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How to Look Good With a Shaved Head

Maybe now is the time to get a shaved head! Who knows you might look great. There might be a variety of questions on your mind regarding the shaved head but your first concern might be whether it would suit you or not!

In any case, there is no harm in trying! After all, you would get your precious hair back plus, if you are staying home most of the time who’s there to complain, right?

Read on for more information on a variety of questions and the possible answers!

How To Look Good With A Shaved Head?

If you wonder, “how to look good with a shaved head?” then you might be considering the shaved or bald look for the very first time in your life. Now, it could be because you want to try this look or it could also be because your hair might be thinning. In any case, it’s a good idea to learn how to rock a shaved head and look great!

Consider the following:

Be confident! No matter what, you just have to wear confidence with style and that’s the one thing that makes you look great with or without hair.

Grow a beard if you like! A beard with a shaved head is something you might have spotted many times. But have you thought how it would look on you? It might make you look great! Just think about it.

Wear the right clothes. Select the right colors that go with your skin tone. Make sure you are trying your best to select the best! If you chose the right clothes, it can make you look great plus you should also wear the sunglasses that go with the shape of your face. Try to learn what suits you best.

You can ask your friends or family members for tricks or tips to look great with a shaved head. If there is someone in the family who is great with styling, you can definitely ask for advice. Plus, you can advantage of social media and ask for suggestions. Moreover, there are tons of articles, images, and tutorials available online that can help you with everything.

how to know if you did look good with a shaved head

What Do You Wear With A Shaved Head?

If you are thinking, “what do you wear with a shaved head?” especially when you are planning to go bald for the season then you should keep the following tips in mind:

Try to find the latest trends. Search for information online or find the ads with a bald man. Maybe follow the bald celebrities and see what fashion style they are following.

Make sure whatever you are wearing makes you comfortable. Your comfort level should be above everything else!

Depending on your skin tone, select the clothing! If you select the wrong tones it might make you look dull and boring.

Always adopt the fashion style that is according to your age. It would be best to do a little research before you go for the final decision! Plus, ask someone to guide you if you have no idea what to wear and what to avoid.

If possible, you can even hire a stylist for yourself who can guide you better when it comes to wearing the right kind of clothes with a shaved head. Plus, there is no harm in having an extra set of eyes look for you! Styling and grooming can help you look better especially if you have no idea what to do and how to carry yourself better. Plus, there is tons of information available online for your help and inspiration.

It all comes down to how you are carrying yourself. If you know the right way to present yourself in the public, you are good to go! Just be confident in your skin and try your best to select the best fashion styles out there.

What A Shaved Head Say About You?

If you think, “what a shaved head says about you?” then you might be thinking to go ahead and try this new look. Well, don’t worry as it might mean different things.

For example, your shaved head might make you look more attractive as it might suit you better. It can also show dominance and power. Basically, it would be about how you are carrying yourself in the public.

Let’s say if someone has thinning hair and is complaining about it then it might show your personality as weak since you would be constantly complaining. On the other hand, if you embrace the situation and wear the shaved head with confidence then it would be a different story.

However, if you want to show dominance and power then you can also go for a shaved head as depending on your features, it might make you look more dominant and attractive.

Are Shaved Heads Attractive?

If you think, “are shaved heads attractive?” then you are not the only person considering this particular question. In fact, if you do a simple search online, you would know that this question is quite common but people want to know whether women find shaved heads attractive.

It would be interesting to note that some scientific research considers the bald man as dominant. But it is important for you to keep in mind that you have to consider different factors.

It is possible that a person could be shaving head because of thinning hair. There could be many reasons but generally, if a person already has dominant features, a shaved head can also add attractiveness to it. Everybody can have an opinion and so do you! So if you think that people with shaved heads are attractive and you want to go ahead and try the look, why not! Plus, during such a time when a barber is hard to access it’s not a bad idea and you would experiment yourself whether it’s true or not.

So if you are thinking to try such a style or if someone you know is thinking to go ahead and shave their head, make sure you take care of your scalp and use the right products. Make sure you are taking care of the skin of your head and not using harsh chemicals especially if you want to grow your hair back and are looking for a different hairstyle once the barbers are open and ready to provide haircuts in a safe manner. Meanwhile, you can browse the internet and find inspiration.

Are Shaved Heads Intimidating?

If you think, “are shaved heads intimidating?” you might be getting the idea from watching a variety of movies or dramas where you might be observing people with shaved heads as quite intimidating.

You can find information pertaining to shaved heads and classifying such shaved heads powerful. It also depends on your personal perception and observation and what you think counts a lot! You can find research that would show that guys with shaved heads might seem tougher.

In the past, the bald lifestyle was not that common. People who would go to jail had shaved heads as it can prevent the spread of lice. Plus, you can also say that whatever style gets common over the years, media is playing an active role in making the perception popular to some extent. If you are constantly bombarded with a certain view that shows bald guys as tough or attractive, there are chances you might like the idea and might even grow around this notion.

Do Bald Guys Have More Testosterone?

If you think, “do bald guys have more testosterone?” then you are not the only one thinking like this! In fact, it is a common belief. Testosterone is available in your body in a variety of forms. One such form is Dihydrotestosterone abbreviated as DHT.

But your genes and sensitivity level of hair follicles play an integral role. So if your hair follicles are sensitive then even a small amount of this particular hormone can cause hair loss. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that it would be quite tough for you to know the actual cause. It is always better to consult a doctor rather than relying on information available online.

Many people would believe whatever is being said or whatever they hear! Usually, it’s best to do thorough research before forming an opinion. If something is being said or believed, try to find the logic or scientific evidence behind it rather than just trusting the said information blindly. You might also hear that low testosterone can cause hair loss in men. Thus, don’t fall for such common beliefs but rather do thorough research yourself.

Why Do Bald Guys Grow Beards?

If you think, “why do bald guys grow beards?” then you are not alone since many people would share the same observation as you. It appears as if people notice the correlation. There could be a variety of reasons such as:

A bald buy might grow a beard to look attractive.

If a person has hair loss, growing a beard can make him look more prominent as a beard is a masculine feature.

If you have a double chin, the rightly trimmed beard can give your face a different look! It can be one of the reasons to grow a beard.

Which Oil Is Best For Shaved Head?

If you wonder, “which oil is best for shaved head?” then you might find a variety of such products by a simple search on the internet. However, it is always a good idea to search for the most suitable product available out there on the market.

First, you have to see why are you trying to get the oil for your shaved head. For example, do you want to care for the head or are you trying to make your new hair healthy or is there a patch that you want to treat.

There are different oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and many more. If you don’t have an underlying skin condition you can do a patch test and try the oil of your choice. But if there is a skin concern, it would be best to ask your doctor for a recommendation.

If you have an itchy scalp, you can try using coconut oil on your scalp. Depending on your needs, you can select the oil for your scalp. Plus, there are different brands available out there on the market that would be selling the oils and some of these would claim of hair growth. If you plan on buying such an oil, always do thorough research before making a final purchase decision. Check the reviews left by previous buyers to get an idea of the performance of the product.

Why Do Prisoners Get Their Heads Shaved?

If you wonder, “why do prisoners get their heads shaved?” then there could be many reasons. For example, it is possible that they would be shaving the head to stop the spread of lice.

In the past, it was a form of punishment as well. You might have seen a variety of series or movies that might give you the idea of shaved heads of the prisoners.


Looking good with a shaved head might be easier now since there are a variety of tips, tricks, and information available online. You can search for tutorials, celebrities, and so much more! You can find the clothes that can make you look great plus, it’s easy to find inspiration nowadays. Plus, if you find it tough to select the best style for yourself, you can even hire a stylist to guide you better. It is always better to have an extra set of eyes to guide you for the better.

Hand Tattoos Pros And Cons?

Foot and hand tattooing are fine art. In fact, that is why may tattoo artists refuse to design them. The spots are challenging due to their frequent use during the healing process. Not leaving behind that hands have uneven surfaces with delicate bone structures and skin which makes tattooing more difficult even for the experienced tattooist. Despite these difficulties, hand tattoos are still popular. However, without proper knowledge of tattoos, the final result can be poor and permanent. Start with the advantages and disadvantages of designing hand tattoos for you to make a sound decision.

pros and cons of hand tattoos in the workplace

Hand Tattoos Pros And Cons?

You should never decide hastily to tattoo your hands. Preparation, ample thoughts, and a skilled artist are necessities if you have to tattoo this area. Note that, tattoos on your hand can have both advantages and disadvantages as seen below.

Pros of Hand Tattoos

  • A hand tattoo is a form of self-expression. It is a great way to express yourself without saying a single word. The tattoo you wear at your hand will definitely have something to say about you. Although a tattoo could have many meanings, the most obvious meaning will be that you love art.
  • It will stay with you forever. If you get a hand tattoo for the right reason by the right artist and with the maintenance they need, then you will wear a meaningful piece of art for a lifetime.
  • A visible tattoo can help you get a job. Well, there has been a stigma against tattoos over the past but recently there’ve been a sea change and now some jobs actually prefer workers with visible tattoos. The main reason could be that the company wants to be associated with that image that is on the individual’s hand.
  • Hand tattoos provide self-esteem and confidence. Having fresh ink is really exciting and you will want to show it off. This is because it takes you to be certain that you really want to have a meaningful design on your hand. The more the tattoos you have the bigger the confidence boost. This is the case for people who had a history of depression.
  • It meets the aesthetic purpose. If you want a tattoo that is not too out there, then a hand tattoo is what to opt to. The reason could be that the tattoos is discrete, small, and fits very well. Thus, it is an interesting talking piece.

Cons of Hand Tattoos

  • It will hurt. Our hands are full of nerves and the skin rests right on the knuckle and bone. In general, your hand has less muscle or fat to cushion the sensation of a needle. So, if you are planning to have one, maybe find another body part, or if you’re committed then embrace the pain.
  • They fade quickly. The skin on your hand takes ink in a different way than most of the other body parts do. Some suggest that it is because of the active nature of the hands and the frequency at which you wash them. Therefore, if you decide to get a tattoo on your hand, then expect it to be touched up regularly.
  • A hand tattoo may limit your career path. Although the society is welcoming more tattoos each day, there is still a taboo that potentially affects the kind of job you get in life. Unfortunately, it is likely that a white-collar job won’t hire people with visible tattoos even if they’re qualified.
  • It is not a spot for perfectionists. The hand is probably not the correct place of putting your dream design. Because of the nature of the skin and tattoo lines tend to be a bit fuzzy, also the colors do not come out so bright.
  • It can put your body on display for the rest of the world. It will be annoying to be picked apart about your tattoos. When you start to get the designs, people will constantly ask you about each and every one of them.

side hand tattoo pros and cons

Are Hand Tattoos Acceptable?

Generally, it is acceptable. However, in some states like South Carolina it is illegal to ink-design your face and hands. Most places no longer have such laws and thus anyone and most shops have no standing reason not to design tattoos. Whilst some jobs might still have the policy in place, it is less common nowadays because many people are already tattooed and each and every day others are getting tattooed. Also, it is expected that you as a client get to know the dangers and risks of having a permanent tattoo before you pay for it. The fact that hand tattoos are visible they are becoming more socially accepted and thus it is less likely to be a topic of discussion than you would have been ten years ago.

Is It A Bad Idea To Get A Tattoo On Your Hand?

Not only hand but also head, face, and neck tattoos are repeatedly referred to as “job stoppers”. This is because they are in very visible areas that are hard to cover making it nearly impossible to get a professional job. Although some people are lucky to have hiring managers who are lenient towards tattoos, some other places visible tatts can lead to the loss of your job or even make you not to be considered for the position.

Excessive hand tattoos make you be seen as unprofessional and thus you will be forced to wear long sleeves to hide them. Not forgetting that it can limit your job opportunities for instance, in the doctor’s profession as they deal directly with patients. It is advisable to first think about the long-run effect of the tattoo before inserting the design on a visible body part.

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Hand Tattoo?

If you are looking forward to getting a hand tattoo, then you are probably going to get a hard time finding an artist to do that for you because of the so-called professional dilemma. You see, these professionals know that highly visible tattoos can cause the wearer to be subjected to ridicule if it is wrongly done or even impede the chances of getting employed. Even if your hand tattoos are perfectly done, it is still very hard to maintain them. The hands are taken through a lot of abuse in each and every day and as a result, the ink may be nudged out of place. Furthermore, the tattoo on your hand is a walking advertisement for the artist’s expertise to every other person who sees it. If you mess up your tattoo maybe by not maintaining it properly, the blame will be on to the artist and thus why some have a policy against hand tattooing as reputation matters to them.

How Painful Is A Hand Tattoo?

Because of the fact that hands are bony and are also covered in a thin layer of skin means that there is no cushioning to reduce the pain you will feel when getting tattooed. Out of all the various places you can design tattoos your hands will give you the most painful moments. A tattoo on this place is a breeze and also the aftermath of it is the worst thing to experience in your tattoo game. Be prepared physically and mentally for days of swelling, intense tingling, and extreme tightness as the blood rushes through your hand every time you move it. If your tattoo is symbolic, the pain is a good commitment thus go-ahead for it.

How Do You Cover Up A Tattoo On Your Hand?

While many people see tattoos as the work of art, some don’t. Also, many businesses require employees to cover the tattoos in the workplace. Additionally, there’re important ceremonies that you might consider covering the visible tattoos. Then below is how to go about it.

  • Use tattoo cover-up. There are many products in the markets which have heavy coverage and a wide selection of colors for you to pick the one that matches your skin tone such as tattoo camo, derma blend, and cover mark
  • Try stage makeup. It provides heavy and long-lasting coverage and is better for big tattoos. It is widely available for a variety of skin colors, some include Ben Nye and Killer Cover
  • Get an airbrush tan. This is good for small or light tattoos. These spray tans will darken your skin out of the skin tone while covering the imperfections

Can You Get A Job With A Hand Tattoo?

Even though jobs tend to care less about what people care about most, the hiring managers can have a say as to whether you will get the job. Jobs search for someone who is good at teamwork, communication, critical thing among other skills. You might be lucky if you have the above skills and the recruiters are lenient about the tattoos. However, if your visible tattoos are too much to the employers who care about them, then there is no doubt that you either have to cover it or miss the job. The good news is that there are still jobs which if you have visible tattoos are actually an added advantage. Jobs like fashion designing where creativity is key.

Can You Have Hand Tattoos In The Police?

There is no nationwide police policy on tattoos, but their policies of what is permitted changes across each country. Earlier before the year two thousand, you could not find any visible tattoo in the police forces due to the belief that they are associated with gangs. Nowadays you can find tattoos with the policemen depending on the rules in their department. Some require that visible tattoos should stay covered at the workplace while in other departments, you can show off the tattoo without any problem. Therefore, it only depends on the departmental policies.

Are Hand Tattoos Illegal In The U.S.?

Maybe you are wondering what is the legal status of tattooing in the United States? Well, there isn’t legal federal law to regulate the practice of tattooing. Although, all fifty states have statutory laws that require anyone who intends to have tattoos to be at least 2 years old. Most states permit a person aged below eighteen years to get a tattoos only if they have the permission of a guardian or parent, but some states prohibit tattooing regardless of the permission, under some age for medical purposes placed by radiation therapy.

Apart from the entire jurisdiction, individual tattooists may also decide to place more restrictions depending on their own moral feelings like refusing any client under a specific age even though it is legal. Also, the tattooist can refuse to design a certain type of tattoo if it is offensive or at a specific location that you were willing to tattoo.

Is Vaseline Good For Hand Tattoo?

Vaseline is not the best choice for tattoo maintenance or rather aftercare. Most tattooists recommend the use of an ointment known as A+D. This is because it contains a combination of petroleum and lanolin which protect your skin during the first several hours after getting your tattoo. The petroleum jelly will trap moisture and bacterial away from the tattoo to avoid scarring and infections caused when the tatt doesn’t get enough air while it is healing. Vaseline can’t do that to fresh tattoo but it can still be useful on old tatts when the skin is dry. Always feel free to consult with your tattooist in case you have any concerns. In case it gets infected don’t hesitate to see the doctor for treatment.


After the face and neck tattoos, hand tattoos are the second most visible. That means the choice of your artist is decisive. The best artist to handle the design should have a lot of experience, knowledge, and confidence. Be aware of both the pros and cons, healing challenges, and any touch-ups you will need before spending your hard-earned money on inking your hand. Lastly, consider your tattoo design as your hand serve as a greeting to the world, so if it is offensive you won’t be doing yourself a favor, it can even deny you job opportunities.

Do Tattoos Affect Job Opportunities?

If you have any design on your dermis layer that changes the color of your skin by inserting ink, pigments, and dyes which are either temporary or indelible, then you’ve tattooed your body. Generally, tattoos fall into three main categories; those made for decorative purposes, those that are symbolic to have a specific meaning to the wearer, and those which are pictorial to represent a specific item or person. Whether you have at least one tattoo or you are planning to have it, you might be wondering if tattoos have anything to do with job opportunities. Let’s discover.

Do Tattoos Affect Job Opportunities?

Maybe you are among the millennial between the age of eighteen and twenty-nine who have at least one tattoo, here is some good news for you. In case you worry about your employment prospects, note that in most cases it looks like having a tattoo will not affect your job opportunity at all. In fact, at times it can help you secure a job opportunity. That is the conclusion drawn by the new research conducted about the connection between tattoos, employment, and earnings in the U.S. labor market. The research represents a drastic change from the past when tattoos were less popular and seen as a big deal.

Firstly, jobs tend to care less about what people care about. Jobs require skills meaning that if you are good in communication, teamwork, professionalism, critical thinking, and self-management the tattoos have nothing to do with the opportunity. That will remain unless the recruiters or the so-called hiring managers will care about tattoos. However, the society today has changed greatly in the last twenty years or so.

can tattoos affect job opportunities

Many people have tattoos making employers have very little choice but to accept tattooed employees. Considering the employer as the viewer, hidden tattoos are obviously not a problem at all, but visible tattoos might raise concern if the employer thinks it’s too much. If it is tasteful to the viewer, then there is no problem. It is also important to note that tattoos are common only in big cities, in rural areas people may be worried and associate you with evil things.

Studies have shown that tattoos are not linked to any lower wages or employment discrimination. In fact, tattoos are most common in blue-collar jobs compared to white-collar ones and are seen to be a small boost especially to men. Besides, if every employer is side-eyeing your tattoos then you have an added advantage on the job opportunity over the others for instance, fashion designing. Studies carried earlier showed that about 80 percent of the employers are negative about visible tattoos on employees but this new study found that tattoos have become widely accepted in any workplace.

Jobs For People With Tattoos?

Searching for a job could be hard if you have a visible tattoo. However, this should not scare you too much because there’re still some job opportunities that don’t mind workers with visible tattoos. They include:

IT jobs

If you’re highly skilled and knowledgeable about using the internet and computer, then you can easily secure any type of freelance jobs and no one will mind your appearance

Foodservice industry

In this field what’s of importance is your skills and ability but not having visible tattoos

It is the most common job for people with tattoos as most of them are driving lovers.

Other areas which you might prefer are the beauty industry, marketing, being an artist, or rather working in the entertainment industry.

What Jobs Don’t Allow Tattoos?

There are some jobs that strictly don’t allow tattoos. Thus, it’s important to know them before you decide to ink your body. They are the following.

Healthcare professionals

Many hospitals have a policy which requires tattoos or some piercings to be covered or removed as you will deal directly with patients

Police officers and military

There is a stereotypical connection between tattoos and gangs. Therefore, tattoos are ruled out in this field.

Law firms

The appearance standards in law firms is very strict and thus no visible tattoo can be allowed

Administrative receptionist and assistants

This field don’t allow excessive make-up, hair color, and others. Thus, it is safe to assume that they don’t tolerate tattoos

Financial institutions and banks

Even though tattoos have nothing to do with your ability to handle the job, it’s still unprofessional in this field. The other job is teaching apart from private schools.

do tattoos really affect job opportunities

What High Paying Jobs Allow Tattoos?

Tattoos are taking the world like a storm. However, at times it can make you not so desirable if the viewers don’t appreciate it. But this should not discourage you because there are certain high paying jobs that don’t mind tattoos existing. Explore them for your preference.

  • (Average annual salary of $43180) If you have ever spent some time with a chef, chances are that he or she has some tattoos. It is so common that the authors wrote a book called knives and ink about chefs and stories behind their tattoos. Although some restaurants had policies not to hire chefs with tattoos, most of them have been revised.
  • (Average annual salary of $34070) This is a creative career and thus having a tattoo isn’t a problem. Furthermore, there is a blog post written after the author noticed the increased number of photographers with visible tattoos
  • CEO. (Average annual salary of $103950) If you own your own company, you can dress pretty much as you feel like. There are well-known CEOs who embrace tattoos.
  • Fashion designer. (Average annual salary of $65170) This job revolves around art and you can express it even with tattoos. A good example is Marc Jacobs, a famous fashion designer.
  • (Average annual salary of $24300) The beauty industry is well known for looking at the best way to enhance your outer appearance. Therefore, tattoos are not uncommon in workplaces.
  • Freelance writer. (Average annual salary of $61240) It involves working from home and thus one of the best parts of it is that no one will get to know what you’re wearing
  • Personal trainer. (Average annual salary of $38160) Gyms and fitness clubs are generally lenient when it comes to visible fact, the company received attention of late when they advertised to reimburse any employee who tattooed their body with the company’s logo
  • The average annual salary is $52720
  • Musician. The average salary is $25.14 per hour
  • Construction worker or manager. The average annual salary for workers is $32230, for managers is $89300

Is It Unprofessional To Have Tattoos?

In order to answer the question above, it is important to first define what the word “professional” means. According to the MacMillan Dictionary, it’s someone who has skills or a lot of training. So you can conclude that these are people who work in places like schools, banks, hospitals, and other places where employees are required to have formal training. Professional dressing code is required in these places. Therefore, excessive piercings and tattoos are improper. If employees are required to be representing a reputable business, then their appearance is demanding to match that business and excessive tattoos don’t display the image of a professional individual. Finally, it’s left to the business to decide what image their worker will show in the workplace

What Careers Do Not Allow Tattoos?

  • Tattoos in this field are strictly out in public schools while in private schools there is a little bit of lenience. The reason why public schools don’t allow them is due to the complaints from the parents about the fear of their children coping the same
  • Resorts/ hotels. Especially luxury hotels, they require their front office staff to be tattoo and ink-free
  • Financial institutions. In the banking sector, individuals need to be seen as highly trustworthy. Having a tattoo is seen to be unprofessional and associated with evil
  • A career here is a no-brainer and for professionalism justification, you need to have no visible tattoo on your skin
  • Military. Although each branch has different rules in place, branches where tattoos are restricted, have none.
  • Other career includes health profession.

Do Banks Hire People With Tattoos?

Even though there are no restrictions either during the joining formalities or in the notification, as a professional it is important to ensure that it does not look awkward. Banks are known to be very strict when it comes to be dressing code policy. Therefore, the appearance of your tattoo will matter a lot. It is advisable to cover it. However, if you are asking about the private banks, then it’s important to note that they are unpredictable and they can give you any excuse that suits the employers. If your career is working in the bank then it’s advisable to have your tattoo covered.

Can Lawyers Have Tattoos?

Absolutely yes, you can still be a lawyer with tattoos. Actually, there is no prohibition against them having tattoos. However, there is this risk that some employers, jurors, and clients may not like your tattoo and as a result your career gets some negative impact. Tattoo is still common in this era, especially with the lower socioeconomic class. Therefore, its negative impact will be probably much less compared to that of an elder lawyer. If your heart is to be an attorney and you still love tattoos, just work hard to prepare seriously and your tattoo should not be a big deal if it is covered at the workplace.

Can Policemen Have Tattoos?

Earlier, maybe in years before the year 2000, and even some years later, a tattoo could not be visible in the police profession. In case you had tattoos in those years, then you had to wear long sleeves to hide them. However, each department had its own policies, in others, visible tattoos were not allowed. But a few years ago, that policy was discarded. Now you can be an officer, wear short sleeves, and display your tattoos as long as they’re appealing. It has been an acknowledgment by the world at large that times have evolved and tattoos are now acceptable by the society. If your dream is to be in uniform, then go ahead as you don’t have to hide your tattoo anymore.

Can A Pediatrician Have Tattoos?

As a doctor you are expected to maintain sobriety and decency towards your clothing in order to make the patient comfortable. Many people tend to judge someone with their attires. They expect the doctor to be in light shade colors and formal clothing. Otherwise, the patient won’t tell their history seriously. Furthermore, recent research found that half of all the patients surveyed do prefer their doctors to wear traditional clothing. Thus, many hospitals have increased their measures to meet patient satisfaction. Therefore, it’s recommendable not to have piercings or visible body art. If you really need to have a tattoo, then let it be at someplace where it is not visible while you are in your formal attire.

How Can I Remove My Permanent Tattoo?

While having a tattoo can be fun, at sometimes it can make you regret. The bad thing about permanent tattoos is that they’re permanent. If you need to remove them, here are some tips worth your try.

  • Laser removal. It is considered to be painful although it is the most common and preferred. It involves breaking the ink particles using the high-intensity laser beams which penetrate your skin
  • Plastic surgery. A skin grafting technique that is less painful and can be used to remove larger tattoos by covering them permanently
  • Involves removing the tattoo by rubbing it off with a coarse surface, thus it’s painful
  • Sal abrasion. Involves scrubbing the tattoo using a water and salt mixture. The saline solution dissolves slowly to help fade it
  • Chemical peels. This treatment is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles from the skin. It thus affects the top skin layer making it a great way of removing tattoos
  • Use makeup to hide it. It’s the easiest, quickest and pain-free way of removing your tattoo


If you are dying to have a tattoo, go ahead and have it. Even though some employers may raise an eyebrow at you, it’s still your body. Also, you don’t really have to work for a company that makes you hide your tattoo. Times are changing and there are other companies where if you have a tattoo it’s actually an added advantage as seen in the article. All you have to do is consider the location of it. Face tattoos are too much thus avoiding them is better. Also, select your design wisely for it not to be offensive. Know when to show them off and when to cover them.

Is Sleeping In Your Clothes Bad?

If you have your sleeping interest at heart, then what you wear to bed is crucial. Maybe you have been wondering what you should truly wear when going to bed? Well, the effect of wearing the right clothes to bed is a bone of contention. People tend to undermine the health benefits and the quality of sleep accompanied by wearing the right thing to sleep. Actually, studies have linked poor sleep to almost everything you can think of, starting from health to relationship problems. Here is an eye-opener on how wearing the right clothing to bed is the very first step to a healthy sleep.

Is Sleeping In Your Clothes Bad?

Sleeping in your clothes isn’t really bad but then you are not acting rationally. If you happen to go to bed with the same clothes that you wore throughout the day, then your body is prone to some health issues especially if you don’t shower in the evening. It’s unhealthy to live like that. The above question totally depends on what you wear to bed and the type of beddings you use. Again, it is high time you get to understand that there are clothes that you can wear and others that you shouldn’t wear to bed. Furthermore, sleeping naked is actually good for your health. The primary reason is that it gives your body some free motion. It also lowers your body temperature and reduces stress. Generally, it improves the quality of your sleep.

There are still some other great alternatives if you are not comfortable about sleeping in the nude. At the same time, there are some clothes that you are advised not to wear to bed. Starting with what you should cloth to bed.

  • Breathable pajamas.

If you are not excited about sleeping naked, then this is a great alternative. Pick out breathable pajamas that will fit you loosely and allow your body to have plenty of range of motion. Subsequently, choose a fabric that is breathable so that it won’t overheat your body.

  • Birthday suit.

It helps you sleep at the ideal body temperatures and as a result your body thermoregulates. Meaning that you will enter into a state of deep sleep with ease.

  • Clean clothes.

Always make sure that the pajamas you’re wearing to bed do not have excess skin buildup and sweat. This is because it leads to skin infections and a less pleasant experience especially if you are overheating and sweating.

  • Lightweight socks.

If your feet are too cold at night, then you might have trouble getting into a deep sleep. Furthermore, studies show that the right kind of socks can reduce by fifteen minutes the time taken to fall asleep. But wearing thick socks designed using fabric may have the opposite result. For best results, take a warm shower and wear a clean pair of socks to bed.

  • Eye and ear cover.

Trying to sleep while there is excess sound and light is difficult and unfortunately you won’t rest. To solve this problem, investing in earplugs and eye masks will definitely eliminate distractions and help you fall into a deep sleep.

On the other hand, it is recommendable that you don’t wear tight clothes to bed. These are the worst as they may prevent the flow of products through your lymph nodes which may lead to a poor immune system. Also, it is advisable not to wear underwear to bed, especially tight ones as they may lead to bacteria breeding and result in infections. Additionally, if you are a lady, it is better not to wear bras. Tight bras may lower your ability to breathe at night. What’s more, don’t wear makeup. Falling asleep with your makeup on may clog your skin pores resulting in the development of wrinkles sooner.

Is Sleeping In Your Clothes Bad

The other thing that contributes to the quality level of your sleep is choosing the right bedding. Regardless of what you wear to sleep, the quality of your beddings matters because the materials can break or better your sleeping experience. Therefore, you should firstly look for sheets made of breathable material that won’t make you feel damp at night. Secondly, look for cool sheets with appropriate temperature not to overheat you. Lastly, look for sheets with flexible weaves to keep you comfortable and help you sleep well. To answer your question, sleeping naked is very recommendable. However, if you are not into it, then sleeping with the right type of clothes can derive equal results.

Is It Healthy To Sleep In Your Clothes?

Sleeping in the right clothes and after taking a warm shower is good. However, it has been proven that sleeping naked has more benefits than when you go to bed with clothes. Sleeping naked can make you reduce stress and lose weight. Since only 8 percent of the population sleep naked, almost each and every one of them has experienced the following benefits.

Firstly, if you sleep without your clothes then you will sleep better. Researchers have found that when you sleep without clothes your body temperatures are lowered resulting in deep quality sleep. Secondly, it reduces stress by balancing your cortisol levels. Thirdly, sleeping naked is healthier compared to sleeping with your clothes on as it improves your body metabolism resulting in your losing weight. Therefore, considering that tight clothes will build pressure on your blood vessels and sweating will lead to skin infections, it is healthier to sleep without clothes.

What Should I Wear To Sleep?

If you are not into sleeping naked, then here are some of the clothes that should be your great option. They are as follows: Birthday suit as they are light and will help lower your body temperature for a deep sleep. Pajamas, especially those designed with a breathable fabric not to overheat. Wear clean clothes after taking a warm shower to avoid rash caused by bacteria in dirt. Lightweight clean socks as they help you fall asleep quickly. Also, wear ear and eye cover that are soft and made of a breathable material as they will help you sleep the best. Additionally, they will minimize distraction for you to fall asleep regardless of what is happening around you.

What Are Night Wears Called?

Night wears are clothes designed to be worn while you are sleeping. They are the so-called sleepwear, loungewear, or nightclothes. However, the style of nightwear worn may vary in accordance with seasons. For instance, during the winter season warmer clothes are worn whilst during summer season light clothes are used. Furthermore, each material used performs a specific purpose. They include adult onesie, a baby doll for young girls, a blanket sleeper for infants, chemise, loose negligee for women, nightcap, loose nightgown for women, nightshirt, loose pajamas, peignoir, gym shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, and also long underwear. Also, sleeping with no clothes is common.

What Is The Best Fabric For Sleepwear?

Sleepwear should be the most comfortable clothing for any person to sleep in. Besides, there are many options you can find in the market and from which you can choose the most comfortable nightwear for yourself. Although, pajamas are the most go-to sleepwear especially for ladies as they provide you with the ideal level of comfort and thus resulting in the sound sleep you deserve. They allow your body to move freely without feeling trapped and allow your skin to breathe.

Nowadays, pajamas come in a range of materials like silk, cotton, spandex, and others. But cotton is the best fabric for your sleepwear. This is because cotton will absorb a lot of moisture and thus you will not feel any dampness that can lower the quality of your sleep. It is recommendable you try cotton pajamas for the best feel.

Why Should We Not Wear Socks While Sleeping?

If you wear socks when going to bed, then it is important to note that there are some drawbacks and that’s why you should not wear socks while sleeping. They are as follows.

  • Reduced circulation.

Wearing socks in bed can interfere with blood circulation. If you happen to choose tight and restrictive socks, they will decrease the blood flow. Therefore, it’s recommendable that you choose a size that won’t tighten you or opt for bed socks.

  • Poor hygiene.

Whenever you wear tight or dirty socks, then your feet won’t breathe properly and thus the chances of bad odors and infections are increased. To cater to this, it is advisable that you always change your pair of socks when going to bed. Also, choose a pair of socks that are made of a breathable material such as cotton.

When you wear the right pair of socks to bed you will definitely cool down faster. However, there are other instances when the opposite effect can happen. That is when you wear socks that are not made of a breathable material, they can cause the overheating effect.

Is It Good To Sleep Without A Pillow?

Whether you will derive any type of benefit from sleeping without a pillow majorly depends on how you sleep. You may feel better sleeping on a level surface. Sleeping without a pillow can help keep your head flat and thus stress on your neck is reduced promoting better alignment and posture. Also, whenever you sleep on your stomach your head is turned in an awkward angle. Using a pillow will only increase the awkward angle and it leads to neck pains. Therefore, sleeping without a pillow will alleviate such pains. Additionally, there is very little information concerning whether sleeping with a pillow can affect your hair. However, the cotton pillowcase will absorb your natural oils thus silk is said to be better.

Is It Bad To Sleep With Wet Hair?

There are some well-known risks of sleeping when your hair is wet. Actually, it’s bad for your health. If you feel so tired to shower and dry out your hair, then there is a probability that you will sleep with wet hair. The risks are pretty minimal though there are some you need to be aware of.

  • Getting sick.

Catching a cold is actually the most common concern although wet hair has very little to do with it because the cold is caused by a virus. But still, there are some general truths about the two.

  • Fungal infections.

Sleeping with wet hair may at times have nothing to do with a cold but it can increase the chances of developing fungal infections in the scalp.

  • Hair breakage.

Hair is known to be weakest when it is wet and the main risk is its breakage when turning while sleeping. If you must sleep with wet hair then you must apply coconut oil to it, use a conditioner and make sure you dry and detangle the hair as much as possible.

Is It Better To Sleep On Your Back Or Side?

Your sleeping pose can actually affect a lot more than just your sleep. It can still affect your health. It can cause fatigue, muscle cramping, impaired blood circulation, headaches, neck and back pains among others. Therefore, your sleeping spot really matters. Here we will discuss them starting from the best to the worst position. The best position is sleeping on your back. Though it is not a popular position, only 8% of people sleep that way. It is the healthiest option for many as it allows your neck, head, and spine to rest in a flat position. Thus, there will be no extra pressure on those areas. However, it can make snoring severe as your tongue blocks your trachea.

The second-best spot is sleeping on your side. It reduces acid reflux but because your neck and spine are tilted it results in back pains. The third position is sleeping in the fetal position. Although it improves blood circulation especially to pregnant ladies, it still restrains your breathing by adding pressure to your diaphragm. The worst position is sleeping on your stomach. This position will only help you snore with ease. Otherwise, it is bad for everything else and leads to neck and back pains.

Keeping your body with the correct temperature and in a calm environment will absolutely create a solid foundation for a deep sleep. Whether you decide to go to bed naked, wearing lightweight socks, or wearing loose and breathable pajamas, the most basic and important thing is that you feel comfortable with the temperature levels and your movement. Choosing sleepwear designed with breathable materials will greatly help. The most important thing is to keep them clean to prevent excess bacteria buildup and leave your overall health better.

Bleaching Beard With Hydrogen Peroxide

Several people want to bleach their hair and they don’t know where to start with, before trying it you need to know the difference between dyeing and bleaching hair, this two are confusing but different. Bleaching is lightening hair, and the color doesn’t fade away while dying is coloring hair with chemicals either permanently or temporary.

Since you know the difference, you can now decide what you want; if it is bleaching, do it in the right way, if it’s the beard, don’t use products meant for the hair on your head. Use the right bleaching products for the right purpose. Know the pros and cons of bleaching before doing it so that you don’t regret in the future.

Bleaching Beard with Hydrogen Peroxide

Most guys are asking themselves whether it’s right to bleach their beards, it’s not bad at all, and it has minimal side effects. This question became popular when most celebrities decided to bleach their beards. However, if you’ve been thinking of changing the idea of your beard, that’s fine; some people might tend to change their appearance once in a while.

Visit a pro if you want to achieve the look you’ve been dying to have. If you are doing it yourself, be careful not to use a lot of hydrogen peroxide because it causes skin irritation. Bleaching hair on your face is a bit tricky because it’s different from the hair on your head, the skin on your face is much sensitive, and if you are not keen, it may cause a little harm.

Our beards are very sensitive and more prone to damage compared to the hair on our heads. Your beard is going to be damage no matter the kind of products you are using, even if it’s mild, bleaching your beard regularly can lead to falling out of facial hair.

Bleaching Beard With Hydrogen Peroxide

How Long Does It Take For Hydrogen Peroxide To Bleach The Hair?

It depends on the volume of peroxide used, and the rate of a chemical reaction is not uniform when peroxide works, that’s the time it’s being used. Bleaching might take about 40 minutes.

The time taken for bleaching depends on the strength and speed of the peroxide. Aggressive or energetic powders and bleaching color creams exhausts peroxide by 50 minutes while the less aggressive ones release oxygen slowly.

High volumes of developer lighten hair when without color, but it’s highly effective when mixed with alkaline hair color; if not paired with color, the peroxide will not work as expected.

Hydrogen peroxide on its own cannot bleach hair unless it’s mixed with lightener, which causes a chemical reaction which lightens hair.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach Hair Permanently?

That depends on what you used during bleaching. We have three types of bleaching; semi-permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color, and permanent hair color.


Permanent hair color is a permanent hair color that will go away the more your hair grows or when the color strands get out. This is a color that only lights hair up to four levels.

Demi permanent

Demi permanent hair color lightens hair slightly because it has a low volume of peroxide, even though it’s that light but, it still lasts longer. You’ll need to wash your hair several times before it fades away.


Semi-permanent hair color doesn’t bleach or make the hair lighter; the reason being it has no peroxide. It doesn’t require several washes because it’s only in the outer layer of the hair.

However, there is a possibility that once you bleach your beard, some effects may be permanent, and this occurs if you regularly bleach your beard just know that if you get used to bleaching, you will not be able to go back to your original color.

Is it safe to bleach your beard?

It is safe so long as you are ready to have a bleached beard for some time when a beard is bleachedd it takes time before it fades off, the more your beard hair grows, the more it fades off. Bleaching beard hair is a bit tricky compared to the hair on your scalp reason being your face is very sensitive.

You should not use the same bleach used for your head because it could be harmful and you may end up with red, painful blisters all over your face, your eyes might also be affected in one way or another, they could make your eyes sore, watery, irritating and red.

If you are not careful while bleaching your beard, you might end up with permanent marks, be careful and use the right bleach and am sure you will like that to the extent that you won’t be able to get back to your original color.

Don’t bleach your beard regularly, and there should be at least 15 days between every time you bleach your beard to avoid damaging your skin. The minimum number of bleaching your beard should be every four weeks.

There some few steps you need to follow to achieve it here are the steps to be followed;

  • Clean your face and ensure that it’s dry after that take a little hydrogen peroxide solution and apply it on places affected by acne using a cotton pad, after five minutes, rinse your face with cold water and don’t forget to dry well.
  • Your face is already clean, mix a tbsp. of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the face, be careful on sensitive areas like eyes. Rinse your face after five minutes using cold water. Do it for a week.

After a few days, you will see changes on your face; don’t use it for a single day and expect changes because that won’t happen. However, hydrogen peroxide should be used with great caution even though it’s known to treat acne marks; use a little amount, and if you have sensitive skin, you are advised to see a doctor before using it.

How Can I Lighten My Facial Hair Without Bleach?

There are several ways of lightening your facial hair. There are some other several ways to lighten your hair without using bleaching agents rich in chemicals. And this is the fruits we love eating, not knowing that they can also work magic on your facial hair.

Papaya and milk

Papaya and milk help in lightening your beard, mash papaya into a soft pulp, add some milk to make a paste, and apply it to your face and wash it off after ten minutes.

Tomato rub

A tomato rub is also known to be a bleaching agent, rub a tomato sauce on your facial hair, allow your face to be dry, wash your face and ensure that you dry it thoroughly and repeat the process daily.

Radical rash

The radical rash has vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your body, to use it as a lightening agent wash the radish thoroughly and peel it, add half a lemon and grind and then apply it on your face where you have dark hair and wash off after 20 minutes.

These are some of the ways of lightening hair naturally, and now that you know how to lighten your facial hair naturally, you don’t have to hide your face anymore. Avoid bleaching your facial hair with products with too many chemicals as they are harmful and can cause serious harm to your skin.

How Can I Bleach My Beard At Home?

Apart from using bleach, there is a safer natural way of lightening your hair, bleaching could be harmful to the skin because of the chemicals used, and therefore, you should avoid using them at any cost.

The side effects of bleaching include; redness, swelling, skin irritation, itchy rashes, and discoloration of the skin. Let’s look at how you can naturally lighten your facial hair. You can use lemon juice, turmeric, tomatoes, papaya, and chickpea flour.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice helps in lightening facial hair since it’s one of the ingredients in cosmetic bleaching agents. You simply need to do the following;

  • Squeeze lemon juice
  • Using a clean cloth dab it in the lemon juice
  • Apply it to your face
  • Rinse your face with cold water after twenty minutes.


Mix turmeric with lemon juice because these two can help in lightening facial hair; lemon juice is well known to be rich in vitamin C that aids in bleaching. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  • Make a thick paste using a mixture of turmeric and lemon juice
  • Using a cotton ball apply the mixture on your face and leave it for 15 minutes
  • Rinse your face with cold water; remember to repeat it two times in a week


Tomatoes are good in vitamin C, and when its paste is mixed with lemon juice, it can lighten facial hair.

  • Make tomatoes paste
  • Mix the paste with lemon juice (1 tbsp.)
  • Apply the mixture on your face
  • Rinse your face with cold water after 15 minutes

How Can I Make My Beard Lighter?

Most men love their beard darker since a lighter beard is unnoticeable, but some also love lighter beards, you can trim your beard if you feel like it’s too dark.

If you want to get rid of the dark beard to a lighter one, you don’t have to worry. Just wash your beard with a bar of soap and a washcloth several times; this will help it lighten up a bit.

Why is My Mustache Area Dark?

When you notice that you shouldn’t worry because it’s healthy and it affects more women than men, it occurs when you spend most of your time basking in the sun. The exact cause is unknown, but it’s not harmful.

It’s believed to be due to genetic predisposition, sun exposure, and hormones. Another cause may be due to birthday control pills and hormonal changes, especially on pregnant women. You just need to know how to get rid and prevent it.

Most men can have a dark mustache at the early stage when their facial hair is in the process of growing, and that’s normal 100% of men come across this.

Bleaching facial hair can be done in several ways discussed above; bleaching facial hair is considered a method of removing hair even though it doesn’t. A lot of men love bleaching their beard, but that should not be done regularly if you love and care for your beard

You can look good from bleaching your beard, but it has several side effects that can be avoided by using the natural and safest ways of lightening hair. Home remedies are simply the best because it’s free from chemicals.

Bleaching looks good on your hair, but there are several things you should have learned by now like; how a beard can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide, how long it takes for hydrogen peroxide to bleach hair, whether hydrogen peroxide bleached hair permanently, how to bleach your face with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, whether it’s safe to bleach a beard and how to lighten facial hair without bleach.

Bleaching has its good and bad side. It is up to you to decide what you want; using chemicals regularly can be harmful to your skin. Still, there are natural ways of lightening hair that is known to be best and less dangerous because it doesn’t contain any chemical.

How Much Developer to Use with Bleach

Bleaching your hair can be beautiful but not good at the same time, bleaching regularly damages hair and everyone should avoid bleaching hair at any cost. Some people can’t do without trying to be a blonde at least once in their life, but if that is what you decide, then make sure to you use the right bleaching products.

There are a lot of things you need to learn about bleaching and developers; visit an expert if you want to try it, don’t do it on your own because you will get poor results. Let’s look at the various types of developers and how to use them.

How Much Developers to Use with Bleach?

Many people bleach their hair because it makes it look beautiful. However, it’s not good to do it all the time. It can cause damage that is why it is a good idea if you can avoid bleaching at all costs.

If you can’t avoid it, ensure that you use the right products, before bleaching, you need to learn a lot of things first. Consider visiting an expert, especially if you’ve never done it before. Below are the various types of developers and how to correctly use them.

The developer to be used should be two parts and 1 part bleach, don’t overuse one of these products. It’s good to use the right amount as it gives you a great mix and good results at the end.

It’s easy to apply the mixture when the mix is good, so if you want to get the appropriate runny mix, use the correct amount of bleach and developer, this will do a good job on your hair by covering all parts.

Another advantage of using the right proportions is that it works faster since the mixture is runny, unlike when you use a much thicker mixture. The only place you are required to use a thicker mixture is when focusing on a particular spot or when doing the highlights.

If you happen to use a thicker mixture, then use one part developer and one part lightener, be careful not to use excess developers because the mixture produced will not be right, leading to poor results.

Using too much developer will always leads to poor results, it makes your mix too runny and wet, and using this kind of mixture is difficult. To avoid such, just use the proportions, or else you will not be pleased by the kind of results you get.

A runny wet mix will lighten your hair instead of bleaching it, and it will become weak, thinner, and very flat. You can only use extra developer only if you want to saturate your hair.

If you can’t do the bleaching yourself, visit a professional who can help you. You don’t want to ruin your hair and end up shaving. If possible, avoid using bleach because it’s accompanied by various cons, but if you can’t, don’t use it regularly.

Always follow the instructions and use the correct proportions of bleach and developers for you to get good results and pull the desired look you’ve always graved to have. Bleaching is not tough so long as you do what is right.


how much developer do you use with bleach

What Happens If You Put Too Much Developer In Bleach?

It will lead to poor results, in fact, it will make your mix too wet and runnier instead of the required mix, and a wet mix will make your work of saturating hair difficult leading to poor results.

If you want to do your job perfectly use the right proportion of developer or else you will regret after seeing the results. Too much developer in bleach makes the mix wet, and if the mix is too runny, you may end up lightening the hair instead of bleaching, and it will become flatter, thinner and less long.

There are some cases that you’ll need to put extra developer, and that is when you want to saturate hair, especially if the hair is too long and you want to reach all the hair.

When it comes to choosing developer strength, it should be according to how many lift levels are needed and doesn’t use higher developer strength than you should, be using that will definitely not work.

How Do You Mix Quick Blue Bleach With 30 Developers?

Quick blue bleach is long-lasting that’s why it’s mostly preferred; don’t use excess developer in bleach. The correct proportion of mixing bleach to 30 volume developers should be 1:1 ratio. Your hair should be dried thoroughly before the bleach is applied. Quick blue bleach is the best option, but incases you are using are different bleach always read the instructions.

Quick blue bleach performs various effects compared to others; it lifts up to seven levels. There is no remixing needed during the application, and furthermore, this bleach stays moist and creamy throughout the application.

How Many Developers Do I Use With 1 Oz of Beach?

That depends on the level of lift you want to achieve, the volume of developer to be used should be 20 or 30. When preparing the mixture, here is what you need to do; the right developer to be used is Oreo cream. With one scoop of quick blue bleach slowly mix it with the Oreo cream developer until the required consistency is achieved.

For an off -scalp application mix 1.5 to 2 oz of 20 to 30 developer while for scalp application mix 1.5 to 2.5 oz of 20 to 30 developer depending on the type of lift you want to achieve.

Should I Use 20 Or 30 Volume Developer?

When planning to bleach your hair always follow the product introduction using too much strong developer regularly can ruin your hair. You can use either 20 or 30 volume developer depending on what you want to achieve. 30 volume developer can be used on dark hair and only if you want to lift several colors. But if you decide to use this volume of developer you shouldn’t leave it in the hair for too long, 30 volume developer is recommended for people with darker and medium brown hair.

20 volume developers are recommended for people with light brown hair; this volume is mostly used and is great for lightening one to two levels. Therefore, you should not use anything more than 30 volume developers because that is too much and will damage your hair.

Both 20 volume and 30 volume developer work well because they penetrate much deeper into the hair and oxidize the natural hair pigment, that’s the reason as to why it will take a lot of time before you get back to your natural hair unless you decide to cut your hair as it grows so that your natural colored roots start coming out.

how much developer to use when bleaching hair

What Happens If You Use 30 Developers Instead Of 20?

It just works like 20 developers; the only difference is that it should be used on dark hair. Using 30 developers on light hair causes damage, 30 volume developers lightens your color three or four tones while 20 volumes lightens hair two or three tones.

There is no big difference when using 20 to 30 volume developer; in fact, it’s the right amount. Don’t use more than 30 developers if you still need your hair in future, 40 volume developer is known to damage hair, but some people still use it.

Here is how the several developer strength to be used

  • 10 volume developer for level on level coloring and darkening
  • 20 volume for 1 to 2 levels lift for blonde and grey hair
  • Use 30 volume for 2-3 levels lift and 40 volume for three levels lift and more.

What Happens If You Use 20 Developer Instead Of 10?

10 volume is not as stronger as 20 volume developer. When 10 volume developer is used, it only changes the tone and the value of the shade, it doesn’t lift hair color and is only used whenever you want to add a color tone to your hair while twenty-volume lightens up to two levels, covers resistant grey hair with long-lasting colour.

The higher the concentration, the higher the bleaching effect, this simply means that 10 volume developer cannot work better than 30 volume. To achieve temporary colors, semi-permanent colors are mixed with 10 and 20 volume developers.

10 volume developer adds time to the hair at the same level of lightness, darkens hair by 1 level and works only if you are going from lighter to darker ones and not from darker to lighter while 20 volume developer can be used with temporary bleaching and permanent dye and is able to lift the tone of your hair by one or two levels.

Can 20 Volume Developer Lighten Hair By Itself?

Yes, of course, the reason being it consists of hydrogen peroxide which lightens hair. Any developer, whether 10, 20 or 30, are made of varying strengths of hydrogen peroxide that can lighten hair. The 20 volume developer opens hair cuticle lifting your hair by one to two levels

A developer bleached virgin hair they had never been breached before, there situations that will force you to use a developer with bleach in order to lighten your hair and this is when you have naturally blonde hair. You can use a 20 volume developer without bleach, but the results won’t be permanent as you would have expected.

20 volume developer should be mixed with only two or three times when you don’t want to lighten the color too much. Using this developer to lighten your hair will definitely disappoint you because you will get half results. Are you using half ingredients with hopes of getting full results? Of course, that can’t be achieved.

Can 30 Volume Developer Lighten Hair By Itself

It doesn’t necessarily lighten hair effectively by itself, but it only makes your hair a bit lighter than the natural color of your hair, if you want to get full results you will definitely need to combine the developer with bleach or dye powder.

Even though it’s known to be the strongest, but it can’t achieve the required results by itself not unless you are just trying to see how your hair will look like and you are not really that serious about lightening your hair, why would you want to try something incomplete in your hair though? It might look worse, and you end up shaving.

Whenever you want to bleach your hair, use the necessary products; be careful not to damage your hair. If you use only 30 volume developer, the results will disappoint you. The main reason being 30 volume developer alone cannot effectively lighten hair by itself.

What Happens If I Just Put The Developer In My Head?

Developer alone cannot produce good results, it will lift the hair color, but it won’t be as good as it should be. For good results, any developer should be combined with some other products like bleach.

It will lighten your hair, yes but it will lighten much more if you use a blow dryer on your hair. It’s not easy as it takes a lot of your time and effort. If you are a dirty timer and want to try lightening your hair, it is advised to visit a professional because when you do it yourself, you may end up with bad results leading to damage or shaving.

How Long Should I Leave 30 Developers On My Hair?

After applying developer in your hair, you should be very careful because if it stays for long, your scalp starts irritating and may cause other serious damages on your hair. Therefore you need to work very quickly because the 30 volume developer lightens hair in a short period of time.

The developer should be left for only 30 minutes and rinse your hair when it has reached your desired level of lightness, time depends with the kind of developer you are using on your hair, if it’s a low volume developer it means that it can stay for a while, for instance, a 10 volume developer can be left for up to an hour because it takes a lot of time before the hair is lightened, but for the high volume ones, it requires less or little time.

Developers are available in several levels of volumes starting from 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50. You only need to learn a few things. Everyone needs to learn something before they start putting them in practice. These things are; how many developers to use with bleach, what happens to in case you put too much developer in bleach, how to mix blue bleach with 30 developers, and how much developer to be used with 1 oz of bleach, whether you should use 20 or 30 volume of developer, what happens if you use 30 instead of 20 developers.

In addition to that know what happens if you use 20 developer instead of 10 if 30 volume developer lightens hair by itself, what happens when if a developer is put in hair and how long a 30 developer should last in hair.

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