Author: Joseph Sumpter

  • How to Shape a Long Beard

    How to Shape a Long Beard

    [toc] With a great beard comes great responsibility. When you’ve spent so long growing a righteous beard, it may seem a little nonsensical to go and hack it all off, but unfortunately, without a little love and care, you’ll find that your beard is growing wild and unruly. In order to get your beard back…

  • Should You Shave Your Head

    Should You Shave Your Head

    [toc] Long hair, much as it is beneficial, also has quite a number of potential dangers. It may trap lots of heat in the winter and therefore inflict some discomforts. These include excessive heat in the body, difficulties in the skin breathing, and extreme sweating, to mention but a few! It is for these reasons…

  • How to Stop Beard Itch

    How to Stop Beard Itch

    [toc] Apart from beards giving a dude a classic manly look, they also have a lot to love. Beards do not only add class and masculine complexity to the face alone, but also to a person’s entire appearance. With so many styles ranging from a goatee to full-face beard, facial hair are certainly in fashion…