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Sure flowers are most definitely a romantic gesture, and they are a crazy way to express that you care for your significant other. But what do you think about flowers on the very first date? If you show up on a first date with your crush with a bouquet of flowers, will it tell your date you are serious, or will it appear to be a little too strong?

Today, ordering flowers and getting them delivered on the same day is no big deal – so you technically don’t have to put in a whole lot of work to get flowers for your date. 

Let’s assume you are located in Barcelona – you can just opt for same day flower delivery to Barcelona and get flowers delivered right before your date. 

But there are two questions before you can order!

1. Should you get flowers for your first date?

2. And in case you do so, then what are the flowers you should gift on the first date? 

So, without wasting time, let’s dive in. 

Are Flowers A Good Gift For First Dates?

Just as the likes and characteristics vary depending from person to person, so does the basic answer to this particular question. While some people love receiving flowers on their first date, others might find it a little disconcerting. 

Before you gift flowers to people, think about it like a date. If you are already familiar with your date as a friend or through mutual acquaintances, you can definitely consider taking flowers for them on your first date, especially if you guys had a would-they/would-they-not vibe going on. 

But if you do not know the person properly, then flowers might appear to be a little too strong on the very first date. This holds especially true if you decide on meeting at some casual location, such as a brewery or a bowling alley. And if you happen to be walking around at an event or a park, your date might not like carrying around the flowers throughout the night. 

If you are still not sure, then you can always follow the rule of thumb to gift flowers conservatively. While a big bouquet of roses might appear to be overwhelming and can scare your date away, a single sunflower or peony might seem like a really sweet gesture. 

While a bouquet of a dozen roses may seem overwhelming and send your date running, a single peony or sunflower is more likely to be seen as a sweet gesture. Also, you can decide on giving flowers whenever you have finally gotten to know each other properly. 

When Should I Give Flowers On A First Date? 

Giving flowers is an excellent way to actually show your crush you were thinking about them and that you are willing to put effort into your relationship. It also shows that you had planned ahead and are still willing to put in some additional effort. 

But at the same time, flowers are also considered to be more of a conventional gift. If you are aware of how your data is actually into huge displays of romance or even hold conventional values, they might be relatively more likely to actually appreciate flowers. 

Do you know what’s better? If you decide on bringing flowers to the very first date, then try planning the handoff so that your date actually doesn’t carry them everywhere. But if you are going to pick your date up at their house, you can always give them flowers. 

Or, if you are meeting your crush outside, you can always opt for something sturdy yet petite so that it’s easy to carry and it will also be convenient. 

14 Best Flowers To Gift On The First Date:

Now that you have a fair idea about whether or not to get flowers on a first date let’s look at the best flowers you can gift on the first date.

1. Roses:

Roses are perhaps the most iconic symbol of romance. Naturally, you have to think deeply to figure out whether you should get roses on the first date. Roses are typically associated with love, which is a much stronger emotion for a first date with someone you hardly know.

Due to the strong message that roses give out, it’s always a good idea to save this one for first dates that are really special or unique in some way. Maybe you are FINALLY meeting each other for the first time after talking to each other for months online. Perhaps you are on a date with a friend you have secretly been crushing over for years.

Roses are also known to be a symbol of love at first sight. So, if you want to keep things transparent, you can give a single rose to your date, ‘implying’ that it’s love at first sight. 

2. Sunflowers:

Now, sunflowers are a whole different ball game – it’s neither overwhelming nor underwhelming to get a bunch of sunflowers on the first date. Get a sunflower on your first date with someone in case you want to express that you are sweet, light, and full of energy. 

Sunflowers are bright, warm, and happy – it has this positive aura that can definitely light up your date’s face instantly. In a matter of seconds, your date will say, “awwwh – these are so cute,” and bless you with plenty of brownie points.

However, these flowers might seem playful, but they also have a deeper meaning – these flowers also express loyalty and affection. If your date ends up going really well, you can always bring some more sunflowers on the next few dates and express how you feel. 

Moreover, sunflowers have really large pollen. As a result, it is unlikely for sunflowers to cause any issues resulting from allergies.

3. Peonies:

Accompanied by delicacy and a bunch of ruffles, Peonies happen to be another great option for your first date. Not only are these flowers stunning, but also they have a fragrance that’s floral and sweet.

Peonies symbolize several things – the symbolism differs depending on the color of the flower. While pink peonies are a symbol of happiness and yellow ones symbolize a new beginning, red peonies are typically associated with romance. 

Since the petals of this flower are very delicate, select peonies that are just beginning to bloom. If you actually get your date flowers that have finished blooming, it might leave behind an entire trail of flower petals on youe date.

4. Ranunculus:

Do you want to send a message that you would like to know your date well? Do you want to express that you would like to find out more about your date’s life and personality? In that case, your best option is Ranunculus.

This is a delicate flower that sits on top of long stems. A single look at these beauties makes it really easy to understand why they are considered to be a symbol of charm. 

Just like most flowers out there, the red hues of Ranunculus are associated with romance and love, while pink shades of these flowers are used to convey lighter facets of romance.

Similarly, yellow and orange shades of Ranunculus are used to express warmth and positivity. So, if you just feel like brightening up your date’s day (so what if it’s the first date?), get her a bunch of this flower in shades of yellow and orange.

5. Carnations:

Nope, don’t let the world tell you that carnations are just the less expensive version of roses. No, these aren’t the more affordable cousins of roses. Instead, a bouquet of high-quality carnations is a great gift on a first date. Don’t forget to select the right color. 

The different hues of red are associated with admiration, but the actual meaning relies on the color. While light red-colored carnations symbolize friendship, darker red-colored ones indicate something more serious.

Additionally, it is best that you steer clear from yellow and purple hues of carnations since these colors have a negative symbolism. 

6. Dahlias:

Since Dahlias are pretty large, a single stem is a great option for your first date. You don’t need to give your date a bouquet of dahlias – one stem is enough to let your date know that you care enough to put in some extra effort (brownie points to you!).

These flowers are available in a range of different colors, sizes, and forms – so that you’ll get plenty of options to select from. If you feel like making a big statement, go for a stunning dinner-plate dahlia. But if you like flowers that are relatively more subdued cute pompom dahlias will suit you better.

In case of color, ensure that you steer clear from black dahlias A.K.A. dark maroon dahlias. Before you and your date can even begin to have a good time, the negative associations related to black dahlias will scare your date away.

7. Chrysanthemums:

Also known as mums, Chrysanthemums typically grow on doorsteps and porches during Fall. However, these flowers are also great as cut flowers – as a result, these are also a good choice for your first date.

Chrysanthemums are associated with all kinds of positive symbols, including long love, happiness, and joy. While any shade of Chrysanthemums has an impressive impact, the pink ones are almost always indicative of gentle love – this makes it a major option for first dates.

These flowers are sturdy and usually last for a few hours when kept outside the water. They can be a great option in case you don’t want to carry a vase on your first date.

Mums are also sturdy flowers that can last for a few hours out of the water, so they could be a good choice if you don’t want to bring a vase to your date.

8. Gardenia:

Do you already know that your date likes strong floral scents? Then you have to keep all these flowers aside and just choose gardenia. While these white gardenias might appear plain, their fragrance happens to be absolutely intoxicating.

Gardenias are also symbols of hope and trust, both of which are pretty cool options for your first date. Since these flowers have a very strong fragrance, make sure that your date does not have any kind of allergy or sensitivity before you gift them a bunch of gardenias.

9. Tulips:

Tulips are perhaps one of the most well-known flowers out there, and that too for good reason. Thus, tulips are also commonly known as safe bait, especially if you are not sure what kind of flower your date actually likes. Chances are they like tulips!

If you want to make the whole gifting tulips to your date extra special, then you can opt for unique varieties such as a double tulip or a parrot tulip. In the case of selecting colors, red tulips are a symbol of romance, while orange tulips stand for understanding and connection.

10. Hydrangeas:

Just a single piece of Hydrangea is one of the best options for your first date. If you opt for a hydrangea on your first date, choose purple or pink flowers. While purple flowers are considered to be a symbol of deep understanding, pink ones are a symbol of kindness and heartfelt emotions.

Hydrangeas have pollen, which rarely becomes airborne. As a result, these are great options if you are not sure about your date’s sensitivities or allergies. 

To be, or not to be…Floral:

Flowers are a simple yet romantic option to make things special, especially if you have been waiting for this first date for some time now. While choosing flowers for your date, try to be sensitive about any kind of allergies they might or might not have.

It’s always safe to go for flowers that are associated with positivity and are unlikely to cause any sensitivity or allergy. So, what are you waiting for? Just order some classic first-date flowers and get ready for that date you have been looking forward to! Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

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