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Are you planning a wedding and wondering what colors will complement your wine theme? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the perfect color combinations that will make your wedding unforgettable. From elegant neutrals to bold and vibrant hues, we’ve got you covered. Picture yourself surrounded by shades of ivory, champagne, and gold – a timeless and sophisticated look that exudes elegance. Or perhaps you prefer something more modern and dramatic? Combine wine with deep purple, navy blue, or emerald green for a striking color scheme that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. If romance is what you’re after, why not pair wine with blush pink, lavender, or dusty blue for a soft and dreamy atmosphere? And for those seeking a rustic vibe, embrace earth tones like brown, taupe, and sage green to create an enchanting natural setting. So get ready to discover the perfect color palette for your wine-themed wedding – let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

– Elegant neutrals such as ivory, champagne, and gold can be paired with wine for a timeless and sophisticated look at a wedding.
– Deep purple creates a luxurious and regal atmosphere that complements a wine theme.
– Navy blue adds elegance and sophistication to a wine-themed wedding.
– Emerald green symbolizes growth, harmony, and renewal and adds a pop of color to a wine-themed wedding.

Elegant Neutrals: Pair wine with shades of ivory, champagne, and gold for a sophisticated and timeless look.


Pairing wine with shades of ivory, champagne, and gold creates an elegant and timeless color palette for a sophisticated wedding. These neutral hues complement the rich tones of wine beautifully, adding depth and warmth to the overall aesthetic. Imagine a stunning ivory wedding dress against a backdrop of lush greenery, adorned with delicate champagne-colored accents. The soft glow of gold candleholders and table settings adds a touch of opulence to the scene.

Incorporating these elegant neutrals throughout your wedding decor will create a cohesive and refined look. For instance, you can choose champagne-colored linens for your tables or incorporate ivory flowers in your bouquet. Adding metallic gold touches, such as gilded place cards or golden ribbon on invitations, will elevate the elegance even further.

By using shades of ivory, champagne, and gold alongside wine accents, you’ll achieve a classic and sophisticated ambiance that stands the test of time. This color combination exudes luxury without overpowering the main focus – the wine-inspired elements.

Transition into the subsequent section about ‘bold and vibrant: combine wine with shades of deep purple, navy blue, or emerald green for a modern and dramatic color scheme.’

Bold and Vibrant: Combine wine with shades of deep purple, navy blue, or emerald green for a modern and dramatic color scheme.


Combining wine with shades of deep purple, navy blue, or emerald green creates a bold and vibrant color scheme that adds a modern and dramatic touch to any wedding. Did you know that incorporating deep purple into your wedding decor can create a luxurious and regal atmosphere? Deep purple is often associated with royalty and opulence, making it the perfect choice for couples who want to make a statement on their special day. Pairing wine with deep purple accents, such as bridesmaid dresses or floral arrangements, will instantly elevate the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Navy blue is another fantastic color option to complement wine. It exudes elegance and sophistication while providing a striking contrast to the rich red tones. Incorporate navy blue in your table linens, groomsmen attire, or even in your invitations for a cohesive and stylish aesthetic.

For those seeking an alternative to dark hues, consider adding touches of emerald green to your wine-themed wedding. This vibrant shade symbolizes growth, harmony, and renewal – all qualities that are fitting for embarking on this new chapter in life together. Use emerald green accents in your centerpieces or incorporate it into your bridal bouquet for an eye-catching pop of color.

Transitioning into romantic pastels: create a soft and romantic atmosphere by pairing wine with blush pink, lavender, or dusty blue.

Romantic Pastels: Create a soft and romantic atmosphere by pairing wine with blush pink, lavender, or dusty blue.


To create a soft and romantic atmosphere, you can effortlessly infuse your special day with an enchanting blend of blush pink, lavender, or dusty blue hues that beautifully complement the rich tones of wine. These delicate pastel shades bring a sense of elegance and tranquility to your wedding decor, evoking a timeless charm that will leave your guests in awe.

Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by ethereal arrangements of blush pink roses and lavender peonies. The gentle colors will create a dreamy ambiance, enhancing the romance in the air. Delicate touches of dusty blue in table linens or bridesmaid dresses add a hint of sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

For your reception, consider incorporating these pastel tones into your table settings through floral centerpieces or subtle accents on napkins and chair ties. Soft candlelight reflecting off these hues will set a serene mood for an intimate evening celebration.

As you transition into the next section about rustic earth tones: embrace a rustic and natural vibe by combining wine with warm shades of brown, taupe, and sage green. This combination will bring an earthy warmth to your wedding palette while maintaining the elegant undertones established by the pastels.

Rustic Earth Tones: Embrace a rustic and natural vibe by combining wine with warm shades of brown, taupe, and sage green


Embracing the rustic charm of nature, warm shades of brown, taupe, and sage green intertwine with wine to create a wedding palette reminiscent of a cozy autumn forest. This earthy combination adds an organic and natural touch to your special day. Here are four reasons why you should consider pairing wine with rustic earth tones for your wedding:

1. Timeless Elegance: The combination of wine and warm browns exudes timeless elegance that will never go out of style. It creates a sense of sophistication and refinement that is perfect for a wedding celebration.

2. Natural Beauty: By incorporating sage green into the mix, you bring in the freshness and tranquility of the outdoors. These colors mimic the beauty found in nature, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your wedding.

3. Cozy Atmosphere: Warm shades like taupe evoke feelings of comfort and coziness. They create an intimate ambiance that will make your guests feel right at home.

4. Versatility: Rustic earth tones can be easily incorporated into various elements of your wedding, from floral arrangements to table linens and even bridesmaid dresses. This versatile color palette offers endless possibilities for personalization.

So if you’re looking to infuse your wedding with a touch of rustic charm and natural beauty, consider pairing wine with warm shades of brown, taupe, and sage green for a truly enchanting celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wine be paired with any other colors besides the ones mentioned in the article?

Yes, wine can be paired with other colors besides the ones mentioned in the article. You have many options to choose from depending on your personal preference and the overall theme you want for your wedding.

How can I incorporate wine color into my wedding without it overpowering the other colors?

To incorporate wine color into your wedding without overpowering other colors, use it as an accent shade. Consider using wine-colored flowers, table linens, or bridesmaid dresses to add pops of color while keeping a balanced and cohesive look.

Are there any specific flower arrangements that would complement a wine color scheme?

To complement a wine color scheme, consider flower arrangements with deep burgundy and rich purple blooms. These colors will harmonize beautifully with the wine theme, adding an elegant touch to your wedding décor.

Can I use metallic accents with wine colors for a more glamorous look?

Yes, you can definitely use metallic accents with wine colors for a more glamorous look! They will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding decor.

What are some alternative color palettes that would work well with a wine-themed wedding?

Looking for alternative color palettes that complement a wine-themed wedding? Consider pairing deep burgundy with blush pink for a romantic touch, or go bold with gold and navy for a luxurious feel.


So, now you have a good idea of what colors go well with wine for a wedding. Whether you’re looking for an elegant and timeless look, a bold and vibrant color scheme, a soft and romantic atmosphere, or a rustic and natural vibe, there are plenty of options to choose from. And here’s an interesting statistic: According to a survey conducted by WeddingWire, 32% of couples choose wine as one of their wedding colors. So don’t be afraid to incorporate this rich and sophisticated hue into your special day!

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