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Are you ready to walk down the aisle and say “I do”in front of all your loved ones? As you prepare for your big day, one question may be lingering in your mind: should you do your hair or makeup first for the wedding? It may seem like a simple decision, but it’s an important one that can impact how you look and feel on your special day. Just as the brush strokes of an artist create a masterpiece, the order in which you tackle hair and makeup can make all the difference in achieving your desired bridal look.

When deciding whether to start with hair or makeup, it’s essential to consider your hairstyle. If you’re opting for an intricate updo or a style that requires curling or straightening, it may be best to prioritize your hair. By starting with your locks, you’ll have ample time to perfect every twist and turn without worrying about smudging or ruining freshly applied makeup. Plus, once your hair is perfectly styled, it can serve as a beautiful canvas for enhancing features through makeup application.

Consider Your Hairstyle


Before you start on your makeup, take a moment to envision how your hairstyle will complement your overall bridal look. Your hairstyle can greatly impact the way your makeup looks and vice versa. Consider whether you want an updo, loose waves, or something in between. If you opt for an intricate updo with lots of detailing, it may be best to do your hair first. This way, you can ensure that every strand is perfectly in place before moving on to your makeup.

By prioritizing your hair, you can avoid any mishaps or smudges that may occur while applying makeup. Imagine spending hours perfecting a flawless complexion only to have hairspray ruin it at the last minute. Doing your hair first allows for a smoother makeup application process and minimizes the risk of any unwanted accidents. Plus, once your hair is done, you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way while doing your makeup.

Additionally, starting with your hairstyle gives you the opportunity to create a cohesive look from top to bottom. Once your hair is styled and secured in place, you can then tailor your makeup choices accordingly. Whether it’s adding subtle shimmer to match the sparkle in your updo or opting for a bold lip color that complements cascading curls, considering your hairstyle first allows for better coordination between both elements of your bridal look. So go ahead and prioritize styling those locks before diving into the world of makeup artistry!

Prioritize Your Hair


Opting for a stunning hairstyle on your big day sets the stage for an enchanting bridal transformation. Your hair is one of the most important aspects of your overall look, and it deserves special attention. By prioritizing your hair, you can ensure that it receives the time and effort it needs to be perfect. Plus, starting with your hair allows you to create a beautiful foundation that complements any makeup look you choose.

When you prioritize your hair and do it first, you give yourself ample time to achieve the desired style without feeling rushed or stressed. This way, if any unexpected challenges arise during the hairstyling process, such as stubborn curls or intricate braids taking longer than anticipated, you have enough time to address them without compromising on other aspects of your wedding preparation. By focusing on your hair first, you can relax and enjoy the experience of getting ready for your special day.

Another advantage of doing your hair first is that it allows for better coordination with other elements of your bridal look. Once your hairstyle is completed, you can easily coordinate your makeup with it by considering factors like color palette and overall style. Whether you opt for a romantic updo or flowing waves cascading down over one shoulder, having finished hair will help guide and inspire choices about how best to enhance its beauty through makeup application.

Prioritizing your hair ensures that this crucial aspect of your bridal look receives all the attention it deserves while also allowing for seamless coordination between different elements. When done before applying makeup, not only does it provide ample time and flexibility but also makes sure that both components complement each other perfectly. With fabulous locks setting the stage for a breathtaking transformation, let’s now explore why doing your hair first has its own distinct advantages when compared to doing makeup before in more detail.

Pros of Doing Hair First


When you prioritize doing your hair first for your wedding, it has several advantages. Firstly, by getting your hair styled and set before applying makeup, you ensure that it stays in place throughout the day, even with all the dancing and hugs. Additionally, starting with your hair allows you to easily touch up your makeup without worrying about ruining the carefully crafted hairstyle.

Hair stays in place throughout the day

To ensure your hair stays in place throughout the day, you’ll want to use a long-lasting hairspray that can withstand any weather conditions. Look for a hairspray that offers strong hold and is specifically designed for bridal hairstyles. This will help keep your curls intact and prevent any frizz or flyaways from ruining your look. Additionally, consider using a heat protectant spray before styling your hair with hot tools, such as curling irons or straighteners. This will not only protect your hair from damage but also help hold the style in place for longer.

Creating an image of how important it is to have your hair stay perfect all day can be done through a table:

Weather Condition Hairspray Recommendation
——————- ————————-
Rainy Water-resistant
Humid Anti-humidity
Windy Strong hold

Using this table, you can easily see which type of hairspray would work best for different weather conditions on your wedding day. Now that you know how to ensure your hair remains flawless, let’s move on to how doing your hair first allows for touch-ups on makeup without disrupting the hairstyle.

Allows for touch-ups on makeup

Getting your hair done before applying makeup is like laying the foundation for a flawless canvas that allows for touch-ups without disrupting the masterpiece. Here are four reasons why doing your hair first gives you the advantage of easily touching up your makeup throughout the day:

1. No smudging: By starting with your hair, you eliminate any risk of accidentally smudging or ruining your freshly applied makeup. You can freely move around and style your locks without worrying about messing up your perfectly winged eyeliner or smearing your lipstick.

2. Easier access: When you have already styled and set your hair, it becomes much easier to access every part of your face during touch-ups. There’s no need to maneuver around loose strands or worry about getting hairspray on fresh blush. Your fully styled hair keeps everything in place, allowing you to effortlessly apply or fix any areas that need attention.

3. Time-saving: Doing your hair first allows you to focus solely on perfecting your makeup later on without rushing through it. Since most hairstyles require some time and effort, tackling them upfront ensures that you won’t be scrambling to finish both tasks simultaneously as time runs out.

4. Peace of mind: Knowing that your hairstyle is secure gives you peace of mind throughout the day. You can confidently dance, hug guests, or even brave windy weather without worrying about flyaways ruining all the hard work put into creating a stunning look.

With these advantages in mind, let’s now explore the pros of doing makeup first so that you can make an informed decision based on what works best for you and ensures a flawless wedding appearance from start to finish!

Pros of Doing Makeup First


Start with your makeup first, so you can showcase a flawless and radiant complexion on your special day. By starting with your makeup, you have the opportunity to create a smooth canvas for the rest of your look. Applying foundation, concealer, and setting powder will help to even out your skin tone and hide any imperfections. This way, when it’s time to do your hair, you won’t have to worry about getting any product on your freshly done makeup.

Another advantage of doing your makeup first is that it allows for touch-ups throughout the day. After you finish styling your hair, there may be some fallout or stray strands that could potentially ruin your carefully applied makeup. By doing your makeup first, you can easily fix any smudges or smears without messing up your hairdo. Plus, having all of the necessary tools and products within reach while doing your makeup will make touch-ups quick and convenient.

Lastly, starting with makeup gives you the chance to set a focal point for your overall bridal look. By choosing either bold eyes or statement lips as the centerpiece of your makeup, you can then coordinate the rest of your look accordingly. For example, if you decide to go for dramatic eye makeup with winged liner and false lashes, it might be best to keep the hairstyle more understated so that it doesn’t compete for attention. Doing your makeup first allows you to plan and execute a cohesive bridal look that reflects both elegance and personal style.

Beginning with applying makeup before doing hair offers several advantages for brides-to-be. It provides a flawless base for other products while allowing touch-ups without affecting the hairstyle later on. Additionally, by setting a focal point in terms of bold eyes or statement lips during the initial stages of getting ready helps create a cohesive bridal look from head to toe. So go ahead and start with perfecting that radiant complexion before moving on to hairstyling – after all, it’s your special day and you deserve to look and feel your absolute best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do my hair and makeup simultaneously?

Yes, you can do your hair and makeup simultaneously. Picture this: while a hairstylist works their magic on your locks, a makeup artist enhances your features. It’s a time-saving and efficient way to get ready for your wedding.

Should I consider the weather or outdoor conditions when deciding whether to do my hair or makeup first?

Consider the weather and outdoor conditions when deciding which to do first. If it’s windy or humid, doing your hair first may be better. Otherwise, start with makeup to ensure it stays flawless throughout the event.

Does the length and thickness of my hair play a role in determining whether to prioritize hair or makeup?

Consider the length and thickness of your hair. If it’s a wild mane, tackle it first to avoid rushing. But if it’s manageable, focus on makeup for that stunning wedding day glow.

Are there any specific hairstyles that are better suited for doing makeup first?

There are no specific hairstyles that are better suited for doing makeup first. It ultimately depends on personal preference and the desired look you want to achieve for your wedding day.

How can I ensure that my hair and makeup both stay intact throughout the wedding day if I choose to do one before the other?

To ensure both your hair and makeup stay intact throughout the wedding day, start by applying a primer before doing either. Use long-lasting products, set everything with setting spray, and touch up as needed during the day.


In conclusion, when it comes to deciding whether to do your hair or makeup first for your wedding, it ultimately depends on your personal preference and the specific style you want to achieve. However, it is generally recommended to prioritize your hair and do it before your makeup. This allows you to create a solid foundation for your overall look and ensures that your hairstyle stays in place throughout the day.

By doing your hair first, you can also minimize the risk of smudging or ruining your carefully applied makeup while styling or adjusting your locks. Additionally, starting with hairstyling gives you more flexibility in terms of time management. You can take as long as you need to perfect your hairstyle without feeling rushed or stressed about finishing up with makeup.

Remember, each bride is unique and what works for one may not work for another. It’s important to experiment beforehand and have a trial run so that you can make an informed decision based on what suits you best. Ultimately, the goal is to feel confident and beautiful on your special day – whether that means dazzling with a stunning hairstyle or showcasing flawless makeup – or both! So go ahead and embrace the process of getting ready for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

As they say, “The devil is in the details.” And this couldn’t be truer when it comes to preparing yourself for the big day. Every little aspect contributes towards creating a picture-perfect bride who will leave everyone mesmerized. Therefore, consider all factors such as hairstyle choice, time constraints, and potential risks when making this decision. With careful planning and preparation, you’ll surely be able to achieve a wedding look that will make heads turn and hearts skip a beat!

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