turn into a thick liquid, and then remove your pan from the heat source.

  1. Mix with the baking soda, liquid castile soap, and aloe vera

Pour all your ingredients into a blender or mixer. Blend the contents on high for a couple of minutes to completely mix all the ingredients. By doing this, you will prevent the soap and oil from separating much later. The liquid you get should have a texture similar to that of thick liquid soaps.

  1. Put ten drops of your favorite essential oil

Some of the Castile soaps come with a good scent, meaning you can omit this step if your homemade shaving cream has an aroma already. If you would like to add some essential oils, add ten drops of your preferred blend or oil.

  1. Pour your mixture into the soap dispenser

At this juncture, your homemade shaving cream is ready to use. Pour the entire mixture in your soap dispenser, and you can pump out some of it as you need it. The shaving cream will foam well as you apply it on your face. If your mixture separates after putting it in the container, make sure to shake it properly to recombine the soap and the oils.

Aloe Vera Homemade Shaving Gel

This homemade shaving cream is a pretty easy recipe, and all the ingredients will cost you almost the same as a standard aerosol can of any other shaving gel would at your local supermarket. You can source as many of the ingredients as you can online since they generally seem to be cheaper unless you can manage to get a cost-effective option.

What you will need:

  • ¼ Cup of Aloe Vera Gel
  • ½ Cup of Castile Soap
  • 2 Tablespoons of Corn Syrup
  • 4 Tablespoons of Warm Water
  • 1 Tablespoon of Castor or Olive Oil
  • ½ Teaspoon of Salt
  • 10 Drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil or Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 10 Drops of Lemon, Lavender, Orange or Witch Hazel Oil to add some fragrance


Making this shaving gel is pretty easy. All you need to do is add the salt to the warm water, stir, and then add all the other ingredients and continue stirring. You can do this in a plastic soap container or a glass jar or a glass jar. Once all the ingredients are properly mixed, allow your mixture to settle at least for one hour before use. Also ensure that you shake your mixture before using it, and you are good to go.

how to make homemade shaving cream for men

Homemade Alternatives to Shaving Cream

It’s important to be open to shaving cream alternatives because there will always be something better than the first option presented to you. Therefore, whether it is because you have run out of your shaving cream or you want to explore more options, the following ten wonderful shaving cream alternatives will give you an equally smoother and closer shave.

Hair conditioner

If you have run out of shaving cream, you can consider using a hair conditioner in its place. Hair conditioner is usually rich in skin-beneficial elements and created to hydrate, hence assists in providing a slick surface on the skin, and also softens your facial hairs. It works pretty well, just like shaving cream and also leaves your skin softer than usual. If you don’t have hair conditioner, hair shampoo is also an ideal solution as well. It works incredibly well when shaving your facial hair. The shampoo creates a perfect lather, cleanses the facial hair and skin, and makes shaving pretty simple.

Baby oil

Baby oil is purely mineral oil, and it allows you to see your facial skin better whenever you are shaving, reducing any chances of cuts, razor bumps, nicks, and many other skin irritations. Moreover, its slick nature assists the shaving razors in working more smoothly. Make sure to utilize only a couple of drops because if you overdo it, the razor might become all slimed up.

If you don’t have baby oil, you can also use other oil types in a pinch. Olive oil, coconut oil, and other varieties such as avocado oil can all make your shaving simple, smooth, and also pain-free. Additionally, oils make for great moisturizers that keep the skin soft after every use, and can even assist in treating skin problems such as psoriasis.

Shea butter

You can use shea butter as your post-shave or after-shower moisturizer, but it can also assist you in getting a smooth and close shave as well. You can use it in place of your shaving cream because it makes the blades of your razor remove hairs more smoothly, giving you a closer shave. Besides, there will be no need to apply any moisturizer or lotion once you finish shaving.

Regular soap

If you have run out of your shaving cream, you can go ahead and use a regular bar of soap. It will get the whole job done but without any moisturizing or smooth benefits. Ensure that you lather up the soap bar to make a sudsy area on your facial skin, or you might end up with a clogged razor blade and a painful razor burn.

Raw honey

Honey can be an excellent shaving aid and moisturizer. Although it’s can be messy to apply and also sticky once it falls, it provides the smooth protection you require when you take your shaving razor to your facial skin. If your honey is too sticky or too thick, add some water to make it a good shaving cream replacement. However, you should not forget to rinse your razor blades properly before storing.

Aloe vera

Generally, Aloe vera soothes the pain of severe sunburns, and it is also a good way to treat and prevent razor burns. It creates a similar consistency to that of popular shaving creams, causes little messes, and does not damage your shaving razor. If you end up with a razor burn, the cooling features of aloe vera will prevent any scratching and itching. You can use Aloe vera straight away from the plant or use store-bought gel.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is creamy and thick, which makes it a perfect option to slather on the skin when shaving. It’ll be a bit messy and requires a lot of razor blade cleansing during the shaving process, but the results might make it worthwhile. When you wash the peanut butter off, it leaves behind hydrated and soft skin. If you don’t have peanut butter, feel free to use any other form of nut butter, like almond butter. These nut-based options all assist in moisturizing and preventing razor burn due to their smooth texture.

Dishwashing soap

Dishwashing soap can also assist you in getting a pain-free shave whenever you are looking for a substitute. You will discover that dishwashing soap lathers pretty well, giving you a thinner and foamy shaving cream. This soap is not good at preventing skin irritation when compared to other shaving cream alternatives, but it can do the shaving job well if you desperately want a hair-free day.

Body lotion

Just like shea butter, hair conditioner, and other popular skin moisturizers, your body lotion can also double up as shaving cream whenever it’s needed. It provides a perfect consistency and a smooth barrier between the razor blade and your skin. However, you should be careful when applying lotion before shaving. Effectively rubbing the lotion into the skin will make your body will soak it up pretty fast, and you might end up shaving almost dry.

Blend of favorite ingredients

Most often, a good shaving cream substitute will be a blend of various ingredients. For example, if you enjoy having homemade coconut oil and aloe vera shaving cream, you should feel free to combine the necessary ingredients to get your perfect recipe.

Your skin is usually one of the most vital organs in your entire body and safeguarding it is essential to maintaining proper health. Utilizing shaving creams instead of soaps or just water assists you in getting a close shave with fewer cuts and nicks. Store-bought shaving creams can be incredibly expensive and are full of harsh chemicals. Homemade shaving creams work just as well, and you can make them with ingredients you might already have in the house.

You can try any of the homemade shaving creams listed above and find out what will work for you.  By using natural shaving creams in your daily routines, you will not only maintain a great complexion, but you will also enjoy the numerous benefits of a holistic lifestyle.